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Jul 2020

July 2, 2020

July 3, 2020

Ghislaine Maxwell of Epstein Clique Arrested in New Hampshire; Why Was She Still in US?; Is Her Potential Testimony Another Tool for Convincing Trump to Accept an Agnew-Style Plea Deal and Finally Quit White House?; Just Before Independence Day, Washington Remains Fixated on When Discredited Trump Will Finally Leave ; 

Reports From Subcontinent Suggest That New Large-Scale Clash Between New Delhi and Beijing May Be Question of Weeks or Months; Communist Repression of Hong Kong’s Freedoms Continues; UK Ready to Accept 3 Million Refugees, With Australia Also Opening Door; No Offer So Far From Chief Xenophobe Trump; Xi Government Considers Any Comment On Their Actions An Intolerable Provocation, In Practice Demanding The Right to Censor the World; Taiwan Is Vigilant;

Massive Resurgence of Covid Virus: If You Want to Live to See August 1, It Is Prudent to Stay Home on July 4;

Seattle Finally Shuts Down Anarchist CHOP Enclave, But Only After 2 Dead and Several Wounded; Closing Deprives Trump and Fox News One of Their Favorite Story Lines; Democratic Mayors Should Not Tolerate Repeat Performances; Feckless de Blasio Should Tax Wall Street to Get Money For Needed Social Programs;

On Eve of July 4, Balanced Consideration of American History Shows New York Times 1619 Project Is Deeply Distorted by Following William Lloyd Garrison’s Apolitical Tradition in Wrongly Demonizing the US Constitution; Garrison’s Errors Refuted by Political Abolitionist Salmon P. Chase, Who Helped Defeat Confederacy as US Secretary of Treasury and Chief Justice; The Decline of Slavery From Bunker Hill to Jefferson Reversed by British Demand for Cotton; Northwest Ordinance of 1787 Banned Slavery in Six Great Lakes States; 1620 Arrival of Mayflower at Plymouth Rock Still Worth Celebrating!

Happy Independence Day to All!