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May 2020

May 7, 2020

US Officially Enters New Great Depression On Friday As April Jobs Report Is Set To Confirm Over 40 Million Jobless And An Unemployment Rate Over 20%; Time For A Full-Scale Return To New Deal Economics Under Biden: Fight Unemployment With Job Creation Program Modeled On FDR’s Works Progress Administration (WPA) And Public Works Administration (PWA), Paid For By Wall Street Sales Tax And Fed; With Breadlines Getting Longer, Food Stamp Program (SNAP) Needs A 50% Increase And No Concessions To GOP Austerity Ghouls; Defend Obamacare And Open Medicare For All Who Want It, From Cradle To Grave; No Voting Rights Without US Postal Service; Stop Privatizer DeJoy

Barr Drops Charges Against Gen. Flynn And Prigozhin’s Group At St. Petersburg Internet Research Agency Indicted By Mueller; Law And Order In US Now Depends On Judge Emmet Sullivan’s Decision: Trump Regime Issues Public Invitations To Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, And Many Others To Attack November Election In Context Of Planned Coup; Ratcliffe Is Incompetent;

Small Business Must Escalate Political Pressure On Trump To Provide Ample And Timely Aid, And Not Fall Prey To GOP’s Foolhardy “Opening” Demagogy; Examples In Europe Show Pandemic Need Not Be A Death Sentence For Small Business; In UK, Government Is Paying Wages To About Half The Workers In The Country; Claw Back Money Hijacked By Trump For His Wall Street Cronies To Benefit Working People; Create New Reconstruction Finance Corporation To Efficiently Disburse Payments In A Way Bankers Never Can;

Trump Is Only Thing Perpetuating Desperate US Failure Instead Of The Far More Successful Methods Used By South Korea (ROK) With About 3% Of US Deaths

May 2020

May 6, 2020

With Unemployment Rising Towards Great Depression Levels And Many Workers Losing Their Employer-Based Health Insurance Policies, The Time Has Come To Offer The American People Medicare For All Who Want It; Emphatically Not The Bernie Sanders Coercive Confiscatory Version, But Currently Existing Medicare Available On Request From Cradle To Grave For A Nominal Fee, With The Bulk Of The Cost Born By The Federal Reserve;

The Beijing School Of Falsification: Communist Ambassador Cui Publishes A Whitewash Of His Country’s Behavior In The Crisis, Papering Over The Wet Markets Complete With Bats, The Repression Of The Heroic Dr. Lee And His Associates, And The Cynical Cornering Of The World’s Medical Equipment Supply; 

Whistleblower Dr. Bright Of BARDA Alleges Irregular Contract Practices In HHS; Kushner’s Team Of Volunteers Was Told To Cater To GOP Members Of Congress And Pro-Trump Media Personalities, With Meager Results;

GOP Senators Promote The Fiction Of An Effective System Of Workmen’s Compensation To Argue For A “Liability Shield” To Protect Unscrupulous Employers From Paying Damages To Workers Suffering Grievous Harm In Their Unsanitary Sweat Shops, Meat Packing Plants, And Fulfillment Centers; 

University Of California Davis Ousts The Very Suspicious “Confucius Institute,” In Reality An Exercise In Tea And Dumplings Designed To Entice Useful Idiots; Beijing Regime Negates The Confucian Tradition, Which Calls For Promotion Based On Ability, Not Birth, While Beijing Is Run By Princelings; Communists Follow The Legalist Totalitarianism Of Han Fei Tzu

May 2020

May 5, 2020

Beijing’s Communist Geopolitics Is Failing: $200 Billion Of Predatory Imperialist Investments In Oil And Raw Materials Across Africa Under Belt And Debt Trap Are Now Losing Money As Commodity Prices Fall; Pressure From African Governments Is Growing For Debt Moratorium Or De Facto Default To End Primitive Accumulation; African Union Protests Racist Discrimination Against Their Citizens In Guangzhou (Canton, South China);

Ousted BARDA Leader And Biomedical Research Czar Dr. Rick Bright Submits Whistleblower Complaint Alleging Trump Administration Corruption In Vaccine Contracts Due To Political Cronyism and Insider Connections; Hydroxychloroquine Fetish At Issue As Scientific Advice Yields To Trump’s Obsessions; Have Federal Procurement Regulations Been Violated?; In Further Abdication Of Residential Responsibility, Trump Floats Idea Of Dissolving White House Pandemic Team;

Patterns Of Authoritarian States In Adversity: When All Scapegoats Have Been Exhausted, Dictators Blame The People Themselves For The Failures Of The Regime; The Example Of The German Scorched Earth Policy Of 1945; 

Breaking: Trump’s Economic Adviser Hassett Warns That April Jobs Report Due Friday Will Hit Depression Levels With 20%; Hassett Is Best Known For His 1999 Book On Dow 36,000, A Speculators’ Bible Which Appeared On Eve Of Dot Com Crash

May 2020

May 4, 2020

GOP Gripped By Fear Of Losing White House And Senate; Trump Trying To Blame China For Covid While Clinging To His Effort To Appease Xi And Sell Soybeans For The Sake Of Iowa; Trump Resumes Task Force Briefings But Is Still A One-Trick Pony; 

Foreign Policy Heavyweights Call For International Push To Determine Causes And Genesis Of Wuhan Virus; But Chinese Communist Party Has Already Sabotaged And Harassed This Effort; Xi’s Neo-Maoists Assert Total Censorship And Control Over Plague Research; Only A Post-Communist Regime Could Tell The Truth About Wuhan; US Editorial Pages Starting To Discuss Wuhan Institute Of Virology As Possible Incubator Of Contagion; Consensus Grows In Europe On Demanding Truth From Beijing;

Needed: National Consortium Of Rational Governors To Outflank Trump’s Pirates To Procure Medical Supplies And Equipment, And To Join Biden In Headlining A Daily Equal Time Response To White House Court Of Miracles

Correction For Media: US Is Not Richest Country In World By Per Capita GDP, But Has Been Outclassed By A Dozen Nations;

Déjà Vu: After Venetian Marco Polo Popularized The Silk Road Overland Trade Route Between Europe And China Before 1300, One By-Product Was To Facilitate The October 1347 Arrival In Sicily Of The Yersinia Pestis Or Bubonic Plague Coming From The Orient; Medieval Warm Period Was Also Ending With Rapid Cooling That Diminished Crops; 80 Million Victims Since 1949: The Genocidal Record Of The Chinese Communists, Still In Power

May 2020

May 2, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

May Day General Strike vs. Amazon, Fedex, Walmart Marks Rebirth Of US Labor Movement; At Republican Convention, Official GOP Presidential Platform Must Specify How Many Needless Deaths Are Acceptable To Re-Open Economy With Little Testing And Lots Of Slave Labor; Some 30 States Lifting Anti-Plague Measures; Fauci Warns Foolhardy Governors They Are Courting Excessive Risk;

Northern Japanese Island Of Hokkaido Returns To Lockdown After New Upsurge In Confirmed Cases; Merkel Stresses Extremely Narrow Margins Involved In Keeping The R Factor Below 1 To Allow Suppression Of Virus;

More “Very Good People”: Trump Tells Michigan Governor Whitmer To “Make A Deal” With Rifle-Brandishing Extremists Trying To Storm The State Capitol In Lansing; Message Is That A Leading State Should Capitulate To Blackmail By A Few Hundred Armed Gangsters; 

Armed Militias Are Historically The Harbingers Of Fascism: See Mussolini’s March On Rome, October 1922; Hitler’s Beerhall Putsch, November 1923; And The February 1934 Fascist Storming Of The French National Assembly In The Stavisky Affair, Which Set The Stage For Marshal Pétain’s Vichy Regime Of 1940; 

The Story Of Joseph And Potiphar’s Wife, Genesis 39: 1-20, A Favorite Theme Of Renaissance Art By Rembrandt, Tintoretto, And Guido Reni; A Mirror For Modern Candidates;

Trump Said To Mull Measures Against Beijing Communist Regime; US Should Require Full WHO Membership For Taiwan, No More PNTR (Most Favored Nation) Status For Xi, And Back Debtors’ Cartel Among Victims Of Belt And Road Debt Trap; No Real Cooperation Will Be Possible While Despot Xi And Communist Party Retain Totalitarian Power

May 2020

April 30, 2020

Tax Wall Street Party Endorses May Day General Strike And Boycott Protesting Refusal Of Retailers To Provide Adequate Personal Protective Equipment To Workers; Key To Victory Is Rapid Expansion Of Strike Front To Meat Packing, Municipal Workers And To Over 30 Million Unemployed; 

This Is Freedom? -- Trump-GOP Approach To Coercing Meat Packing Workers Back Into Contaminated Plants With No Provision For PPE Personal Protective Gear Is Essence Of Slave Labor; 

Republicans Must Be Forced To State How Many Needless Deaths They Demand As The Price For Ending Anti-Plague Measures; In Late Globalism, Patterns Of Decision Making By Finance Oligarchs Are Pervasive, And Are Making Pandemic Much Worse: Examples From Industry, Academia, And Government; The Dangers Of Having A Court Of Yes-Men;

Trump’s Testing Czar Admiral Giroir Says “There Is Absolutely No Way” The US Will Be Able To Carry Out 5 Million Tests Per Day, To Say Nothing Of 20 Million Tests Per Day – “No Way On Earth, On This Planet Or Any Other Planet,” And Trump Backtracks To Agree; In 1941, Giroir Would Have Been Fired By Franklin D. Roosevelt For Defeatism;

Trump Seeking To Promote Flynn To Martyr Status And Divert Attention To His Plight, Even As Corpses Are Stacked Behind Hospitals; Intervention Of Extreme Right Wing Armed Militia Into Political Controversy Is The Hallmark Of Fascism, From Squadristi And Storm Troopers To Today;

TWSP Sends Greetings To Working People And Labor Organizers Everywhere On May 1, International Labor Day (It Started In Chicago)

Apr 2020

April 29, 2020

Trump GOP Scrapes Bottom Of Barrel In Deadly Push To Force Americans Out Of The Safety Of Their Homes And Into The Path Of Covid; Four Fatcat Republican Moneybags Make Policy For Feckless Trump; Kushner Congratulates Himself For “Great Success” As Death Toll Passes 60,000;

Elmhurst Hospital Looks Nothing Like The Flu, And “Herd Immunity” Is A Chimera; Covid Death Rate Is Far Higher Than Pro-Trump Forces Admit; Real Death Tolls Are Low-Balled By Official Statistics, As Shown By New Studies On From US, EU, And UK; Many Nations Show Shocking Level Of Excess, Surplus, Extra Deaths Due In Large Part To Coronavirus; The Lesson: Stay Home! 

Breaking: May 1 General Strike Set By Workers From Walmart, Whole Foods, Amazon, Fedex, Instacart, Target, And Shipt; Key Demand Is Basic Protective Gear For Frontline Workers, Consumers Invited To Boycott These Firms; Strike Front Includes Union And Non-Union , Part-Time, Precarious, And Unemployed Workers; Number One Rule Of Mass Strike Is To Spread The Agitation; Ally With The Meatpackers!

Apr 2020

April 28, 2020

Trump Shows American People Their Own Future With Executive Order To Open Meat Packing Plants With No Testing And No Provision For The Lives And Health Of The Largely Undocumented Workers; The Issue Of Chinese Communist Ownership; This Is What Most Republican Governors Want To Do With Their States; Well Aware That Needless Deaths Will Result, Moscow Mitch Pushes To Suspend Liability For Owners;

Worldwide Tendency Is For Official Statistics To Lowball Covid Death Tolls To Preserve The Image Of Politicians: British Press Finds Real UK Death Toll Is Double The Officially Stated Figure; In Italy, Most Deaths Outside Of Hospitals Have Not Been Included In Official Statistics; New Study Suggests That US Death Toll During March Was Much Larger Than Reported: Deaths Exceeded The Expected Level By 15,400, With 53% Attributable To Covid; Mortality In New York City Was 6,300 Over Norm, With 40% Due To Covid; Reliance On Figures From Beijing Kept Predictions Unrealistically Low;

Pandemic Death Toll Now Greater Than 12-Year Vietnam Losses: LBJ Chose Not To Run For Second Term Based On These Losses; What Will Trump Do, And How Will Voters Respond?

The Answer To The Reactionary Refrain Of Quarantine The Sick, Not The Healthy Comes From The Venetians, Who Invented The Concept Of The Quarantine: You Can’t Tell Which Among The Incoming Sailors Is Sick And Which Is Healthy, So Quarantine All Of Them In Isolation For Up To Forty Days; Only Modern Testing At The Rate Of Ten Million Per Day Offers An Alternative

Apr 2020

April 27, 2020

GOP Gripped By Fear Of Losing White House And Senate; Trump Trying To Blame China For Covid While Clinging To His Effort To Appease Xi And Sell Soybeans For The Sake Of Iowa; Trump Resumes Task Force Briefings But Is Still A One-Trick Pony; 

Foreign Policy Heavyweights Call For International Push To Determine Causes And Genesis Of Wuhan Virus; But Chinese Communist Party Has Already Sabotaged And Harassed This Effort; Xi’s Neo-Maoists Assert Total Censorship And Control Over Plague Research; Only A Post-Communist Regime Could Tell The Truth About Wuhan; US Editorial Pages Starting To Discuss Wuhan Institute Of Virology As Possible Incubator Of Contagion; Consensus Grows In Europe On Demanding Truth From Beijing;

Needed: National Consortium Of Rational Governors To Outflank Trump’s Pirates To Procure Medical Supplies And Equipment, And To Join Biden In Headlining A Daily Equal Time Response To White House Court Of Miracles

Correction For Media: US Is Not Richest Country In World By Per Capita GDP, But Has Been Outclassed By A Dozen Nations;

Déjà Vu: After Venetian Marco Polo Popularized The Silk Road Overland Trade Route Between Europe And China Before 1300, One By-Product Was To Facilitate The October 1347 Arrival In Sicily Of The Yersinia Pestis Or Bubonic Plague Coming From The Orient; Medieval Warm Period Was Also Ending With Rapid Cooling That Diminished Crops; 80 Million Victims Since 1949: The Genocidal Record Of The Chinese Communists, Still In Power

Apr 2020

April 25, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Biden Warns Of Bid By Trump To Call Off November Election, A Highly Plausible Scenario As GOP Despairs Of Winning Vote, Making Coup Variants More Attractive; MAGA Attack On US Postal Service Is Desperately Unpopular; Trump’s Claim Of Prosperity In Bubble Economy Is Exposed As The Real Hoax; His Personal Television Demagogy Is Boomeranging Every Day As Voters Turn Away In Disgust; Trump Behind In Michigan, Pennsylvania, And Florida; For Those Who Value Civilization, Six Months To Guarantee Peaceful Transfer Of Power, With A Vanishing Chance For XXV Amendment; 

US Coronavirus Fatalities Approach 55,000; Outbreak About To Surpass In Two Months The Death Toll Of 12 Years In Vietnam; Jobless In Nation Over 27,000 As New Economic Depression Lashes Globe: The Tragic Wages Of Fascist Populism;

Revulsion Sweeps Across World After Trump’s Outburst About Inserting Disinfectants And UV Light Sources Into Human Subjects; US Government Agencies And Many States Forced To Issue Warnings Not To Believe Deranged Tenant Of Oval; New York City Poison Control Center Reports Untick In Ingestion Of Household Chemicals; Misfit Don An Albatross For US In World;

The Republican Party As Case Study In The Flight Forward Of A Death Cult; Last Chance To Dump Trump Or Go Way Of Federalists, Whigs, And Knownothings!

Apr 2020

April 23, 2020

US Unemployment Grows By 27 Million With Depression At Hand, But Moscow Mitch Wants To Force Economically Dynamic Blue States Into Bankruptcy To Please Parasitical GOP Merchants Of Death; Warming To His Role As Snake Oil Salesman And Quack, Trump Raves About Internal Use Of UV Light And Injections Of Disinfectant; Demand That CDC Head Dr. Redfield Recant His Forecast Of Second Covid Wave Recalls Roman Inquisition’s 1633 Targeting Of Galileo;

Trump Wanted To Applaud Georgia’s Barbaric Rollback Of Anti-Plague Restrictions, But Ended Up Condemning The Changes After An Ultimatum From Fauci; Science Advisers Are Trusted By Public Far More Than Trump; Georgia Risks Being Engulfed By Anti-Science “Tobacco Road” Ethos;

Sidelining Of Vaccine Expert Dr. Rick Bright Is Likely To Delay Creation Of US Vaccine, Helping China’s Bid To Displace US In Race For Prevention;

More On Pro-Trump Reactionary-Plutocratic Networks That Are Deploying Waves Of Dupes To Demand An End To Stay At Home Measures;

Breaking: YouGov Poll Finds 78% Of Americans Support State Efforts To Fight Covid; 86% Say They Are Trying To Stay At Home As Much As Possible

Apr 2020

April 22, 2020

GOP Governors Court New Wave Of Virus Infections In Classic Flight Forward To Propitiate Trump And Terminate Necessary Stay At Home Orders; Wave Of Small-Scale Astroturf Protests Is Product Of GOP Tea Party Networks With Financing From Republican Dark Pools, Plus Fanatical Elmer Gantries; Flurry Of Polls Shows Steady Decline In Support For Trump And His Wretched Pandemic Performance; Cuomo Notes That No Outcome Is Worse Than Death, But Reactionaries Care Nothing About Deaths Of Others; If Yearning To Work, They Should Find Jobs At A Hospital Or Delivery Service;

Breaking: In Attempted Purge Of Competent Scientists To Make Way For Pro-GOP Charlatans And Quacks, Trump Fires Dr. Rick Bright As CDC Director Of The Biomedical Advanced Research And Development Authority (BARDA) And HHS Deputy Assistant Secretary For Preparedness And Response; Top Vaccine Developer Had Demanded Rigorous Clinical Trials Before Government Use Of Trump’s Hobby Horse Hydroxychloroquine; Bright Welcomed By NIH, Will Submit Whistleblower Complaint On Incident; His Motto: “Science, Not Politics Or Cronyism”

At White House Briefing, Trump Tries To Force CDC Director Redfield To Recant Warning That Next Winter’s Likely Combination Of Seasonal Flu And Covid Could Be More Dangerous Than Current Ordeal; Fauci States Second Wave Will Occur; Events Come After NIH Panel Set Up By Fauci’s Office Pronounced Trump’s Favorite Snake Oil Cure For Covid Useless And Possibly Dangerous

Apr 2020

April 21, 2020

A New Epicenter Of Coronavirus May Be Emerging In Northern China Along Russian Border, Fueled By Sick Chinese Nationals Returning From Siberia; Russian Case Count Is Highly Unreliable, But Reportedly Increased By 5,642 Last Night; 

Cuomo Meets With Trump, But Apparently Fails To Extract Any Concrete Commitments To Provide Funding For Testing And Cash-Strapped States; 

On Voice Vote, Senate Passes $484 Billion Emergency Aid Bill With $310 For “Paycheck Protection Program,” Including $60 Billion For Community Banks, $75 Billion For Hospitals, $25 Billion For Testing, And $60 For Disaster Relief; House Must Immediately Add Money For State And Local Governments And Cash Grant Of $20 Billion For The Imperiled US Postal Service; 

Robert Samuelson Please Take Note: Needed Demand Stimulus Must Be Provided By Federal Reserve Credit Creation For Job Creation, With $5 Trillion For Public Works And $2 Trillion To Solve Student Debt Crisis, With 0% Interest Over 50-100 Year Maturities; Model Is 1931 Work Of Woytinsky And Lautenbach;

Panel Convoked By National Institutes Of Health Recommends That Doctors Not Prescribe Trump’s Much-Touted Hydroxychloroquine As Covid Therapy; 

Germany’s Largest Tabloid, The Bild Zeitung, Sends Beijing Communists A Bill For $160 Billion, Representing The Costs Inflicted By Xi’s Negligence And Coverup; Beijing Propaganda Sheet Global Times Mocks US As “Primitive Society” Where “American Democracy Is Dying”; China Has Been The World’s Worst Incubator Of Deadly Plagues For Decades, But PRC Scribblers Claim That US Is “No Match For China” In Fighting Outbreak;

Breaking: 19 People Test Positive For Covid Infection Likely Acquired During The Wisconsin Primary, Made Unavoidable By Reactionary Quintet At Supreme Court

Apr 2020

April 20, 2020

In Worst Day Ever For Petroleum Markets, May Oil Futures Plunge Deep Into Negative Territory As Covid Shrinks World Demand; Dow Dives 592; Eager To Make US Motorists, Commuters, And Farmers Pay To Prop Putin And MBS, Trump Orders 75 Million Bbl For US Strategic Reserve; 

Trump’s Dress Rehearsal Of Hooligan Shock Troops For November Yields Meager Results; Anti-Distancing Demonstrations Crippled By Pitifully Low Turnout Despite Active Support From White House And State GOP Apparatus; Only Complicity Of Cable Networks Has Camouflaged A Failed Attempt By Republicans; 

Broad-Based Pew Poll Finds That 65% Of Adults Think Trump’s Covid Response Was Too Slow; Just 39% Trust Trump During Pandemic, While 52% Can See He Is Lying;

In NBC-WSJ Poll, 58% Fear Overhasty Abolition Of Stay At Home Measures, While Minority Of 32% Fear Shutdowns Will Last Too Long; Just 44% Approve Of Trump’s Handling Outbreak, With No Rally Round Effect To Be Found; In Fundamental Shift, 73% Are Now Afraid Family Members Will Be Stricken, As Compared With 53% In March; Don Losing Battle Of Public Opinion;

Serious Proposals For Daily Testing Range From Harvard Estimate Of 5 Million To TWSP’s Starting Point Of 10 Million (Testing All Americans Once A Month) To NYU Professor’s Guess Of 35 Million Per Day (Testing Entire US Every 2 Weeks);

Breaking: Pandemic Author Laurie Garrett Reports Signs Of Second Wuhan Epidemic Emerging In Northern China Along Russian Border; Is Xi Covering This One Up Too?

Apr 2020

April 18, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Trump Incites Rebellion Against Rational Governors Observing His Own Guidelines For Re-Opening Business; Anarch of Oval Would Sacrifice American Lives To Cover Eroding Support And His Own Failure To Invoke Defense Production Act And Manufacture Massive Quantity Of Ventilators, Tests, And PPE; Media Deeply Complicit In Making Small Pro-Trump Gaggles Much Larger Than Reality; GOP Lunatic Fringe Is Drunk On Trump’s Poisonous Brew;

Is Trump Giving Up On Winning by Majority Vote In Free Election In November, Opting Instead For Coup Strategy Of Chaos, Vote Fraud, And Voter Suppression Backed Up By Armed Gangs?; Early Polls Show Some Key States Out Of Reach For Orange Demagogue; Worldwide Dictatorial Trend Seen In Hungary, Russia, Philippines, Brazil; Historical Boundary Between Reactionaries And Fascists Is Latter’s Reliance On Extralegal Violence;

Breaking: Noam Chomsky Says Overriding Issue In November Is “Malignancy” In White House; Urges Unified Opposition Against “Devastating Catastrophe,” Telling “Never Biden” Camp To Study How KPD’s “Social Fascism” Line Helped Nazis To Power In Early 1930s; Argues That Voters Concerned About Fate Of Civilized Life On Earth Should Vote For Biden Without Hesitating “For A Second”; Not Voting In A Swing State Is The Same As Voting For Trump; Rejects Alt-Left Strategy Of Neutrality 

Apr 2020

April 16, 2020

Prerequisite For Opening Anything Is Availability Of One Billion Coronavirus Tests, Enough For Two Rounds Of Diagnostic Testing Followed By Antibody Testing For Every American, As Suggested By Lt. Gen. Russell Honoré; One Billion Sets Of PPE Per Month Will Also Be Needed;

Today’s Economic-Financial Crisis Started With Collapse Of Repo Market In Mid-September, Long Before Wuhan Crisis; Some Wall Street Zombie Banks Are Now Choked With Over $50 Trillion Each In Toxic Derivatives, And Fed Is Busily Buying Poisonous CDOs And CDS For Its Balance Sheet; Derivatives Were Outlawed In US From 1936 Until Reagan Years; If Derivatives Cancer Is Not Excised, It Will Absorb Bailout Money And Cripple Recovery; Only Alternative Is To Re-Outlaw Most Derivatives, And Levy A Wall Street Sales Tax On The Rest; 

Trump’s Threat To Send Congress Home Indefinitely Resembles Orban’s Infamous “Dance Of The Peacock,” A Gaslighting Strategy For Dictatorial Power; #MoscowMitch Cool To Tactic; Trump’s Re-Opening Guidelines Have No Dates, And Leave Decisions To Governors; Trump Looks Weak In Wisconsin, Virginia, Arizona, And North Carolina; GOP Control Of Senate In Danger!; Trump Losing Support As Seven Midwest Governors Rebel, While Business Community Does Not Accept His May 1 Deadline;

Breaking: On MSNBC, Democratic Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries Lists Additional Funding For Small Business And States Among Dem Addenda To GOP’s Pending $250 Rescue Bill, But Fails To Mention Emergency Aid For United States Postal Service

Apr 2020

April 15, 2020

Banking And Big Business Community Losing Confidence In Increasingly Unstable Trump: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, And Bank Of America Push Back Against Trump’s Obsessive Push To End Protective Measures By May 1; Emerging Consensus Is That Business Revival Can Only Come After Pervasive Diagnostic And Antibody Testing Restores Public’s Confidence It Is Safe To Go Out; Los Angeles And New York Mayors See No Sporting Events Until 2021; 

Worse Than A Crime, An Error: Trump’s Stupid Attack On WHO Funding At Height Of Pandemic Lets Chinese Communists Pose As Model Of Responsible Statecraft; US Chamber Of Commerce Calls For A Reformed And Functioning WHO, Not Wrecking Job Sought By Trump; Obvious Solution Is To Increase Money For WHO While Preparing Ouster Of Beijing’s Widely Discredited Puppet Tedros; Tedros Elected With Votes Of Debt Slaves Of Xi’s Infamous Belt And Road Imperialism; Tedros’ Abortive 2017 Debut In Job Included Tapping Beijing Puppet And Dictator Mugabe Of Zimbabwe To Be UN “Health Ambassador”; 

Possibly Eyeing Hungarian Dictator Orban, Trump Threatens To Force Congress Into Adjournment And Then Issue Slew Of Recess Appointments Of His Stooges To Departments And Federal Judiciary; NYT Editorial Demands Immediate Rescue Of US Postal Service With Its 620,000 Jobs, The Biggest American Company;

Breaking: State Department Suspects China Of Having Detonated Illegal Underground Blasts In Violation Of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

Apr 2020

April 14, 2020

In Alarming Episode, Trump Asserts “Absolute” And “Total” Power To Dictate The Internal Affairs Of States; Cuomo Pledges To Block Reckless Re-Opening, Noting That States Had To Issue Stay Home Orders On Their Own; Tenth Amendment Is Stumbling Block For Trump; Regime Utterly Wasted Month Of February; Massachusetts Joins Northeast Bloc;

Biden Is Clear And Viable Alternative To Dictatorship; Democrats Win Seat On Wisconsin Supreme Court And Oust Two Other Judges Installed By Scott Walker, Suggesting Key Swing State Is Out Of Reach For Trump; Biden Leads Trump By 9% In Arizona, By 10% In Virginia, And By 13% In Connecticut; Regime-Friendly Rasmussen Reports Don’s Job Approval Down To 44%, Erasing Any Rally Round Effect; Obama Adds His Endorsement; 

Notion That Trump Is Too Lazy To Be An Authoritarian Is Dangerously Misleading; Work Of Late German Historian Hans Mommsen Suggests That Obsession With Prestige And Image, Passivity, Fear Of Decisions And Responsibility, And Manipulation By Entourage Were Features Of National Socialist Leadership;

Breaking: New York Deaths Now Over 10,000 In Updated Count; 3,800 Fatalities In US Nursing Homes Regulated By Seema Verma

Apr 2020

April 13, 2020

Bernie Sanders Endorses Biden For President; Former Rivals Pledge All-Out Common Effort To Defeat Trump; Bernie Urges His Supporters To Join Him In Fighting To Oust Most Dangerous President In American History; Democratic Platform Will Include Partial Cancellation Of Student Debt; 

Trump Retweets #FireFauci, Wants Noted Epidemiologist To Recant Obvious Truth That Earlier Mitigation Would Have Substantially Reduced Death Toll; Democrats Line Up To Defend Fauci And Birx; 

NY Gov. Cuomo Rejects Trump’s Claim Of “Total” Power To Force Lifting Of State Stay At Home Orders; Demands That Federal Government Use Full Potential Of Defense Production Act To Produce Tests In Quantity Sufficient For Safe Recovery;

Reacting To Chaos And Vacuum Of Leadership In White House, Blocs Of Rational States Emerge In Opposition; Northeast Bloc Convened By Cuomo Announces Plan To Coordinate Careful And Gradual Return To Normalcy; New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, And Delaware; Newsom Promotes Western States’ Pact Of Washington, Oregon, And California; Hard-Hit France Will Hang Tough With Mitigation For Another Month; 

Breaking: Boston Mayor Martin Walsh Condemns Trump’s Mad Rush To Re-Open On May 1 As “Completely Irresponsible”; As Last Week’s Wisconsin Returns Arrive, Democrat Karofsky Is Apparent Winner Over Reactionary GOPer Kelly

Apr 2020

April 11, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Bill Maher Launches Powerful Polemic Against Absurd PC Taboo On Naming Wuhan Wet Markets And Chinese Communist Party (CCP) As Responsible For Pandemic; Diseases Are Named According To Their Geographic Origins, But Not This Time?; Alliance Of Beijing With PC Police In West Pushes Orwellian Campaign By Xi & Co. To Suppress Obvious Truth; Maher Quips: “Viruses Come From South China Like Shortstops Come From Dominican Republic”; No Racism: Republic Of China On Taiwan, Hong Kong And Singapore Are Examples Of Effective Response; No Coincidence That Trump’s First Post-Sanders Ad Targets Biden As Soft On Beijing, Showing Dems Need Strong Position On China Issue To Defeat Don; Fauci Demands Closure Of Communist Chinese Wet Markets As Incubators Of Pandemics Over Recent Decades;

US Pandemic Death Toll Exceeds 20,000 And Is Now World’s Highest, Surpassing Italy; Trump Still Hijacking White House Gaslighting Briefings To Demand Adulation For His Malfeasance; With Biden Now The Democratic Presidential Nominee, Networks Must Provide Equal Time For Biden; Backlash Against Deadly Rush To Re-Open Is Emerging Across Society; General Strike In Form Of Anti-Trump Home Sit-In Looms;

Easter In The Shadow Of Dictatorship As Trump Blocks Emergency Support For US Postal Service In Bid To Prevent Mail-In Ballots;

The Medieval Latin Hymn Stabat Mater From Palestrina To Hayden To Poulenc As Case Study In History Of Classical Music;

Happy Easter To Listeners And Friends Of This Broadcast!

Apr 2020

April 9, 2020

Under Trump’s Misrule, US Is Racking Up World’s Worst Record Of Fighting Back Against Wuhan Coronavirus; Still Far Too Few Tests, But White House Is Already Plotting Premature Abolition Of Distancing And Mitigation; Cuomo Calls In Out Of State Funeral Directors As New York Deaths Hit 799; Moscow Mitch Blocks Aid Money For Hospitals And State/Local Governments; New Reconstruction Finance Corp. Needed To Disburse Rescue Money; Still No Serious Democratic Push For Postal Service Assistance, WPA/PWA Job Creation, Nor For Trillions 0% Long-Term Fed Credit To Finance Public Works Recovery;

In Testament To Power Of Bondholder Lobby, Federal Reserve Starts Buying Up High-Risk Junk Bonds (aka High-Yield Bonds) And Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Based On Junk Bonds – Anyone Buying These High-Interest Toxic “Assets” Knew What They Were Getting, Making Public Bailout Odious, Especially When Main Street Taxpayers And Small Businesses Have Received So Little;

On April 9, Recalling The Great Victory At Appomattox Court House; Pope Francis Marks Maundy Thursday By Respecting Italian Lockdown, With No Appearance At St. John Lateran

Apr 2020

April 8, 2020

Biden Will Now Be Democratic Party Nominee For 2020, Opening Clear Seven-Month Perspective For All Persons Of Good Will To Bring About Historically Necessary Crushing Defeat Of Trump On November 3; Trump Must Be Ousted In Ways Conducive To Final Extinction Of Republican Party As National Force, With Democrats Left In Control Of White House And Both Houses Of Congress; GOP Contempt For Life And Health Of American People Shows Lack Of Moral Justification To Exercise Power;

Sanders Drops Out Of Contention After Tragic Wisconsin Primary; Biden Pays Tribute To Rival; Some Of Sanders’ Issues Should Be Embraced By Biden Campaign, But Not Confiscation Of 150 Million Health Insurance Policies And Not Short-Term Banning Of Oil, Natural Gas, And Nuclear Energy; 

Trump Striving To Coerce Americans To Return To Work Based On His Own Dubious White House Figures; Don Has No Power Under Constitution To Override State Mitigation Measures; Americans Are Preparing To Defy His Sabotage In Service To Wall Street; General Strike Looms In Form Of Sit-Down Strike For Right To Live; Lessons For Fighting The Pandemic From The Italian Village Of Vò In The Veneto;

Dictatorship Watch: Republican War On Mail-In Ballots Shows Clear Totalitarian Resolve!

Apr 2020

April 7, 2020

In Case Involving Wisconsin Primary, Reactionary 5-4 Majority Of US Supreme Court Signals Intent To Promote Chaos And Voter Suppression; 

History Of Plagues Suggests Collective Insanity And Mass Irrationalism Can Thrive In Context Of Pervasive Fear

Apr 2020

April 6, 2020

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Taken To ICU At London Hospital Last Night In Deteriorating Condition; Some Reports Indicate He Then Required A Respirator About 10-11 Days After Onset Of Coronavirus; Press Must Ask Trump Whether BoJo’s Therapy Includes Hydroxychloroquine Placebo Of The Type Demanded Don Demands For His Followers; BoJo’s Guru And Top Brexit Ideologue Dominic Cummings Isolating With Virus Symptoms;

BoJo Had Mocked Mitigation Measures And Flirted With A Trump-Like “Herd Immunity” Strategy Entailing Extravagant Human Losses; His Brexit Plan Included Breakup Of UK’s National Health Service, Which Is Now Caring For Him; BoJo’s Case Could Serve As Reality Shock For US-UK Ruling Class; Cuomo Reports New York’s Curve Of Virus Deaths May Be Flattening;

White House Ideologue Navarro Reportedly Clashed With Fauci While Advocating Hydroxychloroquine Treatment; Refuting Trump’s Assertion He Took Early Action To Keep Spreaders Of Wuhan Virus Out Of US, NYT Reports That 430,000 Chinese Flew Into US After Virus Was Revealed On New Year’s Eve, Including 40,000 On 279 Flights After Don’s Much-Touted Feb. 2 Partial Travel Ban;

Wisconsin Democratic Primary To Be Held Tuesday; Poll Shows Biden Ahead By 28%; Reports Suggest Sanders Camp Is Split Over What To Do Next, With Some Wisely Arguing That A Bernie Loss By 15% Or More Should End Race

Apr 2020

April 4, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Irrationality Returns: On Saturday, Trump Reverts To Deadly Mantra That “Cure Cannot Be Worse Than The Sickness,” Raves About Getting Country Open Again “Soon”; Fauci Cautions That Stay At Home Orders And Social Separation Are Indispensable;

At Thursday Briefing, Boy Wonder Kushner Touts His “Air Bridge” From China, A Consortium Of Health Care Middlemen With Nationalized Costs And Privatized Profits; Kushner Talks Of “Our” Federal Stockpile Separate From Needs Of States And People; Adm. Polowczyk Endorses “Normal” Procedures, Won’t Disrupt Existing (Dysfunctional) Supply Chain; Sack Polowczyk, Not The Brave Commander Of The Theodore Roosevelt

US Must Nationalize Supply Chain For Medical Supplies And Devices; Wider Routine Use Of Defense Production Act Is Long Overdue; State Department Must Be Lead Agency For Coronavirus White Paper To Show Origins Of Contagion; Roberts Commission On Pearl Harbor Debacle Was Set Up By FDR On December 18 1941 In The Midst Of World War; GOP Opposition To Pelosi Commission Shows Consciousness Of Pandemic Guilt;

It’s Not AEGRESCIT MEDENDO But CONVALESCIT MEDENDO – Not Treatment Harms Patients, But Treatment Makes Them Stronger; 

Breaking: Hero Of Post-Katrina New Orleans Lt. Gen. Russell Honoré Advises Putting Pandemic Logistics Under Control Of Pentagon’s Defense Logistics Agency With Military Supply Officers In Every Hospital; Finds That Kushner’s Reliance On For-Profit Middlemen Is Unheard Of; Judges That Kushner Is “Clueless,” “Doesn’t Know What He Is Talking About”; Time To Kick Out Trump’s Hacks And Appoint The Tested And Experienced Honoré As Pandemic Czar With Order To Create A National Strategic Battle Plan!

Apr 2020

April 2, 2020

World Coronavirus Cases Exceed One Million, With Over 50,000 Dead; US Cases Surge To 213,000, With Total Deaths Over 4,500; FEMA Orders 100,000 Body Bags As Pandemic Worsens; Cuomo Warns That New York State Is Six Days Away From Running Out Of Ventilators, Forcing Brutal Triage In Hospital Wards; 6.6 Million New Jobless Claims Today, Making 10 Million In Two Weeks; Jobless Rate Of About 10% Expected, On Way To 1930s Depression Levels; Dragged Kicking And Screaming Towards Reality, Feckless Trump Finally Returns To Defense Production Act; Today’s Memo Directs Needed Resources To Seven Ventilator Manufacturers Including General Electric, Medtronic, And Philips; 

Trump Refuses To Re-Open ACA Website To Allow Emergency Enrollment In Obamacare And Medicaid, But Try Anyway; 3.4 Million Travelers Entered US In December-January-February, Including 759,493 From China; US Exported Almost $60 Million Worth Of Ventilators, Masks, And Gowns;

Pelosi Announces Bipartisan Select Committee To Oversee Coronavirus Disaster Relief; Rumors Fly That Unscrupulous Small Businesses Are Planning To Collect Federal Loans, Default On Loans, And Make Off With The Cash; US Must Issue White Paper On Origins Of Pandemic In Central China;

Online Account Of Wuhan Coronavirus Makes Trump Into The Victim And His Re-Election The Target; Irrational Myth Blinds Don’s Dupes To The Growing Danger Of An Orban-Style Coup Against November Elections


Apr 2020

April 1, 2020

Dramatic Crisis As Hospitals Across Nation Approach Breakdown And Hecatomb Of Needless Deaths For Lack Of Ventilators, Tests, And Elementary Medical Supplies; Worse Than Third World Conditions Caused By Trump’s Stubborn Failure To Implement Full Panoply Of Defense Production Act; Maryland Governor Hogan Notes State Governments Are “Flying Blind” Because Of Trump’s Incompetence On Testing; Cuomo Marshals Resources For Coming “Battle At The Mountain Top”;

Official Forecasts Of Deaths Ranging From 100,000 To 2.2 Million Force Trump To Adjust Demagogy, But He Still Refuses To Order Emergency Open Season For Enrollment In Medicaid And Obamacare, And Won’t Oppose Lawsuit To Strike Down Entire Affordable Care Act; Florida And North Carolina Finally Issue Stay At Home Orders, Putting Abbott Of Texas On Plague Spreader Hotseat;

War Of All Against All Among States Seeking Ventilators As Trump Shirks Need For Logistical Coordination; US Deaths Near 5,000, With 210,000 Cases;

Crisis Marks Death Knell For Utopian Ideology Of Globalization; Dependence On Tyrant Xi For Medicine And Equipment Shocks Millions Back Into Reality That Great Power Rivalry Mandates A Full-Set Economy!

Apr 2020

March 31, 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic Deaths Now Exceed Death Toll Of September 11, 2001; Peak Hospitalizations Expected In Some Cities During April;

United States Postal Service Once Again Threatened With Destruction By Republican Greed And Rapacity; Rep. Maloney Warns That System Could Collapse For Lack Of Money As Early As June; End Of Mail Would Be Death Sentence For Economy Of Rural America; GOP Wants To Break Up And Asset Strip System, Making Off With Billions In Pre-Paid Health And Retirement Benefits; The Cause Of The Crisis Is Speaker Hastert’s Deliberate Sabotage; Federal Reserve Announces Repo Lending Facility For Foreign Central Banks;

Trump Admits That GOP Cannot Survive If Voting Rights Are Respected; Silver Lining Is That Republican Party Will Indeed Be Top Casualty For Mismanaging Pandemic; 

Biden And Democratic Party Must Demand That Television Networks Grant Equal Time With White House Five O’Clock Follies And Use That Time To Refute Trump’s Lies With A Factual And Lively Political Report Supplemented By Experts, Young Celebrities, 

US White Book On PRC Coverup Of Coronavirus More Urgent Than Ever To Refute Beijing’s Big Lie Propaganda Blaming US Army; China’s Post-SARS Early Warning System For Pandemics Failed Due To Political Corruption;

Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, And Turkey Say Equipment Delivered With Much Fanfare By China Is Defective And Unusable; Beijing State Media Lashes Out Against Unappreciative Recipients; Russian Deliveries To Italy Also Substandard; Trump Brags About Sending Aid To Italy, But What Has He Delivered?

Mar 2020

March 30, 2020

Trump Regime Now Regards 100,000 To 200,000 US Coronavirus Deaths As Best Case Scenario, Initially Comparable To US Total Of 117,000 Deaths In World War One, and Far Exceeding 37,000 Deaths In Korea And 58,000 In Vietnam; Other Estimates Of Total Fatalities Due To Trump’s Malevolence And Unfitness For Office; 

Hungary Shows The US Its Future As Premier Orban Rams Enabling Law Through Parliament; Measure Gives Orban Full Dictatorial Powers With Open-Ended State Of Emergency; Orban Can Dissolve Parliament And Rule By Decree; No Elections Will Take Place; Five Year Prison Sentences For Spreading Fake News And Rumors; Penalty For Exiting Quarantine Is Up To Eight Years In Jail; Law Recalls The German Ermächtigunggesetz Which Established Hitler As Dictator In March 1933; Trump Is Watching Closely;

Trump Orchestrates Afternoon Brainwash Session To Camouflage US Deaths Of 500 In A Single Day And Total Domestic Death Toll Just Short Of 3,000; Serious Questions Were Questions By My Pillow Guy, Who Hailed Don For Restoring God To US Public Life;

Virginia Governor Northam Orders Commonwealth To Stay At Home Until June 10; Maryland Governor Hogan Orders Stay At Home Until End Of April

Mar 2020

March 28, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

House Approves $2.2 Trillion Disaster Relief Bill; Trump Signs It, But Immediately Moves To Frustrate Oversight; Is He Planning To Declare His Campaign A Needy Small Business?; 3.3 Million New Jobless Last Week!

Untold Trillions Of Bailout Money From Fed And Treasury Procure Only A Three-Day Liquidity Rally To Tempt The Suckers Back In; Crash Resumes With 915 Point Dive (4%); Moscow Mitch And Gang Fugitives Until Late April;

Tyrant Xi Continues To Lure Poor Countries With Big Lies And Tiny Aid Packages Which Are Taken Seriously Only Because US Under Don Is AWOL; One Million Ventilators Are Urgent, But Incompetent Defense Production Czar Navarro, Signals White House Indifference To Pleas For Ventilators From NATO Allies Italy, Spain, And UK Even As Trump Pays Lip Service To Solidarity; 

Trump Vacillates On Easter Immolation Of American People On Altar Of Wall Street Starting Next Week; At Same Time, He Eyes Total Quarantine Of New York City Tri-State Area; Cuomo Rejects It, And Don Has No Legal Authority To Tamper With Police Powers Of States; 

Best Estimates: Fewer Than 100K Deaths If Tough Measures Are Applied; 1 Million Deaths From Business As Usual;

US Must: Produce Comprehensive White Paper On The Origins Of Wuhan Coronavirus To Expose The Infamy Of The Chinese Communist Party; Nationalize The Supply Chain For Medical Supplies And Pharmaceuticals And Declare Manhattan Project To Beat Out Beijing In Quest For Vaccine;

Lessons From Trotsky In September 1930 For Bernie Sanders: The United Front!

Mar 2020

March 26, 2020

US Is Now World Leader In Coronavirus Infections; Nationwide Lock-Down Urgently Required, Not Trump’s Wrecking;

US Reports Record 3.28 Million New Claims For Unemployment Benefits; Figure Underestimates Real Total Because Many State Jobless Reporting Sites Crashed And Many Calls Were Never Answered; Self-Employed And Gig Workers Not Included; 

Fauci Predicts Pandemic Will Recur In The Fall, Underlining Need For The Long View Now; Overhasty Return To Work Would Lead To Social Chaos And Economic Depression;

NYT Study Estimates Lifting Stay Home Order On Trump’s 15-Day Timetable On March 30 As Threatened Would Mean Peak Infections Of 28 Million In June And Total Infections Of 126 Million By October, With 1 Million Total Deaths; But Two Months Of Shelter In Place Would Mean Peak Infections Of 3 Million Infections In October And Total Infections 14 Million, With Total Deaths Of 92,000; Mississippi Study Suggests These Figures Are Plausible; Reactionaries Eye Genocide Of Elderly;

Trump’s Anti-Shutdown Clique Includes Governors De Santis Of Florida And Tate Reeves Of Mississippi; Antibody Testing Needed To Identify People Who Have Developed Immunity; 

Breaking: US Per Capita Infection Rate Still Lower Than Europe’s, Johns Hopkins Study Shows

Mar 2020

March 25, 2020

Emergency Funding Bill Distorted By Republican Greed And Class Warfare: Measure Is Now Worth $2 Trillion, With $250 Billion To Provide Extra $600 Jobless Benefit For Four Months, $130 Billion For Hospitals, $350 Billion In Grants For Small Businesses That Avoid Layoffs, And $150 Billion For State And Local Government Stabilization; But Mnuchin Gets His $500 Billion Slush Fund For Big Firms Allowing Takeovers, Mergers, And Acquisitions; One-Time Check Of $1,200 Per Adult Is Far Too Little; We Need $2,000 Per Adult And $1,000 Per Child Through December Paid For By Federal Reserve; No Provisions For Stopping Foreclosures, Evictions, Bankruptcies, Utility Cutoffs; Gig Workers And Homeless Get Short Shrift;

GOP Austerity Ghouls Graham, Scott, Scott, And Sasse Demand Last-Minute Cuts In Jobless Benefits; Sanders And AOC Rightly Pledge To Block Bill By Objecting; 

Despite Slower Doubling Time For Hospitalizations, Cuomo Expects Peak Crowding Of New York Hospitals And ICUs In 21 Days Around April 15; Trump’s Easter Overture Met With Scorn And Contempt; Maryland’s Hogan Says States Are Ramping Up Their Anti-Pandemic Measures, Not Winding Them Down; 

With Unbelievable Chutzpah, Tyrant Xi Is Now Posing As World Savior In Face Of His Own Wuhan Virus; Only The Colossal Ineptitude Of Trump, O’Brien, And Pompeo Makes It Possible!

Mar 2020

March 24, 2020

Driven Berserk By Stock Market Crash And Looming 30% Unemployment (Worse Than Herbert Hoover), Trump Decrees That Americans Must Return To Work By Easter Sunday, April 12 As Deadly Coronavirus Swirls Around Them; But Public Refuses To #DieForTheDow; White House Has No Legal Authority To Roll Back Stay Home Orders Now Declared By Almost Half The States, Including California, New York And Illinois; Governors Will Fight For Their States; Most Americans Will Practice Self-Defense With Sit-In Strikes In Their Own Living Rooms, Adding Up To Nationwide #GeneralStrike!

Biden Urges Supply Orders Using Defense Production Act; Calls Trump Timetable “Bizarre” Move By “Yo-yo” Don; 

If Churches Are Packed Around April 12, It Will Be For Funerals, But Fanatic Falwell Calls Students Back To Liberty University; Pentagon Sees Emergency Well Into Summer; Gov. Hogan Of Maryland Calls Don’s Latest Obsession An “Imaginary Time Line”; Even Liz Cheney Voices Dissent; GOP Courts Extinction As Many Reactionaries Eye Genocide Of Seniors To Prop Up Speculators;

Cuomo: Why Are New Yorkers Dying From Lung Complications While Azar Is Hoarding A Stockpile Of 20,000 Ventilators; Apex Of New York Cases Is Higher And Coming Sooner Than Anticipated; 

Stimulus Bill May Get Vote In Senate Late Tuesday; It Must Include Vote By Mail; Dems Should Demand Equal Time After Trump’s TV Tirades; India Issues Stay Home Order; Pope Urges World To Pray At Noon Wednesday To End Pandemic

Mar 2020

March 23, 2020

Trump Eyes Ending Lockdown Measures And Re-Opening Businesses Even As Killer Pandemic Rages; Move Would Exalt Profits And GOP Campaign Strategy Over The Lives Of Working People; Twelve States Now Sheltering In Place, Including West Virginia; Anti-Fauci Clique Emerges Among White House Obscurantists As Scientists Criticize Trump’s Abuse Of Daily White House Briefings; Don Said To Refuse Use Of Defense Production Act Because He Fears Blurring His “Socialism” Attack On Biden; At Least One Death Reported In Case of Self-Medication From Chloroquine, The Home Remedy Touted By Trump; BoJo Orders UK Shutdown Enforced By Police; Biden Challenges Regime On Youtube;

Senate Democrats Again Stop Moscow Mitch’s Omnibus Bailout Bill; Measure Would Let Foreclosure Artist Mnuchin Preside Over $500 Billion Slush Fund With No Accountability And No Disclosures For Six Months; Pelosi Bill Should Include Maxine Waters Plan For Making Federal Reserve Pay For Bigger Checks To Families!

Federal Reserve Announces Cash Payouts To Wall Street From Quantitative Easing Will Be Literally Unlimited; $300 Billion Thrown As Sop To Main Street And Small Businesses; More Lending Facilities Opened In Bid To Prop Up Bloated Speculative Values; Dow Falls 582 Points Anyway;

Lessons From The Death Agony Of Germany’s Weimar Republic (1930-1933) Applied To The Democratic Primary: The Danger Of Ideological Sectarianism And The Imperative Of The United Front

Mar 2020

March 21, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Networks Focus On Pro-Oligarch Mnuchin Stimulus, But Americans Are Better Served By Detailed 5-Page List Of Anti-Crisis Measures Issued By Rep Maxine Waters Of House Financial Services Committee: Centerpiece Is $2,000 Per Adult And $1,000 Per Child Paid Out Monthly By FEDERAL RESERVE!

Cuomo, Newsome, Pritzker, Hogan, And Other Governors, Plus County Executives And Mayors Seize Initiative To Fill Leadership Void; Washington Must Commandeer Hotels (Including Trump’s) And Dormitories For Sick And Homeless; Long Disregard Of Hill-Burton Act Standard Of 4.5 Beds Per 1,000 Population Must Finally Be Reversed With 1,000 Hospitals Paid For By Federal Reserve; GOP Senate Swamp Creatures Burr, Loeffler, And Inhofe Accused Of De Facto Insider Trading; Scandal Can Help Flip Senate In November And Send Moscow Mitch Packing; Momentum Growing For Extinction Of Trump Republican Party As National Political Force; Fight Chinese Big Lie Propaganda Or Lose Europe To Tyrant Xi!

US Engulfed By Life And Death Crisis Of Hospital Supplies And Beds; Trump Still Refuses To Declare Italian-Style Nationwide Lockdown And To Issue Specific Orders Under Defense Production Act For Tests, Masks, Breathing Machines, And Other Personal Protection Equipment, Prefabricated Modular Hospitals, And Other Needs; Under DPA, President Must ORDER Items With Backup Of Criminal Penalties, Not Beg Approval From Businessmen; Trump’s Acts As Weak Puppet Executive; World War II Mobilization Was Delayed By Private Sector Roosevelt-Haters; Calls Raised to Stop Live Broadcast Of White House Briefings Perverted By Don For Disinformation!



Mar 2020

March 19, 2020

Rep. Maxine Waters Proposes $2,000 Per Adult And $1,000 Per Child Each Month In Emergency Assistance To American Families Paid For Out Of The Instantaneous And Bottomless Pockets Of THE FEDERAL RESERVE For The Duration Of The Crisis!; This Is The Most Radical And Effective Measure So Far, With The Potential To Conscript The Fed Into Financing Entire Recovery, Not Just Bailouts For Zombie Bankers; Next Comes Fed 0% Financing For 1,000 Urgently Needed Hospitals!

Moscow Mitch Wants To Lowball Cash Assistance Payments To 70 Million Low-Income Taxpayers In GOP’s Brand X Stimulus Plan;

Speaker Pelosi Demands That Trump Actually Activate The Defense Production Act To Order Massive Quantities Of Tests, Personal Protective Equipment, Ventilators, And Components; Trump Dithering Between Kushner’s “Shadow Task Force” And Mnuchin’s Free Market Predators As Competing Chains Of Command; Trump Whines That He Is No “Shipping Clerk”;

Politically Correct Media And Politicians Object To Identifying Wuhan, Hubei, China As The Source Of The Current Viral Epidemic; Beijing Slander Campaign To Blame U.S. Continues; But Truth Matters: Don’t Cede China Issue To Trump For November!

Boeing And Many Airlines Have Squandered The 2017 GOP Tax Scam On Stock Buybacks And Now Want Bailouts; Nationalize Them In The Public Interest!

Mar 2020

March 18, 2020

Incorrigible Trump Finally Activates Defense Production Act, But Is Incapable Of Issuing A Single Production Order For Equipment Urgently Needed To Fight Wuhan Coronavirus; U.S. Hospital System Is About To Be Overwhelmed By Exploding Case Load; Trump’s Briefing Is Hopelessly Vague, Long On Self-Congratulatory Hype, Short On Facts And Numbers; Wall Street Votes No Confidence With Sharp Crash Triggering Trading Halt As Briefing Ends; Tenant Protections Announced Are Limited To HUD Housing!

U.S. Must Institute Financial Standstill With Full Nationwide Ban On Farm and Business Foreclosures, Evictions, And Utility Cutoffs; Freeze All Medical Bills, Mortgages, Rents, Credit Card And Auto Loan Payments; All For A Year Or The Duration Of The Crisis;

One Hospital Ship On Each Coast Cannot Replace Full Mobilization Of Armed Forces To Provide Field Hospitals And Other Equipment; If Hotels Are Going Broke, Seize Them From Owners For Use By Sick And Homeless And Pay The Workers!

Biden Wins Convincing Victories In Florida, Illinois, And Arizona Primaries And Now Leads By About 300 Delegates; Ohio Gov. DeWine Illegally Calls Off Vote In His State

Mar 2020

March 17, 2020

Tax Wall Street Party Supports Sherrod Brown-Cory Booker-Michael Bennet Plan To Give Up To $18,000 In Cash Assistance To A Family Of Four Through End Of Year; Mnuchin’s Lowball Plan For $1,000 Per Person Is Clearly Insufficient As Treasury Threatens 20% Unemployment; 

After Days Of Stalling, Moscow Mitch Tells His GOP Members To “Gag” And Back Pelosi’s Bill To Help Low-Income Workers, But No Vote Yet; 

Fed Revives 2008 Primary Dealer Credit Facility, A Consortium Of 24 Bond Dealers Who Help Float Treasury Issues, Hoping Now To Assure Credit Flow Into Big Financial Institutions Using Stocks, Bonds, And Corporate Debt As Collateral; New York Fed Offers Another $500 Billion In Repo Liquidity To Wall Street Banks After $1 Trillion Offered On Monday; Invoking 13 (3) Of Fed Rules, Up To $1 Trillion Is Made Available To Support 3-Month Commercial Paper; Short-Covering Rally Gains 1,049 After Briefly Dippinmg Below 20,000-

Trump Drops Vapid “Risk Is Low” Mantra To Pose As Anti-Pandemic Warrior; Unqualified Kushner Has Been His Svengali; Don Upstaged By Cuomo And Other Governors; White House Reported Shocked By UK Reports Foreseeing 8 Million Hospitalizations Plus 250,000 Deaths In UK, And Over 1 Million Deaths In US; 

US Must Ban Foreclosures, Evictions, And Utility Cutoffs; Commandeer Empty Hotel Rooms (Including Trump’s!) For The Needy!

Neoliberal Globalization In Full Retreat: Is Italy’s Nationalization Of Alitalia The First Of Many?

Best Wishes For St. Patrick’s Day To Listeners And Friends Of The Broadcast!

Mar 2020

March 16, 2020

Federal Reserve Tries To Prop Up Markets, But Three-Trillion Dollar Cash Infusion Can’t Bring Calm; Dow Crashes 2,997 For Worst Point Loss Ever And Second Biggest Percentage Loss After October 1987 Crash; VIX Hits High Above 82; In Ominous Sign, Fed Offers $1 Trillion In Two Repo Injections But Only $40 Billion Is Claimed; Elated On Sunday, Trump Is Depressed After Fed Magic Fails!

Wallowing In His Colossal Malfeasance, Trump Tells Nation’s Governors They Are On Their Own When It Comes To Procuring Ventilators For Wuhan Coronavirus Victims, But Still Claims A Perfect Score; No Mention Of Defense Production Act Or Well-Established Pentagon Procurement System; Cuomo Seizes The Initiative By Locking Down New York State, Including Public Schools, In Cooperation With Connecticut And New Jersey; Demands US Army Set Up Mobile Field Hospitals In Parking Lots To Surge Hospital ; Connecticut Has 200 Nurses Waiting In Quarantine For Tests That Would Let Most Of Them Return To Work; Moscow Mitch Stalls Vote On Pelosi’s Emergency Aid Bill For Workers; When All Else Fails, Try 0% Fed Credit For Public Works, Production, And Job Creation!

Biden’s Commitment To Emergency Action vs Pandemic Is High Point Of Debate With Sanders; Ohio’s Governor DeWine Tries To Postpone Democratic Primary Until June, But This Maneuver Is Stopped By Judge; Biden Set To Clobber Bernie In Illinois, Ohio, Florida, Arizona 

Mar 2020

March 14, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Fearing Defeat In November Election, Trump Is Forced To Declare State Of National Emergency Against Wuhan Coronavirus Under Stafford Act; Long Overdue Measure Should Provide $40-$50 Billion In Resources And Fully Engage FEMA In Relief Efforts; Trump Raves That He Does Not Bear Responsibility For Crisis Because Of “Set Of Circumstances”; US Still Backward In Testing, But The Buck Always Stops Elsewhere!

Trump And House GOP Also Cave To Political Pressure To Pass Pelosi Emergency Aid Bill By 363-40; Measure Provides Free Testing, Paid Sick Leave And Paid Family And Medical Leave For Hourly Workers, More Jobless Benefits, Enhanced School Lunches And Meals On Wheels; 40 Tea Party Reactionaries Vote No Pence Ally Seema Verma’s Stalling Sabotages Key Role Of Medicaid In Fighting Virus; GOP Still Fighting Medicaid Expansion At Heart Of Obamacare;

Federal Reserve Pumps Out Nearly $2 Trillion To Bail Out Crisis-Ridden Repo Market Serving Wall Street Zombie Banks; Sum Would Allow Freezing Of All Student Loan Debt At 0% Interest, Or Rebuilding 40% Of Crumbling US Infrastructure;

After Week Of Stock Market Carnage Marking Collapse Of Trump Bubble And Start Of Bear Market, Friday’s Short Covering Rally Helped By Repo Money Lifts Dow By About 2,000 Points;

Having Inflicted Pandemic On World, Chinese Communists Begin Big Lie Campaign To Blame United States For Outbreak!

Breaking: Republic Of China (ROC) On Taiwan Response To Wuhan Coronavirus Sets Example For World Despite Location Close To Chinese Mainland With Only 50 Cases And One Death Thanks To Lightning Response And Meticulous Screening; Spain Starts Italian-Style Lockdown

Mar 2020

March 12, 2020

Dow Falls 10% In Worst Percentage Decline Since Crash Of 1987 And Worst Point Drop In History Of Index; Circuit Breakers Activated But Crash Quickly Resumed;

Powell’s Fed Opens Cash Firehose To Bail Out Wall Street Repo Market, Will Pump Out $500 Billion Today And $1 Trillion Tomorrow On Top Of Daily Shot Of $175 Billion Plus For Two-Day Total Of $2 Trillion, Enough To Pay Off All Student Loan Debt Or Restore 40% Of Collapsing National Infrastructure!

After Fauci Of NIH Declares Administration’s Life Or Death Testing Plan “Failing,” Trump’s Bungled Address To Nation Offers No Clear Plan To Defeat Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic; He Refuses To Declare Major Disaster And State Of National Emergency To Mobilize Resources, Money, And FEMA Assets In Public Interest, Despite Fact That 23 States, Washington DC, And New York City Have Already Declared Emergency; Senate Democrats Call For Action; 

Powell’s Fed Opens Cash Firehose To Bail Out Wall Street Repo Market, Will Pump Out $500 Billion Today And $1 Trillion Tomorrow On Top Of Daily Shot Of $175 Billion Plus For Two-Day Total Of $2 Trillion, Enough To Pay Off All Student Loan Debt Or To Restore 40% Of Collapsing National Infrastructure!

Trump Said To Think Emergency Would Upset Wall Street, Tourism, And Air Travel; Master Of Human Destiny Is Moronic Rent-Gouging Landlord, The Boy Wonder Jared Kushner; Don Wants To Dither Until Kushner “Finishes His Research” And Sets Policy!

Biden Addresses Crisis With Presidential Address; Sanders Puts Forward Many Useful Ideas; California To Bernie, Washington To Biden;

VIX Fear Index Hits An Astronomical 75; Europe Battered With Germany Down 12%, UK Down 11%, France Down 12%, Italy Down 17%; Japan, Australia, And South Korea Down 6-7% In Friday Trading;

Breaking: Futures Imply More Dow Carnage Friday

Mar 2020

March 11, 2020

After Much Stalling, World Health Organization Finally Declares Wuhan Coronavirus A Pandemic; Fauci of NIH Forecasts Situation Will Get Worse In US; Dow Jones Average, Off 20% From Recent Highs, Enters Bear Market; Will Trump Now Finally Declare A National Emergency To Free Up Extra Funds for Health and Jobless Benefits?

Dow Crashes 1,465 Points, Ending 11-Year Old Bull Market; In Bank Bailout, Federal Reserve Increases Daily Repo Cash Injections To $175 Billion, Plus $45 Billion In 14-Day Repos Twice A Week And Three One-Month Loans Of $50 Billion Each, For A Total Of $270 Billion To Be Pumped Out On Thursday; 

Trump Hosts Wall Street Zombie Bankers To Peddle Big Lie That There Is No Financial Crisis, Blaming Everything On Pandemic And Russian-Saudi Oil Price Manipulation; In Reality, Main Cause Of Incipient Depression Is Trump Himself, Via 2017 #GOPTaxScam And Stock Buy-Backs By Corporations, Wild Deregulation, And Fed Repo Injections In Excess Of $7 Trillion Since Mid-September

Federal Reserve Must Finance 1,000 Modern Hospitals, Including Inner Cities and Rural Areas; Goal Is to Meet Standard of 4.5 Hospital Beds Per Thousand Population Set by 74 Years Ago by 1946 Hill-Burton Law; After Closings Due to Wall Street Predators, US Now Has 2.77 Beds Per Thousand Population, Placing The Country as Number 32 Among OECD and Other Leading Nations, Far Behind Japan (13.05), Russia (8.05), And Germany (8); US Also Needs 200,000 Medical Doctors; 

Biden Wins Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, And Idaho with Coalition of Black Voters Plus College and Non-College Whites; Sanders Takes North Dakota; Washington Still Too Close to Call

Mar 2020

March 10, 2020

Trump Floats Insidious Plan To Loot Social Security And Medicare To Shore Up His Own Sagging Political Fortunes; Cutting Social Security Payroll Tax (FICA) Until End Of 2020 Would Accelerate Insolvency Of Social Safety Net, Triggering Crisis Before 2026 For Medicare And Before 2035 For Social Security; Currently, FICA Takes 6.2% Of Total Pay For Social Security And 1.45% For Medicare, Plus 0.9% Medicare Surtax For Incomes Over $200,000; Employers’ Share Of FICA Is 6.2% Of Pay And 1.45% For Medicare; 

Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, And All Democratic Leaders Must Immediately Condemn And Repudiate Any Tampering With Payroll Tax; Any Consideration Of Payroll Tax Cut Will Bring The Foul Stench Of Austerity Upon The Party, Redounding Only To Trump’s Benefit!

Instead, Congress Must And Implement A $55 Trigger Price Tariff On Oil To Protect Domestic Producers; Nation Needs A Modern Equivalent Of The 1934 Frazier-Lemke Farm Bankruptcy Act To Secure A Debt Moratorium And Halt Foreclosures And Repossessions For Farms And Productive Businesses For The Duration Of This Emergency; Restore Cuts And Enhance Food Stamps (SNAP) And Extend Jobless Benefits To 99 Weeks; Sabotage By GOP Will Seal That Party’s Demise; Set Up New Reconstruction Finance Corporation To Maintain Production And Public Health Services With Targeted 0% Loans; Bring Hospitals Up To Hill-Burton Act Standard;

Federal Reserve, Not Treasury, Must Finance A First Tranche Of $1 Billion In Emergency Public Works By Buying Zero-Coupon Century Bonds Issued By States;

Dow Up 1,165 In Short-Covering Rally On Hopes Of Trump Stimulus; Cuomo Sets Up 1-Mile Containment Zone Around New Rochelle In New York City Suburb Of Westchester;

Breaking: Biden Projected Winner In Michigan, Mississippi, And Missouri With About Three Fourths Of Black Vote; Biden Outperforms Hillary’s 2016 Results In Michigan

Mar 2020

March 9, 2020

Dow Falls 2,014 Amid Near-Panic Selling For Worst Point Drop Ever On Oil Price Collapse, Coronavirus Spread, And Crisis Of Confidence In Trump Regime; Wall Street Banks Fall 10%; American Oil Companies Rack Up Big Losses; 10-Year Treasury Touches Record Low 0.4% Yield; Entire Yield Curve Under 1%; Stock Speculators Howl For Zero Interest Rates (ZIRP) From Fed;

Fed Raises Overnight Repo Injection Guidelines From $100 Billion To $150 Billion To Meet Highest Demand Since Mid-September; $113 Billion Lent Today; Two Week Repos Go From $20 Billion To $45 Billion; Fed Set To Increase Monthly Balance Sheet Operations;

Oil Plunges 24% In Worst Day Since 1991 Gulf War; Suspicions Mount Of Russian Economic Warfare By Putin Against US As Number One Energy Producer; Still Smarting From Rosneft Sanctions, Dictator Wants To Wipe Out US Fracking Sector To Rack Up A Win On Eve Of April 22 Referendum To Prolong His One-Man Rule As Prime Minister; Federal Reserve, FDIC, Comptroller Of The Currency And Other Regulators Urge Forbearance To Keep Distressed Debtors Above Water; 

Italian Premier Conte Declares Entire Country Under COVID-19 Quarantine Protection, With All Persons Told To Say At Home Except For Work Or Emergencies; All Sports Events And Public Gatherings Canceled; Measure Expands Lockdown Of 16 Million In Milan-Venice Area Of Northern Italy Ordered Over Weekend; Personal Space Of One Meter Instituted;

On 11-Year Anniversary Of Launching Post-Lehman Bull Market, Wall Street About To Flip Into Trump Bear If Dow Drops Just 210 To 23,641 And S&P Falls A Mere 38 To 2747; Trump’s Insufferable Stock Market Demagogy Untenable!

Mar 2020

March 7, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Trump Credibility Falls Below Zero As Regime Fails To Provide Test Kits To Fight Coronavirus; Instead, Don Spreads Self-Serving Lies And Dangerous Advice While Struggling To Low-Ball Death Toll To Save Face; American Carnage Escalates; Emergencies Declared In California, Florida, Maryland, Washington, And New York, But Trump Is Out To Lunch; Maryland Finds COVID-19 Cases In Montgomery County, Just A Subway Ride From White House, Capitol Hill, And Pentagon;

With Fear Pervasive, Interest Rate On 10-Year Treasury Note Falls Below 0.7% For First Time Ever; Liquidity Crisis Got Worse This Week With Demand Topping $100 Billion Per Day At Least Twice; Main Stock Indices All Off More Than 10% Since Recent Highs, With $3 Trillion In Speculative Gains Wiped Out; S&P 500 Has Lost 12%; Current Downturn Is Comparable To Pattern of 2008-2009 Debacle; White House Sends Out Kudlow To Promise Middle Class Tax Cut;

US District Judge Reggie Walton Does Not Believe AG Barr’s Distortions, Demands Unredacted Copy Of Mueller Report;

In Friday’s Morning Consult National Presidential Poll, Biden Beats Sanders By 16%; In State Primaries, Biden Leads By Wide Margins In Mississippi, Missouri, And Especially Florida; Key Test Will Be Michigan Next Tuesday, March 10; Notes From The Tragic History Of Sectarianism Between Politics And Psychology; 

Breaking: Meadows Replaces Mulvaney As White House Chief Of Staff; Trump Trades One Incompetent Reactionary For Another!

Mar 2020

March 5, 2020

With Spotlight On Democratic Race, Trump Is Increasingly Hooverized By Two Colossal Failures: Coronavirus And The Stock Market; US Now Has 220 Cases And 12 Fatalities, Not The Zero Cases Trump Promised; Public Health Effort Increasingly Crippled By Lack Of Test Kits; Trump Is Wholly Responsible But Still Tries To Blame Obama; When Will Trump Start Blaming Xi, Author Of The Belt And Road Pandemic ?; After Raving Statements, Calls Raised For Trump To Shut Up!

Dow Falls 970 As Trump Bubble Keeps Deflating; Demand For Fed’s Repo Cash Injections Tops $100 Billion On Tuesday And Wednesday, Pointing To Liquidity Crisis/Cash Crunch; 10-Year Note Slips Below 0.9% For First Time In History;

Schumer Delivers Much-Needed Warning To Supreme Court Reactionary Clique, Who Believe They Can Trample On Ninth Amendment; Will A Switch In Time Save Nine?

Questioned By Maddow, Bernie Cannot Defend His Promise Of Victory Through Massive Turnout; Ocasio-Cortez Candidates Fail In Primaries; In March 10 Michigan Primary, Gov. Whitmer Endorses Biden, Who Opens Commanding Leads In Florida And Missouri; Warren Drops Out, Undercut By Her Attempt To Make Policy Sense Out Of Bernie’s Single Payer Dogma

Breaking: In Fox Town Hall, Trump Says “We’ll Be Cutting” When Asked About The Future Of Entitlements Like Social Security And Medicare In Second Term

Mar 2020

March 4, 2020

Biden Scores Surprise Upset Over Sanders In Super Tuesday Primaries, Taking Ten Of Fourteen States; Former Vice President Now Ahead In Delegate Count By About 65 Votes; Bernie’s Entire Strategy Disrupted; Bloomberg Bows Out, Pledging His Organization And Resources To Defeat Trump; Virginia Voter Turnout Nearly Doubles, But To Biden’s Benefit, Refuting Sanders’ Theory That Bigger Turnout Means More Votes For Him; California Results Look Better For Bernie Because So Many Dropout Candidates Remained On Ballot; Democrats Must Respect Preference Of Black Community, Who Remain Unconvinced By Sanders;

Ignoring Urgent Threat Of Fascist Dictatorship, Sanders Wants A Referendum On Biden’s Past Votes, Not Defending Democracy; No Mention Of China Threat, National Defense, Rebuilding Alliances, Or Nationalizing Federal Reserve; Relevant Question: Why Strip 150 Million Americans Of Health Insurance And Then Coerce Them Into Joining Bernie’s Single Payer?

Action Now Shift To Michigan Next Tuesday, Where Biden Leads Sanders By 6%; In Florida, Sanders Trails By 22%; Biden Strongest Dem Against Trump By 5.1%;

California Declares State Of Emergency Over Coronavirus Pandemic; Trump Still Failing To Deliver Adequate Supply Of Test Kits; Pence Sidekick Seema Verma Must Answer For 11 Deaths In Seattle Nursing Home!

Mar 2020

March 3, 2020

Wall Street Crisis Deepens As Powell’s Half-Point Emergency Rate Cut Fails To Reverse Heavy Losses In Stock Market; G-7 Leaders Confer By Phone On Joint Action, But No Announcements Or Specific Measures So Far; Trump Sabotages His Own Market Manipulation By Claiming Rate Cut Was Not Enough!

Discredited Bungler Trump Using Dr. Fauci Of NIH As Prop To Hide Behind As Coronavirus Keeps Spreading; Nine Dead In Washington State Nursing Home On Trump Ally Seema Verma’s Watch; Where Are The 40 Million Surgical Masks Trump Touted On Saturday, And Why Don’t Reporters Hold Him Accountable?

Obama’s Former Epidemics Czar Ron Klain Notes That Commercial Flights From China Continue To Land Every Day On US East And West Coasts; 

No To Trump’s Fake Tax Cut Plan To Loot Social Security To Provide Stimulus To Prop Up His Bubble; Gouging The Payroll Tax Would Hasten The Insolvency Of Social Security, A Program Trump Promised To Preserve; Use The 1% Wall Street Sales Tax To Pay Enhanced Benefits!

Are Central Banks Really Limited To Pushing On A String? Not With The Tax Wall Street Party’s Program Of Using Trillions In Fed-Issued 0% Century Bonds For Infrastructure And Retiring Student Loan Debt!

Breaking: In Early Super Tuesday Returns, Biden Wins Virginia, North Carolina, And Alabama; Sanders Takes Vermont; Bloomberg Leads In American Samoa

Mar 2020

March 2, 2020

After Biden’s Win In South Carolina, A Process Of Democratic Party Unification Around Biden Begins With Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and O’Rourke; Obama Reported Sending Up “Smoke Signals” Of Support For Biden; United Front Is Needed For Democratic Party Unification; To Succeed, United Front Must Include All Who Have Competed In This Year’s Race; Cabinet And White House Posts With Real Power Must Be Equitably Distributed, With Special Regard For Bernie Sanders And His Faction; Main Agreement Must Be To Work Hard For Democratic Nominee Against Trump; Keep In Mind That The Penalty For Failure Is Fascist Dictatorship; Trump Claims Coup Against Bernie, Incites Bernie Backers To Join GOP Phalanx; 

Dow Rises 1,300 Or 5% In Biggest Single Day Point Gain Ever; Result Combines Usual Short Covering Rally With Updrafting By Plunge Protection Team, Perhaps Using New York Fed’s $100 Billion Per Day Repo Funding Spigot; If Coronavirus Is Limited Outside Of China, OECD Sees Meager World Economic Growth Of 2.4% This Year, Down From 2.9 In 2019; US Set To Stagnate At 1.9, Far Below Trump’s Promises!

Coronavirus Czar Pence Ominously Brings His Health Care Austerity Enforcer Seema Verma To Briefing Room, Where Something Far Less Than The Whole Truth Is Exhibited; But Will Trump Dump Pence From Ticket In Favor Of Nikki Haley?

Mar 2020

February 29, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Ending Worst Week Since 2008, Wall Street Trims Losses From Over 1,000 To 357 Late Friday After Fed’s Powell Dangles Rate Cut, No Doubt With Help From PPT; Financiers Want Tax Cuts And Lower Rates, But US Needs Defense Production Act And New Reconstruction Finance Corporation; Europe Sinks Further Into Correction; El Erian Fears Markets Will Freeze Up Despite Expected Rate Cut; Scaramucci Says Word On Wall Street Is “Go To Cash”; Vix At 40, US 10-Year At 116% !

Beware Of Apologists Sold Out To Beijing: World Owes Nothing To Xi But The Origin Of Belt And Road Pandemic; Team Of Rivals/United Front Strategy For Democrats To Defeat Trump Now Discussed In Many Quarters; Party Statesmanship Needed To Convince Feuding Independent Contractor Candidates And Sectarian Activists;

In The Midst Of Trump’s Katrina, Are American Voters Looking For A Competent Crisis Manager With Executive Experience To Replace The Current Clown Car?

Breaking: At SC Rally, Trump Labels Coronavirus A “Hoax” Shortly Before First US Victim Dies In Washington State

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