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Dec 2018

December 24, 2018

December 25, 2018

Trump Delivers Worst Christmas Eve Stock Crash in U.S. History, Plus Chaos of Government Shutdown!

Dow Down 653 Points; S&P In Bear Market; Oil Falls 6.5% to 17-Month Low Below $43/bbl, Confirming Contraction of World Economy; Mnuchin’s Bizarre Statement About Bankers’ Liquidity and Mobilizing Plunge Protection Team Evokes Specter of Banking Panic; Stockjobbers Fear More Fed Quantitative Tightening; Trump Attempts to Scapegoat Fed’s Powell, But He Is Already Hooverized and Knows It: Corker Suggests He May Soon Resign; Lopez Obrador’s $30 Billion Central American Job Creation Program Shows Way Out of Crisis, So Make Fed Pay; Christmas Greetings to Our Listeners Around the World!