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May 2020

May 23, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

May 23, 2020

Beijing Communist Regime Seeks To Impose Totalitarian Dictatorship on Hong Kong via Cold Coup, Inserting Oppressive “National Security” Provisions into Basic Law without Approval of Hong Kong Legislature; Accusations of Secessionism, Sedition, Terrorism, and Pro-Independence by Communists; Mass Protests in Hong Kong Loom, Bringing Possible New Tien An Men Repression; Move Violates Sino-British Treaty Setting up Autonomous Territory under “One Country, Two Systems” Slogan, but BoJo Is AWOL and Slammed as Pro-Beijing; All Eyes on Trump, Who Wants More Appeasement;

Discredited Dictator Xi and Communist Leaders Reportedly “Feel Threatened and at Risk” as They Face Attacks at Home and Abroad for Wuhan Pandemic, Economic Crisis, and Strangling Authoritarianism; Beware Beijing’s Useful Idiots in West;

Democrats Must Stand Up To Xi; Biden Has Upper Hand, Having Branded the Dictator a “Thug,” while Trump Continues to Kow-Tow; Oxford Economics Study Sees Biden Landslide as US Contraction Worsens; US Has Worst Unemployment, Industrial Production, Manufacturing, Capacity Utilization, and Retail Sales Statistics Ever;

Under Tenth Amendment, Trump Has No Power to “Override the Governors” on Church Openings; Don’s Pandemic Chaos Gets Meager 39% Approval, While Many Governors Get Close To 70% Support

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