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Oct 2018

October 9, 2018

October 10, 2018

After Failures in Demonizing Hillary Clinton, MS-13, and Kaepernick, GOP Commits To Hysterical Campaign of Vilification Against “The Mob” – Meaning the Anti-Trump Majority of American Voters; Move Is Typical of Unpopular Minority Regime Facing Day of Reckoning at the Polls: From the Old Oligarch of Athens to the Synarchs of France in 1940; Trump’s Dupes, Already Addicted to Vicarious Living Are Supposed To See Central Issue As Maintaining Exorbitant Privileges of Oligarchs Like Kavanaugh; But Have They Really Given Up on Their Own Lives?; Nikki Haley Quits On Eve of Shellacking For GOP: Are The Rats Leaving the Sinking Ship?; Ford Layoffs and Major Coal Bankruptcy Signal Trump Economy Is Built on Sand