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Jul 2020

July 18, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Very Fabric of US Society Threatened by Trump’s Lunatic Policies on Covid, Housing, Police Reform, and Disaster Relief; Time to Fight Eviction Catastrophe with Moratorium for Renters in Arrears: Current Temporary Ban on Evictions from Rental Units with Federal Mortgages Set to Expire on July 24 (July 26 in New York), Threatening Social Chaos as Tens of Millions of Tenants Risk Being Thrown Out on the Street in Midst of Deadly Pandemic, After One Third Could Not Pay June Rent; 

Harris Presents Relief Bill with National Freeze on All Evictions and Foreclosures; No Increases in Rent, No Credit Downgrades, and No Cutoffs of Electricity, Gas, Water; $100 Billion in Rental Assistance Included in HEROES Act; 

Death Cult: GOP Can’t Hide Contempt for American People, Still Stalling on Next Relief Bill; Mitch & Co. Demand End to the $600 Weekly Extra Jobless Benefit Which Has Saved Part of Middle Class; In Latest WaPo Poll, 38% Approve of Trump’s Management of Pandemic, with 60% Disapproving; GOP Operatives Panic as They Observe Don “Free Falling into Political Abyss”;

And Not Just Trump: World-Historical Task for November 2020 is the Extinction of the Republican Party as National Political Force; Senate is Now within Reach, with Virtually All GOP Senators Acting as Accomplices of Benedict Donald; No White House Response to GRU Russian Rampage of Afghan Bounties and Covid Hacks

Trump Sycophants Masquerading as Governors, Like DeSantis (FL), Abbot (TX), Ducey (AZ), Kemp (GA), and Noem (SD) Dakota, Have Cynically Sacrificed Lives and Health in Their States to Demonstrate Subservience to Trump and Must Go; 

Breaking: Oregon Governor Demands Pullout of Trump’s Rogue Soldatesca; Nadler Accuses Barr of Attempted Bribery of former Manhattan US Attorney Berman

Jul 2020

July 16, 2020

Biden Leading Trump by 52% to 40%, NBC-WSJ Poll Finds; 50% Say They Will Never Vote for Trump No Matter What Happens, Compared to 37% Who Reject Biden; 72% See US on Wrong Track on Trump’s Watch; CNBC Poll Sees Trump’s Approval at Record Low of 45% In Battleground States, with 59% Saying Pandemic is Getting Worse; Quinnipiac Finds Trump’s Overall Approval at Just 36%; Average of Polls Gives Biden Lead of Just Under 9%; 

More on the French Revolution: The Upheaval of 1789-1794 as the Destabilization of Europe’s Strongest Land Power by British Free Trade and Venetian Libertine/Libertarian Networks and Culture; The Secret of the “Long Live Liberty” Chorus Scene in Mozart’s Don Giovanni: The Liberty Invoked is Not that of Jefferson, but of Marquis de Sade…or of Epstein; Clergy and Nobility Exempt from Taxation;

The Queen’s Necklace Scandal Used to Discredit Marie Antoinette, Carried Out by the Venetian Operative and Mountebank Cagliostro; The Vilification of Marie Antoinette at Her Treason Trial by the Ultra-Left Hébert, Who Accused Her of Pedophilia; Her Character Assassination by Scurrilous Pamphlets or Libelles; 

Behind the Outlawing of Christianity, the Intrigues of Danton in His Bitter Struggle for Power with Robespierre; Robespierre as Freemason and Follower of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Doctrine the Popular Will; Rousseau’s Enormous Influence Today through Marx and Freud; The Durable Police Minister Fouché, the Bill Barr of the Epoch, Who Ran Police State Repression for the Directory, the Consulate, and the Napoleonic Empire;

Breaking: US, UK, Canada Denounce Russian Intel for Hacking Secrets of Coronavirus Research; Trump Silent

Jul 2020

July 15, 2020

Midsummer Survey of Urgent Issues Some Four and a Half Months Before the Hour of Destiny: Trump’s Attack on CDC Endangers Human Lives at Home and Abroad; Only the November Election Can Force a Return to Rational Policy; Trump’s Profile Amounts to Provoking Race War, But How Many Takers Will He Find Among His Weary and Disappointed Followers?; Barr Is Busy Preparing Putsch Plans; Moribund GOP, like NSDAP of April 1945, Increasingly Assumes the Aspect of a Death Cult; Intense Ferment Among the Students of New York City, with Focus on Generation Z Undergraduates: Much Energy and Some Cynicism About Democrats; Big Question: Will They Vote, and Will Ultra-Lefts Act Responsibly by Supporting Biden?

Retrospective on Mueller after His Op-Ed: Enough to Save Country from Many Catastrophic Policies by Pinning Trump Down and Boxing Him In, But Too Narrow and Not Following the Money Enough To Secure the Needed Removal from Office;

On Tax Day, US Is Still Suffering from the Dastardly GOP Tax Scam of December 2017, A Key Factor In the Immiseration of US Public Health and a Major Threat to the Financial Resilience of the American Middle Class; Trump’s Populist Promises a Mockery;

More Courageous than Most Pundits, Mary Trump Tells Her Wayward Uncle Don to Resign

Jul 2020

July 14, 2020

In Hopeful Sign for Western Unity Against the Neo-Maoists of Beijing, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Accepts US Advice that Chinese Communications Technology Cannot Be Trusted After Hong Kong Crackdown in Light of Self-Declared Totalitarian State; Huawei Purchases Will Be Banned After January; Huawei Products Must Be Removed Completely from 5G Networks by 2027; Move Reverses UK Policy Trend towards Appeasement After October 2012 Visit to London by Tyrant Xi, Suggesting that British May Be Giving Up on Post-Brexit Strategy of Serving as Bankers for Beijing; Pandemic Has Made Chinese Communist Party Weaker, Not Stronger, as Claimed by New York Times; Trump’s Sole Contribution: To Revive ZTE When It Was Virtually Bankrupt;

France Marks Bastille Day this July 14 with Special Recognition for Doctors, Nurses, and Other Front Line Forces Fighting Pandemic;

Pre-1789 France Shows Dangers of Letting the Legal Country Diverge from the Real Country; 2% of the Population in the First and Second Estates Could Overrule the Third Estate with 98% of the Population; Many Tendencies of US Government Going in Same Direction Because of Bad Supreme Court Decisions, Voter Suppression, and Gerrymandering; The Role of the British-French Eden Trade Treaty in Wrecking the French Economy and Unleashing Unrest; The Tennis Court Oath of June 1789 Directly Influenced by the US Declaration of Independence; the Free Market Insanity of the Girondins, Who Demanded War to Keep Up the Prices of State Bonds, and Fought Against Price Controls on Bread Despite an Orgy of Speculation and Hoarding; Sinister Influence of the Cabal of the Libertines, Including the Venetian Operative Giacomo Casanova

Jul 2020

July 13, 2020

The Onrushing August Crisis Takes Shape: Pandemic Conditions Worsen in Most States, With Dramatic Deterioration in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California; Trump’s Re-Opening Bandwagon Goes Into Reverse In Numerous Places, with Even Republican Governors Forced to Relent; After Debacle by Secretary DeVos on Sunday Shows, Rejection Front Emerges Against Coercing Children Back to School While Virus is Spreading; Economic Breakdown Looms as Barriers to Foreclosures, Evictions, and Utility Cutoffs Will Shortly Be Lifted, and Emergency Aid in CARES Act Runs Out; GOP Still Blocking Police Reform, While Agitation to Defund Police Departments Goes On; China’s Role in Incidents From San Diego to Taiwan to Ladakh in the Himalayas Raises Strategic Tensions; Amidst All This Chaos, Presidency and Senate Are Crippled by Breakup of GOP; Energized by the Collapse of Institutions, Lunatic Fringe is on the March;

Cloud of Suspicion Darkens over Fire on USS Bonhomme Richard, So Similar to the Fate of the Troop Ship Normandie in New York Harbor Just After Pearl Harbor;

The Coup d’État in American History: A Key Phase Centers on the Defeatist General George McClellan, a Pro-Slavery New Jersey Democrat Who Wanted to Negotiate with Southern Elites; When Lincoln Signed the Emancipation Proclamation, He Risked a Coup d’État by McClellan and His Camarilla of Army Officers; At Least One Staff Officer Was Cashiered for Discussing Putsch Scenarios; Later, Gen. Hooker Also Talked of Military Rule!

Jul 2020

July 11, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

August Cataclysm Looms with Convergence of Crises: Existing CARES Act Federal Assistance to Families and Businesses Will Run Out as Protections Against Evictions and Foreclosures Expire; Simultaneously, New Onslaught of Covid Infections Threatens More Deaths, Stay at Home Orders, and Disruption; Police Reform Still Blocked by GOP; Worst of All, Executive Branch is Crippled So Severely as to Invite Foreign Attack;

Moving to Fill Void Left by Trump’s Abject Failure to Deliver on “America First” Jobs and Wages, Biden Advances Parts of Economic Recovery Program Using Federal Procurement to Mandate $400 Billion of Purchases of US-Made Materials, Equipment, and Services, Plus $300 Billion in Research and Development in Artificial Intelligence, Electric Vehicles, and Advanced Technologies; Program Will Be Paid for by Rolling Back Much of the 2017 GOP Tax Scam Cut in Corporate Taxes, Capital Gains, etc.; 

Biden Still Needs Program of Job Creation on Model of Harry Hopkins’ Works Progress Administration (WPA), which Saved 3.5 Million Unemployed with Families in Depths of Depression; New Version of FDR’s Reconstruction Finance Corporation is Required to Speed Payout of Coming HEROES Act;

Mass Eviction of 28 Million Households Looms at Start of August, along with Tidal Wave of Foreclosures on Homes, Farms, and Businesses; HEROES Act Has $100 Billion of Rental Assistance but Is Blocked by Mitch; Biden Wants $640 Billion Over Ten Years in Housing Construction; 

Covid Deaths May Now Rise Commensurate with Spikes of Cases and Hospitalizations

Breaking: Trump Commutes Roger Stone’s Jail Time as Michael Cohen Is Forced Back to Prison; Now Let’s See the Department of Justice Mutiny Feared by Barr!

Jul 2020

July 9, 2020

Supreme Court Rejects Trump’s Contention That He Is Absolutely Immune to Subpoenas; His Tax Returns and Business Records Can Eventually Be Seen In Part By House Committees and New York District Attorney, But Only After More Legal Battles in Lower Courts and Likely After the Election; His Appointees Gorsuch and Kavanaugh Join Majority in 7 to 2 Finding, Weakening GOP Theory of Packing Court With Reliable Reactionary Jurists; But Beware Supremes in Case of Trump November Coup;

Recalling the Battle of Monocacy, July 9, 1864, Known as the Battle that Saved Washington, When a Rag-Tag Union Force Under Gen. Lew Wallace (Author of Ben-Hur) Delayed Confederates Under Early for a Single Decisive Day, Saving Washington From Destruction and US From Possible British-French Intervention; Re-Enforcements from Grant Soon Arrived to Protect Capital; President Lincoln Under Fire On Parapet of Fort Stevens on Georgia Avenue

Jul 2020

July 8, 2020

Supreme Court Expected to Announce Rulings Relating to Trump’s Taxes on Thursday; Outcome Is Made More Dramatic by Struggle Over Publication of Mary Trump’s Memoir; Alleged Tax Evasion by Trump and Siblings Is Issue in Mary Trump’s Refusal to Be Bound by Non-Disclosure Agreement Drawn Up After Family Dispute Regarding Fred Trump’s Will; If Supremes Pander to Don, Naming More Non-Fascist Judges Will Be Mandatory Starting Next Year; 

Trump’s Order to Open All Local Schools Violates Tenth Amendment and Must Be Rejected; 

In Debate About Political Strategy, Identity Groups Are Obsolete, Since None Can Hope to Extract Meaningful Concessions from the Wall-Street Centered Ruling Class without the Broadest United Front Unity; “Burn Baby Burn” Rhetoric Cannot Succeed; Mass Traction Economic Demands Are Imperative, Not Symbolic or Cultural Gestures;

Calls for Free Inquiry and Open Discussion Need to Corporate the Overriding National Priority of Removing Trump, Since Any Continuation of the Current Regime Virtually Guarantees Full-Blown Fascism by Christmas;

Breaking: Predictions of Disaster If Moscow Mitch Fails to Enact Federal Law Modeled on Fraser-Lemke Act Halting Evictions and Foreclosures for the Duration of the Crisis; Senate Must Pass Pelosi’s HEROES Act and Provide Cash Support!

Jul 2020

July 7, 2020

Still Waiting For Supreme Court to Decide Whether Congress and New York Prosecutors Can Examine Trump’s Tax Returns; Will Wednesday Finally Be The Day?;

Despot Xi’s Military Aggression and Dictatorial Strivings in Hong Kong Are Generating a World Backlash, with Relations Deteriorating Fast with India, the Philippines, Great Britain, Australia and Others; Main Missing Ingredient is a US President Capable of Assembling a Defensive Coalition Against the Chinese Communist Party; All Pompeo Can Manage is a Threat to Ban Tik Tok;

Fox News Exploiting Incidents That Seem Designed to Shock Middle Class Voters and Get Them to Take a Second Look at the Execrated Trump:

Seattle CHOP Enclave Tried To Establish A Juridical Vacuum as Anarchist Paradise, But Promises of Harmony Could Not Prevent Two Shooting Deaths and Several Wounded; CHOP Was Magnet for Underworld and Homeless; Democratic City Council, Mayor, and Governor Must Learn That Yielding to Ochlocracy Spells Political Destruction;

200 Heavily Armed Black Militants Protest at Stone Mountain, Georgia, Site of Huge Bas-Relief Tribute to Top Confederate Traitors; But As Fox Emphasis on Theme Shows, Statue Protests Have Passed Point of Diminishing Returns; 

Public Intellectuals Awaken to the Dangers of Ideological Sectarianism Among Establishment Media, Academics, and Publishing; But Watchword Today Is Not Free Inquiry, But Defeat Trump!

US Media Lose Interest in Blockbuster Charges of Russian Bounties for Taliban Killers of US Soldiers

Jul 2020
Jul 2020

July 4, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

How Long Will the Failed Trump Regime Be Allowed to Undermine the Nation? His Support is Dwindling Among Many of His Plutocratic Backers; When Will This Lame Duck Face Reality and Resign? Watching the Ghislaine Maxwell Case, and Still Waiting for the Supreme Court’s Decisions on Two Subpoenas for His Personal and Business Federal Tax Returns;

On Independence Day, New Economic Recovery Policies Are Needed to Deal With Racial Tensions and Economic Collapse to Establish National Unity: Material Basis of Freedom and Equality Requires a $20 Minimum Wage, Federal Job Creation on WPA/PWA Model Financed by the Fed; Hospitals and Doctors, Modern Public Housing, Mass Transit, and Trillions for Public Works; Practical Equality Is Not Just a Matter of Condemning Racist Attitudes, But Means Ending Poverty, Immiseration, Unemployment, and Exclusion, a Tasks Which Require A United Assault on Wall Street Power; No More Class Dismissed for US Domestic Politics!

Amid New Interest in Alexander Hamilton, Politicians Must Pay Attention to His Economics of Dirigism as Set Forth in Classic Reports on Public Credit, the Bank of the United States, and on Manufacturing; The Context of Assassin and Arch-Traitor Aaron Burr’s Failed Bid for the Presidency in 1800 and Later Attempted Coup d’État with Help from Andrew Jackson;

July 4 Best Wishes to All!

Jul 2020

July 2, 2020

Ghislaine Maxwell of Epstein Clique Arrested in New Hampshire; Why Was She Still in US?; Is Her Potential Testimony Another Tool for Convincing Trump to Accept an Agnew-Style Plea Deal and Finally Quit White House?; Just Before Independence Day, Washington Remains Fixated on When Discredited Trump Will Finally Leave ; 

Reports From Subcontinent Suggest That New Large-Scale Clash Between New Delhi and Beijing May Be Question of Weeks or Months; Communist Repression of Hong Kong’s Freedoms Continues; UK Ready to Accept 3 Million Refugees, With Australia Also Opening Door; No Offer So Far From Chief Xenophobe Trump; Xi Government Considers Any Comment On Their Actions An Intolerable Provocation, In Practice Demanding The Right to Censor the World; Taiwan Is Vigilant;

Massive Resurgence of Covid Virus: If You Want to Live to See August 1, It Is Prudent to Stay Home on July 4;

Seattle Finally Shuts Down Anarchist CHOP Enclave, But Only After 2 Dead and Several Wounded; Closing Deprives Trump and Fox News One of Their Favorite Story Lines; Democratic Mayors Should Not Tolerate Repeat Performances; Feckless de Blasio Should Tax Wall Street to Get Money For Needed Social Programs;

On Eve of July 4, Balanced Consideration of American History Shows New York Times 1619 Project Is Deeply Distorted by Following William Lloyd Garrison’s Apolitical Tradition in Wrongly Demonizing the US Constitution; Garrison’s Errors Refuted by Political Abolitionist Salmon P. Chase, Who Helped Defeat Confederacy as US Secretary of Treasury and Chief Justice; The Decline of Slavery From Bunker Hill to Jefferson Reversed by British Demand for Cotton; Northwest Ordinance of 1787 Banned Slavery in Six Great Lakes States; 1620 Arrival of Mayflower at Plymouth Rock Still Worth Celebrating!

Happy Independence Day to All!

Jul 2020

July 1, 2020

Another Urgent Reason Trump Must Resign Now: His Cowardice and Appeasement Could Encourage China to Gamble on Further Attacks against Taiwan or India While He Is Still in Office; Leadership Vacuum in White House Is Increasing War Danger;

NSC Director O’Brien Concedes That Report of Putin’s Contract Killings of US Forces in Afghanistan Has Appeared in Presidential Daily Briefing; As Usual, Benedict Donald Dismisses Matter as “Hoax”; Biden Brands Don’s Actions “Dereliction of Duty;

While Communists Mount Brutal Repression in Hong Kong, Mainland Aircraft Violate Taiwanese Airspace Eight Times; US Antisubmarine Planes Patrol Near Taiwan For Tenth Day; Trump Threatens to Veto Pentagon Appropriations Act to Defend His Favorite Confederate Traitors; Trump Must Warn His Pal Xi to Back Off;

Beijing May Be Seeking to Coerce India into Belt and Road (BARF), But India’s Ban on 59 Chinese Apps Is Powerful Counter to Xi’s “Made in China 2025” Plan for World Domination through Technological Monopoly; India’s Defense Capabilities Upgraded, with World’s Largest Volunteer Army;

As Total Cases Rocket Towards 130,000 and Daily Positives Exceed 50,000 For First Time, Texas, California, Arizona, Florida Head for Disaster; But Trump Reassures Nation Contagion Will “Just Disappear”;

Taiwan Completes 80 Days with Zero Indigenous Cases of Pandemic, but Is Excluded by From the EU List, Thanks to Pressure from China, Where Virus Is Far From Vanquished; but US Should Adopt Successful Taiwan Methods to Save Lives in Current Emergency;

Bernie Sanders’ Latest Push to Cut Defense Spending Is Not Realistic: Take the Money for Social Spending out of Wall Street’s Hide!

Breaking: NYT Study Shows A Covid Death in the Family Is One of Most Effective Forces In Convincing a Former MAGA to Dump Trump!

Jul 2020

June 30, 2020

Communist Dictator Xi Imposes Totalitarian Security Law on Hong Kong, Ending Traditional Freedoms in Violation of “One Country, Two Systems” Principle Contained in Sino-British Treaty Signed by Thatcher; Joshua Wong and Other Pro-Democracy Leaders Flee Demosisto Party Just as It Dissolves to Escape Persecution; Free Nations Must Prepare to Receive Hong Kong Refugees; President Tsai of ROC on Taiwan Condemns Lawless Move by Beijing; Trump Silent, Still Hoping for Xi’s Illegal Help in November Election; 

Retaliating for China’s Himalayan Aggression, India Bans 59 Mainland Apps, Including Tik Tok; New Delhi Cites Stealing of Data and Sending It to Foreign Servers, Posing Threat to Indian National Security; Indian Market of 1.3 Billion Now Closed to Belt and Road Imperialists; Courageous Move Highlights Cowardly Appeasement of China by Trump; 

More Reports Buttress Accusations That Putin Uses Taliban Mercenaries To Kill US GIs in Afghanistan; First Warnings Date Back to Early 2019; Details Published in President’s Daily Briefing; Trump Briefed Directly by Bolton; 3 Slain US Marines Said To Have Been Targets; Funds Transfer Tracked from GRU Bank Account to Assassins; Background of Escalation: Putin Regime in Its “Worst Crisis of All Time” Due to Collapse of Oil Price, Worsening Pandemic, Growing Political Opposition, and Suicides of Doctors;

Still Waiting for Supreme Court Decision on 2 Cases Seeking Trump’s Tax Returns: A Great Chance for Power Brokers to Signal To Tenant of Oval That He Has Utterly Failed and Needs to Resign; 

Celebrating G.W. Leibniz, A Maker of Modern Civilization, Born July 1, 1626!

Jun 2020

June 29, 2020

Institutional Combination for Trump’s Defeat Continues to Solidify as Events Torpedo Second Term; Trump’s Policy of Breakneck Re-Opening Going Into Reverse in Many States; Large Viral Pool Built Up During June Will Feed Pandemic Over Coming Weeks and Months; Comparisons with Collapse of LBJ Multiply;

Russian Bounties for Taliban Killers Are Eminently Plausible; Reports over Many Months Had Suggested Kremlin Was Arming Taliban vs US; New Phase of Contract Killings is Coherent with Weaker Position of Putin, Currently Campaigning to Secure Dictatorship Through 2036; 

Pentagon and Intelligence Community Appear Definitively Fed Up With Trump, with Multiple Sources Providing Confirmation of Russian Actions to NYT, WaPo, WSJ, NBC, Sky and Others; Any Pro-Trump Divisions Left?;

Equally Damning: White House Still Maintains That Trump Still Has Not Demanded Briefing on Russian Contract Killings – After Weekend of Golfing!

Supreme Court Rejection of Louisiana’s Restrictive Anti-Abortion Law is Welcome and May Signal Another Step in the Disintegration of Trumpism, But May Also Reflect Temporary Window-Dressing As Roberts & Co. Prepare to Vote for Trump in Main Event of November Coup!

Jun 2020

June 27, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

At This Disastrous Pace, How Long Can Trump Stay in Office?

US Jobless Now Well Over 50 Million After 1.5 Initial Insurance Claims Last Week; GDP Drops at 5% Rate in First Quarter, with Worse to Come; Day of Reckoning Approaches by End of July: As CARES Act Begins to Expire, 12 Million Workers Are Threatened by Plunge into Abject Poverty; Moscow Mitch Must Pass Pelosi’s HEROES Act to Fund State Budgets and New Round of Cash Support for Families; Large Pork Sales to China Trigger 40% Increase in Meat Prices for US Consumer;

Trump Regime Confirms Support for Insane Lawsuit at Supreme Court Trying to Terminate Both Obamacare and Protections of Affordable Care Act, Including Ban on Discrimination against Pre-Existing Conditions and Ten Essential Medical Benefits; 

After America’s Worst Day of Spread in Current Pandemic, Trump Stooges Abbot of Texas and De Santis of Florida, Who Led Charge for Overhasty Re-Openings, Return to Restrictions in Two Biggest Republican States; Five O’Clock Follies Back in Town, With Pence Preaching “Do As We Say, Not as We Do” on Masks and Pledging Free Speech and Assembly, Just Not in Lafayette Park; 

Breaking: Shocked by Backlash in GOP, Trump Offers 2-Week Delay in Funding Cut for Testing Centers in Texas, But Will Still Slash Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, and Battleground Pennsylvania by June 30; Feds Are Reportedly Hoarding $14 Billion Earmarked for Testing; Federal Appeals Court Again Stops Trump from Looting Pentagon Budget to Build His Border Wall;

Jun 2020

June 25, 2020

Biden Slams Trump’s “Heartless” Support of GOP’s Lawsuit Seeking Total Destruction of Obamacare Law; Texas AG Is Flagship of Republican Quest to Bring Back Pre-Existing Conditions at Moment of Greatest Need; End of ACA Would End Ten Essential Medical Benefits, Triggering 30,000 to 40,000 Senseless Deaths; Biden Demands Trump Stop Supporting Genocidal Attack on ACA Health Care Serving Tens of Millions of Americans: He Predicts That In November, Voters Will Put An End to Don’s Crusade Against Health Care;

Biden Plan Includes Ceiling of 8.5% of Personal Income Spent on Health Care, Reduction of Prescription Drug Prices, and Fastest Possible Seamless Advance towards Universal Coverage

John C. Calhoun of South Carolina: Free Trader, Secessionist, Champion of Slavery and Nullification, and another Historical Figure Who Does Not Deserve the Honor of a Statue;

In Russia, Voting Starts in Referendum to Decide Whether Putin Can Stay in Power through 2036; Recent Moscow Elections Suggest Protest Vote Is Possible; 

Summary of Soviet and Russian Foreign Policy from End of World War I to German Attack of June 22, 1941; 

Breaking: House Passes George Floyd Bill for Police Reform, 236-181; Hurd, Upton, and Fitzpatrick of GOP Join Dems in Support

Jun 2020

June 24, 2020

Two Trump Judges on DC Court of Appeals Order Judge Sullivan to Dismiss Charges Against Rogue Trump Official Flynn; 

In Majority Opinion by Trump Appointee Judge Neomi Rao, Legal Deference is Given to Assumption that Barr’s Justice Department Was Acting in Good Faith; No Good Reason to Doubt Motives of Barr Clique, Agrees Fellow Trump Appointee Judge Karen Henderson; Yet This Is Exactly The Absurdity At Issue, Especially Because of Flynn’s Two Guilty Pleas; Cogent Dissent by Judge Robert Wilkins Shows Case Requires Full En Banc Review By Multiple Judges; Otherwise, Case Can Be Re-Filed by Next Administration in January 2021;

Aaron Zelinsky, Prosecutor in Roger Stone Case, Is Adamant That White House Pressure Was Massively Applied to DoJ To Reduce Stone’s Sentence; Former Deputy AG Ayers Says Barr Is “Greatest Threat in My Lifetime to Our Rule of Law”; His Impeachment on Table; 

Sen. Scott’s GOP Police Reform Bill Fails to Advance in Senate; Toothless Measure Wanted Another Study of Choke Holds, Not the Needed Ban;

Declining Standards of Living in US After 1973 Are Basis of Brutalization of Culture and Public Life; Policy of Four Years of College for All Is Essential For US Success Against China in 21st Century; Time to Invest in Human Capital! 

Louis Gohmert’s Tap Day on the Hill

Jun 2020

June 23, 2020

Trump Threatens Draconian Jail Terms For Damaging Statues of Traitors Like His Wretched Ego Ideal, the Slaveholder Andrew Jackson, Whose Equestrian Statue Still Disgraces Lafayette Park Opposite White House; Site Is Otherwise Reserved for Illustrious European Allies of American Revolution; Jackson Is Guilty of Illegal and Genocidal Trail of Tears Deportation of Five Peaceful Native American Tribes in 1830s; Jackson Blocked Maysville Road and Vital Infrastructure, Slowing Canals and Railroads That Could Have Promoted Unity Instead of Civil War; Jackson’s Wrecking of the Second Bank of the United States Set Stage for Panic of 1837, Which Bankrupted Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Florida Territory After Bank of England Attacked Defenseless US;

“I Don’t Kid”—Despite Bland Assurances From McEnany, Navarro, and Assorted Prevaricators, Trump Insists He Was Not Joking When He Told Tulsa Gathering He Had Ordered Deliberate Slowdown of Virus Testing; WaPo Reports No More Federal Money For Testing Sites After June 30, Including in Hard-Hit Texas!; Congresswoman Garcia (D-TX) Protests to FEMA After Extension Was Refused; Containment Guru Kudlow States Categorically That There Will Be No Second Wave in Autumn; GOP Jacksonville Convention in Trouble;

Breaking: Asst. US Attorney Zelinksy Alleges Trump Obstructed Justice in Favor of His Crony Roger Stone

Jun 2020

June 22, 2020

Trump’s Blatant Weakness Emerges: No Show of Force, But an Abject Fiasco in Deep Red Oklahoma; Don’s Base Is Finally Breaking as Frightened Older Voters Recoil; How Long Will Hill GOP Ignore the Massive Defections?; No States Can Now Be Considered Reliable; Nuremberg Rally as Model Campaign Event Is No Longer Viable; Trump Wanted Status of Six (Now Eight) Covid-Infested Advance Staffers Kept Secret; Too Bad for Those Who Might Have Succumbed; 

Some Who Deserve To Be Honored By Statues and/or Bases: Harriet Tubman, Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Thomas, MacArthur, Lincoln, Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Nimitz, Farragut, Columbus, Tuskegee Airmen, and Lafayette Park’s Steuben, Rochambeau, Kosciusko, and Lafayette Himself; Schiller (in Central Park), Dante (in DC’s Meridian Hill Park);

Do Not Deserve Statues or Bases: Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, Gen. Albert Pike, R.E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, James P. Buchanan, Jeb Stuart, Nathan Bedford Forest (Nashville);

Watch Democrats’ Fratricide Caucus in Tuesday’s Primaries;

Recalling the Nazi Operation Barbarossa vs the Soviet Union, June 22, 1941;

Breaking: Secret Service Orders Reporters to Leave White House Grounds in Early Evening

Jun 2020

June 20, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Just as Bolton Memoir Again Confirms Trump’s Servile Relation to Despot Xi, Chinese Communists Launch Rampage of Aggression Along Multiple Axes;

In Himalayas, Beijing’s Troops Attack India’s Strategic Road Serving Key Airbase in Ladokh Opposite Chinese-Occupied Tibet, Near Northernmost Point of India; Presence of New Delhi’s Forces on Their Own Territory Seen as Challenge to Communist “Belt and Road” Imperialism;

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Reveals Protracted Hacking Attack on Nation’s Critical Infrastructure by “Sophisticated State-Based Cyber-Actor;” Defense Minister Says Assault Is “Increasing in Frequency, Scale, in Sophistication and in its Impact”; Damage Inflicted on All Levels of Government, Industry, Political Organizations, Education, Health Care, and Essential Services, All of Whom Are Implementing Defenses; Prime Suspect Is China, with Beijing’s Growing Hostility Linked to Australia’s Call for International Probe into Origin of Pandemic Virus; US Must Support Treaty Ally and Five Eyes Member;

Amid Reports of Chinese Attempts to Steal Covid Vaccine Secrets, 54 Research Grantees Are Ousted From National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda; 133 Face Firing For Hiding Payments from Beijing’s Thousand Talents Project; Communist Regime Humiliated by Second Wave and Lockdown in Beijing Despite Xi’s Braggadocio 

Bolton Memoir Distributed Worldwide; DC Federal Judge Says DoJ Moved Too Late, Since Horse Is Already Out of the Barn

Jun 2020

June 18, 2020

Bolton Memoir Exposes Soybean Peddler Trump’s Eager Endorsement of Tyrant Xi’s System of Concentration Camps for 3 Million Uighurs, Hui, and other Moslems in East Turkestan (aka Xinkiang Province); Image of Trump As Useful Idiot of Beijing Groveling to Sell Farm Crops to Please Iowa Farmers Wrecks GOP’s Demagogic Strategy For November; Insider Report Confirms TWSP’s March 2016 View of Trump;

Enraged by His Usual Squabbles About Defense Spending, Trump Came Within Minutes of Crashing Out of NATO, the Basis of US Foreign Policy Since 1940s; Collision of Trump and Bolton Is Prime Example of Evil Fighting Evil, Potentially Helping the Good;

After 6-3 Decision by Supremes to Ban Discrimination against LGBTQ Workers, Today’s Supreme Court 5-4 Ruling Stops Trump from Ending DACA with Deportation of 800,000 Exemplary Americans; Awareness Growing That Immigrants in Labor Force Are Indispensable for Functioning of US Economy in Rivalry with China;

Vive la France Libre: On June 18, 1940, France’s General Charles de Gaulle Made His First Defiant BBC Broadcast from London Urging French to Join His Anti-Pétain, Anti-Fascist Free French Movement; De Gaulle Advocated Moving Government to Algiers and Continuing to Wage War Against Hitler; He Argued That War Was Far From Lost: While France Had Been Defeated by 5,000 Planes and 6,000 Tanks Today, Nation Could Be Victorious Tomorrow with Mechanized Force of 20,000 Tanks and 20,000 Planes;

Breaking: As Situation in State Deteriorates, Arizona’s GOP Governor Ducey Yields To Massive Public Outcry By Letting Cities and Localities Require Masks; Most Urban Centers Implement Orders At Once

Best Wishes for Juneteenth, Which Should Become a Federal Holiday Along with Election Day

Jun 2020

June 17, 2020

New Pentagon Papers: In Savage Attack on First Amendment, Trump Uses Department of Justice as His Mouthpiece In Lawsuit Seeking Prior Restraint of Bolton Memoir; Barr’s Minions Seeking TRO to Halt Distribution, But Copies Have Already Leaked to Press;

According to Bolton, Trump Groveled for Xi in Osaka, Japan, Pleading with Communist Dictator to Save Him From Election Defeat by Buying Soybeans and Other US Farm Products; No Objections to Xi’s Concentration Camp Archipelago; Note Colossal Irony, Since Pillar of Trump Campaign is Charge That Biden and Son Are Tools of China; Impeachable Offenses Galore: For Trump, Obstruction of Justice Looked Like a Way of Life When It Came to Doing Favors for Foreign Dictators, Says Bolton, Who Claims He Told Everything to AG Barr, Who Did Nothing; Unstable Trump Allegedly Went to Brink of Quitting NATO Alliance and Invading Venezuela;

Garret Rolfe, Who Shot Rayshard Brooks, Is Charged By Atlanta District Attorney Paul Howard With First Degree Murder and Other Crimes; To Break Lawless and Incorrigible Behavior of Police Unions, Time to Consider the RICO Statute with Cases of Obstruction of Justice as Predicate Offenses Needed to Establish Pattern of Racketeering; 

Karl Rove Reportedly Advising Trump to Escalate Slander Attacks on Biden; Mention of Bush 43’s “Architect” Recalls Highly Suspicious GOP Tactics of 2000, 2004, and 2012, Including Notorious “ORCA” App Designed to Elect Romney in Ohio; Despairing of Winning Free Vote, Republicans Seek 50,000 “Poll Watchers,” Raising Danger of Voter Suppression, Intimidation, and Harassment

Jun 2020

June 16, 2020

Ignored by Many Corrupt US Media, China Launches Incursion Against India in Disputed Area of Himalaya Mountains: India Reports 20 Soldiers Killed; China Does Not Acknowledge Losses, But Unconfirmed Accounts Suggest 42 Dead; Beijing’s Aggressive Imperialism is Essence of Belt and Road Strategy; Clash Is Worst Since 1975; Trump’s Silence Underlines His Subservience To Xi;

North Korea Blows Up Conference Center Devoted to Rapprochement with Seoul; Pro-Détente ROK President Moon Humiliated; Trump’s Love Affair of Appeasement Ends in Fiasco; Order For Demolition Reportedly Came From Dictator’s Sinister Sister; Was She Inspired by Beijing?

Key to These Events May Be Increasing Isolation and Weakness of Xi’s Communist Regime in Wake of Hong Kong Humiliations and New “Wartime” Flareup of Wuhan Coronavirus;

Fengtai District Partially Locked Down After Closure of Vast Xinfadi Meat Market and Nearby Jingshen Seafood Market; World Wants to Know: Are These Camouflaged Versions of the Infamous Wet Markets, the Incubators of Wuhan Pandemic?

Many Chinese Officials Now Prefer Four More Years of Trump to Biden Victory for Geopolitical Reasons: Trump Can Be Relied to Weaken US by Wrecking American Alliance System, while Biden Would Cultivate Allies and Organize Them to Resist the Hegemony of Beijing

Senate Republicans Condemn Chinese Efforts to Steal Results of Research for Covid Vaccine, Noting That Xi Regime Would Blackmail Rest of World If It Attained Monopoly on New Vaccine; New Vetting Methods For Chinese Researchers and Students Are Required; Democrats Must Not Cede This Vital Issue to GOP!

British Clinical Trials Suggest Low-Cost Anti-Inflammatory Drug Dexamethasone Can Reduce Deaths by Up To One Third Among Severely Ill Covid Victims

Jun 2020

June 15, 2020

Supremes Rule 6-3 That Title VII of 1964 Civil Rights Act Banning Job Discrimination Based on Sex Extends to LGBTQ Persons; Roberts and Gorsuch Join Four Liberal Justices, with Gorsuch Signing Majority Opinion Based on Textualist Nominalism; Kavanaugh Offers Weak Dissent; Alito and Thomas Assert Reactionary View; XIV Amendment Guarantees That All States Apply Equal Protection of Laws To Everybody; Door Left Open for “Religious” Objections; And Beware Deception Posture By Court Majority As They Prepare To Back Trump Coup In Disputed Election;

Trump Behavior at West Point Graduation Triggers Online Tidal Wave of Angry Polemics about His Physical and Mental Health; With Don’s Campaign Failing to Gain Traction with Slander Barrage against Biden, He Is Losing Yet another Demagogic Issue; 

Senseless Tragedy in Atlanta Underlines Need For Quick Passage of Dem Police Reform Bill Plus Federal Licensing of Police Officers, With Rigorous Training to Train Cops to Serve Needs of Communities, Not Uphold System of Race Discrimination and an Unjust Property Order; 

In Seattle, CHAZ Morphs into CHOP as Democratic Officials Flirt with Dangerous Weakness, Raising GOP Hopes for Backlash in November;

Media Confusion About Juneteenth Made Worse by 1619 Project: June 19, 1865 Marked End of Slavery in US Military District of Texas as Union General Gordon Granger Arrived in Galveston with 2,000 Federal Soldiers to Announce Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation After Surrender of Confederate Trans-Mississippi; News of Emancipation on January 1, 1863 and Lee’s Surrender to Grant in April 1865 Had Not Reached Texas; Chattel Slavery Then Collapsed, Starting Tradition of Jubilee Celebrations; 

US Must Render Justice to Intrepid Intelligence Officer Harriet Tubman: Time for Her to Replace Odious Andrew Jackson on $20 Bill as Planned Pre-Trump; She Should Replace Bragg as Namesake of Army’s Largest Fort

Jun 2020

June 13, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Fort Bragg, North Carolina Should Be Re-Named Fort Harriet Tubman in Honor of the Intrepid Intelligence Officer and Armed Reconnaissance Operative of the Union Army During the Civil War; Born Into Slavery, She Worked As Guide For Her Fellow Escapees On the Underground Railroad and Joined with Frederick Douglass to Influence Lincoln; She Assisted Secretary of War Stanton in Liberating Jacksonville, Florida; In June 1863, Tubman Guided the Union’s Combahee River Raid That Freed 750 Slaves, Who Became the Nucleus of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, Best Known Today Through the Movie “Glory”;

“We need police! We Need Police, but We Need a Police System that Is Just:” Spike Lee Wisely Admonishes Protesters That Slogan of “Defund the Police” Is “Tricky”; They Should Be “Careful with the Words” Because “Agent Orange” Is “Already Running With That”; “One or Two Wrong Words, They’ll Twist That Thing Around and the Narratives Change…I Think There Could Be Better Terminology”; Much Approval On Twitter; Now Time to Call for Ample Community Services Paid For By Wall Street Banks and Federal Reserve;

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best Reports That 911 Emergency Services Take Three Times as Long to Reach Autonomous Zone aka CHAZ; She Also Condemns Mayor’s Decision to Abandon Precinct HQ; Time to End This PR Subsidy to GOP;

Trump Ranks His Own Contributions to Black America as Superior to All except Lincoln, Whose Policies Were “Questionable”; Trump Forces West Point Cadets to Come Back for Graduation on Saturday; Army Resentment Simmers after Don’s Lafayette Square Caper

Jun 2020

June 11, 2020

Biden Warns Again That Trump Will Defy Results of November Election and Attempt to Hold Onto Power With Other Means: “The President Is Going to Try to Steal This Election,” But “I am Absolutely Convinced [the US Military] Will Escort Him from the White House with Great Dispatch,” Says Biden; 7-Hour Waits for Some Voters in Last Tuesday’s Georgia Primary Illustrate Methods GOP Will Use; Window of Danger Could Emerge as Mail-In Ballots Are Counted After November 3, Leaving Initiative to Regime; Best Remedy Is Defeating Trump by Margin So Overwhelming That A Coup Would Be Laughed Out of Existence; Miley Repudiates Trump’s Lafayette Park Stunt, Making Clear Trump’s Talk of Military-Based Executive a Distant Pipe Dream;

In Worst Day Since March 16, Dow Dives by 1,862 Points as Administration’s Plan for Re-Launching Bubble Collides With Reality of World Breakdown Crisis and Pandemic Tenacity; Powell Predicts Protracted High Unemployment; Munching Demands Cloak of Secrecy for $660 Billion in Stimulus;

“Seattle Autonomous Zone” Is Another Ultra-Left Gift to Trump; 

Victorious US Military Figures Who Actually Deserve to Have Bases Named After Them Include Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Thomas (of Virginia), Farragut, Clara Barton, The Tuskegee Airmen, Nimitz, MacArthur, and Eisenhower – All Winners!

Nation and World Are Ready for a New Birth of Freedom, Not New Dark Age Wrought by Trump!

Jun 2020

June 10, 2020

In Major Defeat for Regime, Federal Judge Slams Barr’s Department of Justice for Attempt to Drop Charges Against Trump Clique’s Darling Flynn; Gleeson Sees “Gross Abuse of Prosecutorial Power” with Corrupt Move to Dismiss “Based Solely on the Fact That Flynn is a Political Ally of President Trump”; Flynn Sentencing Looms;

Hill GOP Forced onto Defensive as McConnell Wants Sen. Scott of South Carolina to Help Republicans Fabricate Common Line on Race; With George Floyd Attending as Witness, GOP Members of Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee Mute Usual Ultra-Reactionary Rhetoric and Simulate Humane Profile; 

Defenestrations in Russia: Seven Covid Patients and Critical Doctors Have Mysteriously Fallen out of Windows as Putin’s Pandemic Management Falls Short;

In Failure of Reconstruction after Civil War, Class Played Major Role alongside Race: Growth of Labor Movement in 1870s Terrified Wall Street Plutocrats, Causing 1877 End of Reform Agenda for Southern States;

Breaking: As Confederate Statues Topple, Forts Bragg, Hood, and Pickett Are Under Pressure to Rename and NASCAR Announces Ban on Confederate Flag from Events and Properties; Wall Street’s Kudlow Reassures America That Systemic Racism in Police Departments Does Not Exist

Jun 2020

June 9, 2020

Trump and Fox News Are Attempting to Regroup Shattered Campaign by Pandering to Police Backlash against Defunding Protests;

In Parable for “Defund the Police” Agitators, Rep. Clyburn of South Carolina Warns That His 1960s Work along with that of Rep. John Lewis in the Civil Rights Movement Was “Hijacked” by Posturing Ultra-Left Radicals Spouting Slogan of “Burn Baby Burn”;

Supporters of Defunding Fall Back on Claim That “Defund” Does Not Of Course Really Mean Defund, But Are Low-Information Voters Expected to Figure that Out?; Did Anyone Care Enough to Have Polling or Focus Groups to Estimate Impact on Presidential Election, Where Stakes Are Merely Fascist Dictatorship and Genocide, Including World War?;

Rebuilding Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Is Long Overdue and Should Start in January, Will Require $5 Trillion of Dollars in Fed-Purchased 0% State Century Bonds Paid for by Taxes on Corporations and Wall Street; Cost Is Infinitely Beyond the Scope of Any Police Budget!

Backers of Defunding Insist on Purely Local Frame of Reference, Ignoring Evil Outside Forces Like White Supremacists, Fascist Militias, Drug Cartels, and Predatory Billionaires Who Will Doubtless Rush In If Police Are Removed or Weakened;

Debate Recalls GOP “Repeal and Replace” Demagogy against Obamacare: Let’s Abolish a Needed Program and We’ll Tell You Later What We Have Re-Imagined to Take Its Place;

Breaking: Voter Suppression in Georgia Primary Reminds US That Decisive Front Is Voting Rights Needed to Oust Trump!

Jun 2020

June 8, 2020

“Defund the Police” Is the Latest Gift from Ultra-Left Opportunists to the Reactionary GOP; Reckless and Irresponsible Slogan Has Suddenly Become the Centerpiece of Trump’s Election Demagogy and of Fox News Programming; Issue Is Meal Ready to Eat Delivered to Tyrant of Oval, Who Had Run Out of Issues; Gun-Toting Fascists Look Forward to Raiding New York City When There Are No Cops to Stop Them; Is Minneapolis City Council Determined to Give Trump a Second Term?;

Biden Calls for Police Reform, but Not Defunding; Congressional Black Caucus Also Rejects De-Funding; Pelosi’s Police Reform Bill Includes Bad Cop Database; Bans No-Knock Warrants, Choke Holds, Artery Holds and Assorted Brutality; Ends Racial Profiling; Pelosi Notes That Police Funding is Local, not Federal, Issue;

Trump’s Polls Cratering: NBC-WSJ Shows Stable Biden Lead of 7%, with Trump’s Edge Among White Voters Dwindling From 21% in 2016 to 6% Today; CNN-SSRS Poll Has Biden On Top by Record Margin of 55% to 41%; Trump Underwater by 38% Negative to 57% Approving, Comparable to One-Term Losers Bush 43, Carter, and Ford 5 Months Before Their Defeat;

Brookings Study Finds No Drop in Unemployment Rate As Falsely Claimed by Trump; 21 Million Were Officially Unemployed in May, but BLS Reported Jobless Benefits Going to 30 Million; Lost 9 Million Would Bring Jobless Rate to 19%, Much Closer to Reality! ;

Breaking: National Bureau of Economic Research Declares US Economy Went into Recession in February, Well Before Covid Pandemic, Thus Stripping Don of Another Excuse For His Failure!

Jun 2020

June 6, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

A Masterpiece of Cooking Statistics: Trump’s Latest Big Lie Is Alleged Improvement in US Jobless Situation: Under Command of Reactionary Eugene Scalia, Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics Claims Unemployment Declined To 13.4% in May From 14.7% in April; But Black Jobless Ticks Up to 16.8% with Latino Unemployment at 17.6%; For Third Month in Row, BLS Has Grotesquely Misclassified 4.9 Million Jobless as “Employed Not at Work” Instead of “Unemployed on Temporary Layoff”; Fixing This Would Have Increased Joblessness to 19.2% in April and 16.1% in May; BLS Attributes Current Gains to 2.5 Million Alleged Hirings; But This Is a Statistical Hallucination Deliberately Created by Bureaucrats; BLS Notes Response Rates From States Had Been Lower During Pandemic; During April, Agency Had Also Tampered With “Births and Deaths” Model Used to Estimate Business Openings and Shutdowns; Krugman Still Believes The Statistics!;

ADP Payroll Summary Had Shown Private Sector LOSING 2.8 Million Jobs in May; Weekly First Time Jobless Claims Over Recent Months Had Suggested Job Losses Close to 41 Million over Lockdown Period, but BLS Now Lists Only 20.7 Jobs Gone; One Explanation Might Be Workers Absorbed Into Paycheck Protection Plan Who Were Never Reported to BLS; These Workers Will Still Be Unemployed When PPP Expires in July; And Don’t Forget Laid-Off Workers Who Have Never Succeeded in Registering as Unemployed in Florida and Other States; To Establish Reality, Use New Census and American Community Survey Data; Fake Improvement Will Allow McConnell to Argue Against More Aid and Stimulus for Workers;

44 Stars Against Trump: Eleven Four-Star Generals and Admirals Have Spoken Out Against Trump’s Plan to Use Troops Against Protesters; Will Gen. Kelly Spill Beans On White House?


Jun 2020

June 4, 2020

Retired Pentagon Officials Warn the Active Duty That Their Task is National Security, not Domestic Repression of Trump’s Political Foes; New Yorker Writes That Trump Is “Performing Fascism”; Public Attention Shifts to Whether Tenant of Oval Will Vacate Premises After Looming Election Defeat; At George Floyd Memorial Service, Sharpton Tells Trump To Stop Brandishing Bible and Try Reading It; Barr’s Mystery Soldateska aka Little Green Men in Streets of Washington DC Trying to Intimidate Population;

48% of US Now Have Very Unfavorable View of Trump; Will He Fall Victim to Landslide Defeat Like Goldwater’s At Hands of LBJ in 1964?; GOP Senate Prospects in Decline; Trump Clique Eyes Coup Scenarios for Contingent Election With Delay in Designating Winner; Make Sure Don’s Margin of Defeat Overwhelming!

1.9 Million New Jobless Claims Point to Dramatic Worsening of Depression; More Harbingers of Biden’s First One Hundred Days in Spirit of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal;

On to Richmond, where the Robert E. Lee Statue on Monument Avenue is Scheduled to Be Removed in Near Future; 

Breaking: Large Demonstration in Hong Kong Commemorates 1989 Tien an Men Massacre in Defiance of Beijing Communist Regime

Jun 2020

June 3, 2020

Gen. Mattis Condemns Trump for Ordering US Troops to Violate Constitutional Rights of American Citizens; Compares Trump’s Divide and Conquer Tactics to Methods of Nazis in World War Two; Rejects Concept of US Cities as “Battlespace”; Trump Fails to Provide “Mature Leadership,” Attacks National Unity, and Is Guilty of “Abuse of Executive Authority”; 

Defense Secretary Esper Repudiates Trump’s Plan to Unleash Troops against American People under Insurrection Act; Pentagon Attempts To Move Forces Away From National Capital Area Back to Their Bases, Countermanding Orders from White House;

Mullen, McRaven, Dempsey, Hagel, Pinetta, Stavridis, and McCaffrey Join in Condemning Trump’s Plan for Militarized Repression; Rejection of Trump by US Military Lowers Danger of Military Coup In Context of November Election;

Biden Averages 76% of Vote Across Primaries in Eight States; His Delegate Count of 1,959 Nears 1,991 Needed To Clinch Democratic Nomination; Racist GOP Congressman Steve King, a Clone of Don, Loses in Iowa, Suggesting Trump May Not Carry State; Centrist Veteran Stenny Hoyer Wins Big in Maryland; Steve Bullock Takes Democratic Nod For Senate in Montana by 96%, Making Him Favorite to Win Seat; 56% of Americans Condemn Trump’s Handling of Protests, While 33% Support Him; 64% Sympathize With Protesters, While 27% Oppose Them

Jun 2020

June 2, 2020

Barr and Trump Trample First Amendment with Order to Oust Peaceful Demonstrators from Lafayette Park Monday Evening; Episcopalian and Roman Catholic Bishops Condemn Don’s Cynical Exploitation of Religious Buildings; Will the Bible Survive Trump’s Posturing?

Reports of Federal Troops In and Around Washington DC; Military Helicopters Mount Show of Force Action over DC’s Chinatown; Protests in Many Cities Calmer Than Previous Night; Biden Offers Alternative of Rational Constitutional Leadership;

Cuomo Rejects Trump’s Plans to Deploy Federal Troops, Condemns Repression Against Peaceful Protesters, and Urges De Blasio to Stop Further Looting by Deploying All 38,000 New York Cops; 

US Now In Midst of Classic Creedal Passion Period, when Gap Between Professed Values and Actual Institutions Becomes Intolerable; Lessons of How Reform Can Succeed and Fate of Jimmy Carter;

Breaking: Lt. Gen. Russell Honoré, The Hero of New Orleans, Mocks Trump’s Triumphal March Across Lafayette Park as “Something Out of Turkey”; Calls on Congress to “Restrain Trump”; and Recommends That Joint Chiefs of Staff File Legal Brief to Stop Improper Use of Active Duty Forces;

McConnell Blocks Schumer’s Motion Condemning Trump’s Atrocity in Lafayette Park

Jun 2020

June 1, 2020

Trump Demands Governors Trample First Amendment With Indiscriminate Repression of Legitimate Protesters over Actions of Violent White Supremacist Infiltrators; White House Engaged in Obscene Replay of Nixon’s Long Hot Summer and Hoping for Racist Backlash at Polls; Barr’s Targeting of Amorphous Antifa Could Expand to Include Anti-Trump Dissent;

New Attention for Early March Intelligence that Weakened Putin Regime Wants Race War in United States; Russian Goal Is Chaos and Despair Conducive to Lower Turnout by Black Voters and Four More Years for Don; After Years of Wrecking Operations in US Intelligence Community, National Defense Is Significantly Impaired; Russia Mounts “Brazen and Disruptive” Operations Pushing US to “Tear Itself Apart”; Kremlin Intelligence Bosses Impressed by 2017 Fascist March in Charlottesville, Virginia, Seen as Ideal Model for Using Race Issue to Rend American Society; Trump Responds With Bid to Restore Russia to G-7 Membership;

Dangerous Assets of Three Foreign Adversaries Reportedly Among Provocateurs; Truckloads of Armed Fascist Militia Observed Arriving in Minneapolis, where 80% of Those Arrested Are From Out of Town; 

Urban League President Demands Feds Inform Nation About Role of Russia and Others; Veep Hopeful Val Demings Stresses Need for Economic Reform Agenda for Disadvantaged Communities and Calls for Nationwide Ban on Choke Holds by Police; Atlanta Mayor Bottoms Tells Demonstrators To Go Home; Biden’s Lead Stable at 10%

May 2020

May 30, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

In Week Full of American Carnage, Trump Plays Backlash Card, Fomenting Long Hot Summer of Riots in Worst Tradition of Nixon in 1968 with Infamous Slogan “When the Looting Starts, the Shooting Starts”; Pandemic Suffering and Economic Immiseration Set the Stage;

Reporters Detect Systematic Organization of Arson Against Buildings and Small Business in Minneapolis, with Anarchist Provocateurs Bussed in for the Occasion; Minnesota Gov. Walz Says Protesters Infiltrated by Violent White Supremacists, Drug Cartels, and Underworld; Puzzling: Protesters Focus on CNN Center in Atlanta, But Spare Trump’s Hotel in Washington; 

Demonstrators Should Raise Demands for WPA Jobs, Food Stamps, Extended Jobless Benefits, No Foreclosures or Evictions, Better Housing, and Health Care; Bungling Hennepin County Officials Must Arrest and Charge Remaining Three Cops to Help Restore Public Order;

Trump Deserts Fight against Chinese Communists for Control of World Health Organization; US Needs to Help Save WHO; Anti-Beijing Measures Need to Be Much Stronger;-

Operation Garden Plot, Currently Updated as CONPLAN 2502 of US Northern Command, Is Plan for Military Intervention into Civilian Disorders, Starting with 5,000 Troops Available for Towns, 12,000 for Cities, and 18,000 for Washington DC; Case Study of 1931-1932 Operations Plan of Lt. Col. Ott Under German Chancellor von Papen, Which Aimed at Imposing Martial Law Under State of Emergency Allowed by Article 48 of Weimar Constitution

May 2020

May 28, 2020

China Launching Military Provocations Against India in Ladakh Region along Line of Demarcation in Northern Jammu and Kashmir; Beijing Communists Target New Defensive Roads Built by New Delhi to Serve New Indian Air Base; India Seeks to Prevent Strategic Envelopment by Tyrant Xi’s “Belt and Road” Imperialist Geopolitics; Chinese Attacks Occur at Site of Mao’s 1962 Aggression; 

India Wisely Rejects Trump’s Intrusive Bid to Mediate, Since He Cannot Be Trusted; Beware Trump’s Crude Mimicry of Sir Edward Grey’s Duplicity in July-August 1914; 

Xi’s Rubber-Stamp Parliament Gives Overwhelming Approval to Bill Imposing Dictatorship on Hong Kong, Violating Sino-British Treaty; Trump Plans Statement on China Measures This Friday; Goal Should Be To Minimize Suffering of Hong Kong, While Stopping Transfers of Strategic Technology, and Sanctioning Individual Oligarchs and Princelings; Time to End Most Favored Nation Status, Obtained Under False Pretenses;

Beijing Launching Aggression in All Directions: Against India, Hong Kong, and in South China Sea; What If North Korean Regime Collapses?; Will Iran Play Along?; How Will Russia React?

Canadian Court Takes Key Step towards Extradition of Huawei Heiress Mme. Meng, Daughter of Founder Ren;

DoJ and FBI Claim to Be Investigating George Floyd Murder Case in Minneapolis; Public Interest Requires Immediate Arrest of Rogue Cop and Accessories;

May 2020

May 27, 2020

With Civil Rights of Black Americans under Massive Attack by Rogue Cops, AG Barr Must Stop Harassing Democratic Governors and Instead Intervene in Cases of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd;

Beijing Dictatorship Illegally Imposes Draconian “National Security” Yoke on Hong Kong, Effectively Ending Autonomous Status of City-State under “One Country, Two Systems” Sophistry; Rationale for Favored Treatment by US Is Dissolving; 

Xi Foolishly Sacrifices Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs By Bid to Extend Communist Oppression Over Lucrative Hong Kong Financial Center; President Tsai of ROC on Taiwan Announces New Measures To Welcome Hong Kong Refugees; Need US Ultimatum To Xi Warning That A New Tien an Men Crackdown Will Mean End of Most Favored Nation Trading Privileges and Exclusion From Dollar-Denominated Credit Markets; Don’t Let Trump Sell Out US for Soy Beans; 

France Bans Use of Hydroxychloroquine as Treatment for Covid; Playing the Dictator, Trump Want to Muzzle and Shut Down Social Media;

Theology and Politics: the Devil Is a Cynical Nihilist Much Like the Contemporary Crop of Failed Populist Demagogues

May 2020

May 26, 2020

Trump Alleges Deal To Cut Cost Of Insulin To $35 per Month Co-Pays for 3 Million Beneficiaries on Certain Medicare Advantage Plans, a Small Fraction of Total Diabetics in Medicare as a Whole; Seema Verma’s Key Role Justifies Complete Skepticism; Trump Uses Occasion to Stress His Determination to Destroy Obamacare, While Praising Junk Insurance Which Lacks Essential Medical Benefits as “Competition”; Reliance on Public-Private Partnerships Recalls Features of Fascist Corporate State;

Rosy Scenarios from Trump Economists Are Baloney: Just Re-Opening Will Hardly Help Situation; With Almost 50 Million Jobless, US Economy Cannot Revive with Support of Consumer Spending Alone; Real Recovery Will Require Massive New Investment in Capital Goods, Plant and Equipment, and Wages of Production Workers; Models Are Harry Hopkins’ Works Progress Administration and Harold Ickes’ Public Works Administration under FDR New Deal; Federal Reserve Should Furnish $5 Trillion in 0% Multi-Decade Credit For Public Works, Not Financial Services, As Spearhead of Recovery; 

In the Midst of World War II, Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov Negotiated for Separate Peace With His Nazi Colleague Ribbentrop in Kirovograd (Ukraine) Around June 1943;

History Channel Mini-Series on Life Of Gen. Grant Refutes Pro-Confederate “Lost Cause” Distortions; Program Broadcast at 9pm, 11 pm, and 1 am eastern Tuesday and Wednesday

May 2020

May 23, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Beijing Communist Regime Seeks To Impose Totalitarian Dictatorship on Hong Kong via Cold Coup, Inserting Oppressive “National Security” Provisions into Basic Law without Approval of Hong Kong Legislature; Accusations of Secessionism, Sedition, Terrorism, and Pro-Independence by Communists; Mass Protests in Hong Kong Loom, Bringing Possible New Tien An Men Repression; Move Violates Sino-British Treaty Setting up Autonomous Territory under “One Country, Two Systems” Slogan, but BoJo Is AWOL and Slammed as Pro-Beijing; All Eyes on Trump, Who Wants More Appeasement;

Discredited Dictator Xi and Communist Leaders Reportedly “Feel Threatened and at Risk” as They Face Attacks at Home and Abroad for Wuhan Pandemic, Economic Crisis, and Strangling Authoritarianism; Beware Beijing’s Useful Idiots in West;

Democrats Must Stand Up To Xi; Biden Has Upper Hand, Having Branded the Dictator a “Thug,” while Trump Continues to Kow-Tow; Oxford Economics Study Sees Biden Landslide as US Contraction Worsens; US Has Worst Unemployment, Industrial Production, Manufacturing, Capacity Utilization, and Retail Sales Statistics Ever;

Under Tenth Amendment, Trump Has No Power to “Override the Governors” on Church Openings; Don’s Pandemic Chaos Gets Meager 39% Approval, While Many Governors Get Close To 70% Support

Observe 3pm Pause on Memorial Day, Originally Dedicated to the Union Dead; The American System Returns Tuesday

May 2020

May 21, 2020

Despot Xi Prepares to Strut and Posture as Conqueror of Wuhan Virus at Friday’s Opening of National People’s Congress, the Annual Rubber-Stamp Parliament Dominated by the Communist Party; Event Will Be Regimented and Shortened to Shield Dictator Xi from Possible Outbursts of Anger by Local Cadre Resentful of Dishonest Handling of Pandemic; Xi Impudently Boasts Party Has Acted with “Openness, Transparency, and Responsibility”; Apparatchiki on Defensive after Economy Contracts at an Official 6.7% Rate in First Quarter; New York Times Cheerleads For Xi’s Personality Cult; 

Are Trump’s Chickens Coming Home to Roost?; Quinnipiac Poll Shows Biden Ahead of Don by Stunning 50% to 39%; Only 41% Approve of White House Handling of Pandemic, with 56% Disapproving and No Rally Round Reflex; Trump Gets 88% of Republicans, Not Enough to Win with Base Turnout Strategy Alone; 67% Want Trump to Wear Mask; Another Poll Finds Trump’s Approval at 40%; After Having Recently Favored Trump, Oxford Economics Survey Now Forecasts Biden “Walloping” Trump With 65% of Popular Vote to 35% for Trump; Democrat Seen As Likely Winner In Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin; If Democratic Turnout Reaches 2008 Levels, Biden Could also Prevail in Florida, Texas, and Other Red States, Getting 434 Votes to 104 in Electoral College and Ousting Mitch McConnell; This Result Would Restore Moral Credentials of American People in Our Time;

Lessons From Marco Lombardo in Purgatory xvi: History Is Made by People Exercising Free Will, and Not by Destiny or Demons; Misrule, Not Celestial Forces, “Has Caused the World to Be Malevolent”;

Best Wishes For Memorial Day!

May 2020

May 20, 2020

Stench of Dictatorship and Voter Suppression Envelops Washington DC as Trump’s Polls Deteriorate: Tenant Of White House Threatens to Cut off Federal Funds For Michigan Because State Sent Absentee Ballot Applications to Registered Voters, as Explicitly Mandated by Its Constitution; New Outrage Negates Tenth Amendment, Once a Favorite of “Conservatives”; Will Free Elections Be Possible Come November?; Supreme Court Temporarily Denies House Access to Grand Jury Material From Mueller Investigation, Just as New Round of Foreign Meddling Ramps Up; Inspectors General In Every Agency Under Threat;

Senate FEMA-DHS-USPS Committee Under Johnson Ignores Multiple Emergencies, Focusing Instead on Reviving Discredited Hunter Biden Charges; Lindsey Graham Wants To Gin Up Scandal Against Routine Unmasking; But as Head of Obama NSC, Top Unmasker Susan Rice Blocked Daniel-Wallander Plan for Retaliation vs. Russia and Putin Personally, Fostering Inaction Before 2016 Vote; 

The Problem Of Evil In Human History In Philosophy And History, with Outbreak of World War I as Case Study;

Breaking: Adding To Trump’s Instability, Quinnipiac Poll Shows Biden Leading Trump Nationwide By 11 Points, 50% To 39%

May 2020

May 19, 2020

After Threatening To Slash US Support For World Health Organization Over Exorbitant Influence Of Beijing Communist Regime, Trump Escalates Bungling With Threat To Leave Organization; Somebody Tell Don That Picking Up Your Dollies And Going Home In A Fit Of Pique Is Not An Effective Diplomatic Strategy; Much Truth In Charges Against China Listed In Letter Sent To Tedros, But Any Truth Is Discredited When Trump Is The Messenger;

Boxed In By 62 Nations Led By Australia And The EU, Chinese Communists Forced To Approve Call For Independent International Investigation Into Virus, But Without Naming Wuhan And Without An Imperative Timetable; 

France Opens Part Of School System, But Is Forced To Close Some After Flare-Up In New Cases; The Impact Of Personal Suffering On Character: Solemn Warning About The Dangers Of Hydroxychloroquine From Fox’s Neil Cavuto In Context Of His Harrowing Medical History;

Japan Recovery Program Includes $2 Billion Repatriation Program For Bringing Japanese-Owned Production Back From Mainland China; $200 Million Also Appropriated To Shift Factories From China To Other Nations In Region;

Breaking: In Florida, De Santis Regime Fires Designer Of State Virus Information Dashboard Over Her Refusal To Hide Fields Of Vital Information From Public!

May 2020

May 18, 2020

At Virtual WHO Annual Meeting, Bungling Diplomacy Of Trump And Pompeo Lets Communist Dictator Xi Deliver Keynote Address, Posturing As Benefactor Of World And Especially Africa For A Mere $2 Billion; Beijing Despot Burnishes Image As Guarantor Of Equitable Distribution Of Vaccine; He Pretends To Approve Inquiry Into Origins Of Wuhan Virus, But Only Once Emergency Is Over; Will Watered-Down Call For Probe Pass On Tuesday; Trump Boycotts Session, But Threatens To Cut $400 Million Off US Contribution; Isolation Of US Virtually Complete;

Azar Of HHS Slams Obscurantism Of WHO And China, But Offers No Resources To Poorer Countries; WHO Betrays Its Mission For World By Stubborn Contempt For Taiwan Experience, Which Has Reportedly Kept Wuhan Coronavirus Down To Seven Deaths In Country Of 24 Million; To Promote Return To International Cooperation, Discredited WHO Secretary General Tedros Must Resign Now;

AG Barr Deflates Trump’s Latest Scapegoating And Deflection Gambit By Announcing That Obama And Biden Are Unlikely To Be Invited, But Ominously Warns That He And Durham May Try To Frame “Others” 

Breaking: Fired State Department AG Was Probing Not Only Menial Tasks For Subalterns, But Also Pompeo’s Illegal Arms Deliveries To Saudi Arabia, Used To Massacre Houthi Rebels In Yemen!

May 2020

May 16, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Democratic House Passes $3-Trillion HEROES Act For Emergency Assistance; Measure Would Provide $1 Trillion For Depleted State And Local Governments, $25 Billion For US Postal Service With Universal Mail-In Voting; Hazard Pay For Essential Workers; Tougher Health And Safety Regulations; Second Round Of $1,200 Payments For Everyone, Without Reference To Immigration Status; Money For Medicare And Medicaid; Remote Proxy Voting For House; Package Defies Trump’s Hoover-Like Refusal To Use Presidential Powers And National Resources To Help Stricken American Working People; HEROES Act Vote Is 208-199; GOP Wreckers Vote No, Joined By 14 Utopian Ultra-Lefts From The Democratic Side; 

At Trump’s White House Court Of Miracles, “Operation Warp Speed” Dishes Out Magical Promises Of Millions Of Effective Vaccine Doses By The End Of This Year; Skeptics On Display But Muzzled; During Final Phase Of Nazi Regime, Much Propaganda Was Based On Secret Weapons (Wunderwaffen) To Avoid Collapse;

Biden Preparing Emergency Program Comparable To FDR’s Hundred Days To Meet An Emergency More Serious Than The Great Depression In March 1933; Highlights Include No Artificial Limits On Spending; Free Virus Testing And Treatment; All Victims Indemnified For Pandemic Losses; End Trump’s Lawsuit Seeking To Destroy Obamacare; Immediate Medicare For All Who Want It – Not Sectarian Confiscation – As Voluntary Public Option Within Obamacare, From Pre-Natal Care To Grave At Nominal Or No Cost;

More Reports That Xi’s Mercenaries Are Already Attempting To Steal US Research On Coronavirus; Beijing Communist Regime Threatens Cyber-Campaigns Against US Politicians Who Demand Accountability Or Expose Communist Malfeasance;

May 2020

May 14, 2020

Trump Depression Deepens With Three Million More New Jobless Claims Last Week; Actual Unemployment Now Exceeds 50 Million; Trump Promises Santa Claus Rally In Fourth Quarter; But Fed Chief Powell Warns Of Long-Term Depression And Demands More Taxpayer Cash For Wall Street Zombie Banks; Ousted BARDA Leader Dr. Bright Expects Pandemic To Inflict “Darkest Winter” In Modern American History; Biden’s Hundred Days Taking Shape As Most Radical Activist Presidency Since FDR;

FBI Search Warrant For Senator Burr Reeks Of Retaliation For Senate Intelligence Committee’s Confirmation Of Pro-Trump Purpose Of Russian ; FBI Director Wray Targeted For Ouster;

Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan Blocks Bid By Trump And Barr To End Prosecution Of Flynn Based On His Status As Trump Stooge; Retired Judge Gleeson Will Argue Against Barr Minions;

Committee Of Public Safety For Coup d’État Forming With AG Barr, DNI Ratcliffe, Militias, And Right Wing Radio Crackpots Hyping Myth Of Coming Civil War;

In 1929-1933, GOP President Herbert Hoover Earned The Hate Of The Nation By Refusing To Use Presidential Powers To Fight The Depression; Trump Is Now Thoroughly Hooverized In His Own Right

May 2020

May 13, 2020

After A Spate Of Brutal Polls Showing Trump Losing, Boy Wonder Kushner Refuses To Rule Out Attempt By Trump Gang To Change Date Of November 3 Presidential Election Using Pretext Of Pandemic Emergency; Executive Has No Such Legal Authority; Kushner Later Denies Any White House Discussions About Tampering With The Date Of Vote; A Whiff Of Coup d’État In The Air In Washington; Orban And Perhaps Bolsonaro Show The Way; 

Trump’s Threatening Comments About Some Mysterious “Obamagate” Involving His Own Grievances From 2016 Suggest Looming Attack On Constitution By Barr And His Sidekick Durham; Trump’s De Facto Amnesty For His 2016 Cabal Has So Far Sought To Spring Flynn And Manafort, But Not Michael Cohen; Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan Applies Brakes On Flynn; Birx Chooses Dark Side, Seeking To Drive Down Death Count;

Pelosi’s Heroes Act Has $1 Trillion Urgently Needed By State And Local Governments: US Territories And Tribal Governments Are Included; $25 Billion To Save The US Postal Service So November Election Can Be Held; $200 Billion In Hazard Pay For First Responders And Medical Personnel; $75 Billion for Testing And Contact Tracing; Up To $6,000 Per Family In New Round Of Emergency Relief; Bernie Bros In House Must Help Pass Measure This Without Delay;

Reuters Poll Shows Trump Trailing Biden, 49% To41%; New CNN Poll Shows Biden Ahead, 51% To 46%

May 2020

May 12, 2020

At Supreme Court, Trump’s Lawyers Argue That He Enjoys Absolute Immunity From All Legal Proceedings; A Trump Win Would Make Watergate Probe And Paula Jones Lawsuit Retroactively Unconstitutional; Issue Today Is Trump Tax Returns And Business Records Sought By Manhattan DA And House Committees;

Michael Moore’s Film The Planet Of The Humans Is Mainly A Rehash Of The Well-Known Non-Viability Of Wind Power, Solar Panels, Biomass, And Other Allegedly “Renewable” Energy Sources; Energy Flux Density Of These Forms Cannot Begin To Handle Base Load Of Modern Industrial Economy, Especially If Recovery Is Launched; “Renewable” Energy Generally Requires A Complete Backup Using Natural Gas; Most Solar And Wind Installations Consume More Energy Than They Will Ever Produce Over Their Lifetimes;

Worst Of All, Film Briefly Suggests That The Future Will Belong To The Discredited Postwar Existentialist Writer Albert Camus, Who Proclaimed That Suicide Was The Key Philosophical Question; Oligarchical Obsession With Green Finance And Population Reduction Is Back With A Vengeance;

With Kayleigh McEnany, Quality Of White House Daily Briefing Reaches New Low As She Extolls Trump’s Sinister Plan To Wreck Medicare And Social Security Using A Payroll Tax Holiday; She Touts Fact That Trump Prefers “Regressive” Taxes; 

After Barr’s Meddling In Flynn And St. Petersburg Cases, 1,900 Department Of Justice Officials And Veterans Submit New Petition Urging Attorney General To Resign

Breaking: With 11,000 Dead After His Refusal To Fight Pandemic, Bolsonaro Eyes Cold Coup (Autogolpe) With Help Of Ultra-Reactionary Brazilian Armed Forces As His Popularity Plummet; Putin Spokesman Peskov Tests Positive For Virus And Is Hospitalized

May 2020

May 11, 2020

US Government Will Issue Warning To China To Stop Hacking Attacks Designed To Steal Ongoing Covid Research; FBI And DoJ Reported Set To Issue Communiqué; German Newsmagazine Spiegel Reports Finding By Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) Intelligence Agency Of Phone Call Between WHO Leader Tedros And Beijing Communist Dictator Xi: Xi Demanded Silence From WHO About Real Danger Of Wuhan, Including Human To Human Transmission; 

Biden And Democratic Party Cannot Cede Existential China Issue To Trump’s Hollow Demagogy, With Public Concern About Chinese Communist Party’s Role In Pandemic Sure To Grow As Death Toll Mounts; Trump Is Highly Vulnerable, Too Busy Appeasing Xi In Order To Sell Soy Beans In Advance Of November Election;

Despite Arguments Heard On Sixty Minutes. US And World Cannot In The Name Of Cooperation Become Resigned To An Infinite Parade Of Deadly New Pandemics Coming Out Of The Wet Markets Of South China; Beijing’s Contempt For Life And Health Of Humanity In Continuing To Tolerate Wet Markets Constitutes Glaring Threat To International Peace And Security Under Chapter VII Of The United Nations Charter; 

US Is By No Means A Failed State; Rather, Trump Is Aberration Who Must Be Repudiated By Massive Vote; 

Breaking: New Outbreaks In Wuhan And Other Parts Of China As Propaganda Story Of Defeated Virus Collapses

May 2020

May 9, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Worst Monthly Job Report In US History Marks Official Opening Of The Trump Depression, With U-3 Unemployment Rate Of 14.7%; In Attached Note, Labor Department Concedes That Real Jobless Rate Is Nearly 20%, As Forecast Here; Bureau Of Labor Statistics Must Count Those Temporarily Laid Off And Discouraged Workers Who Want To Work But Have Given Up In Despair; Add In Also An Estimated 10 Million Trying To Register With State Unemployment Offices, With 1 Million Of These In Florida Alone; Current Collapse Is Faster Than Job Loss After Great Crash Of October 1929; Shadow Government Statistics Estimates Actual Jobless At 35.7%

Financial Crisis Started Long Before Covid Virus In Mid-September 2019, When Fed Started Pumping Trillions Into Collapsing New York Repo Market; From That Moment, Trump Bubble Was Headed To Short-Term Deflation;

Solution Is Full Panoply Of New Deal Economics, With WPA/PWA Program Of Massive Job Creation Paid For By 1% Wall Street Sales Tax And 0% Federal Reserve Credit, 50% Increase In Food Stamps, Medicare For All Who Want It, Fully Funding Medicaid And Obamacare, And Rescue Packages For US Postal Service And Social Security, With Efficient Disbursements Through A New Reconstruction Finance Corporation;

Despite Hype, Sweden’s Pandemic Deaths Of 3,175 Are Three Times The Combined Fatalities Of Norway, Denmark, Finland, And Iceland, Who Have 70% More Population;

At Trump’s Court Of Miracles, The Inimitable Louis Gohmert Interrupts The Adulation To Brand Pelosi’s House Select Committee On The Coronavirus Crisis The “Committee Of Oligarchs To Unelect The President” (COUP); But The Coup Is On The Other Foot!

On The Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Of V-E Day, Greetings To All Opponents Of Fascism!

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