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May 2020

May 16, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

May 17, 2020

Democratic House Passes $3-Trillion HEROES Act For Emergency Assistance; Measure Would Provide $1 Trillion For Depleted State And Local Governments, $25 Billion For US Postal Service With Universal Mail-In Voting; Hazard Pay For Essential Workers; Tougher Health And Safety Regulations; Second Round Of $1,200 Payments For Everyone, Without Reference To Immigration Status; Money For Medicare And Medicaid; Remote Proxy Voting For House; Package Defies Trump’s Hoover-Like Refusal To Use Presidential Powers And National Resources To Help Stricken American Working People; HEROES Act Vote Is 208-199; GOP Wreckers Vote No, Joined By 14 Utopian Ultra-Lefts From The Democratic Side; 

At Trump’s White House Court Of Miracles, “Operation Warp Speed” Dishes Out Magical Promises Of Millions Of Effective Vaccine Doses By The End Of This Year; Skeptics On Display But Muzzled; During Final Phase Of Nazi Regime, Much Propaganda Was Based On Secret Weapons (Wunderwaffen) To Avoid Collapse;

Biden Preparing Emergency Program Comparable To FDR’s Hundred Days To Meet An Emergency More Serious Than The Great Depression In March 1933; Highlights Include No Artificial Limits On Spending; Free Virus Testing And Treatment; All Victims Indemnified For Pandemic Losses; End Trump’s Lawsuit Seeking To Destroy Obamacare; Immediate Medicare For All Who Want It – Not Sectarian Confiscation – As Voluntary Public Option Within Obamacare, From Pre-Natal Care To Grave At Nominal Or No Cost;

More Reports That Xi’s Mercenaries Are Already Attempting To Steal US Research On Coronavirus; Beijing Communist Regime Threatens Cyber-Campaigns Against US Politicians Who Demand Accountability Or Expose Communist Malfeasance;