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Sep 2020

September 16, 2020

Fearing Election Defeat, Trump Caves on Pandemic Relief Bill, Urging Republicans to Go for “Much Higher Numbers,” Thought to Mean At Least $1.5 Trillion; Moscow Mitch Has Offered $500 Billion Emaciated Bill, Now Defeated in Senate; Pelosi and Schumer Are Encouraged, Insist on $2 Trillion Minimum; Will 25 GOP Austerity Fanatics Left Over from Tea Party in Senate Clash with Trump Over Spending?

British Foreign Secretary Raab Comes to Washington in Search of Backing for London’s Attempt to Repudiate Parts of Legally Binding Deal They Signed with European Union; Illegal Action Could Bring Back Hard Border Between Ireland and Northern Ireland (UK) , Complete with Document Checks, Customs, and Long Waits; Such a Border Would Violate 1999 Good Friday Peace Accords, which Convinced the IRA to Stop Fighting; Reps. Pelosi, Neal, and Keating Warn London that Wrecking Good Friday Agreement Means US Congress Will Never Pass a Trade Deal with UK, Seen by UK Premier BoJo as Great Prize of Brexit;

Barr Raves On About Iniquity of Mail-In Ballots, Setting Stage for Coup d’État; His Moral Degeneracy is Astounding; Impeach Barr During Lame Duck Session!

Trump Shocked by Grilling in ABC Philadelphia Town Hall; From White House Downplaying of Pandemic to Need for Masks, Average Voters are Smarter and More Aggressive than Craven White House Press Corps; Trump Appears to Choose Murderous “Herd Immunity” as Public Health Strategy; Trump Lies Again that GOP Replacement for Obamacare and Pre-Existing Conditions Protection Is Coming Soon!

Sep 2020

September 15, 2020

Trump’s Assistant Secretary of HHS and Department Spokesman Caputo Raves That Leftist Militias Are Preparing Insurrection Across US; Claims Seditious “Resistance Unit” at Centers for Disease Control Determined to Sabotage Trump; Forecasts that Shooting Will Begin When Trump Refuses to Leave Office on January 20, and Recommends Purchasing Guns and Ammunition Before Then; Noting that His “Mental Health Has Definitely Failed,” He Complained that the Shadows on His Apartment Ceiling Are “So Long”; He Then Exits to Take Medical Leave; Caputo Was Already Accused of Doctoring Pandemic Statistics Published by CDC in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report;

Roger Stone Calls on Trump to Declare Martial Law to Seize Power Before Election, Sending Feds to Seize Mail-In Ballots and other Votes He Considers “Corrupt”; Suggests Arrest of Zuckerberg, Cook, the Clintons, and Possible Shutdown of Daily Beast; Mattis Seen Guilty of Sedition;

Barr’s Justice Department Issues Subpoena to Publishers of Bolton’s Recent Exposé of Inner Workings of Trump Administration; Threat to First Amendment Has Never Been More Acute;

Are Violent Provocateurs, Killers, and Arsonists Marching to the Tune of Foreign Drummers Hostile to US and Sympathetic to Trump? With the Incompetent Ratcliffe as Director of National Intelligence Cutting Off Briefings to Congress, US Intel is in Danger of Being Blinded;

Trump Postures as World Statesman at White House Ceremony Marking Routine Normal Relations Among Gulf Emirates UAE, Bahrein, and Israelis; Palestinians and Two-State Solution Are Absent; Two US Sources Tell Politico That Iran May Be Preparing To Assassinate the US Ambassador to South Africa; Is This The Debut of Wag the Dog as October Surprise?

Chinese Communists Refuse to Sell TikTok to Microsoft, So Oracle Presses Partnership; Any Outcome that Leaves TikTok as Beijing Property Will Be Capitulation by Trump!

Sep 2020

September 14, 2020

Biden Demands $2 Trillion of Infrastructure and Job Creation in Electrification As Key Elements of Energy and Climate Policy in Contrast to Trump’s “Broken Promises” and Obscurantism;

Dem Calls for All-Electric Federal Motor Pool Enabled by 500,000 New Charging Stations, Requiring 1 Million New Hires; 1.5 Million Energy Efficient New Homes and 4 Million Existing Structures Retrofitted by Another 1 Million Workers; 250,000 Instant Jobs In Cleaning Up Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells; Civilian Climate Corps for Forestry on Model of FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps, Which Planted Hundreds of Millions of Trees in the Shelterbelt; Financing Includes Rolling Back Much of GOP December 2017 Tax Scam; Federal Reserve Must also Contribute;

Trump, in California, Warns Against Dangers of Exploding Trees, But Typically Promises Forest Fires will End When Temperatures Fall; Governor Newsom Attempts Compromise on Forest Management, But Almost Half of Land in California is Controlled by Feds, and is thus Trump’s Responsibility;

DHS Whistleblower Reveals Numerous Forced Hysterectomies among Immigrant Women Held at Georgia ICE Facility; Policy of Coerced Sterilization Amounts to Nuremburg Crime;

Trump and Boy Wonder Kushner Hype Normalization of Israeli Relations with United Arab Emirates and Bahrein as Harbinger of Golden Age of Peace; But These Steps Mean Little without Concurrence of Saudi Arabia, Which Is Anything But Guaranteed;

Breaking: Trump Hack Michael Caputo Reportedly Rewrites Official Releases from Centers for Disease Control According to Propaganda Needs of Don’s Election Campaign

Sep 2020

September 12, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Moscow Mitch’s Senate Republicans, Returning to Their True Identities as Austerity Ghouls, Refuse to Provide Serious Relief Funding for American People Stricken by Pandemic; GOP’s Starveling Bill is Defeated 52-47, Likely Meaning No Aid Before Presidential Election;

Trump May Now Attempt to Play Chaos Card Once Again by Blocking Continuing Resolutions and Shutting Down Federal Government as Fiscal Year Ends on September 30;

Race May Not Be Tightening After All, as Biden Expands Lead Over Trump by 0.5% and Don’s Demagogical Ploys Fall Flat; Trump TV Largely Silent to Save Scarce Cash for Final Weeks;

To Make Serious Inroads into Trump’s Rural and Blue Collar Support, Biden Needs a Full-Fledged Listening Tour from Buffalo to Minneapolis, Stressing New Deal Type Economic Demands and Trump’s Failure to Deliver;

Almost Two Decades After 9/11, Time to Recognize That These Horrors Have Been Overtaken by Far Greater Tragedy; If You Came into Political Activism During 9/11 Era and Have Kept That Mental Map, Change is Necessary to Face Challenges of Today and Defeat Trump;

Deputy of Barr’s Hit Man John Durham Resigns, evidently to Protest Trump’s Demand for Pre-Election Political Frame-up of Russiagate Investigators

Beware of Voter Suppression Offensive Being Planned by GOP, Tea Party, and Religious Fanatics to Interfere in November Vote by Harassing and Intimidating Voters;

Breaking: Trump Boasts at Rally in Michigan that He Has Brought Many Auto Plants Back to State, But Reality is the Announcement (Not Completion) of Just One Jeep (i.e. FIAT Chrysler) Plant in Detroit;

Trump Promised to Save Coal, But New Study Shows US Coal Production Down by 31% Since Pre-Trump Year of 2016; Since Trump’s Inauguration, about 60 Coal-Fired Electric Power Plants Have Closed; No Increase in Coal Mining Jobs; Does This Sound Like Promises Made and Promises Kept?

Sep 2020

September 10, 2020

Corporate Media Offer Meager Coverage of Biden’s Landmark Speech on Offshoring US Jobs, Made in America, and the Role of Labor Unions; To Reach Audience of Working People, Biden Should Launch Listening Tour on Economic and Other Issues, Going from Union Hall to Union Hall Across Midwest Rust Belt, and Listening to Concerns of Real People; The Issues Raised Could Then Be Used to Challenge Trump in Presidential Debates; Listening Tour Tactic Was Used Successfully By Hillary Clinton in Upstate New York to Win Senate Seat in 1999-2000;

Humiliation, Resentment, and “Rank in Society” Play Important Role in Psychology of Trump Backers, But These Factors Find Fertile Terrain in 50% to 60% Decline in US Standard of Living Since Nixon Presidency; Globalization Has Contributed Decisively to Immiseration; Time to Lay Out Full Economic Recovery Plan, Including New WPA to Create 40 Million New Jobs With Cash from Federal Reserve– A Vital Terrain Where Trump Cannot Follow;

Democratic Platform Endorses Davis-Bacon Act Labor Standards for Infrastructure and Other Projects that Get Federal Funding; This Law Guarantees Union Pay Scales For Federal Contracts Even in Union-Busting “Right to Work” States;

Breaking: US Treasury Sanctions Andrei Derkach of Ukraine, Source of Anti-Biden Dirt for Rudi Giuliani and Various Republican Senators; GRU Operatives of Russian Fancy Bear Military Intelligence Are Reportedly Attacking Biden Campaign Accounts and Personnel

Sep 2020

September 9, 2020

Biden’s Michigan Speech Can Be Historical Turning Point as Most Pro-Labor Talk by a Presidential Candidate in Recent Memory;

He Slams Trump’s Failure to Deliver on Election Promises to Working People, Inflicting Instead 4.7 Million Jobs Losses, Recession Since Late 2019, and 500,000 Fewer Jobs Created Yearly than Under Obama; Rate of Offshoring of Federal Contracts Has Doubled, with Merchandise Trade Deficit at All-Time High;

Biden Demands 10% Tax Penalty for Sending US Jobs Overseas, and No More Tax Deductions for Expenses of Moving a Runaway Shop; Made In America Tax Credit of 10% for Domestic Production, Including Revival and Retooling of Existing Plants; Approach Recalls JFK’s Highly Successful Investment Tax Credit;

Warren, Michigan, Where Biden Spoke, is County Seat of Macomb County, and Has Long Been the Classic Test Bed of the Reagan Democrats, the Stratum of Blue Collar White Workers Whose Alienation from Democrats Has Wrought Untold Damage on US; Warren Hit Hard by Recent Closure of GM Transmission Plant on Trump’s Watch; Today’s Speech is Step Away from Identity Group Formula, and Towards a New Democratic Majority Advancing Mass Traction Economic Demands;

At High Point of US Unions in 1940s, One Third of Private Sector Was Unionized; Today, After Thirty Years of Globalization, Only 7% of These Jobs Are Unionized; Biden Stresses that Future Production Will Be Done by US Workers of UAW, IBEW, and Other Unions!

Sep 2020

September 8, 2020

With Senate Back in Town, Moscow Mitch McConnell Is Set to Propose an Even More Emaciated Pandemic Relief Bill in Cynical Ploy to Embarrass Democrats and Help Some of His Endangered Senators; Paralysis of GOP Reflects Incurable Chaos of Trump Gang; Ouster of Trump Is Inseparable from Extinction of Republican Party;

With No Relief Funding in Sight, and Waves of Evictions, Foreclosures, and Bankruptcies Imminent, the Trump-Powell Bubble May Be Starting to Deflate; NASDAQ Already Down 10% From Highs Reached Three Days Ago;

Business Genius Trump Has Presided over Squandering by His Campaign of $800 Million of His Initial $1 Billion War Chest with Little Gain in Polling; Officials Claim Extravagant Spending Was the Only Way to Limit Trump’s Loss of Popularity Amidst Pandemic and Economic Breakdown;

Biden Has Overtaken Rival Thanks to $360 Million in Contributions during August, an All-Time Record; Don’s Donors Paid for His Impeachment and Legal Costs, and for $11 Million in Super Bowl Ads to Match Bloomberg’s; Trump’s Own Television Ads Have Largely Gone Dark Over Recent Weeks; His Staffers Promise Big Crescendo; Has Trump Given Up on Michigan?

Trump Reeling as Backlash Against His Slander of US Armed Forces Spreads; But Is Trump Really a Peace Angel? Not If You Count His Genocidal Dirty War in Yemen, and Not If You Can Hear the Alarms of His War with Iran;

House Oversight Committee to Grill Postmaster General DeJoy on Reported Campaign Finance Violations!

Sep 2020

September 5, 2020 -WCR

Biden Launches Stretch Drive with Intensive Week on Campaign Trail, Exposing Absurdity of Ad Hominem Attacks by Trump and Kremlin; Former Veep Emerges as Highly Effective Campaigner; 

Rioting, Looting, and Arson Are Lawlessness, Not Protesting, and Should Be Prosecuted, Was Message Monday in Pittsburgh, Refuting Trump’s Law and Order Lies; Wednesday Speech Showed How to Safely Re-Open Child Care, Schools, and Day Care With a Ceiling of 7% of Family Income; In Kenosha on Thursday, He Displayed Classic Presidential Dignity in Pursuit of Reconciliation; On Friday, Biden Slammed Trump’s K-Shaped Recovery, with Affluent Rising while Middle Class and Working People Fall; If Trump Tries to Enforce “Protecting the Vulnerable” aka Herd Immunity, Many More Families Will Lose Loved Ones;

Former Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi Hospitalized with Covid – Possibly the Most Famous Victim So Far;

Trump Slanders of US Armed Forces as “Losers” and “Suckers” Confirmed by Several Media, Including AP and Fox News; Bush 41, McCain and POW-MIAs Also Derided by Benedict Donald; November 2018 Ceremony at US Military Cemetery at Aisne et Marne, France Was Attended by Numerous Allied Leaders, But Not Don, Who Nevertheless Found Time for Putin; Trump’s Documented Brutality in Case of LaDavid Johnson, Killed in Niger in 2017; Incidents Like These Should Make It More Difficult to Line Up Military Units for Don’s Coup d’État Plans; He Should Resign in Disgrace Right Now, and Take Moribund Republican Party with Him Into Oblivion; 

Russian Bots Join Trump Attacks on Biden’s Fitness and Mail-In Ballots; Meddling Comes in Midst of Putin Rampage Now Including Attack on Dissident Navalny Using Chemical Weapons; Still No US Reaction to Bounties Paid to Kill GIs in Afghanistan;

Best Wishes for Labor Day!

Sep 2020

September 3, 2020

Biden Visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin Gives Voters an Example of Presidential Decorum after Years of Scurrilous Hooliganism; Biden’s Quest for National Harmony Contrasts with Destructive Divide and Conquer Demagogy Practiced by Trump;

Specter of “Herd Immunity” Grips Washington as New Obscurantists Gain Ascendancy in Trump’s Court of Miracles; Latest Panacea Involves Letting Covid Run Wild Through Society in Hopes that Survivors Will Acquire Antibodies and Some Degree of Immunity; First Problem is Terrifying Death Toll from Refusing to Contain Scope of Infections and Deaths; Second Problem Is That Any Antibodies and Immunity May Be Short-Lived, Leaving Society with No Net Gain After Extravagant Losses; Also, Cases of Short-Term Re-Infection Have Been Observed;

Strategy Appeals to Malthusian Ideologues; Boris Johnson’s Reactionary UK Government Embraced Herd Immunity in Early March When BoJo Announced: “More Families, Many More Families Are Going to Lose Loved Ones Before Their Time”; Herd Immunity Interlude Is Still Factor in Britain’s Oversized 42,000 Covid Death Toll, Compared to Just 9,340 in Germany; Policy Changed With March 17 Imperial College Study Forecasting Hecatomb of Victims if Herd Immunity Were Pursued;

Sweden Also Embraced Herd Immunity with Business As Usual and Rejected Effective Public Health Measures; Sweden’s Deaths Per Unit Population Are Worse Than US, and Far Worse Than Neighbors Norway, Denmark, and Finland; Trump’s Attempt to Reduce Testing Is Coherent with this Analysis;

Breaking: Niece Mary Trump Calls Don “Anti-American, Anti-Military Traitor” in Response to Reports of His Contempt for War Dead; Almost Two Decades after 9/11, World Geopolitics Have Flipped;

Best Wishes for Labor Day from the American System to Listeners and Friends; We’ll be Back Tuesday, September 8

Sep 2020

September 2, 2020

Biden Press Conference Provides Humane and Practical Plan to Fight Virus, Fully Invoking the Defense Production Act, and Including Low-Cost Day Care and with Child Care and Costs Per Family Kept Below 7% of Income; Opening Schools and Businesses Presupposes Vanquishing Contagion; He Calls for US World Leadership, the Opposite of Trump’s America First of Appeasement;

Biden’s Polling Lead Over Trump Remains Stable After Both Conventions; Former PA Gov. Rendell Reports That Trump’s Race-Baiting Propaganda Fails to Gain Traction Among Suburban White Women; Violence vs “Law and Order” Is Only Remaining Staple for GOP Demagogy;

Rather Than Focus on the Phony Apocalypse of Q-Anon and Similar Adolescent Trash, Americans Would Do Well to Mobilize Against the Real Apocalypse of Dictatorship, Fascism, and Genocide, Which Could Start as Early as November 3; Don’t Look Now, But The One Trying to Peddle Untested Vaccine is Now Officially Trump; And Beware Dr. Scott Atlas, Advocate of “Herd Immunity” Chimera;

Gallery of Trump Spokespersons Resembles Casting Call for Sci-Fi Bond Villains; They Defend Trump’s Latest Tall Tale about Black-Clad Thugs on a Plane;


Trump’s October Surprise: Letter Sent to 50 States Ordering Preparations to Receive Non-Existent Covid Vaccine on November 1, Just Before Presidential Election; Harvard Medical Veteran Haseltine Calls Move “Very Unwise,” Says He Would Not Accept a Shot Resulting from Such an Irresponsible Rush Job; Adds That Leading Vaccine Candidates Must be Supercooled to -70˚or -20˚, Which Currently Is Not Practical; Notes That Authorities Lending Their Authority to Current Regime Ops Are Discrediting Themselves

Sep 2020

September 1, 2020

September 1 Marks Start of Trump’s Plan to Destroy the Entire FDR-LBJ Social Safety Net; FICA Tax to Be Waived from Now to End of Year; Some Employers Want to Offer Their Employees the Chance to Opt Out and Keep Paying as Usual; They Should Note That Any Tax Not Paid in 2020 Will Have to be Paid in Full in Early 2021; Any Arrears Not Made Up by May 2021 Will Generate Fines and Penalties; These Problems Inherent in Trump’s Unconstitutional Insistence on Solo Executive Action, with No Approval by Congress; Smart Taxpayers Will Decline

It Gets Worse: Actuaries forecast that Trump’s Freeze on Social Security FICA Tax Would Lead to the Total Depletion of Social Security Trust Fund by Mid-2023, Triggering Devastating Benefit Cuts to Pensioners – a Decade Sooner than 2033, as Anticipated;

Is Trump Hoping to Appeal to Wall Street for Permanent Dictatorship Based on Trifecta of Destruction Including Social Security (2023), Medicare (Already Predicted for 2024), and Obamacare/ACA (Targeted by Texas-Led Lawsuit of State AGs)

Trump’s Latest Gambit of “Herd Immunity” Horrifies US Public, Will Become another Huge Negative for Regime In November Election

Biden Pittsburgh Speech Condemning Political Violence and Naming Trump as Top Fomenter Reverberates Across Political Spectrum; Will Dems Get the Message?

The Archetype of the President as Provocateur: Nixon, Having Failed to End the Vietnam ;War, Needed to Gin Up Demagogy for the 1970 Congressional Vote; His Solution was to Schedule a Speech in San Jose California and Then Proceed to Bait a Crown of 2,000 Antiwar Protesters; Were Outside Agitators Hired to Mimic an Attack on Nixon; Chief of Staff Haldeman’s Diary Admitted that Nixon Wanted the Attack; Stage Set for Defeat of Dem Candidate McGovern Two Years Later; The Lesson for Today’s Protesters: Don’t Accept Provocations and Don’t Go Violent!

Sep 2020

August 31, 2020

Signaling Shift Towards Greater Realism in Democratic Party Line, Biden Sternly Condemns Violent Provocateurs Infiltrating Peaceful Political Protests, Who Now Provide the Main Theme of GOP Campaign:

“Rioting Is Not Protesting. Looting Is Not Protesting. Setting Fires is Not Protesting. None of This Is Protesting. It’s Lawlessness. And Those Who Do It Should Be Prosecuted; Violence Will Not Bring Change. It Only Brings Destruction, It is not What Dr. King or John Lewis Taught. It Must End. Fires Are Burning -- and We Have a President Who Fans the Flames;”

Get This Message Quickly to Feckless Democratic Officials in Washington, Oregon, and other States Who Have Failed to Confront Mercenary Wreckers; Trump Refuses to Condemn Violence and Murder Provided They Are Carried Out by His Own Fanatical Supporters; Acting As Provocateur In Chief, He Plans Trip to Kenosha Tuesday Despite Urging from Mayor and Governor to Stay Away;

Military Times Poll Finds Biden Leading Trump by 6% Among Active Duty US Military; Democrat Is Ahead by 43% to 37%; In 2016, Trump Had Led This Survey by 20 Points; 47% Don’t Like Don, with Officers More Critical than Enlisted Troops;

As Death Toll Mounts, Trump Backs “Herd Immunity” Quackery Peddled by Incompetent Advisors;

Biden Won’t Ban Fracking on Privately Owned Land, and So May Win Pennsylvania and Other States; Ultra-Left People’s Party Convention Full of Calls to Boycott Biden; In Tuesday’s Massachusetts Primary, Rep. Kennedy Better for Senate than Green Ideologue Markey

Aug 2020

August 29, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Gaslighting and Superspreading: Trump Ends Convention of Dark Forces with Crescendo of Lies and Empty Promises; Public Health and Empirical Economics Not on Program; Don’s Name Up in Lights, but as a Failure Who Has Choked Across the Board;

Twenty Whoppers: Trump’s Dinner Menu or A Catalogue of His Falsifications in Acceptance Speech?

As Counterpoint, Commitment March at Lincoln Memorial Marks 57th Anniversary of “I Have a Dream” With Realistic Demands for New Era of Voting Rights and Police Reform Advanced by Martin Luther King III;

At Beginning of Final Push for White House, Calls for Democrats to Shut Down Violent Anarchist Vandals and Provocateurs Who Are Trump’s Most Precious Resource and the Greatest Threat to Biden-Harris; Don Lemon of CNN Gets It, Thinks Democrats Have “Blind Spot” on This Issue, and Offers Draft of Tough Speech for Biden; Some Dems Attempt to Evade Issue;

As Labor Day Approaches, Biden Should Campaign On Strong Program of New Deal Style Mass Traction Economic Demands Including Immediate $15 Minimum Wage, Job Creation on Scale of WPA, $600 per Week Extra Jobless Benefit for Duration of Trump Depression, Post Office Support, Saving Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, More Money for Food Stamps and School Meals, Passage of HEROES Act; Make Wall Street Pay the Costs;

Breaking: 23.8 Million Viewers Watch Trump Acceptance Speech, Fewer Than the 24.6 Who Watched Biden Last Week; Don’s Viewership Down 25% From His 2016 Acceptance; Trump Regime Cancels Briefings to Congress on Russian and Other Election Interference; Democrats Must Go Beyond Mere Indignation!


Aug 2020

August 27, 2020

GOP Convention Lurches Into Final Day with More and Bigger Lies and Positive Platitudes from Employees and Family Members; Blanket Flight From Reality into Magical Delirium; At Fort McHenry, Pence Gravely Intones That Voters Will Not Be Safe in Biden’s America, Evidently Overlooking That Today’s Threatened Existence is At Risk in the America of Trump-Pence; White House Officials Claim that Current Clashes Allow Don to Contrast Himself with Dems; Time to Apply Test of Cui Bono to Ongoing Political Violence; Trump Unlikely to Abandon His Signature “Crippled America” and “American Carnage” Motifs of Despair;

Reality-Based Community Fights Back: Biden Shows that Trump is Rooting for More Political Violence, Pouring Gasoline on the Fires of Conflict; Pandemic Is Out of Control with 185,000 Dead and 15 Million Unemployed, Highest Since Herbert Hoover Depression; Biden Condemns Violence From Any Quarter; Harris Takes Over Typical Vice-Presidential Chores of Countering Republican Falsifications;

US Intel Officials Have Warned that Russian Interference into US Vote is Aggressive and Ongoing; What Form is Their Meddling Taking Tonight?; Giuliani Lauds Trump’s Work Ethic in Raving Speech!

“Promises Made, Promises Broken”: Trump Has Not Delivered on His Bombastic Promises to Improve Real Wages; Here Too, His Performance Falls Short of Obama’s Record; Pandemic of Homelessness Made Worse by Housing Deficit of at Least 12 Million Units to Be Paid for by the Federal Reserve Over Next Few Years – Somebody Tell Sanctimonious Ben Carson!

Aug 2020

August 26, 2020

The Full Weimar: Kenosha Police Fraternize With Pro-Trump Fascist Militias, Leaving Two Dead and Several Wounded in Attacks on Jacob Blake Protest; 

In DC, Ultra-Left White Sectarians and Anarchists Harass Friendly Outdoor Diners In Columbia Heights, Giving Trump a Helping Hand; Carville Notes That Harassers Are Not Democrats, Calls On Biden To Proclaim Hard Line Against Anarchist Violence, Arson, and Provocation;

TWSP Urges Obama, Clinton, and Carter To Demand End to Months of Protests; Relevant Points Have Been Made, So Need Now Is to Legislate Permanent Progress, Requiring Ouster of Moscow Mitch and His GOP Wrecker Gang; Time for Protesters to Channel Energies into Election-Year Activity, Flushing Out Anarchists;

Starting This Week, Dems Must Field Stewards and Marshalls to Keep Modern-Day Bakunins at a Distance; GOP Convention Overshadowed by Continuous Chaos;

Breaking: Baseball, Basketball and Football Teams Vote to Suspend Activity in Protest against Killing of Jacob Blake in Kenosha; Powerful Category 4 Hurricane Laura to Make Landfall near Port Arthur, Texas Tonight

Aug 2020

August 25, 2020

Republican Convention Peddles Trump’s Paradise Lost, a Fantastic Never-Never Land of Economic Prosperity and Good Health That Never Was On Land Or Sea; Trump’s Job Creation Was Decidedly Inferior to Obama’s Last Three Years; GOP Tax Scam Kept Wall Street Bubble Going For Two Years With Ballooning Deficits For No Public Benefit; Repo Crisis of September 2019 Signaled Collapse of Trump Bubble, But Fed Countered With $1 Trillion per Week In Overnight Loans; US Was In Recession Even Before Pandemic Began; Trump’s Wipeout of Social Security Payroll Tax Is Worst GOP Attack on Pensions in Decades; Scalise Lies That US Has Lowest Jobless Rate Ever, When It Is Really The Highest Since the 1930s;

Gaslighting in Review: Nikki Haley Suggests Kim’s Love Letters Prove US Has Nothing More to Fear from Unstable Leadership Clique in North Korea; Forgetting Don’s Helsinki Grovel to Putin, Asserts That Trump Has Never Backed Down in Service of America; Don Poses as Tough on China, but Appeases His Great Friend Xi; Haley Dreams That Wrecking Iran Nuclear Accord Has Been Great Success, Although It Has Totally Isolated US;

Other Speakers Project on Biden the Desire for Authoritarian Control Which Is the Essence of Trump Regime; Pence as the Earnest-Faced Willie Whopper of Mendacity;

Raving, Fanatical Atmosphere Promoted by Deranged Speeches of Don Junior and Kimberley Guilfoyle as Internet Wonders What Fueled This Spectacle;

Rev. Al Sharpton Marks Anniversary of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” Starting This Friday;

Breaking: Eric Trump Harangues GOP Convention, But Claims “The Constitution” Says He Does Not Need to Testify in New York; Imagines US as Envy of World, Where Reality is Often Scorn and Pity!; Bondi Parrots Kremlin Propaganda Against Bidens

Aug 2020

August 24, 2020

New York State Attorney General Letitia James Sues Trump Organization and CEO Eric Trump; Goal of Civil Action is to Compel Eric to Testify Under Oath on Financial Dealings, which He Has Evaded; Eric Trump Still Scheduled as Major Speaker for Republican National Convention Tuesday Evening;

Regime’s Hand-Picked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Defies House Oversight Committee, Claiming Under Oath That He Did Not Order Wrecking of Machines and Post Boxes, and That He Does Not Know Who Did; Wrecking Job Is Illegal Sabotage Designed to Interfere with US Mail; DeJoy Brazenly Refuses to Return Mail Service to Level Customary Before He Took Over; No Straight Answers on His Conflicts of Interest Involving Competitors and Customers of Postal Service; Key Documents Not Delivered; Service Has Deteriorated Markedly Since DeJoy Took Over Agency; Impeach DeJoy Now!

Trump is Now Official Republican Candidate; To Chagrin of His Handlers, His Acceptance Speech a Tissue of His Personal Grievances and Self-Pity; He Plans Week of Pop-Up Demagogic Harangues;

Trump Says Many Out Demonstrating Against Him Are “Fascists”; WaPo Tries to Measure “How Fascist is Trump?’; In Survey, Would-Be Strongman Garnered 47 of 76 Possible Benitos for .620 Batting Average, Making Him Easily the Greatest Threat to American Democracy Since Civil War;

No New GOP Platform This Year, But Trump Campaign Issues 50 Bullet Point, One Line “Core Priorities” Including 10 Million Jobs, 1 Million Small Businesses, and 1 Million Jobs Repatriated from China; But No Details and No Way to Pay; Sketchy Laundry List Looks Like Just Another Pro-Forma Infrastructure Week; Dems Must Counter with WPA-Style Serious Job Creation Plan!

Aug 2020

August 22, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Democratic Convention Moves Towards Recreation of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Coalition Capable of Ending Paranoid Nightmare of Trumpism; United Front Now Extends from AOC and Bernie Across Entire Democratic Party to Lincoln Project and Never Trump Republicans Kasich, Hagel, Whitman, and Cindy McCain; Trump’s Stock Slander About Biden’s Alleged Senility Utterly Annihilated as Dem Candidate Delivers Tour de Force, Confirming Maxim That Fighting Against Trump Brings Out the Best In Everyone – Including Biden Himself!; Bernie Shows Realism, but Will His Followers Get the Message?;

GOP Convention Shaping Up as Monstrous Orgy of Cynical Nihilism; Memo to Obamas: Call It Fascism!

Postmaster General DeJoy Refuses to Restore US Postal Service to Traditional Standard of Service Before He Started Junking 671 Sorting Machines; He Denies Collusion with Trump for His Sabotage and Vandalism; Democrats Must Impeach DeJoy This Week;

Attend Nationwide Demonstrations in Support of Postal Service and Mail-In Voting at 11am Local Time Saturday Morning; In Special Saturday Session, Pelosi Seeks $25 Billion for USPS, which Trump Threatens to Veto;

Bannon Arrest Exposes Pervasiveness of Regime Corruption; Insider Sam Nunberg Predicts More Indictments Soon; Second Circuit in New York Declines to Block Accountants from Giving Don’s Financial Records to Manhattan District Attorney Vance;

“Populism” Is Euphemism for Fascism; Twilight of the Phony Populist Dictators Signaled by Trump’s Sinking Polls, by Xi’s Factional Purge of Top Communist Party Cadre, and by Challenge to Putin by Opposition from St. Petersburg and Moscow All the Way to Khabarovsk on the Pacific; Comatose Navalny en Route to Treatment in Berlin;

Report by GOP-Led Senate Intelligence Committee Confirms Mueller Report and More; Criminal Referrals Issued Last Year for Kushner, Bannon, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Prince, and Sam Clovis!

Aug 2020

August 20, 2020

Democrats Confirm Sen. Kamala Harris As Vice Presidential Candidate, Completing Choice of 2020 Ticket Capable of Defeating Trump; Biden To Deliver Acceptance Speech Tonight;

Threat of Fascist Dictatorship Finally Addressed by Democrats; Obama Issues Solemn Warning on Withering Away of Constitutional Democracy as Danger Inherent In Any Trump Second Term;

Hillary Clinton Recalls Bitter Lesson of 2016, Calling For Largest Possible Voter Participation; She Warns Against Impotent “Coulda Shoulda Woulda” Excuses for not Voting that Nation Can No Longer Tolerate; Repeats Forecast That Things Would Get Even Worse Under Trump;

Top Trump Ideologue and 2016 General Election Guru Steve Bannon Arrested on Charges of Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, and Money Laundering; Indictment from Southern District of New York Alleges That Bannon and Three Others Defrauded Contributors to Self-Styled ”We Build the Wall” Group by Appropriating Donated Funds For Personal Use; Bannon & Co. Had Pledged to Work for Free and Use All Funds for Mexican Border Wall; Kobach Says That Trump Personally Endorsed Project; Many Top Reactionaries Implicated;

Aug 2020

August 19, 2020

Biden Officially Nominated As Democratic Presidential Candidate; Great Sense of Relief That Insidious Threats to Party Unity Have Been Avoided Since 2018 Thanks to Civic Maturity of Americans; Formidable Anti-Trump United Front Now Extends from Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie All the Way to Liberal Republicans Like Kasich and Cindy McCain; Trump Still Asserting He Will Call the Winner in November Election, Not Electoral College and Congress;

Biden Restates His Plan to Offer a Medicare Buy-In to Anyone Losing Health Insurance; As Insurance Companies Succumb to Financial Breakdown Crisis, Biden Plan Will Get Nation to Real Medicare for All Faster than Ultra-Left Bureaucratic Coercion;

EU Talks Sanctions Against Belarus over Recent Election, But It Is Putin, Not Brussels, Who Is Positioned to Pick Up Pieces if Lukashenko Falls;

“Scrape the Poison off the Bone”: Facing Growing Opposition inside Chinese Communist Party for His Manifold Failures, Tyrant Xi of China Unleashes Stalin-Mao Style Purge of Beijing’s Top Security Bosses; 21 Probes Started against

Aug 2020

August 18, 2020

Trump’s Postmaster General DeJoy Forced Onto Defensive by Mass Outrage Against His Wanton Vandalism, Pledges to “Suspend” Asset-Stripping of US Postal Service; But National Interest Demands Full Restoration of USPS Capabilities and Additional Investments Now; Pelosi to Press for $25 Billion in New Funding in Special Saturday Session; 21 States Sue DeJoy and US Postal Service to Stop Wrecking and Defend Mail-In Voting; DeJoy Faces Grilling in Senate on Friday and House on Monday; Join Support Demonstrations for USPS This Coming Saturday at 11am In Front of Every Post Office in Nation!

Senate Intelligence Committee Final Report on Russiagate Confirms Grave Counterintelligence Posed by Manafort’s Contacts with Russian GRU Through Kilimnik; Prima Facie Case that Trump Lied in Written Answers to Mueller;

Democratic Convention Lays Basis for Winning Anti-Trump Coalition Ranging from Social Democrat Bernie Sanders to Liberal Republicans Kasich, Todd Whitman, and Molinari; Women, Blacks, Latinos, The South, Farmers Amply Represented; Sanders and Michelle Obama Deliver Best Speeches of Their Lives by Stressing Existential Imperative of Unity to Oust Trump; 

If Biden’s United Front Approach Can Be Implemented, US Civil Society May Attain Cooperation Against Fascist Threat in Way that Weimar Germany Could Not
Manage; Whether or Not US Institutions Withstand the Onslaught Depends on Each of Us; What Trump Touches Dies, but Fighting Trump Brings out the Best in His Opponents;

Citing Federal Elections Commission Statistics, NYT Reports that Many GOP Megadonors Who Backed Trump in 2016 and Republican House Candidates in 2018 Have Reduced or Altogether Ceased Their Contributions to Don This Year; Is Dwindling Financial Base a Harbinger of GOP Extinction?

Aug 2020

August 17, 2020

Pelosi Calls House Back Into Session This Saturday to Pass Laws Defending Beleaguered US Postal Service from GOP Sabotage; This Is Golden Opportunity to #ImpeachDeJoy For Preventing Delivery of US Mail!; On Day of Action Next Tuesday, Support Demonstrations at Post Offices Everywhere;

As Prescription Medicines and Urgent Checks Fail to Get Delivered on Time Across Nation, Rage Grows Against Trump, DeJoy, and Their Enablers Like Moscow Mitch For Crippling US Postal Service In Cynical Bid to Steal Presidential Election; Trump Confirms His Criminal Intent With Threats of Third Term Against “Fascist” Democrats;

Postmaster General DeJoy Agrees to Appear on Monday For Questioning by Rep. Maloney’s House Government Oversight Committee; Extensive Document Delivery Demanded by August 21; Six State Attorneys General Led by Becerra of California and James of New York Ready Lawsuit Against DeJoy and Trump; Elected Officials in New Jersey and New York Start Court Actions Against Deliberate Slowdowns;

Aug 2020

August 15, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Pelosi and House Democrats Must Impeach Louis DeJoy, Designated Wrecker of US Postal Service in Context of Trump’s Attempted Coup d’État; Postal Service Inspector General Opens Probe into DeJoy’s Sabotage, Including Firing of 26 Executives; Rep. Pascrell (D-NJ) Sends Criminal Referral to State AG Over DeJoy’s Election Interference;

DeJoy’s Utter Failure as Postmaster General Proven by His Agency’s Letters to 46 States and DC Announcing that Mail-In Ballots Won’t Arrive in Time to Be Counted; Deliveries Already Late Across Nation; Breakdown Comes After De Joy Orders Junking of Over 671 Mail Sorting Machines, 10% of Total Capability; These Machines, Mainly in Cities, Could Together Sort 21.4 Million Letters or Ballots per Hour; After Wave of Bad Publicity, DeJoy Claims He Is Backing Off Junking Mailboxes;

Rural GOP Senators Daines (MT), Sullivan (AK), and Collins (ME) Most Endangered by Postal Service Sabotage; Will Moscow Mitch React to Protect His Majority?; Get Your Ballot and Mail It In Now!

Three Years after Charlottesville Confederate Monstrosity, Alt-Right Fringe Threatens “Civil War” to Prevent Free Elections;

Aug 2020

August 13, 2020

House Democrats Must Vote At Once to Impeach Trump’s Postmaster General DeJoy Based on His Deliberate Sabotage of Postal Deliveries in Run-Up to Presidential Vote; Force Rural Republican Senators to Vote on Survival of Agency Their Voters Depend on;

19 Large Letter-Sorting Machines Capable of Handling 35,000 Items per Hour Are Being Reduced to Junk on Orders of DeJoy, While Drop Boxes Are Being Removed Nationwide!

Trump Blurts Out That He Is Blocking Multi-Trillion Pandemic Economic Relief Bill Expressly To Deny Resources to US Postal Service; Goal is to Block Processing of Absentee Mail-In Ballots Around November 3 -- In Hopes of Stealing Election and Imposing Dictatorship; Money for States and Local Governments, Police, Fire, Health Departments, and More Held Hostage by Don;

Alt-Right Broadcasters Mobilize to Portray Trump As Innocent Victim with List of Valid Grievances; Flare-Up of Paranoia Likely Triggered by Transition Integrity Project Scenarios of Regime’s Illegal Efforts to Prevent Honest Vote Count;

Aug 2020

August 12, 2020

Finally, Light at the End of the Tunnel of GOP Fascism as Democratic Ticket of Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris Debuts in Successful Joint Appearance 83 Days Out; Harris Calls for “Coalition of Conscience” Against Racism; Stresses that Trump is Not America, Promises to Wage War for Soul of Nation; Harris: With 165,000 Dead and 16 Million Jobless, Trump Still Keeps Bragging and Dodging Responsibility; Biden Hammers Trump for Targeting Social Security and Medicare as Part of Cynical Plan to Wipe Out What Is Left of US Social Safety Net; He Urges “Fair Shot” for Working People; 

“Trump Coddles Terrorists,” Harris Charges, Possibly Referencing Failure to Counter Putin’s Contract Bounties; She Slams Trump as “The Reason” for Pandemic Failures; Democrats Need More Than a Victory, They Need a “Mandate” to Build Back Better, She Adds;

Pro-Trump Forces Prove Incapable of Developing a Coherent Line of Counter-Attack, Assailing Harris on Contradictory and Divergent Pretexts; Consternation at Fox News, Where Judge Janine Makes Bizarre Forecast That Biden Will Not Be On Dem Ballot; Geraldo Sees “Formidable” Choice as Big Win For Dems; Reports Democratic Women Are “Elated”; Suggests Trump Not Insult Harris;

Trump Flailing, Dishes Up Throw-Away Lines about More Cuts in Capital Gains Tax and a Fantomatic Middle Class Tax Cut

Breaking: All 47 Democratic Senators Warn Postmaster General DeJoy to Stop Sabotaging Vote by Mail; House Democrats Should Immediately Impeach DeJoy!

Aug 2020

August 11, 2020

Biden Names Sen. Kamala Harris of California as Democratic Party’s Vice-Presidential Candidate; After Months of Upheaval, World-Historical Imperative Was To Choose A Qualified and Vetted African-American Woman, and Biden Has Passed That Test; It Is High Time to Recognize Black Women, A Vital Constituency for Civilization Against GOP Fascism in US; Fair and Adequate Representation of Entire Population In a Democracy Is Not To Be Confused With Identity Group Fetishism; Trump’s Demagogic Attempts to Portray Democratic Ticket as Left-Wing Extremists Will Collapse of Their Own Absurdity; Rumors Fly That Plodding Bootlicker Pence May Be Ousted to Be Replaced by Nikki Haley;

Valid Democratic Party Tradition of Opening Doors for Previous Excluded Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Groups Continues, Suggesting Greater Flexibility and Viability of American System in World Contest with Moscow and Beijing; Harris’ Background as Daughter of Mother from India Adds Welcome Potential for Further Rapprochement with New Delhi; 

By Condemning Trump’s Payroll Tax Scam as Attempted Wrecking of Social Security and Medicare, Biden Has Opened What May Turn Out to Be Decisive Front of 2020 Election and Doom of GOP;

Putin Announces Russia’s Potemkin Vaccine, with Shots to Begin in October; His Attempt to Drum up Sympathy for His Daughter Point Again to Growing Political Weakness;

HHS Secretary Azar is Highest-Ranking US Envoy to Visit Taiwan Since 1979; Discussions Involved Best Practices for Fighting Covid; Discredited Beijing Despots, Smarting from Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Backlash, Send Warplanes into Taiwan Straits Once Again!

Aug 2020

August 10, 2020

Trump’s Much-Touted Executive Orders Amount to Virtually Nothing; Constitution Requires Congress to Approve Expenditures, So Where Would Money Come From?; EOs Contain No Binding Ban on Evictions, But Only the Hypocritical Wish That Federal Agencies Will Consider How to Limit Them; Nothing About $1,200 Per Taxpayer Relief Payment;

Biden Slams Trump’s Freeze on Social Security Payroll Tax as Designed to “Undermine the Entire Financial Footing of Social Security”; Sees Executive Order as “Donald Trump’s First Shot in A New, Reckless War on Social Security”; White House Forced to Back Away From Clear Intent to Destroy Social Security and Medicare with Trump’s Promise of Permanent Abolition of Payroll Tax; Biden’s Statement Forces Cable Networks to Stop Hiding Fact that Attacking Payroll Tax Is Attack on Pensions and Health Care;

Trump’s Theme of the Week: How to Step on Biden’s Veep Choice and Convention Bounce: Get Ready for All Manner of Bizarre Diversions, and Don’t Believe the Lies Coming from the White House; As If on Cue, Vandals and Looters with No Political Demands Appear In Chicago and Georgetown; Shooting Incident Near White House; Anarchists Announce New Provocations in Capital;

In Belarus, Lukashenko Regime Declares Lopsided Victory in National Elections; Opposition Mounts Modest Protests Which Are Quickly Broken Up by OMON Riot Police; Opposition Would Need 100,000 Protesters in Minsk to Accomplish Anything; Putin Still Trying to Force Belarus to Join Russian Federation; Guide to Players: Lukashenko Is Not Attacking US Elections, But Putin Is

Aug 2020

August 8, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Trump Issues Four Executive Orders On Pandemic Relief, Featuring Meager $400 Per Week Supplement for the Unemployed; But He Wants Financially Strapped States to Pay 25%; State Benefits Start Running Out Soon Anyway; No Money Provided for States, Counties, and Cities; None for Mail-In Voting and Nothing to Bolster United States Postal Service; Moratorium on Evictions Extended; Student Loan Payments Suspended; No Payroll Tax for Incomes Under $100,000, Permanently if Trump Is Re-Elected – Meaning Destruction of Medicare of Social Security before 2026; Pre-Election Shucks and Sops Paraded Before Raucous Plutocrats to Camouflage Refusal to Pass $3.2 Trillion HEROES Act; Another Step Towards Dictatorship Using “Powers Nobody Knew the President Had”; Package Sure to Be Challenged in Court;

Cable Networks in Bad Faith: MSNBC Economic Pundits Fail to Explain that Cutting Social Security and Medicare Payroll Tax (FICA) Would Be Death Sentence for Pensions and Health Care for Those Over 65; Medicare Faces Reduced Payments by 2026; Trump Flies to Hamptons, Doubtless to Appeal for Wall Street Support as Slayer of New Deal-Great Society Social Safety Net;

Office of National Intelligence Concedes Russia is Again Attacking US Election to Help Trump; Report Wrongly Asserts that Beijing Regime Prefers Trump Defeat; In Reality, China Has Decided that Trump’s Commitment to Wrecking US Alliances Worldwide Would Be Decisive Advantage for Xi, Putting US Allies Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand at Risk;

A Reminder for Trump’s Hand-Picked Postmaster General DeJoy: The Great Postal Strike of 1970 Started in New York City on March 18, 1970 and Spread Coast to Coast to Mobilize 210,000 Postal Workers, Blocking Most Mail Deliveries; Demands Included Increased Wages and Improved Working Conditions; Urged on by Vince Sombrotto and the Doughty Moe Biller, this was Largest Wildcat Strike in American History; Nixon Ordered Workers Back on Job, But Was Defied When Another 671 Postal Locations Went On Strike; He Then Declared State of Emergency and Ordered 25,000 National Guard Troops to Deliver Mail, But They Proved Unable; Bolstered by Broad Public Support for Walkout, Workers Across US Government Threatened Wildcat General Strike if Nixon Attempted Repression Against Postal Employees; Nixon Backed Down, with Workers Winning Collective Bargaining and Improvements, Including 14% Pay Hike By End of Year; Congress Passed Postal Reorganization Act; Workers Went from “Groveling in the Dust” to “Standing Ten Feet Tall”;

World Watches for Putin Surprise as Byelarus Goes to Polls; Will Kremlin Attempt to Topple Lukashenko and Re-Absorb Neighbor to Reverse Putin’s Loss of Popularity as Khabarovsk Anti-Moscow Protests Continue

Aug 2020

August 6, 2020

Trump Threatens to Use Executive Orders to Pause Social Security-Medicare (FICA) Tax; Medicare Lacks Funding to Maintain Current Payment Level Through 2026; This May Be Trump’s Bid to Get Support from Finance Oligarchs with Promise to Destroy Medicare Completely in Second Term; Hill Dems Slam Postmaster General DeJoy for Wrecking US Postal Service on Eve of Vote;

New York Attorney General James Seeks to Shut down National Rifle Association With Allegations of Millions in Nonprofit Funds Spent for Personal Luxuries; Move Could Weaken Pro-Trump Phalanx in November

Violating Constitution Yet Again, Trump Wants to Truncate Census, Hoping One Month Less Counting Will Inflict Brutal Budget Cuts for non-GOP Neighborhoods;

Transition Integrity Project and National Task Force on Election Crises Show That Anticipating Trump’s Responses to Possible November Events Can Enhance Preparedness of Constitutional Forces and Ward Off Dictatorship; Warnings that Biden Camp May Be Too Legalistic When Dealing with GOP’s Illegal Subversion;

Realism Requires Putting Nationwide General Strike by Unions, Workers and Jobless at Center of Mass Pushback Using Model of Germany’s Kapp-Putsch of 1920: Must Include Role of Foreign States, Counting Generals, Critique of Fascism and Historical Dimension from Contested Election of 1876; Defeat of Trump Is Not “Bipartisan,” But Inseparable from Extinction of GOP as National Force;

Relevant Studies Include Curzio Malaparte, Coup d’État: The Technique of Revolution (1931); Edward Luttwak, Coup d’État: A Practical Handbook (1968); Forewarned Is Forearmed!

Aug 2020

August 5, 2020

Big Tech Monopolists Testify Before Congress, Reminding Public That Anti-Trust Laws Still Exist in US; Much Neglected, But Still on the Books are Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890, Which Bans Price-Fixing and Cartels while Prohibiting Abuse of Monopoly Power, and Outlawing Conspiracies in Restraint of Trade; Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914 Prevents Mergers and Acquisitions that Would Reduce Competition; Criminal and Civil Penalties Are Provided; Federal Trade Commission Targeting Unfair Practices Also Dates from 1914; This Was Basis of Breaking Up Standard Oil Into 34 Pieces in 1911, and Later Busting Bell Telephone in Seven Baby Bells in 1982; Enforcing these Anti-Monopoly Provisions Would Go Far Towards Limiting the Harmful Activities of Tech Giants; 

When Private Companies Refused to Develop the Tennessee River, Franklin D. Roosevelt Created Tennessee Valley Authority as Corporation Owned by US Government for Hydroelectric Power, Navigation, Flood Control, and Anti-Malaria Projects; US Should Make Some Internet Services a Public Utility, Not the Preserve of Monopolists; 

With Trump Planning to Frustrate the Will of the Majority, Useful Ideas Are Coming from 67 Former Government Officials and Academics Taking Part in Transition Integrity Project, which Gamed Key Issues Likely to Emerge During November-January;

Defeat of Monarchist-Reactionary Kapp-Lüttwitz Putsch of March 1920 by Largest German General Strike Up to that Time as Recent Mirror and Repertoire of Ideas for Coming Hot Autumn in US; Coup Plotters Fled After Working People Virtually Shut Down Utilities, Railroads, and More Across Entire Country;

Is Kanye West Candidacy a Vehicle for Dirty Tricks by Pro-Trump Forces against Biden?; Trump Machine Helping Him to Get on Wisconsin Ballot;

Breaking: Manhattan District Attorney’s Criminal Probe Focusing on Trump’s Dealings with His Primary Lender Deutsche Bank, which has already Complied with Subpoena for Financial Records; New York Attorney General Letitia James to Deliver “Major National Announcement” on Thursday

Aug 2020

August 4, 2020

Sudden Escalation in World Tensions: In Twilight of Trump, His Foreign Patrons Like Putin May Be Switching from Propping Him Up to Simply Using Him to Inflict Chaos on US and World; Sponsors Figure His Regime May Soon Be Ending, So It Is Time to Cash Out;

Colossal Explosions Destroy Much of Port of Beirut, Lebanon; 75 Reported Killed and 3,700 Injured; Blast Seen and Felt in Cyprus, 120 Miles Away; Government Implicates Chemical Fertilizer or Captured Explosives; Authors of Atrocity Unclear;

NSC Director O’Brien Tells All Nations to Stay Out of Libyan Civil War; Too Late: Russia, France, and UAE Back Khalifa Hifter’s Eastern Regime Based in Benghazi and Tobruk, Cyrenaica; But Hifter’s Attempt to Seize Capital of Tripoli Has Failed Amid a Series of Defeats; 2,000 Russian-Controlled Mercenaries with a Dozen Jets Seize Large Es Sider Oil Field; 

United Nations-Backed Government of National Accord in Tripoli Is Supported by Turkey, Italy, and Qatar; US Pays Lip Service but Is Out to Lunch Under Trump; French Warship in Tense Standoff with Turkish Ships Challenging Arms Embargo; Merkel Sending German Frigate as Requested by Macron;

Trump Orders US Africom to Leave Stuttgart, Germany, with No Clear Destination: Pure Insanity!

Lukashenko of Belarus Says Kremlin is Lying About Mission of 33 Wagner Paramilitaries He Captured: Moscow Accused of Trying for Cyber-Enhanced Color Revolution; Early Voting Has Begun;

Breaking: China Accused of Including Secret Protocol in Loan Contract with Nigeria Calling for Surrender of Sovereignty by Abuja in Case of Default; Belt and Road Exposed Again as Worst Debt Trap Imperialism;

Aug 2020

August 3, 2020

Trump and GOP Still Blocking Extension of $600 Extra Benefit for 25 Million Unemployed; Half of Their Senators Want to Torpedo Any Further Relief Legislation, Meaning No New Money for States, Food Stamps, and Voting; Congress Leaves for One-Month Recess on August 7;

Is Kremlin Preparing an August Surprise?: Lukashenko Regime of Belarus Says It Has Arrested 33 Russian Mercenaries Thought to Be from Wagner Group, Crypto-Governmental Organization Controlled by Putin’s Chef Yevgeny Progozhin, The Man Indicted by US of Carrying Parts of 2016 Election Meddling; Belarus Says Mercenaries Were There to Interfere with August 9 Presidential Election; Lukashenko’s Ability to Win Election Not Clear; Scenario Similar to Winter 2014 Maidan Agitation Against Yanukovych Regime, which Triggered World Strategic Crisis; 

Putin Weakened After Fourth Week of Anti-Kremlin Demonstrations in Far Eastern City of Khabarovsk, Making Foreign Adventures Plausible; This Is Moscow’s Last Chance to Make Use of Their Puppet in White House;

Manhattan DA Vance Tells Federal Judge He Wants Years of Trump’s Tax Return, Going Beyond Illegal Hush Money for Stormy and Playmate to Include “Extensive and Protracted Criminal Conduct”;

GOP Would Exempt Wealthy Interests from Liability for Pandemic Deaths and Offer Fatcats Deductibility Business Meals: Thanks to “Populists,” The Three-Martini Lunch Rides Again;

Depression Ahead: If Trump Really Intends to Block Extra Support for Jobless While Doing Nothing to Keep People in Homes and Wrecking US Postal Service, Severe Internal Collapse of US Can Result; US Dollar Has Fallen 10% Since Top Reached in March; 

Breaking: Day of Resistance Pushes Back Against Trump’s Back to School Decree

Aug 2020

August 1, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Senate GOP Lets $600 Extra Jobless Benefit for Jobless Lapse as Moscow Mitch and Minions Take Weekend Off; Trump’s Open Season on Tenants, Renters, Utility Customers Now in High Gear; Mystery: As Final Agony of Party Looms, What Do Republicans Imagine They Are Going to Run On?

As Domestic Consumer Market Collapses, Wall Street Zombie Banks Are in Trouble Due to Some $250 Trillion in Toxic Derivatives; Fueled by Fed’s Repo Largesse, Hedge Fund Hyenas Now Imitating 1998 Derivative Excesses of Long Term Capital Management in Speculative Basis Trades; LCTM Bought $6.2 Trillion of Derivatives Using Just $11 Billion of Its Own Capital; Gold Price Nears $2,000;  

Trump Widely Branded as Fascist Across the Spectrum; His Attacks of Elections Confirm His Belief He Will Lose the Next One;

In GOP, Reborn “Deficit Hawks,” “Fiscal Conservatives,” Devotees of Traditional Elections, Critics of Deploying Armed Fascist Goons into Cities, and Skeptics about Obscurantist Quack Doctors Are All Signs That Trump’s Hypnotic Spell Over Party is Weakening;

Sabotaging United States Mail is Federal Crime: Time to Investigate Trump and Postmaster General DeJoy for Actions to Cripple Voting by Mail with Delaying Tactics Designed to Prevent Ballots from Arriving on Time; Impeach DeJoy Now to Stop Disruption!

Gen. McCaffrey Estimates Seattle Area Violent Anarchist Crazies at about 150; Portland Court House Chaos Quiets Down After Local Cops Clear Adjacent Parks Thursday Morning;

Breaking: Kushner’s Malignant Neglect of Covid Testing Efforts in Blue States Based on White House Creed That Dem Lives Do Not Matter; Tactic Seen as Way to Weaken Democratic G0vernors; Dr. Deborah Birx Emerging as Key Enabler for Trump Gang; “Not My Voters,” Says Don; Get Your Absentee Ballot if You’ve Had Enough!

Jul 2020

July 30, 2020

Trump Proposes Delay of November 3 Presidential Election, Eliciting Wave of Revulsion Across Political Spectrum; No President Has This Power; Even Parts of Trump Machine Rebel: Steven Calabresi, Founder of Federalist Society, Calls Trump Tweet “Fascistic” and “Grounds for President’s Immediate Impeachment Again and Removal from Office by the Senate”; Indeed: Anybody Supporting Trump’s Illegal, Unconstitutional, and Unprecedented Attack on Voting is Not Conservative, But Fascist; Unlikely Outcome: Calabresi Thus Outflanks Chomsky on the Left in Taxonomy of Trump Fascism;

As Lincoln Said After Winning the November 1864 Election: “…This Election Was a Necessity. We Cannot Have Free Government without Elections; If the Rebellion Could Force Us to Forego or Postpone a National Election It Might Fairly Claim To Have Already Conquered and Ruined Us”;

US GDP Collapses by 33% under Year Ago, While First-Time Jobless Claims Rise to 1.434 Million; Trump Has Delivered Worst US Economic Performance in All of History; His Hopes for Pre-November Upswing Largely Dashed;

At Lewis Funeral in Atlanta, Obama Issues Stirring Call for Voting Rights, Starting with Defense of US Postal Service Against Trump-DeJoy Sabotage to Permit Voting by Mail in Pandemic; Time to Enact John Lewis Voting Rights Act to Replace Gutted 1965 Voting Rights Act; In Addition, US Needs Automatic Registration, More Polling Places, Extended Early Voting, Election Day as Federal Holiday, End of Gerrymandering, End of the Jim Crow Filibuster, and Full Voting Rights for Puerto Rico and District of Columbia;

Machiavelli: Partisan Conflict Channeled Into Government Did Not Weaken Rome, but Made Her Great;

Breaking: Moscow Mitch Sends Senate Home Again Without Securing $600 Weekly Jobless Supplement or Safeguards against Eviction and Foreclosure!

Jul 2020

July 29, 2020

In France, Construction Finally Begins on $23 Billion ITER Fusion Reactor, Which Aims at Harnessing the Power of the Sun, Opening Limitless Potential for Cheap and Abundant Energy, with Zero Carbon Footprint in Everyday Operations; France’s President Macron Hails International Project of 35 Nations as Key to Future World Peace; US Under Trump Participates, But As Also-Ran, Not as Leader; International Media Like Deutsche Welle and BBC Cover Event, but US Networks Fail to Join In;

Great US National Asset for Fusion Power is Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory; PPPL Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor Hit Peak Power of 10.7 Million Watts and World Record 510 Million Degrees in 1994; Major National Effort Needed to Make Up for Time Lost to Budget Austerity;

On Energy Policy, Biden Must Beware Faction of Rent Seekers in Democratic Party Who Insist on Expensive and Polluting Windmills and Solar Cells and Vilify Nuclear Fission Energy; US Must Assert Leadership In Modern Nuclear Technology, Or Else Face Russian and Chinese World Domination Based on Nuclear Pre-Eminence;

Feckless Oregon Governor Brown and Sinister DHS Secretary Wolf Attempt De-Escalation of Portland Court House Standoff; Oregon State Police to Protect Federal Buildings; Growing Awareness Among Dems that Violent Anarchists Posing as Leftists Are Precious Assets for Trump; Portland Oregonian Calls on Protesters to Move Elsewhere in Portland, Removing Trump’s Pretext; 

As NSC Director, Susan Rice Failed Test of Russian Interference in Summer 2016, Blocking Staff Members Who Wanted to Give Obama Options for Effective Retaliation in Cyber, Information, and Finance Realms to Stop GRU Attacks; She Thus Exacerbated Obama’s Passivity and Conflict-Averse Approach, Leading to US Indecision and Impotence;

Breaking: Alarm Over Trump’s Stealth Attack on US Postal Service; His Hand-Picked Postmaster General and Saboteur DeJoy Wants to Orchestrate Crisis of USPS, Cutting Hours, Delaying Deliveries, and Shutting down Post Offices as Prelude to Catastrophic Privatization; Voting by Mail is Threatened!

Jul 2020

July 28, 2020

Obama, Clinton, and Carter Should Issue Call to Protest Movement Saluting Achievements, Condemning Violent Infiltrators, and Urging Transition to Getting Real Police and Social Reform by Regime Change at Ballot Box;

Urgent to Deprive Trump and Republicans of Specious Law and Order Demagogy; Vast Energies of the Black Lives Matter Reform Movement Should Now Be Channeled Into Winning November Elections, Ousting Trump, and Flipping the Senate; 

Two Former US Attorneys from Michigan and Alabama Confirm That Moving the Anarchists Away from the Portland Federal Court Would Remove Any Legal Rationale for Trump’s Deployment; 

Seattle Times Reports White Anarchist Provocateurs Intimidate Black Community Activists Who Reject Demands for Arson; 

Rep. Clyburn Reports that His Last Conversation with Rep. Lewis Centered on How Civil Rights Movement of 1960s Was “Hijacked” and “Derailed” by Ultra-Left “Burn Baby Burn” Demagogues;

Senate Must Finally Pass Pelosi’s HEROES Act to Deliver Pandemic Relief;

Breaking: Minneapolis Star-Tribune Reports “Umbrella Man” Who Broke Store Windows to Trigger Looting is Suspected Aryan Cowboy Out to Stoke Violence and Discredit Demonstrators; AG Ellison Says 7 Agents Provocateurs Identified: Is Barr Directing COINTELPRO against Resistance?

Jul 2020

July 27, 2020

China’s Multi-Decade Free Ride of Appeasement is Ending: Japan, Australia, India, and US Join In Naval Drills Across South China Sea and Indian Ocean; Reports Say India Has Re-Targeted Part of Nuclear Arsenal against Beijing Aggressors; US Bureaucracy Launches Multiple Crackdowns on Espionage Agents of People’s Liberation Army; Showing Scant Concern for 3 Million Uighurs in Concentration Camps, New York Times Thinks Only “Hawks” Object to Crimes of Chinese Communist Party; Trump Out to Lunch With Braxton Bragg;

Moscow Mitch Wants to Cut Weekly Emergency Jobless Benefit For From $600 to $200, Followed by Reduction to 70% of Income; A Mere $100 Billion to Protect Nation’s Schools Against Pandemic; Ceiling of $1 Trillion Makes Entire Package a Cruel Hoax; Schumer Slams Proposal as Half-Hearted, Half Baked, Too Little and Too Late; No Hint of Hill Action to Block More Evictions, Foreclosures, and Utilities Cutoffs; Half of GOP Senators Said to Oppose Any New Relief Bill; 

Suspicion Grows About What Forces Are Deploying Violent Anarchist Provocateurs in Ways So Helpful to Trump Campaign; Some See False Flag Contingents Operating in Gang/Countergang Mode; More Senseless Riots in Portland and Seattle; County Courthouse Torched In Oakland; Rioters Urged to Wear MAGA Hats and Trump Buttons, Since That Is Who They Are Helping;

Honest Demonstrators Have Made Their Point and Should Re-Orient towards Defeating Trump at Polls, Since Without His Ouster Absolutely No Progress Can Be Realized

Jul 2020

July 25, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

100 Days Before General Election, and with Biden Ahead by 9%, Trump Declares Bankruptcy by Calling Off Republican National Convention; Self-Described World-Class Business Executive Proves Unable to Organize Quadrennial Political Rite in Unprecedented Failure; Sources Warn That GOP Bosses Will Cut Funding to Trump by Labor Day if His Polls Do Not Improve;

GOP Senators Leave Washington without Halting Foreclosures and Evictions, and without Securing Vital $600 per Week Supplement to Jobless Benefits; Tens of Millions of Renters Now Face Homelessness during Pandemic; Another Reason Why GOP Deserves Extinction; 

Retaliating for Shutdown of Houston Espionage Center, Beijing Orders Closure of US Consulate in Chengdu; Bring It On: Status Quo Mainly Serves Communists, So Let Them Retaliate;

Trump Chats with Putin, but Says Nothing about Afghan Bounties; 

End of America First Lone Wolf Strategy: In Speech to London IISS, Pentagon’s Esper Celebrates Cooperation for Freedom of Navigation in South China Sea; Naval Forces from India, Australia, and Japan Join with Reagan and Nimitz Carrier Groups in Philippine Sea and Indian Ocean; Solidarity of Philippines with Vietnam against Beijing’s Attacks on Fishing Fleets; Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and France Provide Support; Naval Cooperation between Australia and India Shows New Geopolitical Reality while Dotard Defends Confederate Generals;

Hallelujah: Hard-Line MAGA Unilateralist Pompeo of Foggy Bottom Seeks Aid from United Nations, NATO, G-7, and G-20 to Deal with Chinese Communists; Trump Has No Ideology Left and Must Go;

White Anarchists and Provocateurs Have No Program but Torching Portland Federal Court House, Which Does Not Help Black Community; Apolitical Violence Is Crowding Out Authentic Black Issues; 

Breaking: Amid Discussion on Domestic Fascism and Whether Trump Will Leave Power After Election Defeat, Biden Condemns Trump’s Fear-Mongering About Mail-In Ballots as Attempt to Steal Vote; Don’s Talk of Sending Out 75,000 Feds Reveals Plan to Suppress Mass Protests After Coup; Save the US Postal Service!

Jul 2020

July 23, 2020

Eleven Republican Congressional Candidates Support Q-Anon Lunatic Fringe Theory to Which Gen. Flynn Apparently Pledged Allegiance; Pro-Trump Fable Parodies Religious Outlook with Messianic Outlook, Last Judgment, and Idolatrous Worship of the Current Demagogue; Paranoid Cult Has Proven Durable, But Can It Withstand the Coming Impact of Numerous Deaths in Family and Neighborhood; 

Obsession with Pedophilia is Traditional Feature of Such Myths Going Back to 1490s Demagogue Savonarola in Florence, Italy after Fall of Medici Dynasty; Mystical Friar Saw Child Abuse As Main Domestic Policy Issue of His Personal Dictatorship, Which Lasted Only a Couple of Years; His Need to Prove His Authenticity to the Mob by Performing Miracles Was His Undoing; Trump Promises Return to Prosperity and End of Pandemic by Eve of Vote, But Don’t Hold Your Breath;

Moscow Mitch and Trump Can’t Agree On Next Disaster Relief Bill; Revived Tea Party Fanatics Want to Cut Vital Extra Jobless Benefit from $600 Per Week to Just $100, Reducing Entire Bill to Below $1 Trillion; Trump Still Demands Killer Cuts In FICA Payroll Tax, the Basis of Social Security and Medicare; Temporary Curbs on Evictions and Foreclosures Will Expire on Friday and Saturday, Bringing More Social Chaos; Real Defunder of Police and Schools is GOP, which Still Refuses to Provide Money for States Authorized in Pelosi’s HEROES Bill;

Trump Chats With Weakened Putin on Phone as Russia Deploys New Anti-Satellite Weapon into Space; 

Mainland China Is Sending War Planes Close to Taiwan Daily; Two US Aircraft Carrier Groups Now Operating in South China Seas, Defying Claims of Xi Regime

Jul 2020

July 22, 2020

Public Awareness of Fascism Grows, But Where Are the Countermeasures?

“Operation Legend”: In Blatant Violation of the Tenth Amendment, Trump Orders Federal Forces to Intervene in Chicago, Albuquerque, and Kansas City; His Claim that November Election Will Be Rigged Against Him Is Now an Ominous Daily Mantra;

Best Model for Illegal Deployment is Reichschancellor von Papen’s Prussian Coup d’État of July 1932, Which Paralyzed Prussian Police Resistance Against Nazis and Prepared Hitler Putsch a Few Months Later; Indispensable Ingredient was Violent Clashes in Hamburg-Altoona Between NSDAP Storm Troopers and KPD Ultra-Left Crazies; Democratic Leaders Must Find Means to Prevent Violent Anarchist Provocateurs Steered by Shadowy Forces from Making It Easier for White House to Occupy US Cities; Chicago Needs Defenses Against Gun Influx from Surrounding Reactionary States, Notably Indiana; Reckless Talk of Defunding Police Is A Gift to Trump’s Chances;

Long Overdue: State Department Orders Shutdown of Communist Chinese Embassy in Houston over Accusations of Technology Theft and Fomenting Subversion inside US; Papers Burned in Courtyard, as in December 1941; Beijing’s Prime Target Was Covid Vaccine Research; 

Russian Reporter Says Weakened Putin Now Faces Mass Protests over Coming Months; Alternative is Lunge for Kazakhstan, Belarus, or Ukraine to Rebuild Popularity;

Breaking: Defense Secretary Esper Warns Beijing that US Military Isn’t “Going to Be Stopped by Anybody” from Operating in the International Waters of the South China Sea; Pentagon Chief Fears DHS Little Green Men Will Be Confused with US Military

Jul 2020

July 21, 2020

Biden Warns Russia, China, and All Others to Stop Meddling in US Elections; Promises “Substantial and Lasting Costs on State Perpetrators” in Form of “Financial Sector Sanctions, Asset Freezes, Cyber Responses and the Exposure of Corruption”; 

With Trump Appearing More and More as Condemned to Defeat in November, Many Foreign Populist Demagogues Hostile to US See Last Chance Over Coming Months to Cash in on Their Investments in the Pushover Appeaser in the White House; Beware Direct Attacks on US Interests and/or Moves to Upend World Geopolitics;

Israel’s Netanyahu, along with Putin a Great Beneficiary of the Don Debacle, is Scrambling to Annex One Third of the West Bank of the Jordan River While Trump, Pompeo, and Kushner Are Still in Power; Move Is Illegal Under UN Charter No Matter What US Attitude Might Be; During July, Multiple Explosions in Iran Have Hit Five Targets in Tehran Area, plus Petrochemical Plant, Power Plant, and Half a Dozen Ships at Port of Bushehr Near Nation’s Only Nuclear Power Reactor; Explosion at Natanz Centrifuge Facility Might; Delay Nuclear Program by 1-2 Years; Israeli Attack Might Embroil US In Mideast War with Field Marshal Bone Spurs in Command;

Putin’s Referendum on Extending His Dictatorship Has Revealed Unexpected Weakness; Centripetal Forces Grip Russian Regions, Starting with Normally Docile Khabarovsk in Far East, Where Governor of Opposition Party RLDP Was Arrested and Dragged to Moscow, Triggering Days of Anti-Putin, Anti-Moscow Demonstrations Flying Regional, Not Russian, Flags; Kremlin May Be Considering a Domestic Crackdown, Or More Likely a Bid to Seize Belarus, an Adventure Fraught With Peril

Jul 2020

July 20, 2020

Trump Again Refuses to Pledge Acceptance of November 2020 Election Results; New Wave of Fascistization as Trump Prepares to Send Lawless DHS Gangs Into Major American Cities: Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Oakland, and Philadelphia To Be Treated Like Conquered Territory; Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf Flaunts Brazen Violation of Tenth Amendment in Portland; Democratic Officials Must Recognize That Violent Anarchists Play Key Provocateur Role in Domestic Fascism, and Should Be Neutralized; 

Parallels Abound to July 1932 Nazi Coup Against Social Democratic Braun-Severing Government in Prussia (Preußenschlag), Where Putschists Cited Continuing Violent Unrest Between Storm Troopers and Communists in Germany’ Largest State as Pretext for Seizing Control and Ruling by Decree;

As Congress Returns from Recess, Trump Still Demanding Payroll Tax (FICA) Holiday to Wreck Social Security and Medicare, But Some in GOP See Their Own Defeat and Get Cold Feet; GOP Targets $600 Weekly Supplement for Unemployment Benefits; Trump Seeks to Eliminate Money for Covid Testing; 

Maryland Governor Hogan Is Still a Republican, and Seeks to Suppress November Vote to Help His State GOP Survive Tsunami;

Trump, Joined by Reactionary Media, Shamelessly Tries to Distort Biden Energy Proposals; Don’t Believe a Word Coming from Regime!

Honoring Rep. John Lewis, a Hero of Our Time

Jul 2020

July 18, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

Very Fabric of US Society Threatened by Trump’s Lunatic Policies on Covid, Housing, Police Reform, and Disaster Relief; Time to Fight Eviction Catastrophe with Moratorium for Renters in Arrears: Current Temporary Ban on Evictions from Rental Units with Federal Mortgages Set to Expire on July 24 (July 26 in New York), Threatening Social Chaos as Tens of Millions of Tenants Risk Being Thrown Out on the Street in Midst of Deadly Pandemic, After One Third Could Not Pay June Rent; 

Harris Presents Relief Bill with National Freeze on All Evictions and Foreclosures; No Increases in Rent, No Credit Downgrades, and No Cutoffs of Electricity, Gas, Water; $100 Billion in Rental Assistance Included in HEROES Act; 

Death Cult: GOP Can’t Hide Contempt for American People, Still Stalling on Next Relief Bill; Mitch & Co. Demand End to the $600 Weekly Extra Jobless Benefit Which Has Saved Part of Middle Class; In Latest WaPo Poll, 38% Approve of Trump’s Management of Pandemic, with 60% Disapproving; GOP Operatives Panic as They Observe Don “Free Falling into Political Abyss”;

And Not Just Trump: World-Historical Task for November 2020 is the Extinction of the Republican Party as National Political Force; Senate is Now within Reach, with Virtually All GOP Senators Acting as Accomplices of Benedict Donald; No White House Response to GRU Russian Rampage of Afghan Bounties and Covid Hacks

Trump Sycophants Masquerading as Governors, Like DeSantis (FL), Abbot (TX), Ducey (AZ), Kemp (GA), and Noem (SD) Dakota, Have Cynically Sacrificed Lives and Health in Their States to Demonstrate Subservience to Trump and Must Go; 

Breaking: Oregon Governor Demands Pullout of Trump’s Rogue Soldatesca; Nadler Accuses Barr of Attempted Bribery of former Manhattan US Attorney Berman

Jul 2020

July 16, 2020

Biden Leading Trump by 52% to 40%, NBC-WSJ Poll Finds; 50% Say They Will Never Vote for Trump No Matter What Happens, Compared to 37% Who Reject Biden; 72% See US on Wrong Track on Trump’s Watch; CNBC Poll Sees Trump’s Approval at Record Low of 45% In Battleground States, with 59% Saying Pandemic is Getting Worse; Quinnipiac Finds Trump’s Overall Approval at Just 36%; Average of Polls Gives Biden Lead of Just Under 9%; 

More on the French Revolution: The Upheaval of 1789-1794 as the Destabilization of Europe’s Strongest Land Power by British Free Trade and Venetian Libertine/Libertarian Networks and Culture; The Secret of the “Long Live Liberty” Chorus Scene in Mozart’s Don Giovanni: The Liberty Invoked is Not that of Jefferson, but of Marquis de Sade…or of Epstein; Clergy and Nobility Exempt from Taxation;

The Queen’s Necklace Scandal Used to Discredit Marie Antoinette, Carried Out by the Venetian Operative and Mountebank Cagliostro; The Vilification of Marie Antoinette at Her Treason Trial by the Ultra-Left Hébert, Who Accused Her of Pedophilia; Her Character Assassination by Scurrilous Pamphlets or Libelles; 

Behind the Outlawing of Christianity, the Intrigues of Danton in His Bitter Struggle for Power with Robespierre; Robespierre as Freemason and Follower of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Doctrine the Popular Will; Rousseau’s Enormous Influence Today through Marx and Freud; The Durable Police Minister Fouché, the Bill Barr of the Epoch, Who Ran Police State Repression for the Directory, the Consulate, and the Napoleonic Empire;

Breaking: US, UK, Canada Denounce Russian Intel for Hacking Secrets of Coronavirus Research; Trump Silent

Jul 2020

July 15, 2020

Midsummer Survey of Urgent Issues Some Four and a Half Months Before the Hour of Destiny: Trump’s Attack on CDC Endangers Human Lives at Home and Abroad; Only the November Election Can Force a Return to Rational Policy; Trump’s Profile Amounts to Provoking Race War, But How Many Takers Will He Find Among His Weary and Disappointed Followers?; Barr Is Busy Preparing Putsch Plans; Moribund GOP, like NSDAP of April 1945, Increasingly Assumes the Aspect of a Death Cult; Intense Ferment Among the Students of New York City, with Focus on Generation Z Undergraduates: Much Energy and Some Cynicism About Democrats; Big Question: Will They Vote, and Will Ultra-Lefts Act Responsibly by Supporting Biden?

Retrospective on Mueller after His Op-Ed: Enough to Save Country from Many Catastrophic Policies by Pinning Trump Down and Boxing Him In, But Too Narrow and Not Following the Money Enough To Secure the Needed Removal from Office;

On Tax Day, US Is Still Suffering from the Dastardly GOP Tax Scam of December 2017, A Key Factor In the Immiseration of US Public Health and a Major Threat to the Financial Resilience of the American Middle Class; Trump’s Populist Promises a Mockery;

More Courageous than Most Pundits, Mary Trump Tells Her Wayward Uncle Don to Resign

Jul 2020

July 14, 2020

In Hopeful Sign for Western Unity Against the Neo-Maoists of Beijing, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Accepts US Advice that Chinese Communications Technology Cannot Be Trusted After Hong Kong Crackdown in Light of Self-Declared Totalitarian State; Huawei Purchases Will Be Banned After January; Huawei Products Must Be Removed Completely from 5G Networks by 2027; Move Reverses UK Policy Trend towards Appeasement After October 2012 Visit to London by Tyrant Xi, Suggesting that British May Be Giving Up on Post-Brexit Strategy of Serving as Bankers for Beijing; Pandemic Has Made Chinese Communist Party Weaker, Not Stronger, as Claimed by New York Times; Trump’s Sole Contribution: To Revive ZTE When It Was Virtually Bankrupt;

France Marks Bastille Day this July 14 with Special Recognition for Doctors, Nurses, and Other Front Line Forces Fighting Pandemic;

Pre-1789 France Shows Dangers of Letting the Legal Country Diverge from the Real Country; 2% of the Population in the First and Second Estates Could Overrule the Third Estate with 98% of the Population; Many Tendencies of US Government Going in Same Direction Because of Bad Supreme Court Decisions, Voter Suppression, and Gerrymandering; The Role of the British-French Eden Trade Treaty in Wrecking the French Economy and Unleashing Unrest; The Tennis Court Oath of June 1789 Directly Influenced by the US Declaration of Independence; the Free Market Insanity of the Girondins, Who Demanded War to Keep Up the Prices of State Bonds, and Fought Against Price Controls on Bread Despite an Orgy of Speculation and Hoarding; Sinister Influence of the Cabal of the Libertines, Including the Venetian Operative Giacomo Casanova

Jul 2020

July 13, 2020

The Onrushing August Crisis Takes Shape: Pandemic Conditions Worsen in Most States, With Dramatic Deterioration in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California; Trump’s Re-Opening Bandwagon Goes Into Reverse In Numerous Places, with Even Republican Governors Forced to Relent; After Debacle by Secretary DeVos on Sunday Shows, Rejection Front Emerges Against Coercing Children Back to School While Virus is Spreading; Economic Breakdown Looms as Barriers to Foreclosures, Evictions, and Utility Cutoffs Will Shortly Be Lifted, and Emergency Aid in CARES Act Runs Out; GOP Still Blocking Police Reform, While Agitation to Defund Police Departments Goes On; China’s Role in Incidents From San Diego to Taiwan to Ladakh in the Himalayas Raises Strategic Tensions; Amidst All This Chaos, Presidency and Senate Are Crippled by Breakup of GOP; Energized by the Collapse of Institutions, Lunatic Fringe is on the March;

Cloud of Suspicion Darkens over Fire on USS Bonhomme Richard, So Similar to the Fate of the Troop Ship Normandie in New York Harbor Just After Pearl Harbor;

The Coup d’État in American History: A Key Phase Centers on the Defeatist General George McClellan, a Pro-Slavery New Jersey Democrat Who Wanted to Negotiate with Southern Elites; When Lincoln Signed the Emancipation Proclamation, He Risked a Coup d’État by McClellan and His Camarilla of Army Officers; At Least One Staff Officer Was Cashiered for Discussing Putsch Scenarios; Later, Gen. Hooker Also Talked of Military Rule!

Jul 2020

July 11, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

August Cataclysm Looms with Convergence of Crises: Existing CARES Act Federal Assistance to Families and Businesses Will Run Out as Protections Against Evictions and Foreclosures Expire; Simultaneously, New Onslaught of Covid Infections Threatens More Deaths, Stay at Home Orders, and Disruption; Police Reform Still Blocked by GOP; Worst of All, Executive Branch is Crippled So Severely as to Invite Foreign Attack;

Moving to Fill Void Left by Trump’s Abject Failure to Deliver on “America First” Jobs and Wages, Biden Advances Parts of Economic Recovery Program Using Federal Procurement to Mandate $400 Billion of Purchases of US-Made Materials, Equipment, and Services, Plus $300 Billion in Research and Development in Artificial Intelligence, Electric Vehicles, and Advanced Technologies; Program Will Be Paid for by Rolling Back Much of the 2017 GOP Tax Scam Cut in Corporate Taxes, Capital Gains, etc.; 

Biden Still Needs Program of Job Creation on Model of Harry Hopkins’ Works Progress Administration (WPA), which Saved 3.5 Million Unemployed with Families in Depths of Depression; New Version of FDR’s Reconstruction Finance Corporation is Required to Speed Payout of Coming HEROES Act;

Mass Eviction of 28 Million Households Looms at Start of August, along with Tidal Wave of Foreclosures on Homes, Farms, and Businesses; HEROES Act Has $100 Billion of Rental Assistance but Is Blocked by Mitch; Biden Wants $640 Billion Over Ten Years in Housing Construction; 

Covid Deaths May Now Rise Commensurate with Spikes of Cases and Hospitalizations

Breaking: Trump Commutes Roger Stone’s Jail Time as Michael Cohen Is Forced Back to Prison; Now Let’s See the Department of Justice Mutiny Feared by Barr!

Jul 2020

July 9, 2020

Supreme Court Rejects Trump’s Contention That He Is Absolutely Immune to Subpoenas; His Tax Returns and Business Records Can Eventually Be Seen In Part By House Committees and New York District Attorney, But Only After More Legal Battles in Lower Courts and Likely After the Election; His Appointees Gorsuch and Kavanaugh Join Majority in 7 to 2 Finding, Weakening GOP Theory of Packing Court With Reliable Reactionary Jurists; But Beware Supremes in Case of Trump November Coup;

Recalling the Battle of Monocacy, July 9, 1864, Known as the Battle that Saved Washington, When a Rag-Tag Union Force Under Gen. Lew Wallace (Author of Ben-Hur) Delayed Confederates Under Early for a Single Decisive Day, Saving Washington From Destruction and US From Possible British-French Intervention; Re-Enforcements from Grant Soon Arrived to Protect Capital; President Lincoln Under Fire On Parapet of Fort Stevens on Georgia Avenue

Jul 2020

July 8, 2020

Supreme Court Expected to Announce Rulings Relating to Trump’s Taxes on Thursday; Outcome Is Made More Dramatic by Struggle Over Publication of Mary Trump’s Memoir; Alleged Tax Evasion by Trump and Siblings Is Issue in Mary Trump’s Refusal to Be Bound by Non-Disclosure Agreement Drawn Up After Family Dispute Regarding Fred Trump’s Will; If Supremes Pander to Don, Naming More Non-Fascist Judges Will Be Mandatory Starting Next Year; 

Trump’s Order to Open All Local Schools Violates Tenth Amendment and Must Be Rejected; 

In Debate About Political Strategy, Identity Groups Are Obsolete, Since None Can Hope to Extract Meaningful Concessions from the Wall-Street Centered Ruling Class without the Broadest United Front Unity; “Burn Baby Burn” Rhetoric Cannot Succeed; Mass Traction Economic Demands Are Imperative, Not Symbolic or Cultural Gestures;

Calls for Free Inquiry and Open Discussion Need to Corporate the Overriding National Priority of Removing Trump, Since Any Continuation of the Current Regime Virtually Guarantees Full-Blown Fascism by Christmas;

Breaking: Predictions of Disaster If Moscow Mitch Fails to Enact Federal Law Modeled on Fraser-Lemke Act Halting Evictions and Foreclosures for the Duration of the Crisis; Senate Must Pass Pelosi’s HEROES Act and Provide Cash Support!

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