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Dec 2018

December 17, 2018

December 18, 2018

Killer Austerity Emerges as Dominant Political Issue in U.S. and Europe; Texas GOP Judge Strikes Down Obamacare/ACA, While Trump Applauds; Crackpot Decision Would Inflict More Than a Full Korean War’s Worth of Deaths On American People Yearly-

British PM Theresa May Determined to Wreck UK Standard of Living Via No-Deal Brexit; France’s Macron Backs Away From Anti-Worker Measures, May Now Stabilize; Italian Fake Populist Salvini Tries Cheap Parlor Tricks With Budget; GOP Austerity Ghoul Mick the Knife Mulvaney Strips Working Families of CFPB Protections Against Payday Lenders, Gets Promoted to White House Chief of Staff; Government Shutdown Looms On Friday Before Christmas; Federal Workers to Go Without Pay to Prop Up Individual 1’s Demagogy