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Jan 2019

January 16, 2019

January 17, 2019

UK Premier Theresa May Survives Parliamentary Vote of No Confidence By the Skin of Her Teeth, 325-306, Leaving a Zombie Government in Westminster!

She Still Refuses to Rule Out Catastrophic No Deal Brexit, Which Would Threaten Food, Medicine, Travel, and Communications For British People; Labour Party Leader Corbyn Still Failing to Declare War on Brexit Insanity, Depriving Britons of Clear Policy Choice; Scottish National Party Plus Growing Labour Faction Want Second Referendum; Pelosi Shows Some Fight, Disinvites Trump From Delivering State of Union Address to House If Government Remains Shut Down; Four U.S. Deaths in Manbij, Syria Show Trump Is Lying About ISIS Wipeout; Vote No On Barr For AG