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Sep 2018

September 11, 2018

September 12, 2018

Trump Blundering Towards Nuclear War!

Book Reveals He Came Close to Wrecking U.S. Strategic Position in Far East In Rage Fit; Tweet to Remove Soldiers’ Families From South Korea Might Have Triggered Pre-Emptive Attack by Pyongyang Madmen; After 19 Months, Regime’s Rate of Job Creation is 400,000 Hirings Below Last 19 Months of Obama; Despite Nativist-Xenophobic Demagogy, GOP Fails to Deliver Increased Real Wages; Trump Backers Are Liars In Economics, and News Anchors Are Too Ignorant to Refute Them; CNN Poll Shows Trump Support Collapsing 6% In One Month During Time of Cohen-Manafort Verdicts and McCain Funeral; Seven Other Surveys Confirm Tendency