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Feb 2019

January 31, 2019

February 1, 2019

Trump Kowtows Before Xi’s Envoy To Sell A Meager 5 Million Tons of Soy Beans; Don Eager To Sell Out on Technology Theft and Huawei Case For A Mess of Pottage!

Senate Votes 68-23 to Rebuke Trump’s Cut and Run Doctrine For Syria and Afghanistan; Majority Is of Impeachment Dimensions; State of Emergency Imminent To Create Fascist Wall Without Congress; White House Scandal on Irregular Security Clearances For Kushner and Others Is Major New Scandal as Trump’s Feud With Intelligence Agencies Escalates; Starbucks Employees Trained How to Evade Wave of Irate Customers Enraged by Plutocrat Howard Schultz’s Talk of Dividing Anti-Trump Vote; If Schultz Thinks Dems Are Far Left, He Needs His Head Examined