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Feb 2019

February 7, 2019

February 8, 2019

Trump’s New Mantra of “Presidential Harassment” Is Demand to Stand Above the Law; Democratic House Finally Starts Herculean Labor of Oversight, Like Cleansing Augean Stables of Years of Filth!

Whitaker Demands Freedom to Evade Questions From House Judiciary Committee With No Looming Subpoena; Inveterate Trump Liars Require Novel Methods; Schiff Hires NSC Veterans, Sends Suspect Transcripts to Mueller as Individual 1 Fumes; Rep. Neal’s Ways and Means Committee Begins Process of Obtaining Trump’s Tax Returns as GOP Hooligans Howl; First Gun Control Hearing Since 2011 Rise of Tea Party; Virginia Coup d’État Stalls; New Phase in Washington Comparable to Grant’s Siege of Petersburg, 1864-5: Continuous Trench Warfare!