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Feb 2020

February 27, 2020

In Dramatic Vote Of No Confidence In Trump Regime’s Mismanagement Of Coronavirus, Dow Falls An All-Time Record 1191 Points, Reaching Losses Of 3,200 In Worst Week Since 2008 World Derivatives Panic; Market Dives 12% From Record Highs Just 10 Days Ago, Marking Quickest Descent From Top To Correction Territory In History; All Indices Are Down; 10 Year Treasury Note Interest Touches 1.24%; VIX Fear Index Over 39; Defense Production Act On The Agenda;

Dow Futures Turned Negative During Trump’s Catastrophic Press Conference Yesterday; Administration’s New Coronavirus Czar Is Pence, Whose Bigotry Made An HIV Outbreak In Rural Indiana Much Worse By Blocking Delivery Of Sterile Needles; With One Eye On Trump’s Approval Ratings And Dow, Pence Will Now Censor Statements Of Competent Officials Like Fauci Of NIS And Shucat Of CDC; Does Trump Intend To Saddle Pence With Looming Catastrophe And Remove Him From Ticket?

Breaking: In New Low Point Of Trump’s Incompetence, HHS Whistleblower Reports That US Officials Sent To Wuhan To Rescue American Victims Lacked Training And Equipment, And Were Not Quarantined Upon Return!

Feb 2020

February 26, 2020

Beware “Operation Chaos”: GOP Reactionaries In South Carolina Crossing Over To Democratic Primary To Vote For Bernie Sanders; Sabotage Tactic Builds On 2008 Wrecking Operation By Rush Limbaugh Aiming At Weakening The Democratic Ticket; Republicans See Bernie As The Weakest General Election Candidate; Current Op Gets Full Backing From Trump Fanatics On Fox News; Was This Same Method Already Practiced Used In Iowa, New Hampshire, And Nevada?

Biden Gets Key Endorsement From Rep James Clyburn, The Third Ranking Democrats In The House Democratic Leadership;

Trump Reported Enraged By CDC Briefing Given Yesterday By Dr. Nancy Messonnier, Who Bravely Warned Americans That Coronavirus Is Coming And Could Be Bad; Should Americans Die To Preserve Trump’s Approval Ratings Or His Wall Street Bubble?

More Press Discussion About Promoting Unity Of Democratic Party: Best American Tradition Is 1860 Abraham Lincoln Team Of Rivals, Put Into Action On Eve Of Secession By Lincoln With The Help Of Cabinet Members Seward, Chase, Welles, And Other Major Figures; Lincoln’s Devotion To Joint Effort Also Shown Through 1864 Unity Ticket; FDR’s Emergency National Unity;Government After 1940 Fall Of France Featured Republicans Stimson And Knox; Thomas L. Friedman’s Proposal In NYT;

Pence Appointed Coronavirus Czar: God Help Us!

Feb 2020

February 25, 2020

Centers For Disease Control Alerts US Public That Coronavirus Is Coming And That Preparations Must Be Made Now, Triggering New 880-Point Wall Street Selloff; Briefing On Hill By HHS Boss Azar Alarms Senators; Pandemic Continues To Spread: In Italy, Florence And Sicily Report Infections; In Iran, Top Health Official Falls Ill; New Cases In Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, And Spain; World Health Organization Reps In Beijing Offer Obscene Praise To Tyrant Xi For Quality Of Chinese Response-Although He Stalled Reporting For Weeks; Trump Is Downplaying Threat To Avoid Shocks To Stock Market; 

Trump’s Malfeasance Includes Destroying the Irreplaceable Epidemic Response Teams Of National Security Council And Department Of Homeland Security While Cutting The CDC Budget By 40% And National Institutes Of Health By Similar Amount; 

Dr Irwin Redlener Of Columbia Underlines Danger: WHO’s Declaration Of Pandemic Is Overdue Due To Political Pressure And Must Be Made Immediately; Chinese Statistics Are Fake; US Has No Reliable Test For Virus, No Effective Vaccine, And No Treatment;

Don The Con Raves That “Coronavirus Is Very Much Under Control In The USA” And “Stock Market Looks Very Good”; Kudlow Lies That Virus Is Now Under “Airtight Containment”; 

Wall Street Losses Undermine Trump’s Biggest Lie About Booming Economy; Democratic Candidate Will Benefit!

Feb 2020

February 24, 2020

Dow Closes Down Almost 1,000 Points In Worst Stock Market Day In Two Years; Europe Down About 4%; Wall Street Calamity Triggered By Explosion Of Coronavirus In Italy, Iran, And South Korea; World Health Organization Still Refuses To Declare This The Belt And Road Pandemic: Is WHO Leadership Bought Off By Xi?; Trump Dons Rose-Colored Glasses, Stalls On Informing US Public Because He Fears Costly Backlash From Chinese Communists;

Carnival Of Venice Shuts Down Two Days Early; Multi-Person Gatherings Banned; Areas Around Milan Suburb Of Lodi Quarantined By 500 Health Officers; 50 Deaths Revealed In Qom, Iran; Daegu Is Epicenter Of Outbreak In South Korea;

Harbinger Of Today’s Market Dive Came Last Thursday Morning, When Mini-Flash Crash Of Dow Fell 335 Points In 30 Minutes; Foreign Governments Lighten Up On US Treasuries, Which Are Nevertheless Driven To All-Time High Prices And Low Yields By Flight To Safety In Face Of Great Coronavirus Fears;

Trump Gang Loves To Cite Average Nominal Wage Increase Of Almost Eight Per Cent Over First Three Years Of Don’s Regime; But They Ignore Far More Meaningful Average Hourly Earnings Hike of Just 0,42% When Expressed In Constant Dollars Adjusted For Inflation; Value Of Fringe Benefits Like Health Care And Pension Plans Plummets By 1,7%; Big Picture Is That Employee Compensation Has Fallen By 4,33% Under Trump, Despite Trillions Of Stimulus!

Feb 2020

WCR February 22, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Dictatorship Of Trump Looms Over Washington DC; Mini-Duce Asserts Un-American “Right” To Supervise All Department Of Justice Investigations, Including Of Himself; Night Of The Long Knives Purge In State Apparatus Continues; Coronavirus In Relentless Expansion, Making A Mockery Of Trump’s Kowtow To Tyrant Xi; With Grenell At ODNI, US Intelligence Is Decapitated And Blind;

“Westlessness” Has Infected Democratic Party, With Scarce Interest In World Strategy And Foreign Policy; Time To Repair Wrecked Alliances;

US Intel Officials Reportedly Informed Sanders A Month Ago That Moscow Has Been Supporting His Campaign; Pattern Repeats 2016 Race, Where Mueller Found Kremlin Favored Bernie Among Democrats; Reasons For Lack Of Public Announcement Unclear; Why Would Putin Choose To Back Bernie?

Cease Fire Takes Effect In Afghanistan, But Will It Last?; At Democratic Nation Convention Scheduled For Milwaukee On July 13-16, Rules Prescribe A Second And Subsequent Ballots As Needed Until A Candidate Receives The Required Absolute Majority Of 1991 Delegate Votes; Rule Of Law Begins At Home; No Acclamations-

In Weimar Germany 1930-1933, Failure Of Two Largest Left Parties To Form United Front Was Main Cause Of Nazi Seizure Of Power!

Feb 2020

February 20, 2020

Democratic Candidates Fall Short In Fratricidal Las Vegas Debate; No Serious Discussion Of Defending Legality, Constitutional Government, And Due Process Against Gathering Trump Dictatorship; No Warnings Against Trump Attack On Medicare, Medicaid, And Obamacare; Supine Acceptance Of Trump’s Big Lie About Fake US Economic Miracle, Despite Ample Statistical Proof; In Particular, No Measures To Nationalize Federal Reserve In Service Of Real Recovery And Foreign Priorities, Nor To Roll Back Fed’s Gift Of $7 Trillion To New York Repo Market; No Awareness Of Coronavirus Epidemic As Made Worse By Lies Of Bungling Tyrant Xi;

Breaking: US Intelligence Under Aegis Of ODNI Maguire Warned House Leaders On Feb 13 That Russia Is Intervening In 2020 Election In Favor Of Trump; Dotard Went Bonkers When He Learned That Schiff Was Present; After Long Friction, Maguire Is Ousted; Unqualified Replacement Is Ambassador To Berlin Richard Grenell, The Boorish, Belligerent, And Deeply Resented Ambassador To Berlin; Grenell Is Now Supposed To Act As ODNI, Envoy To Germany, And Special Representative To Serbia And Kosovo!

In Nevada, Caucus For Candidate Shown By Most Polls To Have Best Chance Of Defeating Trump!

Feb 2020

February 19, 2020

To Block Chinese World Domination In 5G And The Industrial Internet, US And NATO Allies Must Buy Controlling Stake In Nokia Of Finland And Ericsson Of Sweden; Make The Federal Reserve Advance National Priorities, Not Just Wall Street Greed, With Half A Trillion Dollars In Zero Interest Century Bonds For Purchase And Development Of The West’s 5G Superpower As The Answer To The Pirates Of Huawei And ZTE!

Time To Dump The Mnuchin Faction Of Crackpot Profiteer Ideologues, Who Think They Can Oppose Chinese Communist Monopoly Cartels With The So-Called Free Market;

Atmosphere Of Poisonous Intrigue Created In Washington By Trump Blinds And Weakens Policy Machinery: Case In Point Sees Trump Ousting Undersecretary Of Defense Policy John Rood, Who Fought Back Fast Against Trump’s Freeze Of Aid To Ukraine, And Wanted To Continue Vital US-South Korea Military Drills Despite Don’s Sellout To Kim;

Democrats Must Break Profile By Dialing Back Petty Fratricide That Can Only Help Trump; The Winning Democratic Candidate Will Claim Lineage From The Franklin Roosevelt New Deal, Including Economic Bill Of Rights Of January 1944 SOTU And Forcing The Fed To Finance The War Effort

Feb 2020

February 18, 2020

In Suspicious Reversal, Trump Proclaims US Is Open For Strategic Sellout: His Regime Will Freely Sell Sensitive Technologies To China And Other Enemies, Endangering American Lives In Future Conflicts; If Nothing Changes, Beijing Aggressors Will Get General Electric Jet Engines Interagency Experts Had Sought To Deny; Chipmakers Resent Ban On Sales To Huawei; China Appeasers Around Mnuchin Lobby For Demands Of Renegade CEOs; Critical Meeting Of February 28 Cabinet Meeting, Expected To Approve New Measures Against Huawei Technology Pirates, Plus Closure Of Loophole Used By Intel And Micron To Continue Deliveries, Now Called Off; In Two Tweets, Trump Mocks Regulations Being Developed By Congress; Key Obstacle To Chinese World Domination Seemingly Removed; Xi’s Colossal Human Rights Violations, With 3 Million Mainly Moslem Inmates In Concentration Camps In East Turkestan, Count For Little; 

Trump’s Latest Flip-Flop Calls For A Vigorous Campaign Of Lobbying And Pressure To Roll It Back; Infamously Labile Decider Must Hear Voice Of People Against Chinese Servitude; 

At Munich Security Conference, Pompeo And Esper Had Attempted To Convince Britain and Germany To Join Australia, Japan, And Poland In Turning Away From Subjection; These Efforts Now Undercut; 

Tax Wall Street Party Demands US Use Billions In 0% Federal Reserve Liquidity To Buy And Expand Ericsson And Nokia, Creating A Powerful Free World Counter To Huawei, Giving NATO Countries Large And Small An Alternative; But Mnuchin Cabal Wants To Rely On “Free Market” Against Communists!

Feb 2020

February 17, 2020

American Society Rejects Trump’s Dictatorship And The Politics Of Revenge: Over 2,000 Department Of Justice Veterans Call On AG Barr To Resign; Former Deputy AG Donald Ayers, Barr’s Colleague In Bush 41’s DOJ, Calls Him “Un-American”; 

On Sunday Shows, Dem Candidates Spout Usual Platitudes, Not Grasping That Coordinated Emergency Actions Are Needed At Once To Ward Off Police State Rule Before November!; After Vile Attacks On Leaders Of Nevada’s Culinary Workers, Sanders Goons Are Becoming An Issue Among Dems;

Skyrocketing Death Toll From Coronavirus Is A Political Crisis For Emperor Xi And His Bankrupt Communist Party: World Doubts Statistics From Beijing; The New Mao Is Realizing That Total Command Brings Total Responsibility When Things Go Wrong; Scapegoats Are Eagerly Sought; Xi Has Failed To Break Opposition Movement In Hong Kong, Is Farther Than Ever From Luring Taiwan Back To Mainland, And Is Widely Hated As The Corrupt Buck Passer Who Silenced The Heroic Dr. Lee And Inflicted A New Pandemic On His People!

Trump’s Narcissism Ruins The Daytona 500 Race For The Fans; Compounding The Debacle, Fox News Fails To Broadcast The Duce’s Speech; Online MAGA Dupes Attribute Miscues To Dark Forces Of Deep State!

Feb 2020

February 15, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

New Illegal Quid Pro Quo: Trump Demands New York State Halt All Legal Actions And Investigations Against Him As The Price Of Restoring Trusted Traveler/Global Entry At New York Airports; Blatant Extortion In Broad Daylight Threatens Slide Into Dictatorship!

Growing Support Among Democrats For Declaring The Prevention Of One-Man Rule As The Overarching Theme Of The Next Presidential Debate On February 19 In Las Vegas;

No Time Left For Business As Usual With Trick Questions From Corporate Anchors And Endless Regurgitation Of Stump Speeches; Field Must Focus On Saving Democracy And The Rule Of Law As The Business At Hand;

Democrats Must Also Dial Back Cutthroat Competition Among Leaderless Group Of Candidates With Online Goons Blending With Russian Bots, And Set Up Criteria For Policies That Are Unacceptable: No More Reckless Talk Of Stripping 150 Million Health Insurance Policies Or Wiping Out Whole Industries In Next Decade; Historic Party Leaders Should Convene A Steering Committee To Provide Standards And Guidance;

Democrats Must Apply Class-Based Test: No Regressive Taxation And No Increase In Financial Burdens On Middle Class And Working Class; Make Wall Street Pay!

For Black History Month, Visit Washington’s African-American Civil War Memorial At U Street Metro, Which Displays The Names Of 209,145 Black Soldiers Who Made Up 175 Regiments That Fought For The Union!

Feb 2020

February 13, 2020

Trump The Avenger: Rogue Tenant Of Oval Fixated On Purge Of Officials Who Have Not Sold Out To Him And The Berserker Personality Cult In White House;

Last Week Don Attacked State Department And NSC; This Week Has Been The Turn Of Department Of Justice; Pentagon May Be Next; U.S. Government Crippled By Troubled Mind; Barr Whines That Insulting Tweets Make His Job Impossible; Barr Is A Confessed Nihilist Who Must Be Ousted To Restore Public Confidence; DC Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson Should Use Roger Stone Sentencing To Demand Answers From Barr, DoJ, And White House About Trump’s Intrigues In Case;

Senate Re-Affirms War Powers Act To Ward Off Future Conflicts With Iran, 55-45; Eight Republicans Join All The Democrats; Isolated Trump Promises A Veto; Kelly Defends Vindman For Refusing An Unlawful Order, Suggests Trump Is Dupe Of North Korea’s Kim: Summitry Is Futile; 

Centrist House Democrats Fear Bloodbath If Bernie Gets Nomination; Dems Should Follow Lincoln In Seeking A Cabinet That Represents All Factions; Las Vegas Culinary Workers Endorse Themselves And Their Cadillac Health Plan, Scorning Current Lackluster Democratic Field!

Breaking: Trump Blurts That His Suspension Of Global Entry Program At New York Airports Is Impeachable, Designed To Extort End Of State’s Subpoena Efforts To Get His Tax Returns And Other Info!

Feb 2020

February 12, 2020

In Ominous Sign For Trump, New Hampshire Democratic Primary Sets All-Time Record For Turnout, Rising From Old Record Of 254,780 In 2008 To New Record Of 296,622; Bernie Sanders Wins, But His Voters Decline By Almost Half From 151,000 (60.4%) In 2016 To 76,324 (c. 26%) Now; Huge Youth Surge Does Not Materialize; Buttigieg Is Close Second, Followed By Klobuchar, Warren And Biden; Yang And Bennet Quit; 

We Do Not Fear Bernie’s Victory, But We Fear His Defeat: In Nevada, Influential Culinary Workers Union Local 226 Voter Guide For Members Lists Sanders’ Position On Health Care As “End Culinary Healthcare” And “Require ‘Medicare For All’”; Warren Is Summarized As “Medicare For All” And “Replace Culinary Healthcare After 3-Year Transition”; Union Leaflet Condemns Politicians, Details Hard Battles And Sacrifices Made Over Decades To Get Alleged Cadillac Health Plan; Democrats Must Have Union Voters!

Night Of The Long Knives In Washington As Trump Retaliates Against Officials Who Followed The Law, Not His Orders; Revenge Attacks Strike Vindman Brothers Of NSC And Former DC U.S. Attorney Jesse Liu, Who Was Headed For Treasury; Acting Pentagon Comptroller Elaine McCusker And NSC Deputy Adviser Victoria Coates May Be Next; 

Threat Of Dictatorship In Barr’s Micromanagement Of Department Of Justice With Promise Of Leniency For Political Allies And Draconian Punishment For Adversaries!

Feb 2020

February 11, 2020

Trump’s FY 2021 Budget Is Game Plan For Killer Austerity Against The American People; Orgy Of Cuts Would Permanently Cripple And Impoverish U.S.; Democrats Must Guarantee This Obscene Package Will Be Dead On Arrival In Congress;

Question For The Dictator: If Your Economy Is So Successful, Why Not Expand Vital Investments And Services, Rather Than Reduce Them? Why Are You Cutting Anything?

Most Genocidal Are The Cutbacks In Health Care: Medicare, Medicaid, And Obamacare Would Shrink By Almost $2 Trillion Over Ten Years; Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) Would Be Gutted; Food Stamps Would Lose $181 Million; Help In Paying Down Student Loans Reduced By $170 Billion; But Don Holds Out For $1.4 Billion In Tax Cuts For The Rich And Wants Billions From U.S. Taxpayers For His Wall; Fearless Corruption Fighter Tries To Strip Ukraine Of $17 Million From International Narcotics Control And Law Enforcement!; Despite Coronavirus Pandemic, Trump Demands $3 Billion In Cuts From National Institutes Of Health, While Centers For Disease Control Funding Would Shrink By 16%; 

Among The Few Positive Points: $108 Billion In Pentagon R&D; NASA Outlays Would Rise To $25.2 Billion To Include Return Of Humans To Moon With Artemis Program, But Wide Field Infrared Survey Space Telescope And National Cancer Institute Would Be Slashed;

Federal Prosecutor In Roger Stone Case Quits In Protest Against Barr’s Intrigues To Let Trump Crony Off Easy; Three Other Federal Attorneys Also Leave Case; Sanders And Buttigieg Lead In New Hampshire

Feb 2020

February 10, 2020

In Tuesday’s New Hampshire Primary, Get A Democratic Ballot And Vote For The Candidate Who Will Be Most Effective In Beating Trump; This Is No Time For Childish Fantasies Of Utopia As Hell Gapes Before Us;

Hideous Reality Of Blue Collar Boom: Trump’s FY 2021 Budget Is Massive Betrayal Of His 2016 Campaign Promises: Proposal Calls For Killer Cuts In Food Stamps (SNAP), Housing Assistance, And Support For Education; Demand For Slave Labor, Including By The Disabled, To Get Food Stamps Will Throw 700,000 Needy American Off The Rolls; 

Rental Assistance From Ben Carson’s Department Of Housing And Urban Development Will Be Slashed By More Than 15%, Increasing Homelessness; Welfare Payments (Temporary Assistance For Needy Families, TANF) To Be Lowered By 10%; Social Security Disability Insurance Set To Be Devastated By $75 Billion In Cuts, Weakening Social Security Itself; And Don’t Forget Trump’s Davos Plan For Savage Cuts To Medicare To Speed Program’s 2024 Insolvency!; Dem Candidates Must Pound These Points, Exploiting Monumental Stupidity Of White House In Announcing Them!

New Austerity Program Follows GOP Tax Scam Of 2 Years Ago, Which Helped Rich Plutocrats And Large Corporations But Left $1 Trillion Deficit; Just Another GOP Austerity Ghoul: Trump Falls Back On Classic GOP Litany Of Waste, Fraud, and Abuse To Camouflage His Genocidal Austerity Policy!

Feb 2020

Feburary 8, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Death Toll From Wuhan Coronavirus Surpasses That Of 2003 SARS Pandemic; Xi Regime Sends Out Quarantine Squads; China To U.S. Flights Continue As Trump Kow-Tows To Xi’s Phase One Blackmail; 

No Blue Collar Boom, But A Bubble Close To Bursting: Wall Street’s Demands For Subsidized 14-Day Repo Money Exceed Offerings From New York Fed On Tuesday And Thursday; Suspicions Grow That a Zombie Bank May Be Approaching Insolvency; Total Cash Injections To Ward Off Liquidity Crunch Now At $6.7 Trillion;

Democrats Must Stop Squawking And Show Voters That Under Trump, It Will Be Medicare For None 2024; 

Carville “Scared To Death” Of Democratic Primary Outcome: Defeat Of Trump Is Only Issue -- Everything Else Depends On His Ouster; House Takeover In 2018 Based On Moderate Left Candidates With Stress On Saving Obamacare; Then Press Went Crazy For AOC; Urban Core Of Party Not Enough; Bernie Set To Duplicate December’s Tragic Failure Of Jeremy Corbin Of British Labor Party; Open Borders Not Practical; Warren Mysteriously Decided To Tail After Bernie On Medicare For All; Dems Must Choose Between Ideological Cult And Majority Party Capable Of Taking Power!

Feb 2020

February 6, 2020

Coronavirus Expanding Rapidly Thanks To Leadership Vacuum; World Mourns Heroic Chinese Doctor From Wuhan Who Tried To Warn Humanity Of Looming Scourge But Was Arrested By Dictator Xi’s Secret Police; Trump Has Plenty Of Time To Wallow In Self Pity And Issue Threats Against His Opponents, But No Time To Halt Flights From China To U.S.;

Trump’s East Room Performance Packed With Sinister Threats To Romney, Pelosi, And Americans In All Walks Of Life; His Enemies’ List Is Getting Longer; Some Think Of Erdogan’s Speech After Failed Coup Of July 2016; Others Heard Echoes Of Mussolini’s First Speech (“Discorso Del Bivacco”) To Parliament As Prime Minister On November 16 1922, When He Told The Chamber, “I Could Have Made This Dark And Dull Hall Into A Camp Ground For My Militia” Opening The Doors With A Crowbar; Trump’s Pinned Tweet Gif Seems To Predict An Eternal Regime; But Recent Attempt At Thousand Year Reich Turned Out Rather Poorly;

Did Pro-Trump Hooligans On Scurrilous Website Run Denial Of Service Attack On Feckless Iowa Democratic Party?

Beware Superficiality Of Corporate Media: In Real World, Trump’s Popularity Is Well BELOW 50%; U.S. Economy Is A Crack Addict Powered By To $50 To $60 Billion Per Day In Repo Injections And $60 Per Month In Quantitative Easing IV, Totaling Near $7 Trillion Since Mid-September!

Feb 2020

February 5, 2020

Moscow Mitch And His Corrupt And Blackmailed GOP Senate Majority Fail To Render Impartial Injustice Against High Crimes Of Trump; First Article On Abuse Of Power Fails By 48-52, With Romney Joining All Democrats; Second Article On Obstruction Of Congress Defeated On Straight Party Line Vote Of 47-53; Manchin, Sinema, And Jones Vote With Dems; Collins Deserves Defeat For Claiming Incorrigible Trump Has Learned His Lesson;

In State Of The Union Address, Trump Raves About Best U.S. Economy In History; But His Job Creation Record Over Three Years Lags Behind Obama’s By Over A Million; Another Big Problem For Trump’s Blue Collar Boom Fairy Tale Is That Manufacturing Sector Is Now Mired In A Recession Which The Compliant Media Have Hardly Reported; 

Telegraphing His Attack Line For November Election, Trump Assails “132 Socialist Democrats” For Wanting To Strip Health Care From 150 Million Americans; Reckless Single Payer Rhetoric Is Vulnerability GOP Is Sure To Attack;

In New Theater Of The Absurd, Moscow Mitch Poses As Guardian Against Factional Fever Of Turbulent House Of Representatives; 

World Health Organization, Under Massive Pressure From Beijing Maoists, Says World Should Thank China For Slowing Wuhan Epidemic; Trump Fails To End China Flights; U.S. Must Take Lead In Worldwide Marshall Plan To Vanquish Pandemics!

Feb 2020

February 4, 2020

Trump’s State Of The Union Address Based On Big Lies About U.S. Economy, Which Will Be The Centerpiece Of His Demagogic 2020 Campaign!; His Fable Of A Blue Collar Boom Is A Complete Hallucination; Notice That He Never Gives Exact Numbers!

Despite Trump’s Claims, Average Weekly Earnings Are Completely Stagnant; His 47% Comparative Increase In Blue Collar Assets Exaggerates An Absolute Increase Of Less Than 1%; Trump’s Killer Austerity Includes Making Medicaid Into Block Grants, Robbing Americans Of An Entitlement And Opening Door To More Cuts; He Cuts Food Stamps For Millions Who Still Need Them, With 700, 000 To Get The Axe This Spring; 

Very Ominous: Cavorting With His Fellow Wealthy Parasites In Davos, Trump Showed Enthusiasm For Cutting Medicare; With Medicare Nearing Insolvency By 2024, Further Cuts May Reflect Trump’s Intent To Force Medicare Into Bankruptcy On His Watch Through Budget Austerity!

Trump’s Wall Street Bubble Is Moribund: New York Fed Injecting $50 Billion/Day Into Repo Market, With Total Approaching $7 Trillion!

Garbled Results Of Iowa Democratic Caucuses Leave Democratic Race Much As Before; Final Third Of Vote Count Could Help Biden; Super-Slick Victory Speech By Buttigieg Raises Suspicions Of Manchurian Candidate

Feb 2020

February 3, 2020

House Democratic Managers Wrap Up Case Against Tyrant; GOP Lawyers Repeat Infamous Lies And Sophistries; Short Statements From Individual Senators Ensue; Final Vote Expected On Wednesday; Manchin Asks Senate To Censure Trump, Who Would Become Second Tenant Of White House To Be Condemned By Senators; First Was Andrew Jackson, Censured For Refusal To Turn Over Secret Papers About Destruction Of Second Bank Of United States!

Reminder To Dems That Great Issue of 2020 Is Ousting Trump Regime, Not Affirming Ideological Purity; But Democratic Voters Made Furious By Crimes Of Trump And Moscow Mitch May Act Out By Backing Unelectable Candidates; Compare This To 1972, When Democrats Antagonized By Nixon’s Foreign War, Domestic Repression, And Economic Breakdown, Chose Unviable Sen. McGovern, Who Racked Up Biggest Landslide Defeat In U.S. History; Nixon’s Watergate Break-In Reflected His Fear Of Pro-Labor Sen. Edmund Muskie Of Maine; Resulting Cycle Elected Carter, Whose Bungling Regime Set The Stage For A Generation Of Reactionary GOP Rule Starting With Reagan-

Breaking: 61% Of Iowa Caucus-Goers Make Defeating Trump The Top Priority!

Feb 2020

February 1, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Senate Votes To Prevent Testimony By Bolton And Mulvaney By Vote Of 51 To 49, With Democrats Sticking Together; Worse Than Kafka: GOP Fanatics Admit Trump’s Ukraine Caper Was Impeachable, But Refuse To Seek Witnesses or Documentary Evidence; Bolton Memo Tells Of Early May 2019 Meeting Of Trump With Giuliani, Mulvaney, And Cipollone Where Tenant Of Oval Ordered NSC Director To Ask Ukraine’s President-Elect Zelensky For Meeting With Rudy; Bolton Claims He Never Complied; Cipollone Could Face Professional Sanctions; 

No Place For Republicans In America’s Future; Extinction On Model Of Federalists, Whigs, And Know-Nothings Looms; With Trump, The Smoking Gun Is Only As Far As the Next Witnesses, Says Schiff;

China’s Belt And Road Pandemic Keeps Spreading; WHO Director Tedros Ghebreyesus Of Ethiopia Widely Criticized For Pandering To Beijing; Appeaser Trump Still Allows Flights From China To U.S. Despite Rising Death Toll From Wuhan Coronavirus: “America First” Blowhard Sells Out Country To Dictator Xi For A Plate Of Soy Beans; China Must Shut Down Its Unsanitary “Wet Markets,” Incubators For This And Other Virulent New Strains; 

FINIS ANGLIAE: BoJo Regime Hurls United Kingdom Into Brexit Abyss; Macau On Thames Will Serve As Rogue State Banker For Russia, China, And Mafiya; Tell BoJo No Trade Deals Until He Turns Away From Huawei!

Jan 2020

January 30, 2020

New Russian Premier Mishastin Closes 4,000km Land Border with China To Prevent Proliferation Of Wuhan Coronavirus; World Health Organization Declares China Outbreak A Public Health Epidemic Of International Concern, Its Highest Level Of Emergency; Italy Halts All Flight Traffic From China; In Chicago, First U.S. Human To Human Transfer Confirmed; Almost A Score Of Countries Are Now Infected;

WHO Secretary General Dr. Tedros Of Ethiopia Kow-Tows To Xi On Real Issues Of Chinese Coverup And Bungling Of Response To Epidemic; Call It The “Belt And Road Pandemic”; China’s Infamous “Wet Markets” Stocked With Exotic Live Animals Including Bats And Civet Cats Are A Menace To Humanity And Must Be Banned At Once!

American Airlines Pilots’ Union Demands Halt Of China Flights To U.S.; Trump Must Stop Appeasing Xi And Protect Americans; British Airways, Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian And Other Carriers Stop China Service; Starbucks Closes 2,000 Coffee Shops;

Trump Launches New Attack On Low-Income Medicaid Beneficiaries By Downgrading Benefits From Entitlement To Block Grant Status: States Would Be Given A Fixed Sum Of Money And Told To Make Do Until Cash Runs Out, Regardless Of Need; 

Bureaucratic Point Person Is Seema Verma, A Veteran Of Pence’s Pro-Austerity Wrecking Operation Against Medicaid In Indiana; Verma’s Demand For Slave Labor From Medicaid Recipients Has Caused Chaos In Arkansas; She Demanded $43,000 For Her Lost Jewelry; 

Along With Backing For Multi-State Lawsuit To Destroy Obamacare And Onrushing Bid To Privatize The Postal Service, Block Grants Are Another Step In Total Betrayal Of Trump’s 2016 Election Promises; Great Britain Leaps Into Brexit Abyss Friday Night; Senate Will Vote On Witnesses Friday: Will GOP Lockstep Hold?

Jan 2020

January 29, 2020

Pressure For Fair Trial With Witnesses And Documents Building Towards Possible Friday Vote; Feeble Sen. Corey Gardner Lashes Himself To Wreck Of Trump Administration; Rep. Engel Reveals That Bolton Called Him On September 23 To Blow Whistle On Firing Of Ambassador Yovanovich; Netanyahu Indictments Show Don His Future;

Chinese Public Condemns The New Chernobyl Wrought By Bungling, Incompetent Tyrants Of Xi Regime, Sending Censors Into Frenzy; Communist Party Rule May Be Tottering!; World Press Trumpets Victory Of Huawei Boss Ren Over Loser Don!

Majority Of Britons Still Love Freedom, Reject Barbarian Yoke: Daily Telegraph Poll Shows 43% Of UK Voters Don’t Want Huawei To Build 5G Communications, While Only 14% Accept Huawei;

The Fens On The Thames: Top Officials Of David Cameron Who Set Up Suicidal Brexit Referendum Are Now Top Executives And Board Members Of Huawei UK; 

Voices In Congress Warns Against China’s Technology Theft Imperialism: Reps. Ruben Gallego, Connolly, Turner, Banks, and Sen. Warner Ask UK To Reconsider Unwise Step; Gallego Warns That Huawei Would Blind One Of The Five Eyes;

Trump To Make Special Personal Appeal To BoJo When He Comes Begging For Sweetheart Fast-Track Trade Deal With U.S.; No Trade Concessions For Satellites Of Beijing!; No Second Term For Losing Britain!

Repo Injections Set To Continue Into May; Yield Curve Inverts For First Time Since October; Press Quiz Powell On Repo Crisis; Boeing Posts First Quarterly Loss Since 1997-

Jan 2020

January 28, 2020

Breaking: Moscow Mitch Admits He Lacks Votes As Of Tuesday Evening To Ban Witnesses And End Trump’s Impeachment Trial; GOP Contortions To Prevent Senate And Public From Seeing Bolton’s Notes, Manuscript, Galley Proofs, And Book, Which Is Scheduled For Mid-March Publication; GOP Attack Machine Starts Attempted Takedown Of Bolton, But Former White House Chief Gen. Kelly USMC Says He Trusts Bolton Over Trump; 75% Of Americans Want To Hear Witness Testimony; Pro-Trump Diehards Spout Dershowitz Line That Abuse Of Power Does Not Exist And No Allegations Rise To Level Of Impeachment!

Who Lost Britain? Brexit Perfidy Comes Home To Roost On Trump’s Watch As BoJo Regime Opts To Install Huawei 5G; House Should Pass Banks Bill Ending Intelligence Sharing With Nations That Kow-Tow To Beijing Totalitarians; BoJo Begging For Sweetheart Trade Deal, Which Must Be Blocked; 

Warnings On Wall Street That New Lehman Brothers Moment May Be Approaching Because Of Pollyanna View Of Coronavirus, Which Is Spreading Much Faster Than Xi Reports;

Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst Broadly Hints That Entire Ukraine Caper Aimed At Smearing Biden, Not Fighting Corruption In Kiev!


Jan 2020

January 27, 2020

Bolton’s Long-Awaited Book Manuscript Contains Eyewitness Account Of Trump’s Linking Denial Of Aid To Kiev’s Reluctance To Proclaim Witch Hunt Against Bidens; Schumer And House Managers Demand That Former NSC Boss Be Called; Romney Sees It “Increasingly Likely” That Witnesses Will Be Called; Manchin, Collins, Murkowski, And Alexander Could Vote For Fair Trial;

White House Readies Fanatical Defense Out Of Fear That Any Witness Could Open The Floodgates Against Trump; Disgraced Ken Starr, Who Thinks Clinton’s Hanky-Panky With Monica Lewinsky Was A Greater Danger Than Selling Out Ukraine And Its 45 Million People, Argues That Runaway House Denied Due Process To Scofflaw Trump; Sekulow Indignant About Pelosi’s Pens; Pettifogging Dershowitz Takes Over For Prime Time;

Markets Fall On Worries About Coronavirus Pandemic And Growing Likelihood Of Witnesses In Trump Trial; Dow Has Worst Day Since October And Goes Negative For 2020; Fed Ponzi Scheme Has Now Pumped $6.6 Trillion Into Repo Market, Compared With $4.5 Trillion U.S. Federal Budget; $50 Billion Disbursed Today Alone!

Veterans Of Foreign Wars Slam Trump For Trivializing Concussions Suffered By U.S. Personnel In Iraq As “Headaches”; “Fox And Friends” Shields Tenant Of Oval Against His Own Wretched Poll Numbers!

Jan 2020

January 25, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Senate Must Subpoena Trump For Impeachment Trial; If Bolton Has Written A Book, The Manuscript And Galley Proofs Should Be Subpoenaed; If Senators Are Too Cowardly, House Committees Can Issue Subpoenas; Nadler’s Prophetic Words On Trump: “He Is A Dictator. This Must Not Stand!”

Dictator Xi Warns That Spread Of Wuhan Coronavirus Is Accelerating, With 42 Deaths And 1,400 Cases, A Fraction Of Current Toll; U.S. Evacuating Citizens From Wuhan Region; 

In UK, BoJo’s Chinese Puppet State Getting Ready For Post-Brexit, With Official Calls To Buy Tainted Huawei 5G Technology And Cooperate Less With U.S.;

Tape Depicts Trump Getting Advice From His Then-Myrmidon Lev Parnas About Need To Fire Ambassador Yovanovich; “Take Her Out!” Was Don’s Command!

The Stable Genius Went To Pentagon In July 2017 To Vilify U.S. Command As “Dopes And Babies”; Pushback Came From Tillerson, Who Was Soon Fired!

Breaking: Trump Mouthpieces Deliver Two Meager Hours Of Pettifogging And Gaslighting, Peddling Paranoid Theory Of Attack By Ukraine On U.S. 2016 Election; More Scurrilous Lies From Cipollone, Who Claims Trump Froze Ukraine Aid To Demand Burden Sharing From Europe; But EU Member States Have Given Ukraine $16.4 (€15 Billion) Over Five Years, About Four Times The Aid Given By U.S.; Lying Is Basis For Disbarment; Amb. Sondland Was Never Tasked With Demanding More Cash From EU; Projection Is Essence Of Trump’s Orwellian Method!

Jan 2020

January 23, 2020

Number Of Americans Demanding Witnesses At Impeachment Trial Climbs To 72%; Trump Goes Berserk With New All-Time Record Of 140 Tweets in 24 Hours; GOP Defense Lawyers Are Feckless And Pathetic; But Don May Cut Them Short And Try For Dismissal Before Senators Can Submit Questions!

Trump Betrays His Most Devoted Followers, Announces New Push To Privatize United States Postal Service (USPS), Followed By Asset Stripping With Reduced Service, Higher Prices, End Of Deliveries To Your Doorstep, And Layoffs; Move Is Death Sentence For Rural America And Farmers; Rates Will Rise To Fedex Level; Cut In Weekly Deliveries Will Cause Needless Deaths Among The Elderly Waiting For Mail Order Prescriptions; USPS Takes No Tax Money, Is Mandated By Constitution, Was Founded By Benjamin Franklin; Mr. Republican Denny Hastert Tried To Cripple Agency By Ordering Pre-Payment Of Decades Of Health Care And Retirement Costs; Lucky Buyer Will Now Loot That Cash Hoard; Was Decision Made At Mar-A-Lago Plutocrats’ Bar?; Another Reason To Oust Trump!

Brexit Treachery On Parade: British Civil Servants Recommend That London Buy Huawei Trojan Horse Equipment For Coming 5G Networks; Timely Bill From Rep. Banks Would Cut Intelligence Sharing With Any Nation That Buys Huawei; Germany Also Reported To Be Wavering: But New EU Policy Allows Member States To Ban Foreign Companies At Will; Madame Meng, Daughter Of Huawei Founder Ren, Pleads To Dodge Extradition From Canada To U.S.; She Is Charged With Bank Fraud; A Dozen Actors Hired To Support Her; 

Chinese Coronavirus Metastasizes Across Globe; 20 Million In Wuhan Area Quarantined; Huawei Calls Off Key Conference; WHO Stalls On Declaring World Emergency; How Long Has Beijing Been Lying About Mounting Death Toll?

Jan 2020

January 22, 2020

GOP Senators Choose The Dishonor Of Serving As Trump’s Rubber Stamp Toadies Over Loyalty To Constitution; All House Requests For Witnesses, Documents, And Process Reforms Are Rejected; House Managers Present Case This Week, With Key Vote On Fair Trial Likely Next Wednesday; 

At Davos, Trump Spews More Fake Rhetoric About His Non-Existent Economic Success; His Claims For Job Creation, Real Wage Growth, GDP, Pollution, And Trade Deficit Are Vastly Exaggerated; Most Reporters Are Busy Swooning For Greta And Don’t Care;

Kudlow Finally Admits That Federal Reserve Has Launched Quantitative Easing Four; Trump Crows That Working Class Assets Have Risen By 47% Under His Regime In “Blue Collar Boom” – From 1.1% Of U.S. Wealth To 1.6%!; Global Banks Becoming More Dependent On Drugged And Subsidized Repo Markets; 

Why U.S Unemployment Statistics Are Inherently Unreliable: Ignoring Labor Market Dropouts And Underemployed Has Made 30 Million Jobless Disappear During Decade Before 2020; 

Fears About January 31 Brexit Insanity, Boeing’s Earnings Report, And Wuhan Coronavirus Quarantine Bring Danger Of Financial Turbulence As Year Of The Rat Is At Hand!

Jan 2020

January 21, 2020

Moscow Mitch Forced To Retreat From His Draconian Two Days Per Side Demand For Trump’s Senate Trial, Now Conceding Three Eight-Hour Days To Democrats And Trumpers; Desperately Unpopular Collins Claims Credit For Shift, But Keeps Voting With Mitch; Cipollone’s Debut Reveals Pettifogging Methods Of Obscurantism And Distortions: He Claims GOP Was Wholly Excluded From Depositions In Skif, Despite Presence Of Scores Of Republicans; His Teammate Purpura Misstates When Ukraine Realized Trump Was Ripping Them Off; GOP Phalanx Of 53 Senators Votes Against Documents From National Security Council, From State Department, From Office Of Management And Budget, With Pentagon Next; GOP Also Rejects Calling Mulvaney As Witness; Schiff Argues “A Vote To Delay Is A Vote To Deny,” With Mitch Planning To Switch From “It’s Too Early” To “It’s Too Late”; 

After Three Years Of American Carnage, Rucker And Leonnig’s “A Very Stable Genius” Shows Trump Was Not Concerned About Corruption, But Wanted To Abolish The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act’s Ban On Bribing Foreigners Despite Skepticism Of Tillerson And Even Miller; “I Swore An Oath To The Constitution. I Didn’t Swear An Oath To This Jackass,” Said One Officer; Trump Emerges As A “Danger To The Country,” “Completely Crazy, “Totally Ignorant,” “Not Interested,” And “Lying”-

Jan 2020

January 20, 2020

Senate Trial Of Trump Starts Tuesday At 1pm; Time For Maximum Pressure On Senate Offices To Tell Senators They Must Support Amendments To Defy Trump-McConnell Whitewash; Schumer Pledges To Force Roll-Call Votes;

Moscow Mitch Reveals Plan To Railroad Verdict Of Innocent: Each Side To Get 24 Hours Over Two Days To Argue Their Case Starting At 1pm Wednesday; Then Come Sixteen Hours Of Questions From Senators; This To Be Followed By Two Hours Of Legal Arguments From Each Side; Only Then Can Witnesses And Documents Be Requested, Or Else Final Vote; Mitch Violates Clinton Model;

Dershowitz, Joining Trump Defense, Raves That Abuse Of Power Does Not Exist, An Obvious And Anti-Historical Ploy To Avoid Calling Witnesses; He Also Claims That Benjamin Curtis, Lead Lawyer For Andrew Johnson In 1868, Proved That A Statutory Violation Is Necessary For Impeachment; Ken Starr Also On Board: He Was Forced Out As President Of Baylor In Waco, Texas, For Mishandling Sexual Misconduct Scandal; Trump Finds New Ways To Antagonize Women!

Breaking: In Richmond, March Of Gun Fanatics Kept Non-Violent Only Because Of Pre-Emptive Actions By Federal And State Authorities, With Seven Terrorist Suspects Arrested Days In Advance; I Have A Dream Of A Boogaloo [Race War], Raves One Extremist!

Jan 2020

January 18, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

As Impeachment Trial Begins, Fascistization Accelerates: Gun Fanatics Plan Violence In Richmond Against Democrats’ Modest Gun Safety Proposals; Parnas And Yovanovich Fear For Their Own Safety; Barr’s Department Of Justice Targets Comey For Alleged 2017 Leak About Hillary’s Emails; Durham Fishing Expedition About Origins of Russiagate Grinds On!

Widely Disliked Figures Starr, Dershowitz And Bondi To Lead Don’s Legal Team; Scenario For Senate Trial Of Trump: Mobilize Public Opinion To Get 51 Senators To Vote For Witnesses; Must Grill Bolton, Barr, Pence, Mulvaney, Pompeo, Perry, Parnas, Duffey, And Blair; More Heinous Crimes Are Almost Certain To Emerge; When Mass Revulsion Has Reached Critical Mass Over Strong Prima Facie Evidence Of Wrongdoing, Offer Plea Deal Similar To Spiro Agnew’s In 1973; If Trump Resigns, GOP Bootlickers Will Never Have To Vote Against Him; Scaramucci: Don Lacks Stamina To Hang On In Face Of Overwhelming Evidence; Barr In Footsteps Of Nixon’s Attorneys General John Mitchell And Richard Kleindienst, Both Of Whom Were Sentenced To Jail; Parnas Testimony Ties Top GOP Leaders Into Neat Package As Party Hurtles Towards Extinction; 

Tax Wall Street Party Salutes Dr. Martin Luther King, Whose Organizing Method Was Unity Among Civil Rights, Anti-Vietnam War, Anti-Poverty, And Labor Movements!

Jan 2020

January 16, 2020

At Long Last, Impeachment Trial Of One Donald John Trump Begins In United States Senate; GOP Hypocrites Pledge Impartiality As Chief Justice Roberts Of Federalist Society Swears in Senators; Opening Statements Set For Tuesday At 1pm; Tell #MoscowMitch & Co. A Trial Without Witnesses Is A Coverup!

In Blockbuster Interview, Former Giuliani Operative Lev Parnas Asserts That Trump “Knew Exactly What Was Going On” In Ukraine Extortion Caper; Parnas Says He Did Nothing Without Permission From Don And Rudi; Parnas Delivered Harsh Demand For Anti-Biden Actions To Top Zelensky Official; Pence Called Off Visit The Next Day When Ukraine Did Not Play Ball;

Parnas Revelations Implicate Trump, Pence, Giuliani, Barr, And Nunes; Pelosi Slams Barr As “Rogue Attorney General” Who Will Never Name Special Counsel To Investigate His Own Misdeeds, Suggesting Need For His Impeachment; In New York Times Interview, Parnas Details Giuliani-Trump Scheme To Let Him Operate Under Attorney-Client Privilege;

Schumer Repeats Demand For Witnesses, Starting With Bolton, Mulvaney, Duffey, and Blair; Government Accountability Office (GAO) Finds Trump White House Guilty Of Anti-Impoundment Act Violations In Freezing Support To Kiev; Tax Wall Street Party: Pence And Barr Must Resign Or Face Special Counsels!

Jan 2020

January 15, 2020

Pelosi Appoints Seven Impeachment Managers And Sends Articles Across The Capitol To Senate; Churlish Moscow Mitch Tells Them To Come Back At Noon On Thursday To Exhibit Charges!

Exhibit A For Demanding Witnesses And Documents In Trump’s Senate Trial Now Provided By Lev Parnas; His Voluminous Docs Show Giuliani Asked To Meet Zelensky of Ukraine As Trump’s Personal Envoy With Don’s Explicit Knowledge And Consent; Emails Show Highly Suspicious Surveillance Of U.S. Ambassador Yovanovich; Parnas Media Appearance Set For Wednesday Evening;

In Hollow Public Relations Ploy, Trump Signs Meaningless “Phase One” Agreement With Communist China; Deal Promises To Freeze Existing Tariffs And Grant Truce To Stockjobbers; But Chinese Pledges To Buy U.S. Products Cannot Be Verified Or Enforced; Much Skepticism Among Iowa Farmers That Purchases Will Occur; 

Putin Fires Medvedev And Entire Cabinet; Is He Preparing To Perpetuate His Dictatorship Despite Term Limits By Taking Over As Prime Minister While Relegating Presidency To Ceremonial Functions, As In Germany And Italy?

Democratic Debate Fails Miserably To Tackle Issue Of $6 Trillion Repo Bailout Of Wall Street By New York Fed; No Mention Of Federal Reserve In Dem Debate During Current Cycle; Instead, Bernie And Warren Focus On Asinine Personal Feud; Klobuchar And Buttigieg Demand Fiscal Austerity To Pay Down Debt; Mayor Pete Thinks Not Everyone Needs To Attend College; Klobuchar Wants Carbon Tax On Working People, Acknowledges Some Will Be “Hurt”; Steyer Puts His Green Values Over Workers!

Jan 2020

January 14, 2020

House Democrats Will Send Impeachment Articles To Senate Wednesday, Martin Luther King’s Birthday; Anti-Trump Position Stronger Thanks To 3-Week Pelosi Pause: Add Lev Parnas To The Witness List; Speaker Wonders About Moscow Mitch’s Kremlin Connections!

Pro-Trump Lockstep Collapses Among Senate Republicans; White House Demand For Immediate Dismissal Of Charges Gets Nowhere; Plausible Trial Will Require Witnesses Earlier Blocked By Trump; Murkowski, Collins, Romney, Gardner, And Alexander Must Back Demand For New Testimony; Cipollone And Sekulow, But Not Giuliani, Expected Among Defenders; Door Opening To Damaging New Revelations Which Can Force Trump’s Resignation!

NY Fed’s Repo Facility Oversubscribed On Tuesday As Extension Of Liquidity Injections Into February Is Announced; Democratic Candidates At Tonight’s Debate Must Denounce This Illegal $6 Trillion Backdoor Bailout Of Wall Street Zombie Bankers, All Designed To Preserve Trump Bubble And Help Secure His Re-Election!

Mnuchin Claims Chinese Trade Rep Will Sign Mysterious “Phase One” Trade Deal Wednesday; Markets Spooked By Report That Tariffs Will Continue Through November; Most Key Issues Fudged In Don’s Mad Dash To Appeasement;

UK, France, Germany Demand Iran Respect JCPOA Under Threat Of Snap-Back Sanctions!

Jan 2020

January 13, 2020

Repo Kiting On Wall Street -- With Connivance Of Federal Reserve?

New York Fed Has Pumped $6 Trillion Into Collapsing New York Repo Market, Creating Permanent Addiction To Low-Interest Cash; Doubtful That Overnight And Short Term Repurchase Agreements Have Been Paid Back: More Likely Many Repos Have Been Rolled Over Using New Borrowing!

Fed’s Stealth Bailout Lets Interest Rates Be Kept Artificially Low In Service Of Trump Bubble And Trump’s Re-Election Campaign; Corporate Media Provide Smokescreen For Colossal Swindle!

At Tuesday’s Democratic Debate, Candidates Like Sanders And Warren Have Special Responsibility To Expose Repo Corruption And Pledge To End It; Their Silence Will Be Seen As Complicity; Bloomberg Pledges Up To $1 Billion To Stop Trump, But Beware His China Card!

Impeachment Articles Set To GoTo Senate After Democratic Caucus Meeting On Tuesday, With Trial Starting Within A Week; Will Moscow Mitch aka The Grim Reaper Become Mortician For GOP?

66% Want Bolton To Testify In Senate Trial, Including 40% Of Republicans; Iowa Polls Show Four-Way Tie!

Jan 2020

January 11, 2019 - World Crisis Radio

Pelosi Will Send Impeachment Articles To Senate Next Week; Trial Likely To Begin Before MLK Weekend; House Managers To Be Chosen; Public Opinion Must Mobilize To Oust Trump Or Face Dictatorship!

Moscow Mitch Had Threatened To Back Hawley’s Rule Change For Preventive Dismissal Of Charges; After Murkowski And Romney, Collins Makes Feeble Effort For Senate Trial With Witnesses And Documents;

After Three Years Of Trump Chaos, World Faces Convergence Of Crises: Iran, North Korea, Brexit, Financial Breakdown, And Impeachment;

Dow 29,000 With Feet Of Clay: Despite $1 Trillion Fiscal Stimulus, Three Interest Rate Cuts, Return To Big-Time Quantitative Easing, And $6 Trillion In Liquidity Injected Into Repo Market, Result Is A Meager 145,000 Jobs And Miniscule Wage Growth Below 1%; Zombie Bankers Want Permanent Repo Facility Backed Without Limit By Fed; Dems (e.g. Warren) And Media Must Expose This Fraud In Service Of Trump Bubble; Mnuchin Busy Covering Up Don’s Exorbitant Travel Costs At Public Expense;

Lock Her Up: New York Times Played Key Role In Hyping Hillary Clinton Email And Uranium One Pseudo-Scandals; But Now DoJ’s Huber Investigation Has Come Up Empty!

Jan 2020

January 9, 2020

January Shaping Up As Crisis Month Of Iran, Kim, And Brexit: In Final House Of Commons Vote, BoJo’s January 31 Brexit Plan Is Approved By 330-231; Grave Danger Of Severe Shocks And Dislocations To World Finance; Worst Case Includes Triggering Of Systemic Crisis; EU Negotiator Barnier Warns There Is No Time To Re-Write 600 Agreements Between UK And EU; BoJo Retains Option For No Deal Catastrophic Brexit In Late December If All Trade Treaties With Brussels Have Not Been Completed!

Backed By Most Predatory City Of London Bankers, Brexit Spells Crisis For Western Alliance In Face Of Russo-Chinese Threat; Turbulence From Falkland Islands To Gibraltar; If Scotland And Northern Ireland Dump Their Union With England, Will Power-Hungry BoJo Respond With Coercion?

U.S. And Canada Accuse Iran Of Downing Ukrainian Airliner In Midst Of Missile Exchange; Iran Denies It;

9,300 Stores Closed In Trump’s 2019 Retail Apocalypse; World Bank Says U.S. GDP Will Stay Below 2%, Points To Global Debt Crisis; S&P 500 P/E Ratio Is Most Bloated Ever; Fed Inflating Stock Market Bubble Using Repo And Quantitative Easing Injections; Wall Street Already Addicted!

Jan 2020

January 8, 2020

Iran Retaliation For Suleimani Slaying Stops After Two Dozen Missiles Against U.S. Forces In Iraq; Pentagon Confirms No Casualties Among U.S., Iraqi, And Coalition Forces; “Fierce Revenge” Amounts To A Pinprick; Tehran Media Still Claiming Scores Of U.S. Dead; Pause In Escalation Offers Golden Opportunity To Re-Start Diplomacy By Unilaterally Lifting Some Sanctions On Food, Pharmaceuticals, And Other Embargoes That Torment Iranian Working People;

Trump’s Pompous Speech Goes In Wrong Direction, Unrealistically Demanding More Economic Sanctions And Expanded Role For NATO In Iraq, All Set In Context Of 58 Sniffles, Slurred Speech, And Ignorant Malapropisms!

Trump’s #WagTheDog Operation Designed To Help His Own Sagging Political Fortunes At Cost Of Ousting U.S. And Allies From Iraq, Ending Of Anti-ISIS Counterinsurgency Mission, And Giving Free Rein To Iran Nuclear Program; 

Too Clever For His Own Good: Suleimani Cleverly Deflected Mass Rage In Iran To Lebanon Corridor Against His Own Alliances And Clerical Misrule; Iraq’s Tishreen Intifada (“October Revolution”) Was Turned Away From Iran And Against U.S.; Two Prime Ministers Toppled, But Suleimani Fell Victim To His Own Success;

The Ukrainian Airliner: Was It Downed By An Errant Iranian Missile?; Two Rockets Hit Baghdad Green Zone, Triggering 150-Point Drop In Dow In Ten Minutes! 

Jan 2020

January 7, 2020

Pentagon Says Iran Launches A Dozen Missiles From Own Territory Against U.S. And Coalition Forces On Sadr And Erbil Iraqi Bases; Second Attack Wave Announced, But No Further Action Signaled; Responsibility Claimed By Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps; Attack Came At About 5:30 PM EST Tuesday; 

Tehran Media Claim Extravagant U.S. Casualties, But No American Fatalities Have Been Confirmed So Far; Limited Scope Of Response Up To Now May Reflect Cooler Heads In Tehran; No Actions Reported Against Shipping Through Hormuz, No Attack On Israel, And No International Terrorism; All Good Reasons For Trump NOT To Retaliate; U.S. Government Must Restrain Madman In White House; No Legitimate Casus Belli Exists; Will Iraqis Resent This Attack On Their Military?; Time For Macron And Abe To Provide Diplomatic Good Offices!; 

Chaos And Confusion In Trump Regime Reaching New Theoretical Maximum; Don Spews Tidal Wave Of Provocations About Cultural Sites, Compensation For Iraqi Bases, And Toggles Back And Forth About Leaving Iraq; Bedlam Infects Military, With Letter Mistakenly Sent To Baghdad Government Announcing Departure And Accepted By Lame Duck Premier;

Pelosi Needed To Cut Military Funding For Iraq War In 2007, But She Caved To Bush-Petraeus Surge; Will She Act Now To De-Fund Trump’s Aggression?

Jan 2020

January 6, 2019

As Trump’s Impeachment Trial Approaches, Bolton Announces He Is Willing To Testify Under Senate Subpoena; But Will He Testify In Favor Of Trump Or Against Him?; Incorrigible Neocon Warmonger Has Many Reasons To Favor Aggressor Trump!; Dems Must Focus On Schumer’s Witness List Of Pompeo, Mulvaney, Blair, And Duffey!

Case For Impeachment Grows Stronger After Pelosi Pause: Trump’s Role In Blocking Aid To Ukraine Proven Beyond Doubt By Just Security Emails; Trump Knew Or Should Have Known Impoundment Was Illegal After August Warnings From Pompeo, Esper, And Bolton; U.S. Corporate Media In Awe Of Suleimani; Cable Networks Swoon For State Funeral In Tehran; 

Today’s Epiphany For 2020: With At Least One Geopolitical Disaster Per Month, Trump Is An Existential Threat To America’s Future And Must Be Removed From Office Forthwith!

1,500 Iranian Protesters Reported Slain By Regime Snipers And Machine Guns Over Two Months Of Repression; Price Of Gasoline Had Doubled: Is This Movement Gone Or In Momentary Eclipse?

Jan 2020

January 4, 2020 WCR

Broad Political Backlash Against Trump’s Reckless Actions Leading To Heightened War Danger; #WagTheDog Scenario As Counter To Impeachment Trial Widely Discussed; No Support From UK, Germany, France For Suleimani Hit; BoJo Reported Livid London Was Not Warned In Advance Despite British Troops In Iraq; UK Defense Official Berates Trump For Acting “Like A Mafia Boss”;

Reuters Reports Suleimani Met Muhandis In October To Start Series of Provocations Using Iranian Weapons Designed To Elicit U.S. Military Retaliation; Goal Was To Get Pretext To Oust U.S. From Iraq; Trump Now Acting As Dupe Of This Strategy!

Iranian Leadership Reported Stunned By Trump’s Disproportional Response To Their Rocket Attacks On U.S. Base; Trump Evidently Practicing Nixon-Kissinger Madman Theory To Intimidate Adversaries; Iran Well Advised To Delay Retaliation Until After Trump’s Departure, Now A Matter Of Months;

Last Days Of Trump Bubble, With U.S. Stock Prices Rising To Unrealistic Levels And S&P 500 Price-Earnings Ratio Over 28; Markets Now Vulnerable To Three Big Shocks During Month Of January: Iran Crisis At Beginning, Kim’s Strategic Surprise Around Mid-Month, And Brexit Chaos At End!

Jan 2020

January 2, 2020

As Drugged Markets Hit New Highs, Federal Reserve Openly Functioning As Trump’s Personal Plunge Protection Team To Prepare For November; S&P 500 Companies Now In Official Bubble Territory With Price-Earnings Ratio Exceeding Critical 28 Level; 

On First Business Day Of New Year, Fed Pumps $57 Billion More Into Repo Markets; $500 Billion Of Year-End Liquidity Announced Previously; Daily Cash Injections Occurring Daily Since Mid-September; Forbes Magazine Reports Rumors That Money Is Being Used To Rescue An Insolvent Bank; A “Mid-Sized Japanese Bank” Possibly At Center Of Crisis; Other Reports Suggest That Japanese Banks Suffering Revenue Loss Under Negative Interest Rates (NIRP) Have Turned To Very Risky Interest-Bearing Debt; Australian Stocks Fall On Investor Worries About U.S. Repo Crisis; Unpredictable Shocks Like Brexit, North Korea, and Iran Could Trigger Systemic Crisis; Emails Show Pentagon Knew Ukraine Aid Freeze Ordered By Trump Was Illegal; 

Breaking: Iraq Television Reports Iranian Quds Force Commander Gen. Kassem Suleimani And Militia Leader Slain In Air Strike At Baghdad Airport; Be Careful With Attribution!

Jan 2020

December 31, 2019

Suspicion Rising After Trump And Pompeo Choose To Attack Iranian Forces In Iraq, Opening Door To Backlash By Pro-Iranian Shiite Militias Now Attacking U.S. Embassy; Violation Of Iraqi Sovereignty Leads To Crisis In Relations With Baghdad; If Goal Was To Strike Iranian Assets, Why Not Do So In Syria, Where There Are No Diplomatic Ties To Ruin?; Answer May Lie In Kremlin; Return To JCPOA, End Of Sanctions Urgent; Trump Gang Structurally Incapable Of Real Diplomacy; Troika Of Bibi, MBS, And Boy Wonder Kushner Moving Region Towards War; Removal Of Trump Is Prerequisite For Peace!

As Putin Marks 20th Anniversary Of Moscow Apartment Bombings That Helped Him Seize Power From Yeltsin, He Casts Eyes On Belarus: Takeover Of Minsk By Moscow Could Be Spun As New Country, Bypassing Current Term Limits And Letting Putin Rule Go On; Acquiring Belarus Would Give Russia Border With Poland And Lithuania, With Option To Link Up With Kaliningrad Exclave, Cutting Off Baltic States From Rest Of NATO!

Historical Gaslighting: Putin Denies War Guilt Of 1939 Hitler-Stalin Pact, Advances Absurd Claim That Poland Started World War Two!

Dec 2019

December 30, 2019

Trump Wag The Dog Scenario Launched With Five U.S. Attacks On Hezbollah Subsidiaries In Iraq And Syria, Followed By Jihadi Retaliation; Failure To Consult Baghdad In Advance Needlessly Humiliates Friendly Government; U.S. AFRICOM Strikes Jihadis In Somalia; Corporate Media Silent On Suspicious Provocations Coming During Impeachment Crisis!

An Attempted Thermidor In Struggle To Oust Trump: Washington Post, New York Times, NBC News Posture As New Committee Of Public Safety In Defense Of Truth – But These News Organizations Destroyed Public Trust By Letting Neocons Invade Iraq In Search Of WMD; That Inflicted The Imbecilic Hillary Clinton Email Scandal On Public; Concealed The FBI Probe Of Trump Campaign; And Are Now Falsifying History With 1619 Project; Chuck Todd Confessed To Getting Duped By GOP Mind Benders; Total Ideological Homogeneity Demanded; Are They Helping Or Hurting Trump?

Putin’s Propaganda Closely Linked To Centuries-Old Byzantine Irrationalism; Current Version Owes Much To Cynical Nihilism Of Nineteenth Century; Hesychasm’s Mystical Goal Of The Cloud Of Unknowing Shares Much With Kremlin’s Propaganda

Dec 2019

December 28, 2019 - World Crisis Radio

In The Season Of Charity, Democratic Candidates Must Stress Need To Defeat Republican Assault On Obamacare (ACA); Trump Demanding End To Medicaid Expansion, Ten Essential Medical Benefits, And Ban On Discrimination Against Pre-Existing Conditions; Recent Split Decision By Fifth Circuit Striking Down Individual Mandate Shows Grave Danger; Trump And Barr Want Packed Supreme Court To Follow Crackpot Texas Ruling Ending Entire Law; Partial Insolvency Of Medicare Due Midway Through Twenties; But Dem Debates Are Mired In Unreality Of Ultra-Left Bidding War Over Single Payer; 

Corporate Media Pushing Big Lie Of Trump’s “Booming Economy”; Wall Street Bubble Depends On Stock Buy-Backs Funded By 2017 GOP Tax Scam; Yearend Fed Injection Of $500 Billion In to Repo Market Is Basis Of New Highs; Doctored Unemployment Statistics Hide Labor Force Participation Of Just 63%, Suggesting Real Jobless Above 20%; Any January Wage Hikes Will Come Thanks To Fight For Fifteen By Unions, Not GOP Largesse; The Strange Case Of Medicare-Medicaid Administrator Seema Verma, Pence’s Austerity Enforcer Who Wants Taxpayers To Replace Her Lost Jewels!

Marking The Biblical Slaughter Of The Innocents: The New Herod In The White House And His Atrocities Against Children From Central American To Kurdistan!

Dec 2019

December 26, 2019

Alaska GOP Sen. Murkowski “Disturbed” By Moscow Mitch’s Vision Of Senate As Abject Rubber Stamp For Defense In Trump’s Acquittal; Republican Lockstep Could Break Apart In Face Of Exorbitant Demands From White House; Four GOPers Plus All Democrats Can Compel Testimony From Bolton, Mulvaney, Giuliani, Pompeo, And Others Implicated; Leadership Now Needed From Collins, Romney, Gardner, McSally, Tillis, Alexander; 

In MSN Poll, 54% Want Trump Ousted; Voters Prefer A Democrat To Don By 50% To 42%; Trump Still Reeling From Finding Of 43% Support For His Removal Among Evangelicals; $500 Billion In Cash Infusions To Repo Market Account For Manic Bubble On Wall Street;

U.S. Waits For Madman Kim’s Christmas Provocation; Warships From Iran-Russia-China Mount Joint Drills In Gulf Of Oman; Trump Is Main Catalyst Of This Convergence; Ukraine Wants To Buy Another Round Of Javelin Missiles Despite Trump’s Sabotage

New York Times’ 1619 Project Criticized By Top Civil War Historians For Untenable Contention That American Revolution Was Motivated By Desire To Preserve Slavery Against English Abolitionists; Related Thesis That African-Americans Fought For Freedom Alone Is Refuted By 400,000 Deaths Suffered By Union Army; NYT Editors Reject All Objections!

Dec 2019

December 24, 2019

Christianity Today Continues Polemic With Pro-Regime Evangelicals; After Last Week’s Editorial Call To Remove Trump, Magazine’s President Condemns His “Extravagant” Immorality, Greed, Corruption, Divisiveness, Race-Baiting, And “Cruelty And Hostility To Immigrants And Refugees”; Reports Christian Witness Damaged, With Missionaries Overseas Finding Name Of Christianity Made Toxic By Linkage With Tenant Of Oval;

Republican Extremists And Trump Fanatics Are Radically Wrong: Separation Of Church And State Is Essence of Western Civilization, Mandated By Pope Gelasius I In His Celebrated “Duo Sunt” During 490s AD Conflict With Byzantium; Dante Alighieri’s Struggle (c. 1300-1320 AD) Against The Domination Over The Papacy Of Boniface VIII By The Brutal Power Of King Philip IV (“The Fair”) Of France; U.S. Today Far From Theocracy, But In Grave Danger Of Caesaropapism, The Complete Subordination Of Priests And Ministers As Servants To The Secular Ruler; New Vocabulary Of Politics Under Trump: Apostasy, Idolatry. Heresy, Blasphemy, Simony; 

Roots Of Christmas Customs In Yule And Roman Saturnalia; Christmas As Holiday Classically Devoted To Charity, As Seen In Tradition Of King Wenceslaus Of Bohemia (911-935 AD) And In Dickens’ “Christmas Carol” (1843)

Holiday Wishes To Friends, Supporters And All Persons Of Good Will Worldwide!

Dec 2019

December 23, 2019

Emails Show Mulvaney’s Underling Duffy Of OMB Told Pentagon To Secretly Freeze Aid To Ukraine 90 Minutes After Infamous July 25 Trump-Zelensky Phone Call; Senate Trial Must Hear Sworn Testimony From Both; 71% Of Voters Want Senate Trial With Witnesses, Including 64% Of Republicans; Witnesses Remain Key To Inducing Trump Resignation; Moscow Mitch Is One-Man Insurrection Against Constitution!

Whining Pundits Parrot Trump’s Line That This Does Not Feel Like Real Impeachment; Scaramucci On CNN Sees Trump In Unsuccessful Attempt To Go Over Niagara Falls In Barrel; DoJ Tries To Quash McGahn Subpoena With Argument That Don Has Already Been Impeached, But House Counsel Warns That More Articles And Charges May Be Forthcoming!

Just In Time For Christmas, Trump Gang Set To Intensify Forced Labor And Strip Food Stamps From 700,000, Even As Child Hunger Grows; California Homeless Have Doubled In Past Year;

Breaking: North Korea Set To Launch New ICBM Within Days, Completing Failure Of Trump’s Appeasement And Betrayal Of South Korea And Japan!

Dec 2019

December 21, 2019 - World Crisis Radio

As Congress Leaves Town Until January 7, Pelosi Delays Sending Of Articles Of Impeachment To Senate, Cleverly Playing On Divergences Between Trump And McConnell; Goal Is To Get 4-5 GOP Senators To Vote For Witnesses In Trial Of Trump; Testimony Of Bolton, Giuliani, Pompeo, And Mulvaney Could Trigger Trump’s Resignation; Schumer Optimistic; Vote Count Is Secondary To Inducing Trump To Step Down, Possibly In Plea Deal; Time To Convince Romney, Murkowski, Collins, Alexander, Gardner, Tillis, McSally Of Need For Full Senate Trial!

Oval Office Is Mental Annex Of Kremlin As Don Parrots Putin’s Slogans Against Ukraine; Ouster Of Mulvaney Imminent As Vendetta Proceeds; Christianity Today Demands Removal Of “Immoral” Trump, Marking First Big Split In Pro-Trump Evangelical Lockstep; Democratic Debaters Dodge Lessons Of UK And France; Finis Angliae As Rubber-Stamp Commons Approve BoJo’s Brexit, 358-234; Blonde Beast Still Wants No-Deal;

Best Wishes For Chanukah And Christmas To Friends And Listeners Of World Crisis Radio!

Dec 2019

December 19, 2019

By Impeaching Trump, U.S. Has Demonstrated Moral Prerequisites To Survive As Free Nation; He Must Now Be Removed In Disgrace And Barred From Holding Future Federal Office!

The Scaramucci Scenario As Told To BBC: Peel Off 4-5 GOP Senators And Get Them To Vote With Dems For Trial With A Few Principal Witnesses; Once These Are Under Oath And In The Spotlight, Guilt-Conscious Trump Will Resign In Panic And Board The Helicopter For Parts Unknown; No Need To Win Over 20 Corrupt Republicans;

His Master’s Voice: Impudently Meddling In U.S. Internal Politics, Putin Spouts White House Talking Points That Impeachment Is Fabricated By Democrats Not Happy With 2016 Outcome And Destined To Fail; Scaramucci Greets Russian Dictator As His Successor In Post Of White House Comms Director!

Boeing Stops Production Of 737, Hurting Entire U.S. Economy; These Are The Results Of Trump’s Deregulation Hysteria!; BoJo Still Scheming To Force Catastrophic No Deal Brexit In 2020 If Trade Deal With EU Is Not Forthcoming; Dem Debate Will Show If Candidates Have Learned The Lesson Of Labor Party Catastrophe Under Dogmatic Ultra-Left Corbyn; No Time For Doctrinal Purity When Realism And Skill Are Demanded: The Example Of Lincoln; Time For Warren To Cut Loose From Bernie!

Dec 2019

December 18, 2019

Trump Impeached -- Twice!

In Landmark Victory For U.S. Constitution And Cause Of Freedom Worldwide, House Impeaches Tyrant Trump For Article I Abuse Of Power,230-197, With Van Drew And Peterson Defecting And Tulsi Gabbard Voting Present; Article II Obstruction Of Congress Approved By 229-198, Despite Defections Of Van Drew, Peterson, And Jared Golden, With Tulsi Again Voting Present; Republican Efforts To Recruit Dem Renegades Largely Fail; Hoyer Thanks Former GOPer Amash For Making Impeachment Bipartisan In Substance; GOP Party Of Treason Unmasks, Spouting KGB Propaganda On Floor Of House; GOP Fanatics Compare Trump To Socrates And Christ; 

Ambassador Taylor Ousted By Pompeo In Revenge For His Testimony; U.S. Blocks UN Probe Of North Korean Human Rights Crimes; Russian Bot Network Joined In Giuliani’s Vilification Campaign Against Ambassador Yovanovich; Giuliani’s Pal Parnas Got Money From Ukraine Oligarch; Disoriented News Media Dish Up Pro-Oligarchical Delirium!

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