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Jan 2019

January 9, 2019

“Something There Is That Doesn’t Love a Wall” – Robert Frost, 1914

Fitch Ratings Agency Threatens to Further Downgrade U.S. Treasury Debt Because of Trump’s Tax Scam, Monster Deficits, and Government Shutdown; After Last Night’s Failed Television Tirade, More Deterioration; Oval Cuts Vital Funding For California Firefighters; In New Low of Hooliganism, Don Walks Out On Pelosi and Schumer When They Refuse to Capitulate on Wall Funding; GOP Senators Murkowski, Collins, Capito, and Gardner Want to Re-Open Government; Trump Passes Buck Pre-Emptively By Scapegoating Shine, Sanders, and Conway at Lunch For Network Anchors; Likelihood of Resignation Increasing

Jan 2019

January 8, 2019

Trump’s Oval Office Tirade Shaping Up as Sleazy Bid to Save “The Wall,” A Piece of Bannon-Stone-Nunberg Demagogy From 2016 Campaign; Networks Must Solve Issue of Real Time Fact Checking In Response to Avalanche Of Lies!

Dishonest Attempt to Build Case For Emergency Powers In Opposition to Congress Is Prima Facie Impeachment Bait – But Are Democrats Too Complacent to Take Action?; Three Dozen House Republicans May Jump Sinking Scow in Pelosi’s Wednesday Votes on Funding Government; Trump Media Lockstep Is Crumbling as Sanders and Conway Are Roughed Up By Reporters, Including Fox; All Living Former Presidents Agree Trump Is An Impudent Liar

Jan 2019

January 7, 2019

17 Days Into His Shutdown, Trump Seeks To Divert Attention To Phantomatic Border Emergency With TV Speech; Friday January 11 Will Be First Pay Day With No Pay Check For 800,000 Federal Workers and Families!

Why Trump Is Likely to Exit White House in 2019: Fox News Growing Skeptical As Ratings Are Undermined By Failures and Losses; GOP Multi-Billionaire Megadonors Resent Huge Wall Street Losses; Senators Collins, Capito, and Gardner Flee Unpopular Regime; Bolton Delays Syria Pullout; Any Erdogan Assurances to Kurds Are Worthless; Trump Eyes Betrayal of South Korea and Taiwan; Teach Democrats Impeachment Is Practical Remedy, Not Apocalyptic Gesture

Jan 2019

January 5, 2019

Trump Announces Coup Plan: Declare Phony State of Emergency, Rule By Decree, and Commandeer Army Under Pretext of Building Wall -- But It Won’t Stop There: This Is The Road to Suspension of Habeas and Dictatorship!

An Epiphany for Pelosi: With Nuclear Launch Codes Still Controlled by Deranged Individual 1, Democrats Must Pursue Impeachment To Prevent Imminent Harm; Threat of Multi-Year Government Shutdown Shows White House Contempt For Public Interest; How Long Before Megadonors and Ratings-Challenged Fox News Dump Toxic Don?; Syria and Afghanistan Are Expendable, South Korea Too; Another Bellicose Tirade From Warmonger Xi Raises Sellout of Taiwan As Part of Trade Swindle; Russia Taking Hostages in Wake of Butina Guilty Plea; Contraction of World Economy Confirmed

Jan 2019

January 3, 2019

Pelosi Elected Speaker, Promises “Nothing For The Wall,” Considers Indictment of Incumbent Trump an Open Question!
Democrats Should Learn From 2007-2011, Set Aside Global Warming Austerity Measures While They Pass $15 Minimum Wage and Impeach Whitaker Before He Attacks Mueller; World Economy Sinking Into Depression-Style Contraction: Apple Slowdown Reveals Economic Failure of Emperor Xi; Trump Balloons U.S. National Debt at $1 Trillion Per Year, All To Please His Donor Base of Rich Parasites; Trump’s Praise of Soviets in Afghanistan Will Be Read in Moscow as Invitation To Invade Smaller Neighbors; Elizabeth Warren Reduces Economic Recovery to Just Fighting Corruption, But It Takes Much More!

Jan 2019

January 2, 2018

On Eve of Democratic Control of House, Time to Reject Austerity Straitjacket of PayGo Proposed by Pelosi, Now Made a Mockery By GOP Tax Scam of 2017!

Damage Done by #TrumpShutdown Escalates After 12 Days of No Funding: Mortgage Bankers, Farm Loans, DC Tourism, Coast Guard, and FAA Training All Impacted; From Military To Mormons, U.S. Institutions Signal Rejection of Trump: Ex-GOP Rep. John LeBoutillier Forecasts End of Trump Regime in 2019 After 20 Republican Senators Defect When Don Tries to Exit South Korea; Is Stock Market Crash Just a “Little Glitch”?: Another Psycho Monologue in the Oval; Romney Objects to Tone, Not Killer Cuts!

Jan 2019

December 31, 2018

Trump Bear Market Provides Early Hangover For Stockholders!

U.S. Stocks Complete Worst Year in Decade With Biggest December Losses Since 1931; S&P Down 14% From Highs, 6% For Year; NASDAQ in Bear Market; Packing of Trump Cabinet Cannot Save Goldman Sachs from 35% Loss; Weakness of Banks Is Ominous For 2019; With Trump Lie Count At 6,420, Fewer on Wall Street Believe His Upbeat Tweets Hyping Talks With China; In Yet Another Signal Piece, Finance Maven Roubini Paints Don As Dr. Strangelove Engaged In Mutually Assured Destruction on Trade; Tax Cuts and Deregulation No Longer Enough to Maintain Support of Wealthy; Happy New Year to Our Listeners Around the World

Dec 2018

December 27, 2018

In Drugged Market, Dow Loses 611 Before Closing Up 260; Wednesday’s Action Big in Point Terms, But Mere 5% Gain; Beware Bear Market Rallies Based on Short Covering and Low Volume!

Consumer Confidence Index of Conference Board Declines Sharply In Harbinger Of Trump Ouster: His Strongest Talking Point Wiped Out by Stock Crash; Federal Workers and Contractors Hit Hard by Six Days of Trump Shutdown; Russia and China Reprise Imperialism, 1870-1914, As Seen In Moscow’s Looting of Venezuela’s Oil, Natural Gas, and Strategic Position; Manafort’s Backer Deripaska a Key Player; U.S. Must Develop New Strategy of Debt Relief and Refinancing to Help Victims of Moscow-Beijing Predators; First Step is Lopez Obrador’s $30 Billion Marshall Plan For Jobs In Central America

Dec 2018

December 26, 2018

Mobilized By Mnuchin Call, Plunge Protection Team Triggers Biggest Dead Cat Bounce in Dow History; Damage From Resulting Short Squeeze Unknown!

Putin Threatens U.S. With “Avangard” Hypersonic Secret Weapon He Claims Is Invulnerable; Time To Fund DoD Undersecretary Griffin’s Laser ABM Concept to Neutralize Any Aggressor; Russian Oligarch Sechin Demands Right to Seize CITGO Refinery and Gas Stations Here; More Evidence That Trump Groveled For Erdogan In Syria; China Puts Ecuador Into $1.7 Billion, 7% Debt Slavery For Defective and Dangerous Reventador Dam; $125 Million Per Year In Interest Alone; 7,648 Cracks In Belt and Road Scam; Energy Minister: “The Strategy of China Is Clear. They Take Economic Control of Countries.” Fearing His Critics, Benedict Donald Schleps To Iraq

Dec 2018

December 24, 2018

Trump Delivers Worst Christmas Eve Stock Crash in U.S. History, Plus Chaos of Government Shutdown!

Dow Down 653 Points; S&P In Bear Market; Oil Falls 6.5% to 17-Month Low Below $43/bbl, Confirming Contraction of World Economy; Mnuchin’s Bizarre Statement About Bankers’ Liquidity and Mobilizing Plunge Protection Team Evokes Specter of Banking Panic; Stockjobbers Fear More Fed Quantitative Tightening; Trump Attempts to Scapegoat Fed’s Powell, But He Is Already Hooverized and Knows It: Corker Suggests He May Soon Resign; Lopez Obrador’s $30 Billion Central American Job Creation Program Shows Way Out of Crisis, So Make Fed Pay; Christmas Greetings to Our Listeners Around the World!

Dec 2018

December 22, 2018 WCR

Support $30 Billion Marshall Plan For Central America Proposed by Mexican President Lopez Obrador; Force the Fed to Provide 0% Long-Term Credit!

U.S. Government Closed Until At Least Dec. 27 to Extort $5 Billion To Redeem Psychotic Campaign Promise of Wall; Quisling in White House Wrecking U.S. Strategic Position as Totalitarians Rejoice; Turkey’s Erdogan Ordered U.S. Out of Syria; Alt-Left Mush-Heads Don’t Care About Planned Massacre of Pro-Western Kurds, Can’t Grasp That Post-2001 Phony War on Terror Is Gone, Replaced By Deadly Great Power Rivalry; Dow Ends Worst Week Since 2008 Crash; Trump Passes Buck For Collapsing Stock Bubble, Prepares to Fire Fed Boss Powell; Democrats Must Impeach Whitaker When 116th Congress Convenes On January 3; Christmas Greetings To Our Listeners Around the World!

Dec 2018

December 20, 2018

Mattis Resigns as Defense Secretary In Protest Over Trump’s Worldwide U.S. Rout At Expense of Allies and Favoring Totalitarians in Moscow and Beijing -

White House Fails to Consult Pentagon, Congress, or Coalition Partners, But Demands Immediate Cut and Run From Syria and Afghanistan; Germany, Britain, and France Protest Move as Putin Gloats; Was Turkey’s Erdogan an Instigator?; Pandemonium From Wall Street to Washington: With No Funding For Border Wall, and Worsening Stock Market Crash, Trump Sets Up Government Shutdown Midnight Friday to Maintain Loyalty of Disgruntled Base; Equities In Free Fall Made Worse by Political Chaos; Policies to Restore Order Now Include Criminal Indictment, Resignation, Emergency Impeachment, and XXV Amendment; Putin Demands Brexit With No People’s Vote; The New Herod and the Innocents on the Border

Dec 2018

December 19, 2018

At Flynn’s Sentencing Hearing, Federal Judge Asks Lawyers If Trump’s Renegade General Could Have Been Charged With Treason!

Fed Hikes Interest Rates by One Quarter Per Cent, Keeps Quantitative Tightening on Track; Wall Street’s Spoiled Stockjobbers Enraged, Expect Endless Easy Money; Dow Industrials, Transports, and S&P Dive to New Lows For 2018; U.S. Banks Go Deeper Into Bear Territory; CNBC Talker: It Could Easily Have Been a 1,000 Crash; U.S. Must Support Plan of Mexican President Lopez Obrador for $30 Billion Marshall Plan for Southern Mexico and Central America; Finance The Project With 0% Federal Reserve Credit; Otherwise, the Chinese Will Soon Be On the Rio Grande!

Dec 2018

December 18, 2018

Trump Bear Market Is Here, Bringing Worst December for Stocks Since 1931; Friday-Monday Losses Came Just After End of Quantitative Easing By European Central Bank-

Greenspan Advises Investors: “Run For Cover”; BIS Warns That Sharp Decline in Current Quarter Will Extend Into 2019; Yellen Fears New Systemic Crash, Blames “Gigantic Holes” in Regulatory System; Issue Is Trump-Bannon Deconstruction of Administrative State; CNBC’s Cramer Calls Markets Treacherous and Unsafe; Ron Paul Sees 50% Correction and New 1929, Demands Maximum Carnage; Outgoing Michigan GOP Gov. Snyder Attacks Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave; 62% View Trump as Lying About Russiagate; No Santa Claus Rally, But Lumps of Clean Coal For MAGA Fanatics!

Dec 2018

December 17, 2018

Killer Austerity Emerges as Dominant Political Issue in U.S. and Europe; Texas GOP Judge Strikes Down Obamacare/ACA, While Trump Applauds; Crackpot Decision Would Inflict More Than a Full Korean War’s Worth of Deaths On American People Yearly-

British PM Theresa May Determined to Wreck UK Standard of Living Via No-Deal Brexit; France’s Macron Backs Away From Anti-Worker Measures, May Now Stabilize; Italian Fake Populist Salvini Tries Cheap Parlor Tricks With Budget; GOP Austerity Ghoul Mick the Knife Mulvaney Strips Working Families of CFPB Protections Against Payday Lenders, Gets Promoted to White House Chief of Staff; Government Shutdown Looms On Friday Before Christmas; Federal Workers to Go Without Pay to Prop Up Individual 1’s Demagogy

Dec 2018

December 15, 2018 WCR

Trump Isolated, Encircled by Probes of His Business, Campaign, Transition, Inauguration, White House, Foundation, and Russia Links

Texas GOP Federal Judge Strikes Down Obamacare, Setting Up Epic Clash Over Genocide That Will Defeat Trump in 2020; No Return to Pre-Obamacare Carnage, When 2009 Harvard Study Found 45,000 Dead Americans Each Year From Lack of Health Care!; Wisconsin and Michigan GOP Strip Powers of Governors, Ram Through Killer Cuts; North Carolina Probe of GOP Vote Fraud Probe Deepens; British Conservatives and U.S. Republicans Rushing Towards Extinction As Tide of Fascist Populism Recedes; May Weakened by Failed Brexit Putsch and Party Split; Trump Revealed as Third Man in Cohen-Pecker Plot

Dec 2018

December 13, 2018

Trump Reported Alarmed by Danger of Impeachment in 2019, Begging Senators He Vilified For Help; Proponents of Presidential Indictment Gaining Upper Hand

Trump Support Splintering as Senate Votes 56-41 to Invoke War Powers Act Against Trump and Kushner to End U.S. Role in Saudis’ Genocidal War in Yemen; Crown Prince MBS Condemned as Perpetrator; Farm Bill Does Not Include Slave Labor For Food Demanded by Don; Tory Putsch Against May Fails, But Leaves Her Crippled in Aftermath; Leaderless Great Britain Adrift on the Ocean of Adventurism; Acting as His Own Plunge Protection Team, Trump Plants Rumors of Tariff Truce With China to Slow Crash

Dec 2018

December 12, 2018

Purveyor of Brexit Austerity Theresa May Escapes Ouster By Fellow Tories, 200-117; She Is Left Fatally Weakened by Pyrrhic Victory; Lesson: No Form of Brexit Can Command Majority of House of Commons; People’s Vote Is Only Answer

Feckless Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn Could Topple May and End Brexit Carnage Right Now By Forcing Vote of No Confidence, But Remains Paralyzed; Tory Party Seen As Moribund; In Huawei Case, Appeaser Trump Promises to Sell Out U.S. to Made in China 2025; Cohen Sentenced to 36 Months; Don Claims Hush Money Was Peanuts, Threatens Action By His Revolting Followers; Wall Street Clutching For Straws In China Tariff Talks

Dec 2018

December 11, 2018

Resistance Against Individual 1 Hardening After He Is Branded as Unindicted Co-Conspirator By Manhattan Feds; Pelosi and Schumer Counter His Smock and Mirrors on Live TV; Trump Now Owns Deeply Unpopular Government Shutdown to Extort Money For Wall

Will Bottom Fall Out of His Congressional Support?; Close Reading of Court Papers Shows Mueller Has Strong Case For Conspiracy With Russia; Tribe, Katyal, and Other Legal Experts Argue That Trump Can Indeed Be Indicted as Incumbent President, See His Future as “Behind Bars”; May Goes to Berlin, The Hague, Brussels in Vain Quest For Concessions to Help Pass Her Lunatic Brexit Deal; Deeply Split UK Conservatives May Join GOP in Extinction, Following Model of Liberal Party’s Collapse, 1914-1924

Dec 2018

December 10, 2018

France’s Macron Starts To Dial Back Austerity: Hated Green Tax on Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Junked; Minimum Wage Raised By €100 Per Month, Taxes on Pensions, Overtime Pay, and Christmas Bonuses Removed; But No Return Yet To Wealth Tax on Plutocrats

Facing 100 Tory Defections, May Cancels Parliament Vote On Brexit Deal; She Pledges More Concessions From Brussels This Week, But EU Says Their Offer Is Final; May Seen as Stalling in Hopes of Forcing Disastrous No Deal Brexit; AG Nominee William Barr Implicated in Reagan-Bush Coverups; GOP Careerists Flee Trump Job Offers; In Worst Stock Year in Decade, Grave Technical Damage As Dow, S&P Dip Below October Lows Intraday; Paris Tells Trump to Butt Out of French Internal Affairs; Individual 1 Claims No “Smocking Gun” [sic] So Far in Russiagate

Dec 2018

December 8, 2018 WCR

As Collapse of His Signature Stock Bubble Accelerates, A Deeply Shaken “Tariff Man” Stays Glued to TV

For First Time, Manhattan Feds Cite “Individual 1” in White House For Felony Election Law Violations With Cohen; Mueller Says Manafort Lied About Dealings With Russian Asset Kilimnik; Beijing Totalitarians Threaten Canada Over Meng Bank Fraud Arrest; For AG, Trump Picks Bush 41 Retread Barr, Mueller Critic and Prison-Building Backer of Mass Incarceration Who Helped Save His Master From Iran-Contra Special Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh Using Pardons to Obstruct Justice; U.S. Responds to Russian Challenge to Freedom of Navigation in Black Sea and Sea of Japan; La Scala of Milan Opens With Verdi’s Attila, A Reminder That If The Choice Is Between Empire and Huns, It’s Better to Reform the Empire

Dec 2018

December 6, 2018

Meng Wanzhou, Bigwig CFO of Chinese Firm Huawei, Arrested by Canada Dec. 1 on Request From Brooklyn Feds; Charges Are Violating U.S. Sanctions and Bank Fraud; HSBC May Be Named; Hearing on Extradition Today

Apoplectic Reaction by Beijing Suggests Move Is Threat to Made in China 2025 Scheme For Dominating World Through Stolen Technology; Arrest Magnifies Trade War Fears Worldwide; European Bourses Have Worst Day Since Morning After Brexit Vote in June 2016; Current EU Levels The Worst in Two Years; Dow Dives 784 Before Rebounding on Promises of Fed Restraint on Interest Rates; Instability of Divided OPEC and Crisis of “Sick Puppy” Deutsche Bank Also in Play; Jobless Report, Manafort and Cohen Court Filings Expected Today

Dec 2018

December 5, 2018

Protests Against Mass Austerity for Working People in France Force President Macron to Back Down, Canceling Gasoline and Diesel Tax Hike

Upheaval Largest in France Since May 1968; Regressive Taxes Billed As Way to Reduce Carbon Emissions Left Wealthy Malthusian Elitists Virtually Unscathed; Theresa May Warned Her Embattled Brexit Austerity Plan Will Trigger Similar Pushback; Democrats Must Repudiate Austerity; Mueller’s Sentencing Letter for Flynn Shows Three Ongoing Investigations, Refuting Notion of Endgame; Bush 1944 War Record Challenged by Fellow Veterans of His Bombing Squadron in Pacific; Fatal Decision to Unleash First Gulf War in 1990 Manipulated by Margaret Thatcher

Dec 2018

December 4, 2018

Trump Regime In Free Fall as Wall Street No Longer Believes Don the Con’s Lies About Tariff Truce With Emperor Xi; Dow Dives 800 Points, Sustaining Grave Technical Damage; Banks and Transports Hit Hard

More Chaotic Bungling From Mnuchin and Kudlow Make Matters Worse; Yield Curve For Treasury Securities Partially Inverted, Suggesting Hard Times Ahead Under Trump; Theresa May On Life Support as Her Cabinet is Declared in Contempt of Commons; Amendment Forces Her to Return to Parliament After Expected Dec. 11 Rejection of Her Brexit Deal; British Public Turning Against Lunatic Adventurism of Tory Right Wing; Washington Awaits Flynn Sentencing Memo From Mueller; More on the Real Bush 41

Dec 2018

December 3, 2018

Media Frenzy Attempts Apotheosis of G.H.W. Bush Based on Fabrications and Distortions

He Sought to End Vietnam Syndrome of Reluctance to Seek Military Solutions; His Presidency Started Catastrophic Series of Middle East Wars That Still Weaken Country; His Job Creation Record The Worst Since Herbert Hoover 60 Years Earlier; His Embrace of Racist Eugenics a Scandal; Trump Peddles Hyped Account of His Trade Talks With Emperor Xi; Wall Street Is Eager to Be Gulled; Mattis Reveals Putin “Mucked Around” With 2018 U.S. Election; Kremlin Bigwig Peskov Confirms Contacts With Cohen About Trump Tower Moscow; Is Don Being Jettisoned By Moscow?; Putin’s Pilgrimage to Pskov, Home of Moscow The Third Rome Doctrine

Dec 2018

December 1, 2018 WCR

After Latest Cohen Revelations, Disintegration of Trump Regime Accelerates; “Individual 1” Unlikely To Complete Four-Year Term in Conflict With Democratic House and Special Counsel;

Cohen and Sater Reportedly Colluded On Moscow Tower With Dmitri Peskov, Putin’s Right Hand Man; Beware Secret Sellouts at G-20; Sherrod Brown Shows GM Plant Closings Stem From 50% Tax Cut on Foreign Profits Built Into GOP Tax Scam; If Sir Neville Chamberlain Had Faced a Special Counsel, 1938 Munich Appeasement Tragedy Might Have Been Avoided; GOP Lockstep Fails to Install Farr as Federal Judge; Senate Defies Trump on Yemen; December 7 May Bring Trump’s New Pearl Harbor In Form of Government Shutdown

Nov 2018

November 29, 2018

Trump’s Scheming With Kremlin For Moscow Tower Extended Through Primary Season Into Mid-June 2016: Fixer Michael Cohen Confesses in Manhattan Federal Court He Lied to Congress To Minimize Don’s Exposure; Putin’s Official Deputy Dmitri Peskov Implicated In Contacts;

In Response, Trump Discovers Russia’s Kerch Strait Aggression As Pretext to Call Off Meeting With Putin at G-20; Given Key Role of Felix Sater, What Did FBI Know and When Did They Know It?; Mueller Indicted Twelve GRU Agents on Eve of July Helsinki Sellout; Now, Special Counsel Again Puts Brakes on Appeasement Just Before Meeting With Russian Dictator; Fed Signals Interest Rates Are Close to Neutral, But Warns of “Particularly Large” “Drop in Asset Prices”

Nov 2018

November 28, 2018

Trump Meetings With Putin, Xi, MBS, and Other Dictators at Argentina G-20 Are Threats to U.S. National Security; No More Secret Appeasement of Foreign Adversaries; U.S. Must Exit Yemen War;UK Chancellor of Exchequer Hammond Sees Brexit Depression With 10% GDP Decline In Hard Brexit, 4% Cut Under Agreed Departure; Trump Makes Things Worse For May By Condemning Her Deal; Argentine Judges Consider Arresting MBS For Genocide In Yemen; Time to Declassify CIA Report on Kashoggi Murder; Trump’s Epistemology of Irrationality: “I Have A Gut,” Meaning Irrationalism Prevails and No Facts Can Be Determined; Putin’s Popularity in Russia Cratering Due to Five-Year Hike in Pension Age
Nov 2018

November 27, 2018

Trump’s Cowardice After Kerch Strait Incident Is Green Light For More Aggression by Putin; On Eve of G-20 in Buenos Aires, Congress Must Block Another Secret Appeasement Tryst With Russian Dictator!

General Motors Closing Five U.S.-Canada Plants With 15,000 Layoffs While Sparing Plants in Mexico and China; Trump’s Industrial Policy of Tax Cuts For Wealthy Corporations, De-Regulation, and Contempt For Labor Laws Exposed As Total Failure; Companies That Accept Federal Aid and Bailouts But Attack U.S. Interests Should Be Nationalized; AFL-CIO Condemns GM’s Choice of Low-Wage Bottom Feeding Business Model; U.S. & China Exchange Threats on Eve of G-20 In Argentina; Will Trump Cave to Xi?; Mueller Says Manafort Continued Perjury After Plea Bargain

Nov 2018

November 26, 2018

Midterm Defeat of Trump GOP Must Be Followed By Final Rejection of Brexit, The Xenophobic-Reactionary Plan For Britain To Leave Europe Based on Rigged 2016 Referendum;

Tory Prime Minister Theresa May Faces Virtually Certain Defeat In Parliament On Exit Plan; Growing Demand In House of Commons For People’s Vote, A Second Referendum Now That Chaos and Austerity of May’s Policy Are Clear; Former Brexiteers Concede That Status Quo Membership in European Union Is Better Than Leap Into Brexit Abyss; MPs Recognize Brexit Will Make UK Poorer, Weaker, Less Influential; Brexit Fellow Traveler Jeremy Corbyn of Labour Party Consumed by Ambition, Fails to Provide Leadership

Nov 2018

November 24, 2018 WCR

Schmidt-Haberman Exposé and Trump’s Attacks on Roberts Signal Early Breakup of Regime, Just As 1954 Army-McCarthy Hearings Were Prelude to Collapse of McCarthyism;

Trump Decisively Weakened by 39-Seat Democratic Gain and GOP Disaster at Polls, Plus Gathering Collapse of Stock Mania and $9 Trillion Corporate Debt Bubble; Watergate Ouster of Nixon Prepared by His Destruction of World Monetary System on August 15, 1971, Followed by World Oil Crisis of Autumn 1973, Complete With Gas Lines; In Biggest UK Crisis Since 1945, Premier May Desperately Seeking Brexit Deal From 27 Nations at Sunday’s EU Brussels Summit; No Brexit Is Only Viable Option!

Nov 2018

Happy Thanksgiving to the American System Family


“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”– John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Nov 2018

November 21, 2018

New York Times’ Schmidt-Haberman Exposé on Trump’s Effort to Order Prosecution of Clinton and Comey Signals Wall Street Faction’s Readiness to Dump Spent Puppet;

Hypothesis Strengthened as Chief Justice Roberts Rejects Trump’s Attack on “Obama Judges” After Years of Silence; Rep. Gowdy and Sen. Johnson Break Profile, Demand Report on Ivanka’s Cell Phone Violations; Democrats’ Historic House Gains Now 39 Seats, With 3 Still Undecided; More Revelations About Whitaker’s Shady Finances; Want Civility? Try 40 Million Jobs Financed by 0% Federal Reserve Credit; Espy Closing on Incumbent in Mississippi; The American System Returns Monday; Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 2018

November 20, 2018

Trump For Sale, Cheap!

Tired of Costly Failures By Their Discredited Buffoon and Puppet, Wall Street Signals Dump Trump As NYT and NBC Publicize His Impeachable Attempt to Order Illegal Prosecution of Clinton and Comey;

After Latest Stock Rout of 1000 Dow Points in Two Days, Market Gains For 2018 Are Wiped Out; FAANG Group of Stocks Has Racked Up $1 TRILLION in Losses; Declining GDPs in Germany, Japan, and Italy, Plus $54 Oil Point to World Economic Contraction; Facebook, Google, and Netflix Enter “Death Crosses” as 50-Day Moving Averages Dip Below 200 DMAs; Apple and GS Pounded; Kudlow Promises Happy Days; Don Blames It All on Federal Reserve; Only Available Stimulus Will Soon Be TWStP’s 0% Credit Stimulus Requisitioned From Fed For Infrastructure Jobs

Nov 2018

November 19, 2018

Republican Party Moribund as Entire U.S. Regions Turn Blue; Trump’s Unpopularity Is Catalyst For Collapse

California’s Blue Tsunami: All House Seats in Former Bastion of Orange County Fall to Dems; Support For Trump’s Wall Sank Cox Bid For Governor; Former GOP Leader in California State Assembly Regards State Party as “Dead” and “Not Salvageable” Due to Trump’s “Toxic National Brand”; San Diego’s GOP Mayor Sees Party as Facing Extinction; 24% Of California Voters Are Registered Republicans; Total Disintegration Likely If Current Policies Hold; Susan Collins Now Only GOP House or Senate Member in New England; Only One Republican From New Jersey Still In Congress; China’s Strangling Belt and Road to Nowhere Slammed at APEC Summit; Emperor Xi Forced to Deny Debt Trap Charge

Nov 2018

November 17, 2018 WCR

With Trump-GOP Defeat, Crisis of May’s Brexit Austerity Regime, and Growing Demand For Regulating Facebook, Handwriting Is On The Wall for Pseudo-Populist Demagogues!
British Government Hangs By A Thread as Tories Split Into Warring Camps; Clamor For Second Referendum and Brexit Rollback Grows; Democratic Gains in U.S. House Now 37 Seats And Counting; Loser Trump Retreats Into Cocoon of Bluster and Self-Pity; Facebook Reportedly Knew of Russian Attack on 2016 Election But Refused Countermeasures; Main Focus Was Discrediting Critics; Congress Must Defend Privacy and End Monopoly; Stocks Still Massively Overvalued; Trump Equities Bubble Will Intersect Bond Glut
Nov 2018

November 15, 2018

Key Officials Quit Theresa May Brexit Regime in Great Britain as Parliament Prepares Vote of No Confidence Over Tories’ “Rancid Mess”

Looming Fall of May Confirms That Nov. 6 Defeat of Trump GOP in U.S. Midterm Elections Represents World-Historical Turn Into New Phase of Defeat and Decline For Fascistoid Populists On Both Sides of Atlantic; Brexit Minister Raab Quits Cabinet; Reactionary Rees-Mogg Demands Fall of May; Snap Election and/or Second Referendum Likely; Outrage Over Delay, Deny, Deflect Policy of Facebook Bosses Zuckerberg and Sandberg Points To Public Demand For Federal Regulation of Social Media, Negating Trump-Bannon Line of “Deconstruction of Administrative State”

Nov 2018

November 14, 2018

Trump Republicans Are Losers in Biggest U.S. Midterm Voter Turnout Since 1914 as 49.2% Cast Ballots!

Mueller Probe and House Investigations Are Pincers Closing on Trump Regime, Which Marks Day 666 on Friday; Russian Defense Against DNC Lawsuit: You Can’t Sue Us For Sovereign Acts of War By GRU Against U.S.!; DoJ Desperate to Prove Whitaker Is Legal Attorney General, But Even Judge Napolitano of Fox News Argues That All His Actions – Including Any Attempt to Stop Mueller -- Will Be Null and Void; Mueller Probes Farage As May Struggles to Push UK Into Brexit Abyss; Action Moves to House of Commons on Thursday; Who Is Nick Ayers, The Pence Staffer Touted to Replace Kelly?

Nov 2018

November 13, 2018

U.S. Election Likely to Mark Turn of Tide Against Forces of Fascist Populism Worldwide!

It’s Mueller Time: Reports Say a Salvo of Subpoenas Is Due This Week; Pro-Russian Social Media Provocateurs Tremble; Flurry of Psychological Evaluations of Trump’s Post-Election “Brooding and Skulking” Points To XXV Amendment; Pattern Includes Flagrant Neglect of Official Duties, Including Three Major International Conferences; Last Days of Pompeii in White House as Ouster of Kelly and Nielsen Looms Amid Chaos; 6% Fall For Oil and the World Economic Contraction; Put Up or Shut Up Time For Theresa May On Brexit!

Nov 2018

November 12, 2018

Democrats Pledge to Defend Mueller Investigation; That Must Include Fast-Track Impeachment of Whitaker If He Hangs On Until January!

New House Majority Plans Bills For Minimum Wage Hike, Background Checks For All Gun Purchases, Banning Discrimination Against Pre-Existing Conditions; Can Senate’s 2013 Immigration Bill Finally Be Approved by House?; Dems Must Prepare to Finance Infrastructure Via 1% Wall Street Sales Tax and 0% Fed Credit; World Economic Contraction Wallops Markets: Trump’s Attack on Saudi Production Cuts Tanks Dow By 600 Points; Goldman Sachs Has Worst Day Since 2011; Apple Pounded; Amazon In Bear Market; S&P, NASDAQ Well Below 200-Day Moving Averages; Fear of Tuesday Grips Wall Street; SINEMA WINS!

Nov 2018

November 10, 2018 WCR

Biggest Democratic Success Since 1974 Watergate Rout of GOP! Gain of 40 Seats Possible!

Sinema Leads in AZ, GOP Leads Shrink in FL as Recounts Are Ordered; Abrams Fighting for GA Runoff; Trump Hysterical As Size of GOP Defeat Become Clearer; Right Turn by Corporate Media Distorts Outcome; “AG” Whitaker Caught In FBI Probe of Firm Fined $25 Million for Ripoffs; Impeach Him!; With House Controlled By Democrats, Path to Impeachments Lies Open; But With Democratic Governors in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Trump’s 2020 Path Is Blocked; In 1918, Pershing Stopped MacArthur From Seizing Metz, Ending War Two Months Early; Sobbing Von Hindenburg Confessed to George Seldes That American Infantry Had “Won The War in Battle in the Meuse-Argonne,” Contradicting Later Nazi Fable of Stab In Back

Nov 2018

November 8, 2018

Historic Gain of 31 House Seats By Democrats Already Matches Great Anti-War Wave of 2006 With 12 Seats Still Undecided; Total of 37 Pickups Expected!

Trump’s Ouster of Attorney General Sessions is Obstruction of Justice in Plain Sight; From Fox News to New York Times, Serious Legal Experts Agree That Attempted Appointment of Unconfirmed Trump Stooge Whitaker is Illegal and Unconstitutional; Sinema Takes Lead in Arizona Count; Nelson Gains On Scott in Florida; Stacey Abrams in Legal Offensive; Beto Must Demand Recount in Texas; Defend Mueller Demonstrations in 1,000 Cities and 50 States; 500 at His Alma Mater in Princeton; Kleindienst and Mitchell, Two Nixon Attorneys General Who Were Convicted

Nov 2018

November 7, 2018

Democrats Seize House, Turn Back GOP Drive For One-Party State! Republicans Hold Senate, Lose 7 Governorships

Trump Berserk in Defeat, Fires Attorney General Sessions; Deputy AG Rosenstein Excluded From Succession, May Fall; Mueller Foe Whittaker Takes Over; Russiagate Probe in Grave Danger; Fast Action Needed to Stop Obstruction; Trump’s Rage Fit at Press Conference: Gloats Over Defeat of GOP Politicians Who Snubbed Him; Close to Scuffle With Acosta of CNN; Accuses Alcindor of Racist Questioning; Postures as “Great Moral Leader”; Zero Outreach to Democratic Voters; Democrats Win on Protecting Pre-Existing Conditions; Be Ready to Demonstrate

Nov 2018

November 6, 2018

Civilization or New Fascist Era Hang in Balance As Americans Set New Midterm Voter Turnout Record!

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Nov 2018

November 5, 2018

Weekend Shift of Mass Psychology in Favor of Democrats Suggested by Last Congress, Florida and Missouri Polls!

Our Conjecture: Democrats Gain 42 Seats in House, 2 in Senate, To Take Control of Congress; GOP as Party of Economic Breakdown, National Betrayal, and Corruption Scandals; Russia Betrays Iran and Syria With Support For Trump; The Presidential Nonesuch: Networks Including Fox Reject Trump’s Racist Ad; Mark Twain’s Insights Into Fraudsters and Con Artists in American Life: The Relevance Today of the Duke of Bridgewater and the Dauphin in Huckleberry Finn: Tarred and Feathered, They Were Run Out of Town on a Rail; Tax Wall Street Party Calls on Persons of Good Will to Vote Democratic

Nov 2018


What’s in a name? – Shakespeare


Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.

Washington, DC

October 30, 2018


Persons of good will are fresh from a major mobilization to stop the Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court, and are now seeking to break the Republican control of Congress as a first step to getting rid of Trump. But these struggles are being needlessly weakened by a widespread misconception of what our opponents are, how we should identify them, and how we should best fight them.

When Kavanaugh was confirmed, we had to endure the disgust of news reports that this event had “cemented a conservative majority” on the Supreme Court for decades to come. But such an account is totally misleading. If there were really a conservative majority, our troubles would be far less than they really are. A conservative majority would respect tradition, keep precedents, and slow the pace of change and moderate it. That is not at all what Kavanaugh and his ilk at the Federalist Society want. They want rapid, extreme change directed against the American people. They want to demolish the existing structure of American law by turning the clock back to over a century ago, before the Great Society, New Frontier, New Deal, Progressive Movement, and in many cases before the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation. They want to strip away rights that have been recognized for a hundred years and more.




Conservatism in its traditional meaning comes down to valuing the status quo and wanting any reforms or changes to be done carefully and slowly. Oxford Dictionaries online define conservative as

“…tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions: traditional; marked by moderation or caution; marked by or relating to traditional norms of taste, elegance, style, or manners….”

The same source defines a conservative as “a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics.”

Wikipedia writes that conservatism is “a political and social philosophy promoting traditional social institutions in the context of culture and civilization. The central tenets of conservatism include tradition, human imperfection, organic society, hierarchy and authority, and property rights. Conservatives seek to preserve a range of institutions such as monarchy, religion, parliamentary government, and property rights, with the aim of emphasizing social stability and continuity.”

Does any of that sound like Trump and his fanatical backers bent on shaking up and disrupting the prevailing U.S. system of government? We think not.

This account usefully adds that “The more extreme elements—reactionaries—oppose modernism and seek a return to "the way things were."

Trump, Kavanaugh & Co. are not conservatives. In fact, to call them conservatives is doing them one of the biggest public relations favors imaginable. It sugar-coats their crimes. It trivializes and minimizes the threat they pose to the country.

As Obama recently observed in Cleveland on September 14:

“Look, none of this [the GOP ideology] is conservative. This is not normal. What we’re seeing, it is radical. It’s a vision that says that it’s more important for those who are currently in power to protect that power even if it hurts the country.”

We would suggest that the proper term for most present-day Republicans and their allies is REACTIONARIES – and that for a number of historical, political, and psychological reasons.

The moment has come when we must stop calling the enemy what he likes to be called, and what he deceptively calls himself -- a name which makes him seem far less threatening than he really is. We should start calling the enemy a name that conveys the infamy, opprobrium and peril of what he really represents. We need to show that we will decide on names, because we are morally and intellectually stronger.

We need to re-discover the immense polemical, analytical, and historical potential of the term REACTIONARY, which accurately describes much of what goes on in the current GOP regime.

The general habit of labeling the Trump forces, the right wingers, and most Republicans as “conservatives” was always a serious mistake, and has gradually attained the status of a grotesque and surreal distortion as these anti-state and anti-popular forces have become more radical. In the case of Kavanaugh, he is not in any way a conservative full of respect for settled law, traditions, precedents, and the legal doctrine of stare decisis. He is the radical enemy of all these things. He wants to wreck them, to overthrow them. He is a theoretician of the form of dictatorship known as the unitary executive, which places the president so far above the law that he cannot be investigated while in office, much less subpoenaed or indicted.




The task given to Kavanaugh by the right-wing activists of the Federalist Society (another misnomer!) is to push society backward towards barbarism and away from the existing status quo, to wipe out the results of the Great Society, the New Deal, and the Progressive Era and replace them with an authoritarian regime which we can best call the Permanent Austerity Dictatorship. Kavanaugh would conjure up a different and sinister version of the US of today. Kavanaugh’s goal is a regime with no right to vote, no barriers to racial and ethnic discrimination, no right to unions and collective bargaining, no protections for the poor and weak against the rich, the powerful, and the evil, and no reasonable regulations to safeguard the health, safety, property, and dignity of the people. This makes Kavanaugh a REACTIONARY.

If the term conservative means anything, Kavanaugh does not qualify as a conservative. His role on the high court would be to overturn, overthrow, and strike down the pillars of more than a century of modern American jurisprudence. He will attack settled law, precedents, and traditions. He will make a mockery of stare decisis. No settled law will be safe. He will, in short, do the very opposite of what an actual conservative would do. Kavanaugh is a REACTIONARY.

In fact, to call him a conservative destroys the main case against him.

It is therefore appalling to hear and read commentators (some of whom are well-meaning) holding forth about Kavanaugh as “very conservative.” Or, for that matter, to hear that Trump, Bannon, the Koch Brothers, Sean Hannity, Limbaugh, or the Alt Right are “very conservative.” But these are people who want to create a polity more anti-historical and more oppressive than anything found in America since the Civil War. They are not conservatives. They are REACTIONARIES, and very radical ones at that.




The epidemic misuse of the term conservative is one of the most egregious current examples of the abuses of language targeted by George Orwell in his 1946 essay “Politics and the English Language.” Orwell’s thesis is that political prose usage is designed to dupe, to manipulate, to sugar-coat atrocities, to hide the truth, and to undermine the very concept of truth. Much of his argument applies to our time:

“Most people who bother with the matter at all would admit that the English language is in a bad way, but it is generally assumed that we cannot by conscious action do anything about it. Our civilization is decadent, and our language–so the argument runs–must inevitably share in the general collapse…. [But] the point is that the process is reversible. Modern English, especially written English, is full of bad habits which spread by imitation and which can be avoided if one is willing to take the necessary trouble. If one gets rid of these habits one can think more clearly, and to think clearly is a necessary first step towards political regeneration: so that the fight against bad English is not frivolous and is not the concern of professional writers.… [Clichés, obfuscation, euphemisms, and misnomers] …will construct your sentences for you–even think your thoughts for you, to a certain extent -- and at need they will perform the important service of partially concealing your meaning even from yourself. It is at this point that the special connection between politics and the debasement of language becomes clear….The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one's real and one's declared aims, one turns, as it were instinctively, to long words and exhausted idioms, like an octopus squirting out ink….I have not here been considering the literary use of language, but merely language as an instrument for expressing and not for concealing or preventing thought.”


The reform proposed by Orwell is similar to the one suggested here: recognize that calling such figures as Trump, McConnell, and Kavanaugh conservatives is indeed Orwellian, and then start fixing your own usage:


“[O]ne ought to recognize that the present political chaos is connected with the decay of language, and that one can probably bring about some improvement by starting at the verbal end. If you simplify your English, you are freed from the worst follies of orthodoxy. … Political language …is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. One cannot change this all in a moment, but one can at least change one's own habits, and from time to time one can even, if one jeers loudly enough, send some worn-out and useless phrase … or other lump of verbal refuse–into the dustbin where it belongs.”




Again: if Kavanaugh were really very conservative, he would pose much less of a problem. A principled conservative would defend the existing precedents and points of settled law. So there would be no overwhelming threat to Roe v. Wade, which secured the right to abortion. Nor would Casey v. Planned Parenthood, which secured the continuance of Roe, be in danger. A conservative justice would respect them implicitly, not tear them down. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) would also be safe, since this is by now also settled law. The same goes for child labor laws, wages and hours, federal minimum wage, and other regulations in a myriad of fields.

The most recent judicial monstrosities from the reactionary Scalia court (the Citizens United open door for foreign and corporate campaign dark money, the Janus attack on union finances, the Heller gun orgy, and the gutting of the Voting Rights Act in Shelby County v. Holder) have tended to involve the striking down of precedents from the New Deal and the Great Society eras. Labeling the justices who voted for these horrors as conservatives does nothing but camouflage them and help them appear far more moderate than they are.

If Kavanaugh wants to place Trump above the law, he will have to strike down the unanimous 8-0 decision in United States v. Nixon (1974), which forced Tricky Dick to disgorge the Oval Office tapes. An actual conservative would have trouble doing this. But Kavanaugh is eager to do it. So it makes no sense to call Kavanaugh a conservative and then delude oneself that this pathetic formulation represents an effective attack on his dictatorial tendencies. For far too many, it might appear as a compliment. But Kavanaugh is actually a reactionary -- at minimum.

We are proposing a simple action which would have had the potential of helping to stop the Kavanaugh candidacy and could still shave a percentage point or more off the vote totals of Republican candidates. Right now, these Republicans are being allowed to get away with calling themselves conservatives when they are in fact militant reactionaries and right wing extremists. If we examine what conservatism is supposed to mean, we will quickly find that the party of Trump and Pence, Jim Jordan and Steve Bannon, Judge Roy Moore and Newt Gingrich is not conservative in any meaningful sense, but should rather be called right wing extremist, right wing radical, right-wing fanatic, or – as proposed here – REACTIONARY.

REACTIONARY is the historically established and adequate term. It reflects reality and is thus a much-needed way of telling the truth. To call these people conservatives is a dodge, a cop-out.

With the stakes of the 2018 election comparable to those of 1864 and 1940 in historical importance, it ought to be inconceivable that we allow a brutal adversary to decide on his own reassuring, non-threatening, sugar-coated name as suggested by his own focus groups and think tanks. Anyone who is content to let Republicans go on calling themselves conservatives is a fool and a coward who has already surrendered, and is unfit to be a leader. We of the anti-Trump camp must now prepare a campaign to impose a label on the Trump faction which is scientifically accurate and polemically effective, meaning negative for them.




There can be little doubt that a general policy of naming Trump and his followers as the REACTIONARIES they are, if systematically and permanently carried out by television anchors, radio commentators, newspaper writers, Internet bloggers, and social media could soon be imitated by Democratic candidates, leading to an identity crisis in significant parts of the enemy coalition. The resulting disorientation could, as already noted, reduce the reactionary vote by a percentage point or two – perhaps enough to decide the outcome.

The ability of the anti-Trump coalition to impose a different and pejorative name against the will of the oppressors will also show which side is intellectually and politically stronger – and this is a factor of inestimable worth.

All in all, this simple reform of political terminology represents the easiest, cheapest, quickest, and most effective tactic available to anti-Trump political forces in the current situation. All that is required to get the ball rolling would be for a nationally syndicated columnist, a cable television news personality, a radio talk show host, or a leading website to embrace this long overdue reform. The time is now!

From the time of Gorgias the sinister sophist in the age of Plato, down to the verbal contortions of the protean Frank Luntz, anyone engaged in politics has been forced to appreciate the tremendous importance of controlling the use of words and names in the struggle for intellectual and moral hegemony. American history is full of examples. If you in 1864 you were forced to call your opponent a Peace Democrat, then you would have an uphill fight against an opponent whose name sounds reassuring and even attractive. But, if that same opponent is commonly referred to as a Copperhead, and therefore a traitor, then half your battle is already won.




Modern American Democrats and leftists have shown little understanding for this decisive principle. For decades, they have insisted on calling the health care plan they recommend by the strange, confusing, and sometimes menacing term “single-payer,” even as polls showed that demanding Medicare for All –based on the familiar, proven and beloved program – would have conferred a distinct advantage. They have insisted on calling for a Robin Hood Tax on speculation, which once again sounds alien and threatening to many, when the direct and honest term Wall Street Sales Tax offers far better traction. Many in the Democratic Party are obsessed with names, but too often from the standpoint of political correctness and ideological purity, rather than effective polemics and political traction.

But now, in the fall of 2018, the issue of what to call the Trump-Republican political faction has become an existential one for our country. This includes the impact of these terms on the plans of the Kavanaugh court.

If you ask the Trump backers, they will of course generally demand to be called conservatives. This is understandable, since they are actually reactionaries, or worse. So this demand is self-serving and absurd.

As noted, conservatives have historically and recently claimed to believe in tradition, custom, precedent, protocol, and convention. They support traditional ways of doing things. They accord great authority to custom, even when its rules are unwritten. In legal affairs, they say they support stare decisis, meaning scrupulous respect for earlier court rulings seen as binding precedents. They believe that there are long-established ways of doing things, and that these protocols should be adhered to unless there is a compelling reason to depart from them. Conservatives generally cannot avoid a certain respect for the status quo, since existing reality has been brought about by real historical processes, and cannot be simply negated en bloc. If there are to be changes, then these changes should be gradual, and grow out of the current situation in what they call an organic way. In other words, changes should not be sweeping and arbitrary, but rather should grow out of elements that are already implicit in what exists. Conservatives also value prescription: some people have to be told what to do, and this reflects the authoritarian nature of this belief structure. They are devoted to the concept of hierarchy, which they sometimes imbue with a religious justification.

The basis for their respect for norms and protocols is the high regard in which conservatives hold religious, social, economic, and government institutions. Conservatism may be seen as the conviction that the existing institutions are axiomatically capable of solving all the problems of the present human condition. New institutions are usually not needed.

Conservatives don’t like change. They are usually suspicious of change. People like Trump, Bannon, Kavanaugh and the rest of their phalanx of true believers and incendiaries are bringers of big change, cataclysmic change. Trump, Bannon, and Kavanaugh are radical reactionaries, not conservatives.

Thus, anyone can see that the Trump political faction is not at all conservative on virtually all the key points just listed. Indeed, Trump and Kavanaugh are the very opposite, the antithesis of conservatism. Trump claims to be an enemy of the existing set hierarchies known as the Establishment. Trump says that his mission is to break up the traditions and customs typical of Washington DC. He regards the status quo as his enemy, the realm of “American carnage,” bad deals, “crippled America,” “the swamp,” and thus of absolute negativity. Trump’s record indicates a strong preference for a radical, utopian and non-organic break with the past, carried out with none of the care and prudence which an actual conservative might bring to this task. We can thus conclude that applying the term conservative to Trump is an absolute misnomer, a violation of the truth in labeling laws.  It is Orwellian.




If the Trumpers want to be called conservatives, they must first tell us just what it is they want to conserve and preserve. After more than 19 months of this regime, it is hard to find anything they want to conserve, other than income inequality and man’s inhumanity to man. From the provisions of the Constitution to federal statutes to Supreme Court precedents, agency regulations, political customs and traditions, the long-established norms of human society, and morality and decency – the Trump machine in its infinite degradation is at war with all of these. Their only interest in the existing system is to learn better how to game it, loot it, and asset-strip the wreckage.

This outrageous situation has created great confusion, as it was designed to. The extremist ideologue Steve Bannon has been described as a “conservative strategist,” even when his announced mission in life was to destroy the Republican Party Establishment root and branch -- something a conservative could hardly want. Was the accused deviant Judge Roy Moore a family values conservative? How about such figures as the right-wing demagogue Jim Jordan? Or Newt Gingrich, who was considered more of an extremist than the Jacobin Maximilien Robespierre?

Today, even a neo-fascist, white supremacist, nativist, xenophobic think tank can be and is seriously designated as conservative. The conservative position on immigration is that of traditional capitalism: immigrants can be useful as workers, not least by using them to drive down wages of currently employed workers. The Trump gang sees this as heresy.

Most dangerous of all, Judge Kavanaugh is portrayed as the conservative addition for the Supreme Court, even when it is already clear that his tasks are largely devoted to demolishing and overturning decades of precedent, negating tradition, wiping out custom and protocol, legislating from the bench based on his own prejudices, and deploying a very pernicious judicial activism. Kavanaugh supports a kind of totalitarianism invented by Scalia and referred to in the Bush 43 administration as the “unitary executive.” Today, we can refer to this project as the Permanent Austerity Dictatorship, which is emphatically a form of single party rule. This is far more than a question of style: Bannon is a slob, while Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell does not look like a bomb-tossing firebrand; however, he has perhaps done more to wreck the traditions of the U.S. Senate than virtually anyone in recent memory.

In sum, these are not conservatives by any manner of means. Starting with Trump and Pence, they are right wing extremists, right-wing fanatics, right-wing radicals, or – most succinctly and effectively – reactionaries. They seek to foment a negative and destructive rebellion against an existing set of reforms in the status quo.

Originally, reactionaries were counter-revolutionaries who wanted to turn back the clock and undo the consequences of the American and especially the French revolutions, returning to the rule of kings, titled nobility, and the Old Regime. Even after Napoleon’s defeat, these old-time reactionaries wanted to return to the same pre-1789 ruling dynasties (not Bonapartists, but Bourbons, Hohenzollerns, and Hapsburgs, with the same official religions, and the same aristocratic privileges.




After the First World War, reactionary thinkers like Carl Schmitt (Hitler’s lawyer and the patron saint of the Leo Strauss neocons) concluded that the forms of political, social, and economic retrogression which they were seeking could not be attained by an attempt to revert to overt feudal-aristocratic courts and kingship, but rather required modern dictatorship and its more sophisticated forms of oppression in order to be effective. This became the outlook of fascists in Europe right after World War I.

The difference between a reactionary and a fascist is that reactionaries tend to maintain parliamentary formalities as cover, whereas fascists indulge in overt illegal, extrajudicial violence and terrorism. Reactionaries send the police, while fascists also deploy their own armed goons and thugs. Trump’s incitement of violence at his campaign rallies and his embrace of the neo-Nazis of Charlottesville show his strong fascist components.

GOP leaders have sometimes claimed, especially in the time from Nixon to Gingrich to Trump, that they represent a “conservative revolution,” but this is largely doubletalk to sugar-coat the fact that they are reactionaries.

The last word in our call for accuracy in naming the enemy goes to the reactionary libertarian extremist Murray Rothbard, a precursor of the Paul dynasty and the Tea Party. In 1992, Rothbard offered the following remarks on the proper branding of his followers:


“So what should we call ourselves? I haven't got an easy answer, but perhaps we could call ourselves radical reactionaries, or "radical rightists," the label that was given to us by our enemies in the 1950s. Or, if there is too much objection to the dread term "radical," we can follow the suggestion of some of our group to call ourselves "the Hard Right." Any of these terms is preferable to "conservative….”

Democrats and their allies should give the late Murray Rothbard his first choice: let the GOP henceforth be known as RADICAL REACTIONARIES, or just plain REACTIONARIES.

If Democrats would like to gain a point or more, here is a ready and easy way. Stop conceding valuable advantages to a brutal and unscrupulous enemy in political strife! Start exposing them for what they are! Call them REACTIONARIES!

Nov 2018

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October 31, 2018

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