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Dec 2018

December 13, 2018

December 14, 2018

Trump Reported Alarmed by Danger of Impeachment in 2019, Begging Senators He Vilified For Help; Proponents of Presidential Indictment Gaining Upper Hand

Trump Support Splintering as Senate Votes 56-41 to Invoke War Powers Act Against Trump and Kushner to End U.S. Role in Saudis’ Genocidal War in Yemen; Crown Prince MBS Condemned as Perpetrator; Farm Bill Does Not Include Slave Labor For Food Demanded by Don; Tory Putsch Against May Fails, But Leaves Her Crippled in Aftermath; Leaderless Great Britain Adrift on the Ocean of Adventurism; Acting as His Own Plunge Protection Team, Trump Plants Rumors of Tariff Truce With China to Slow Crash