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Jan 2019

January 29, 2019

January 30, 2019

UK Premier May Gets Mandate From Rubber-Stamp Parliament to Renegotiate Her Brexit Deal, Despite Brussels’ Refusal to Re-Open Agreement!

French President Macron and Top Eurocrat Verhofstadt Repeat That Negotiations Are Over; May Wins On Six of Seven Amendments; If Whitaker Dares Interfere With Mueller, Stop Him With Impeachment; Schedule State of the Union Address For February 20-25 To Increase Price To Trump For New Shutdown; Bosses of U.S. Intelligence Agencies Reject Every Point of Trump’s Twisted World Outlook; Bolton and Pompeo Pressing For Aggression Against Venezuela, Making Them Impeachable Too; Don’s Grotesque Reunion of Iran-Contra Bush Loyalists: Bolton, Barr, and Now Eliot Abrams