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Dec 2018

December 10, 2018

December 11, 2018

France’s Macron Starts To Dial Back Austerity: Hated Green Tax on Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Junked; Minimum Wage Raised By €100 Per Month, Taxes on Pensions, Overtime Pay, and Christmas Bonuses Removed; But No Return Yet To Wealth Tax on Plutocrats

Facing 100 Tory Defections, May Cancels Parliament Vote On Brexit Deal; She Pledges More Concessions From Brussels This Week, But EU Says Their Offer Is Final; May Seen as Stalling in Hopes of Forcing Disastrous No Deal Brexit; AG Nominee William Barr Implicated in Reagan-Bush Coverups; GOP Careerists Flee Trump Job Offers; In Worst Stock Year in Decade, Grave Technical Damage As Dow, S&P Dip Below October Lows Intraday; Paris Tells Trump to Butt Out of French Internal Affairs; Individual 1 Claims No “Smocking Gun” [sic] So Far in Russiagate