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Jan 2019

January 21, 2019

January 22, 2019

UK Premier May Scorns Parliament By Dishing Up Same Brexit Plan Which Last Week Suffered Biggest Commons Defeat in British History!

Bank Of England Estimates Say Catastrophic No-Deal Brexit Sought By May Will Trigger New Depression With Initial 8% Decline in GDP; Orgy of Union-Busting and Wage Gouging Expected Once EU Regulations Are Lifted; An Uncertain Trumpet: Labour Party Opposition Crippled by Feckless Clique of Parliamentary Cretins Around Jeremy Corbyn, Who Want Their Own Version of Brexit, Betraying 90% Of Labour Members Who Want EU; Latest Poll Shows Stay in EU Option Leads, 56% to 44%; U.S. Civil Aviation Veers Down Shutdown Collapse; M. L. King Wanted Unity of Civil Rights, Anti-War, and Labor, Not Identity Politics