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Jan 2019

January 7, 2019

January 8, 2019

17 Days Into His Shutdown, Trump Seeks To Divert Attention To Phantomatic Border Emergency With TV Speech; Friday January 11 Will Be First Pay Day With No Pay Check For 800,000 Federal Workers and Families!

Why Trump Is Likely to Exit White House in 2019: Fox News Growing Skeptical As Ratings Are Undermined By Failures and Losses; GOP Multi-Billionaire Megadonors Resent Huge Wall Street Losses; Senators Collins, Capito, and Gardner Flee Unpopular Regime; Bolton Delays Syria Pullout; Any Erdogan Assurances to Kurds Are Worthless; Trump Eyes Betrayal of South Korea and Taiwan; Teach Democrats Impeachment Is Practical Remedy, Not Apocalyptic Gesture