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May 2020

May 13, 2020

May 14, 2020

After A Spate Of Brutal Polls Showing Trump Losing, Boy Wonder Kushner Refuses To Rule Out Attempt By Trump Gang To Change Date Of November 3 Presidential Election Using Pretext Of Pandemic Emergency; Executive Has No Such Legal Authority; Kushner Later Denies Any White House Discussions About Tampering With The Date Of Vote; A Whiff Of Coup d’État In The Air In Washington; Orban And Perhaps Bolsonaro Show The Way; 

Trump’s Threatening Comments About Some Mysterious “Obamagate” Involving His Own Grievances From 2016 Suggest Looming Attack On Constitution By Barr And His Sidekick Durham; Trump’s De Facto Amnesty For His 2016 Cabal Has So Far Sought To Spring Flynn And Manafort, But Not Michael Cohen; Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan Applies Brakes On Flynn; Birx Chooses Dark Side, Seeking To Drive Down Death Count;

Pelosi’s Heroes Act Has $1 Trillion Urgently Needed By State And Local Governments: US Territories And Tribal Governments Are Included; $25 Billion To Save The US Postal Service So November Election Can Be Held; $200 Billion In Hazard Pay For First Responders And Medical Personnel; $75 Billion for Testing And Contact Tracing; Up To $6,000 Per Family In New Round Of Emergency Relief; Bernie Bros In House Must Help Pass Measure This Without Delay;

Reuters Poll Shows Trump Trailing Biden, 49% To41%; New CNN Poll Shows Biden Ahead, 51% To 46%