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May 2020

May 11, 2020

May 11, 2020

US Government Will Issue Warning To China To Stop Hacking Attacks Designed To Steal Ongoing Covid Research; FBI And DoJ Reported Set To Issue Communiqué; German Newsmagazine Spiegel Reports Finding By Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) Intelligence Agency Of Phone Call Between WHO Leader Tedros And Beijing Communist Dictator Xi: Xi Demanded Silence From WHO About Real Danger Of Wuhan, Including Human To Human Transmission; 

Biden And Democratic Party Cannot Cede Existential China Issue To Trump’s Hollow Demagogy, With Public Concern About Chinese Communist Party’s Role In Pandemic Sure To Grow As Death Toll Mounts; Trump Is Highly Vulnerable, Too Busy Appeasing Xi In Order To Sell Soy Beans In Advance Of November Election;

Despite Arguments Heard On Sixty Minutes. US And World Cannot In The Name Of Cooperation Become Resigned To An Infinite Parade Of Deadly New Pandemics Coming Out Of The Wet Markets Of South China; Beijing’s Contempt For Life And Health Of Humanity In Continuing To Tolerate Wet Markets Constitutes Glaring Threat To International Peace And Security Under Chapter VII Of The United Nations Charter; 

US Is By No Means A Failed State; Rather, Trump Is Aberration Who Must Be Repudiated By Massive Vote; 

Breaking: New Outbreaks In Wuhan And Other Parts Of China As Propaganda Story Of Defeated Virus Collapses