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Sep 2019

September 9, 2019

Structural Notes On The 2020 Campaign: Trump Now Beset By Three Challengers: Attacking From His Left Is Former Gov. William Weld, Representing New England Rockefeller-Style Liberal Republicans, Horrified By Don’s Hooligan Behavior; Former Rep. Joe Walsh Of Chicago Is Voice Of Midwest Tea Party Extremists, Attacking Don From His Right; Classic Reactionary Former Gov. Mark Sanford Of South Carolina Condemns Don For Deficits, Debt, And Spending, Ominously Foretelling Worst Economic Crisis Since 1930s; None Can Win, But They Can Get Enough Trump Voters To Stay Home, Closing Door To Dictatorship in 2021; GOP’s Clever Trick Of Calling Off Primaries Only Leads To Extinction By Other Paths; In UK, BoJo Cabinet Continues To Implode

Sep 2019

September 7, 2019 WCR

Trump’s UK Clone BoJo Checkmated As House Of Lords Approves Commons Bill To Outlaw No Deal Brexit; Multi-Party Rebel Alliance Pledges To Block BoJo’s Monday Bid To Call General Election Before October 31 Deadline!
Senior Labour Ministers Tell Corbyn To Set Election Day In November; Labour Brands BoJo As “Manifest Liar,” Says First Priority Must Be To “Stop No Deal”; EU Signals That Deadline Can Be Changed To Outfox BoJo;
Global Warming Fanatics Mistake Real Existential Crisis Of Our Time: Over 360 Million Have Died Of Poverty And Curable Disease Under Globalization; 40% Of Humanity Lives Below Poverty Line; One Third Of All Human Deaths Are Related To Poverty; Immiseration Kills 18 Million Each Year, Including 10 Million Children Under Five, While A Billion Kids Are Chronically Malnourished; These Are Real Deaths, Not Projected Ones; To Dodge This Reality Is Morally Insane!
Consumer Fraud: FDR’s New Deal Never Harmed Working People, But Bernie Admits Spurious “Green New Deal” Will Cause “Pain”;
#ImpeachmentSummer: 137 Dem Votes For Proceedings!

Sep 2019

September 5, 2019

UK Premier And Trump Clone BoJo Reeling After Two Days Of Rout; Even His Own Brother Quits Cabinet Team, Saying BoJo Violates National Interest; House Of Lords Won’t Filibuster Bill Outlawing No-Deal Brexit; Tory Splits Brewing; Labour Opposition Must Block Approval Of All Bills To Schedule Snap Election Until After October 31; BoJo Demanded Five Weeks With No Parliament, So Let Him Stew In His Own Toxic Juices Until After Halloween!

The Roots Of Trump’s Demagogy In The Writings Of Graeco-Roman Sophist And Cynic Lucian Of Samosata (125-180 AD), A Best Seller Who Taught How To Cultivate A Glamorous Image Through Gambling, Womanizing, Elegance, And Boasting; Lucian’s Core Values Included Ignorance, Recklessness, Effrontery And Especially Shamelessness As Defense Against Detractors; Trump Also Draws On “Kayfabe” Histrionics Of Professional Wrestling! 

Trump’s Low Point Of July-August: His Threat To Kill 10 Million Afghans!

Sep 2019

September 4, 2019

In Major Defeat For Trump Clones, UK House Of Commons Outlaws BoJo’s Disastrous No-Deal Brexit Policy By All-Party Vote Of 327-299; London Will Ask EU For Extension Of Departure Deadline Until At Least January 31; Measure Now Faces Obstructionism By Reactionaries In House Of Lords, Where It Must Be Approved Before BoJo Sends Parliament Home On Monday; BoJo Says He Will Defy Law!

BoJo’s Demand For Oct. 15 Snap Election Is Also Defeated; His Debut In Parliament Is Worst For Any Prime Minister In Recent Memory; Purge Of Tory Rebels May Split Party; Election Gambit Is Camouflage For Illegal No-Deal Brexit!

To Break BoJo’s Demagogic Stance Of Brexit By October 31, Calling Next General Election Must Be Postponed Until November; Pro-Democracy Forces May Need To Accept Short-Term Caretaker Government Under Labour’s Corbyn, Whose Majority They Will Control; Much Support For Second Referendum; Salvini Definitively Excluded From New Italian Government!

Sep 2019

September 3, 2019

BoJo Loses His Mojo!

Aspiring Dictator Of UK Deprived Of His One-Vote Majority By High Profile Party Defection; 21 Tory Rebels Then Help House of Commons Seize Control Of Own Agenda With All-Party Effort: Vote Wednesday Expected To Outlaw Fascist No-Deal Brexit Policy!

BoJo’s Fake Talks With EU Exposed As Cynical Hoax; He Demands Snap Election, But Lacks Two-Thirds Majority Needed To Ram It Through; 21 Tory Rebels Being Purged Overnight, Decimating Top Leaders Of Party; Labour’s Corbyn Wisely Resists Offer Of General Election, Demands That No-Deal Brexit Be Banned First; Antics Of Supercilious Brexiteer Plutocrat Rees-Mogg Show Real Class Content Of This Government: Contempt For Working People And Parliament!

Breaking: Italian Government Coalition Of Democrats And Five-Stars Taking Shape, With Exclusion Of Demagogue Salvini Completing Panorama Of Populist Rout!

Sep 2019

August 31, 2019 WCR

Eight Centuries Of English Parliaments Come Down To Next Week: Would-Be Dictator Boris Johnson Must Be Ousted In Interest Of Civilized World! #StopTheCoup !
BoJo’s Putsch Plan: De Facto Dissolution Of Parliament Before September 12, Followed By Catastrophic No-Deal Brexit; After Yellowhammer Leaks, BoJo Gang Goes Paranoid, Starts Purges; Britons Fight Back With Legal Actions In England, Scotland, And Northern Ireland; Large #AntiProrogation Demonstrations In Cities And Towns; House Of Lords Readies Filibuster To Block Shutdown; Labour MPs Call For General Strike; Smash And Grab For Dictatorial Power Could Happen At Any Time: If Parliament Is Sent Home, No Guarantee It Will Ever Reconvene!
In Amicus Brief On Gun Issues, Sen. Whitehouse et al. Warn Supremes To Halt Reactionary Rampage Or Face Restructuring!
Happy Labor Day To All; The American System Will Return On Tuesday September 3

Aug 2019

August 29, 2019

#StopTheCoup: World’s Oldest Parliamentary Tradition Faces Destruction By BoJo’s Gang Of Scurrilous Toffs; Next Week Must Save Mother Of Parliaments From Rape At Hands Of Blonde Beast!

Shortened Time Frame Requires Passage Early Next Week Of No Confidence Bill By Tory Rebels, Labour, And All Opposition Parties; BoJo Lacks Majority For No Deal Brexit; Court Cases In Scotland And England Target Artful Dodger BoJo’s Mendacious Advice To Queen; In Merest Hint Of Brexit Carnage, 24 Banks Are Preparing To Leave UK For EU, Taking With Them $1.3 Trillion In Assets; Argentina In Default; U.S. GDP Falls Short Of Trump’s Big Promises; The Day Democracy Died Triggers Pro-Democracy Protest Movement Across Britain; Leeds Demo Demands Revocation Of Article 50 Exit Law, Ending Brexit Episode; General Strike Needed!; Second Conte Government In Rome Marks Defeat For Aspiring Duce Salvini, Who Has Lost 15 Percentage Points Of Popularity; Among Salvini’s Few Loyalists, The Hungarian Viktator Orban!

Aug 2019

August 28, 2019

Threat Of Dictatorship Stalks Atlantic World: In Assault On Rule Of Law, Trump Reportedly Tells Aides To “Take The Land,” Confiscate Property, And Act Illegally To Build Border Wall As Election Gambit; Pardons Promised For Those Who Get Caught; Violation Of “Take Care” Clause Is Impeachable!

In Attacks On Labor, FBI Raids Top Leaders Of United Auto Workers During Final Phase Of Contract Talks With Big Three Auto Makers; ICE Raids On Koch Food Plants In Central Mississippi Were Counterattack On United Food & Commercial Workers After Key Court Victory Over Management In Harassment Case;

In Attack On Parliament, UK Premier BoJo, Enabled By Queen, Wants To Send House Of Commons Home From September 12 To October 14; Goal Is To Strangle Resistance To His Catastrophic No Deal Brexit On Halloween; Speaker Of Parliament Bercow Condemns “Constitutional Outrage”; Breaking: Rep. Al Green Will Force Fourth Impeachment Vote Next Week!


Aug 2019

August 27, 2019

UK Premier BoJo Says He Will Not Pay £39 Billion Exit Fee To European Union; EU Commission Warns That This Is Legally Binding Payment; Result Will Be Deemed Formal Default By Great Britain, Easily Triggering World Financial Panic; Treasury Yield Curve Reacts With Worst Inversion Since 2007!

In London, Labour And Five Other Parties Pledge To Back Law Preventing No-Deal Brexit; Vote Of No Confidence To Oust BoJo Seen As Second Priority; Leaders From House Of Commons Warn Of Threat To Democracy From BoJo, Pledge In Church House Declaration To Keep Meeting If He Tries A Coup To Send Them Home;

Bernie Sanders’ Green New Deal Program Is Dangerously Incompetent; His Windmills And Solar Cells Are Not And Cannot Be Economically Viable; “Renewables” Lack Energy Flux Density Needed To Handle Base Load Consumption In Modern Economy; Obvious Solution Is Nuclear, Which He Excludes With Demagogic Arguments; Other Dems Must Distance Themselves From This Approach Or Face Second Term Of Trump; Swedish Climate Ideologue Greta Thunberg Will Soon Arrive In New York On Yacht Of Pierre Casiraghi, Prince Of Monaco!

Aug 2019

August 26, 2019

Trump Can’t Decide If Tyrant Xi Is Enemy Or Great Leader; Macron’s Charm Offensive Heads Off Don’s Usual G-7 Tantrums

Era Of Central Banks Is Finished; World Needs National Banks In Alexander Hamilton Tradition; Now That Fiscal And Monetary Stimulus Have Failed, What Remains Is Credit Stimulus, Starting With $5 Trillion In Zero Percent Century Bonds Backed By Fed To Rebuild U.S. Infrastructure; Similar Program By European Central Bank Would Save EU; 

At Jackson Hole, Bank Of England Boss Mark Carney Demands Replacement Of U.S. Dollar As World Reserve Currency With Supernational Bitcoin-Style “Global Digital Currency” Funny Money; Idea Fits With BoJo’s Free Trade Brexit In Service Of Russia And China; Current Gambit Repeats Lord Keynes’ Loopy “Bancor” Scheme Proposed At Bretton Woods Conference In 1944 To Save Bankrupt British Pound Sterling; Another Reason To Stop Brexit Insanity!

ITER Project Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor Now Estimated To Be Six And A Half Years From First Plasma; Better Funding Would Accelerate Progress!

Aug 2019

August 24, 2019 WCR

Trump Hypes U.S. Economy At G-7, Hiding Massive Failure: Don Has Created 1.5 Million FEWER Jobs Than Mediocre Obama Over Comparable Time Frame; This Includes Labor Department’s “Discovery” That 500,000 Jobs Previously Reported Do Not Exist; Real Average Weekly Earnings In Constant Dollars Are Up Meager 2% Under Trump Regime; This Despite $1 Trillion Yearly Record Deficit As Fiscal Stimulus!
Any Cut To FICA Payroll Tax Is Death Sentence For Social Security And Must Be Fought By Dems; Instead, GOP Should Restore Personal Exemptions Of Over $4,000 Per Person They Stole In December 2017 Tax Scam; More Democratic Candidates Back Away From Bernie Sanders’ Incompetent Distortion Of Medicare For All, Now Emerging As Major Turnoff For Voters;
#ImpeachmentSummer: 133 Dems Now Back Formal Proceedings Against Trump; Alarms Spreads Over Worsening Mental Breakdown; Scaramucci Tells CNN It’s “Early Stage Fascism”

Aug 2019

August 22, 2019

On Eve Of G-7 Conference In Biarritz, World Leaders Hope To Minimize Damage From Raving Trump: Host Macron Of France Avoids Communiqué Don Would Not Sign, Rejects Return Of Putin, Meets With Iranians On Dodging Middle East War; With U.S. Influence At Lowest Ebb And Merkel Departing, France Bids To Lead Group!

UK’s Power-Hungry Nihilist BoJo Debuts As Premier While Rivals Seek Ways To Block His Catastrophic No-Deal Brexit; Trump Clone Salvini Is Big Loser In Italian Government Crisis He Himself Triggered: Democrats And Five Stars Forming Next Cabinet Without Him; 

Real President Would Rally G-7 To Oppose Authoritarian Russia And Totalitarian China With Help Of 0% Fed Credit For Marshall Plans; 1975 Origin Of G-7 In Cooperation Of Schmidt And Giscard d’Estaing To Fill Leadership Vacuum Left By Watergate, Ford, And Carter

Aug 2019

August 21, 2019

Political Tensions Increase As Trump Gazes Skyward And Proclaims Himself “The Chosen One,” Reviving Discussion Of XXV Amendment Measures To Avoid Catastrophe; Erratic And Messianic Behavior On Many Issues; (Or Did He Mean The “Chosun One,” i.e. Madman Kim’s Pick To Restore The Korean Empire Of Third Millennium BC?)

Greenland Story: Mineral-Rich But Poverty-Stricken Strategic Island Was Made U.S. Protectorate By FDR In 1941-1946 To Prevent Nazi Invasion; Xi’s China Has Been Attempting Takeover Since 2017 As Part Of “Polar Silk Road” Aggression, Stopped Only By Defense Secretary Mattis; Beijing Does Not Consider Huge Ripoffs “Absurd”; British Press Sees Trump’s Attack On Denmark As Service To Putin’s Anti-NATO Campaign;

Trump’s European Clones In Deep Trouble: UK Premier Boris Johnson’s Demands Rejected By Merkel; Macron of France Signals He Will Not Yield; Next Italian Government Will Exclude Would-Be Duce Salvini; He And His Party Will Be Torn Apart By Corruption Probes After Losing Immunity!

Aug 2019

August 20, 2019

Trump Capitulates Once Again To China On Huawei Cartel, Granting 90-Day Reprieve For U.S. Purchases; More Unilateral Concessions Despite National Security Threat; Don Wants Russia Back In G-7; Backs Off Background Checks For Gun Safety; Widespread Speculation That Oval May Be Cracking Under Weight Of Multiple Crises

Italian Government Falls, But Aspiring Dictator Salvini Is Weighed Down By Russiagate; President Mattarella Must Now Choose Between New “Ursula” Majority And Early Elections; Former Premier Renzi Suggests Salvini Wants Emergency Powers To Leave Euro And Join Russian Ruble; Outgoing Premier Conte Tells Salvini He Needed To Defend Himself In Parliament Against Charges Of Illegal Russian Financing; Deputy From Calabria Says Salvini’s Public Toying With Rosary Is Coded Message To The Underworld of The ‘Ndrangheta; UK’s BoJo Attempts Brexit Extortion In Paris And Berlin; Decisive Rebuffs Await Him!

Aug 2019

August 19, 2019

#ImpeachmentSummer: Assistant House Speaker Ben Ray Luhan Of New Mexico Supports Inquiry; Luhan Is Highest-Ranking Democrat To Back Proceedings; 128 House Members Now Demand Impeachment Probe Of Trump!

Rumors Fly That Don Will Back Down On Huawei Sanctions, But He Denies Appeasement Plan; British Bureaucracy Leaks “Operation Yellowhammer” Contingency Plan For No-Deal Brexit; Even Moderate Scenario Entails Catastrophe: Chaos At Ports For 90 Days, Diabetics And Cancer Patients Without Medicine, No Chemicals To Treat Water Supply, Food Inflation And Food Riots, Pound Sterling And City Of London Banks Collapse, Strikes And Food Shortages, Riots Along Ulster Border With Ireland, Clashes Among Fishing Fleets On High Seas, Gibraltar Border Blowup, Family Separations And Deportations On Trumpian Scale!

Hong Kong Turnout For Right To Vote Reaches 2 Million; Trump the Potemkin President Forces Shell Workers Into His Event With Threat Of No Pay; Orchestrated Portland Clashes Planned As Grist For GOP Propaganda Mill Falls Flat As Fascists Are Outmatched By Effective Police Work And Community Mobilization!

Aug 2019

August 17, 2019 WCR

Panic Spreads From Wall Street To White House As Signs Of Serious Economic Downturn Multiply; Rattled Don Sees Plots Everywhere, But Fails To Plan For Recession; Argentine Currency Collapses, UK & Germany GDP Falling; CASS Index Of North American Freight Volumes Signals Economic Contraction; Asian Air Freight Down 8%; World Economy Groaning Under $250 Trillion In New Speculative Debt Added Since 2008 Crisis By Leveraged Loans And Collateralized Loan Obligations!
Impeachment Summer: 125 House Dems Now Back Ongoing Inquiry; Latest To Join Are Deb Haaland (Albuquerque, New Mexico) And David Price (Chapel Hill, North Carolina); Nadler Committee To End Recess Early To Work On Trump Ouster And Gun Safety;
Out To Lunch: Dem Candidates Still Silent On Role Of Federal Reserve In Urgent Economic Recovery: Should It Be Tool Of Trump Re-Election, Of Wall Street, Or Servant Of American People?

Aug 2019

August 15, 2019

Trump Campaign Based On Russian-Style Wedge Issues Used To Divide Identity Groups And Trigger Social Chaos; Democratic Party Success In 2020 Depends On Promoting U.S. National Unity With Constructive Measures To Meet Existential Challenge Posed By Aggressive Dictatorships In China And Russia; A New Sputnik Moment Needed!

Indian Premier Modi Unwisely Abrogates Constitutional Guarantee Of Autonomous Status For Province Of Kashmir; Crisis Involves Three Nuclear Powers; Moslem-Majority Area Has Been Disputed Through Four Indo-Pakistani Wars Since 1947, Despite Multiple UN Security Council Resolutions; 

Brexit Fanatic BoJo May Attempt No-Deal Brexit Via Cold Coup Over Next Ten Days While Parliament Is Still On Vacation; Labour Party Leader Corbyn Proposes Emergency Multiparty Coalition Government To Oust BoJo, Implement Early Elections; Maneuver Could Work If Led By Elder Statesman With Goal Of Second Referendum As Top Priority!

Aug 2019

August 14, 2019

Worst Day Of 2019 On Wall Street As Major Indices Fall 3%; Traders See #TrumpRecession Ahead Due To Inverted Yield Curve As Interest Rates On Short-Term Treasuries Exceed Returns On Longer-Term T-Bonds For First Time Since 2007 On Eve Of Subprime Panic; Massive Flight To Safety As Long Bond Yield Hits Record Low Of 2.015%; Canada And UK Bond Yields Inverted; German 10-Year Rate Goes More Negative!

World Contraction Of Real Economy: After UK, Germany Posts Decline In GDP; China Reports Worst Industrial Production Performance In 17 Years; Macy’s Leads New Phase of Retail Apocalypse; Dow Transportation Stocks Fall On Dwindling Freight Volume;

Frantic Trump Attempts To Blame Fed’s Powell, But Gets Little Traction; Fox Business Talks Need To Fire White House Trade War Hawk Navarro, Hypes Emergency Rate Cut To Prop Up Bubble; Hysteria Of Financial Analysts: “This Time It’s Different”

Aug 2019

August 13, 2019

Trump Reports Beijing Regime Is “Massing Troops On The Border With Hong Kong”; He Grovels In Abject Appeasement, Calling The “Hong Kong Thing … A Very Tough Situation…I Hope It Works Out For Everybody, Including China”; This Greenlights The Looming Crackdown, Making Immediate Impeachment Mandatory; Tax Wall Street Party Calls On Beijing To Refrain From Violent Repression, Grant Freedom Of Assembly And Free Elections!

Benedict Donald In Craven Retreat On Tariff Front, With Duties On Key Chinese Products Delayed Until December 15; Wall Street Comment: “Don Blinked”; Beijing Months Ago Proclaimed “People’s War” Against U.S.!

Anti-Dictatorship Demonstrators Wave American Flag Over Departures Concourse At Hong Kong Airport; Decision On Massive Repression Likely This Week During Summer Gathering Of Communist Bigwigs At Peitaiho Resort; The Tragic Story Of Russia’s Skyfall Nuclear Cruise Missile

Aug 2019

August 12, 2019

Hong Kong Anti-Dictatorship Protesters Block Airport, Defy Tyrant Xi For Tenth Weekend; Beijing Claims U.S. “Rabble Rousers” Are Supporting “Terrorism”; American Diplomat Harassed; State Department Protests “Thugs”; Communists Reportedly Preparing New Tien An Men Massacre By Riot Police; Time To Boycott China;

Are Military Mishaps By-Products Of Breakneck Arms Buildup In China, Russia, North Korea?; UK GDP Goes Negative Due To Brexit; Argentine Peso Collapses -15%; New York Stocks Fall 400 As 10-Year Yield Dips To 1.63%;

Epstein Death Shows Utter Lawlessness Of Trump Regime; Barr Must Take Ministerial Responsibility For Failure Of System He Controls By Resigning Or Be Impeached; White House Attempts Usual Absurd Tactic Of Blaming Clintons!; Role Of Political Assassination In Creating Dictatorship: Matteotti 1924, Kirov 1931, Night Of Long Knives, 1934

Aug 2019

August 10, 2019 WCR

Impeachment Summer!

Latest Nadler Subpoena To White House Lawyer McGahn States “Formal Impeachment Proceeding” Is Already Underway; House Judiciary Committee To Reconvene In August, With Vote On Articles Before End Of Year Likely; Pelosi Leadership On Board; Northern Virginia Moderate Dem Connolly Is Addition To 120 Votes To Probe Don! Time To Confront Your Congressman At A Town Hall Or Demo Near You!
Fascist Wave Rising On Both Sides Of Atlantic: Biggest ICE Raid Terrorizes Central Mississippi Food Workers With Gestapo Tactics; Would-Be Duce Salvini, Facing Charges He Took Russian Cash, Tries Cold Coup To Topple Italian Government; Former Minister Points To Danger Of New Mussolini, Calls On President Mattarella To Mobilize Parliament To Save Democracy; Labour Party’s Corbyn Blasts BoJo For Plans To Dissolve Parliament Under Pretext Of Early Elections, Pushing Britain Into Brexit Abyss; Will Queen Play Ball With Dictatorship?; 
Breaking: Epstein Found Hanged In Cell; Attorney General Barr Must Be Ousted For Failure To Assure Safety Of High-Profile Federal Prisoner In His Custody!

Aug 2019

August 8, 2019

Biggest ICE Raids Ever In Mississippi Are More Evidence of Fascistization Under Current Regime; Trump Still Taking Orders From NRA’s LaPierre On Gun Safety, Despite Internal Conflicts And Scandals; Moscow Mitch Determined To Sabotage Any Reforms!

Biden Issues Realistic Call To Prove Trump Is An Aberration By Denying Him A Second Term – On Pain Of Permanent Grievous Damage to American Life; Correctly Identifies American Creed As Universal Idea; Booker’s Critique Less Effective, Skewed By Howard Zinn’s Discredited Theory Of American History;

In Brutal Power Grab, Would-Be Duce Salvini Tries To Force Parliament To Meet At Once To Vote Out Current Conte Government And Call Snap Elections For October 13; Veteran Observers In Rome See Danger Of Pro-Russian Dictatorship Based On Mussolini In 1930s

Aug 2019

August 7, 2019

On The Brink Of Bloodbath: Beijing’s Top Hong Kong Overseer Zhang Slanders Pro-Democracy Protesters As “Extremely Rampant And Deranged”; Warns That Counterstroke From “The Sword Of Law Awaits Them In The Future”; Beijing Troops “Would Intervene” In Case Of “Disturbance”!

Trump Appeases Xi By Branding Protests As “Riots,” Says Looming Crackdown Is Internal Matter; Xi Fears Backlash On Taiwan In Case Of Massacre; China Trying Blackmail To Force India Into Purchase Of Huawei 5G; Hong Kong Coinage “Add Oil!” Is New Watchword In Fight Against Totalitarian Bullies East And West; 

Almost A Flash Crash In Stock Market; Falling Interest Rates On Treasuries Suggest Great Fear And Flight To Safety; Nomura Sees Possible Repeat of 2008; Warren Buffet May Prefer Cash To Stocks

Aug 2019

August 6, 2019

Beijing Rulers Mass Troops Near Hong Kong In Preparation For Massacre of Mass Movement Of Pro-Democracy Protesters; U.S. Must Issue Solemn Warning That Nuremberg War Crimes Precedents Are Still Valid And Will Be Enforced Against Xi Clique And PLA Officers!

Trump Refuses To Provide For The Common Defense By Disarming Violent Domestic Fascists; #ImpeachmentSummer: Pelosi Ignores Majority Support In Her Caucus For Impeachment Inquiry Despite Trump’s Shameful Behavior After New Round Of Mass Slaughter; Mercenary Media Figures Portray China As Financial Powerhouse, But Beijing Is More A Paper Tiger; Devaluation Of Currency Shows Weakness, Not Strength; Greatest Vulnerability Is Internal Debt Overhang, With Banks Claiming $53 Trillion In Assets Against Just $13 Trillion In Economic Activity; Potential For Internal Breakdown Crisis Evident, Made Worse By Flight Capital And Shortage Of Dollars!

Aug 2019

August 5, 2019

As General Strike Grips Hong Kong, Beijing Devalues Chinese Yuan Below 7 To Dollar; Dow Falls 767, With Monday Evening Futures Pointing To 500 More Points On Downside; Massive Flight Into U.S. Treasuries Drives Interest Rates Down!

Has China Run Out Of Dollars Needed To Prop Up Overvalued Currency They Hoped To Use To Buy Up World?; China Stops Buying U.S. Soy Beans, Putting Iowa In Play In 2020; In Shanghai Talks, PRC Negotiators Had Issued Ultimatum To U.S. To Lift All Tariffs, Stop Fighting Huawei, And Drop Extradition Of Huawei Princess Meng As Price Of Further Negotiations; CNBC’s Kow-Tow To Reds; 

Time For U.S. To Revive Alliances And Lead World-Wide Front Against Chinese Looting; USAF To Deploy Tactical Laser To Fight Drones; New York Post Reports Feds Probing Gang Of Four Mastermind Chakrabarti; Mass Shootings And Fascism; 

Breaking: Beleaguered Tyrant Xi Loses Face As U.S. Treasury Labels China A Currency Manipulator!

Aug 2019

August 3, 2019 WCR

More Than One Half Of 235-Strong Democratic House Caucus Now Back Impeachment Inquiry; Rep. Salud Carbajal (CA-24) Is Latest To Urge Measures Against Trump; Pressure On Pelosi Increases; 119 Dems Plus Amash Make 120 Votes To Probe Regime!
Detroit Debates Show Crisis Of Mediocre Democratic Candidates, Who Prefer Cutthroat Competition To Priority Struggle To Oust Trump; Trump Is Big Winner; Attacks On Obama To Hit Biden Are Epic Stupidity; The Sinister Roles of NBC And CNN, Who Helped Trump In 2016; DNC Too Weak; No Effective Protests Against Trump’s Musings On Slaughtering 10 Million Afghans And Claim To Wield Absolute Power;
Bernie Sanders Is Gaslighting Voters With Promises Of Simple Transition Away From Private Insurance, Which Is Relied On By Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, And 180 Working Families; Medicare For All Should Mean Existing Medicare If You Want It, Not Bernie’s Diktat!
Breaking: Backlash Against Gang Of Four’s Sabotage Drives AOC’s Svengali Chakrabarti Off Capitol Hill

Aug 2019

August 1, 2019

Trump Calls Putin But Says He Failed Raise Issue Of Ongoing Russian Attack On U.S. Elections; #ImpeachmentSummer: Ted Deutch And Pete Aguilar Back Inquiry, Bringing Democratic Votes To 119 And Total Anti-Trump Votes To 120

Dow Crashes 600 Points As Trump Announces New Round Of Tariffs Against Beijing In Reaction To Huawei Intransigence; Schumer Correctly Notes “We Have To Be Tough On China”; Powell Of Fed Is Acting As Toady For Trump 2020 Campaign; Democrats Must Demand Fed Serve Whole U.S. Economy With Cheap Credit For Production And Jobs; Recession In Sight!;

Politics Of Fratricide Consumes Democrats, Making Don Big Winner Wednesday Night; Candidates Must Attack Trump, Not Obama Or Each Other; Despite Media Lies, Medicare According To Dogmatic Sectarian Bernie Sanders Is Not Same Thing As Existing Medicare: His Approach Would Risk Chaos For 180 Million Privately Insured, Plus Medicare Advantage, Part D Prescription Benefits, Medigap, And Most Medicaid, Since ALL Involve Private Companies; Pure Single Payer Is A Chimera!

Aug 2019

July 31, 2019

Impeachment Summer: Votes For House Inquiry Reach 118, With 117 Democrats Now Including Engel, Lowey, Wexton, Meng, Crow, and Chu; Steyer Launches TV Ad Based On Highlights Of Mueller Testimony

Behind Trump’s Latest Episode: Cummings Issues Subpoenas For Ivanka, Kushner, and Bannon; Oversight Committee Report Alleges Scheme By Trump Allies To Proliferate U.S. Nuclear Technology To Saudi Arabia For Private Profit; Sanders-Warren Version Of “Medicare For All” Risks Alienating Voters By Stripping Two Thirds Of Americans Of Private Insurance; No Explanations Offered For This Draconian Approach Despite Certainty Of GOP Scare Demagogy; Since Private Insurers Are As Bad As They Say, Why Not Trust Americans To Voluntarily Migrate Into Medicare For All As Public Option Within Obamacare: Let People Vote With Their Feet!; Debate Distorted Failure To Discuss Impeachment

Jul 2019

July 30, 2019

Budget Deal To Avoid Shutdowns And Defaults For Two Years May Be In Trouble At The Hands Of GOP Senate Deficit Hypocrites; Moscow Mitch Is Stalling Vote!

Trump Demands Federal Reserve Make Large Cut In Interest Rates And Stop Quantitative Tightening: His Goal Is Flood Of Low-Interest Hot Money To Keep Speculative Bubble Inflated Through November 2020 Election; Democrats Must Stop Ignoring Fed and Show How A Hamiltonian National Bank Can Produce Credit For Production And Defense!; Hong Kong Opposition Party Demands Universal Suffrage, Freedom Of Information, Freedom of Association: Tyrant Xi Threatens To Send Troops; Main Chinese Demand In Shanghai Trade Talks Is Survival Of Huawei, Leading Edge of Bid For World Domination: Will Don Choose Appeasement To Sell Soybeans?; Moulton Shows Ratcliffe Is Not Qualified; Impeachment Summer: Titus, Serrano, Cleaver, And Eliot Engel Declare For Inquiry, Making 113 Votes Against Trump

Jul 2019

July 29, 2019

Impeachment Summer! With House Members In Districts For Next Six Weeks, Activists Have Decisive Chance To Convince Them That The Time Has Come For Impeachment Inquiry Followed By Early Vote Against Trump! Interventions In Town Hall Meetings Plus Demonstrations And More Are Needed!

New UK Prime Minister “Boris” Johnson Poses As Bumbling Clown, But In Operates As A Cynical Nihilist; His Policies Would Split Off Scotland And Northern Ireland From UK In Case Of No-Deal Brexit; Trump Line About “No Human Being” Wanting To Live In Baltimore Is Straight Fascist Rhetoric Of Untermenschen: Yet Another Reason To Impeach; Dilapidated Kushner Properties In Baltimore Noted For Mice, Mold, And Maggots; Breaking: Nevada Rep Dina Titus Backs Impeachment Inquiry, Bringing Non-Partisan Vote Count To 110; Almost Half Of Democratic Caucus Now On Record For Inquiry!

Jul 2019

July 27, 2019 WCR

Seven House Democrats Declare For Impeachment Inquiry In Wake Of Mueller Testimony, Including Sixth-Ranking Rep. Katherine Clark; 101 House Votes For Impeachment As Of Today; Nadler Committee Cites Impeachment In Subpoena For OSC Documents!
House Members At Home For Six-Week Recess, So Intervene At Town Halls And Set Up Demonstrations Telling Them To Go Back To Washington And Impeach Individual-1; Senate Intelligence Committee Issues Report Showing Russia Hacked Election Systems In All Fifty States In 2016, But Moscow Mitch Blocks Bills For Defensive Measures; All Of Government Approach Needed, But Benedict Donald Knows Only Sabotage; How Long Until Boris Johnson Closes British Parliament To Impose Demands Of Billionaires?; Auto Apocalypse; Epstein Testimony Needed

Jul 2019

July 25, 2019

Trump Clone Boris Johnson Becomes British Prime Minister With Insane Program Of Ignoring Irish Border Issue And Quitting European Union By October 31, Even With No Exit Deal!

Barnier & Juncker Of EU, Irish PM Varadkar Refuse UK Demand For More Concessions; Will Downing Street Seek Early Election Or Send Parliament Home And Rule By Decree?; Scotland Demands Independence Within EU; British Carnage As BoJo Purges Seventeen Cabinet Ministers And Gives Their Posts To Brexit Fanatics And Pro-Thatcher Crackpots; Are Dark Forces Attempting To Silence Jeffrey Epstein To Protect His Former Clients?; Transatlantic Fascism: Barr Wants To Re-Start Federal Executions In December, While BoJo’s New UK Home Secretary Priti Patel Has Backed Restoring Death Penalty; BoJo Prefigured By David Low’s 1930s Cartoon Figure Colonel Blimp: Isolationist, Jingoist, Anti-Democratic, Pro-Appeasement

Jul 2019

July 24, 2019

Mueller Testifies That Trump Is Not Exonerated On Obstruction, That There Was No Hoax Or Witch Hunt, And That Russia Intervened To Help Individual-1; Says Accepting Foreign Campaign Help Is Federal Felony; Pro-Trump Russian Attack On Voting, Counterintelligence Probe Ongoing; 

Mueller Briefly Concedes Trump Would Have Been Indicted For Obstruction But For OLC Memo Banning Indictment Of Incumbent; Perjury Suggested By Trump’s Untruthful Answers To Written Questions With No Interview, No Answers On Obstruction, Many Questions Ignored, And False Answers; GOP Fails To Refute Facts Damning To Trump; Fox News Myths Fall Flat; House Members Leave Town In Days: Opponents Of Dictatorship Must Use Recess Time In Home Districts To Motivate Impeachment Inquiry; 

Trump Raves To Pakistani PM He Could End Afghan War By Killing 10 Million; Claims Absolute Power; North Korea May Have Nuclear Missile Sub; Warning Shots Fired By South Korean Planes Against  Russian AWACS With Chinese And Japanese Aircraft Nearby

Jul 2019

July 23, 2019

Trump Falls For China’s Sucker Deal: Xi Offers To Buy A Few Hundred Million Worth Of Soy Beans While Demanding Unlimited U.S. Technology For Huawei, The Leading Edge Of Beijing’s Push For World Domination; Don Eager To Sell Out For Mess Of Pottage If It Helps Him In Iowa!

Details Of Huawei’s Service To North Korean Butchers; From Russian Protests To Hong Kong Resistance, Resistance To Totalitarianism Becomes More Visible, But Trump Pledges To Keep Silent On Fascist Gangs Deployed By Xi; New British Prime Minister Boris Johnson: A Rogue Leader For The Coming UK Deregulated Rogue State; Mueller Testifies Wednesday: DoJ Wants Him Muzzled, But Will GOP Attacks Prompt Him To Reply?

Jul 2019

July 22, 2019

Huawei Reported To Use U.S. Technology To Build North Korean Wireless Network; Time For Trump To Quit Appeasing, Shut Down Huawei Cartel!

Iran Claims To Capture A Score Of CIA Assets; U.S. Should Accept Zarif Offer As Basis For War Avoidance Talks; Former Trump Cronies Speculate: Does He Regard Himself As President For Life?; Is Wag The Dog Action Imminent?; Will The Military Go Along?; Suggestion For Sen. Corey Booker: Worse Than Racist Is Fascist; Squad’s Claims Of Socialism Are Fraud: They Demand No Nationalizations, No Expropriations, No State Sector – So Why Put On This Albatross When New Deal Is The Winning Card!; Democrats Must Break With Toxic Anti-American Pseudo-History Of Howard Zinn; Breaking: Elizabeth Warren Warns Of Looming Financial Panic, Should Specify Vital Role Of Nationalized Fed!

Jul 2019

July 20, 2019 WCR

Trump’s Love It Or Leave It Attacks On Ultra-Left Squad Are A Big Lie: He Wants To Build Them Up, Since Demonizing Them Is Key To His 2020 Campaign; Omar Imagines She Is Don’s Worst Nightmare, But He Needs Her Most Of All; Ocasio Postures As Apex Of 240 Years Of U.S. History As Supporters Wonder Where’s The Beef; Identity Group Thinking Threatens To Cripple Dems, Give Trump Nightmare Second Term!
Great Britain Faces Virtual Dictatorship As Boris Johnson Prepares To Take Power As Prime Minister: His Program Is Sending Parliament Home And Imposing Catastrophic No-Deal Brexit By Decree; Not Clear If Emphatic Votes By Lords and Commons This Week Can Stop Him; Will Epstein Become The New Michael Cohen?; Celebrate Fiftieth Anniversary Of Apollo 11 By Reviving NASA For Permanent Colonization And Industrial Production On Moon And Mars; No Billionaires Need Apply!

Jul 2019

July 18, 2019

Democratic House Passes Bill To Raise Minimum Wage To $15 In 6 Years; Will “Blue Collar President” Pledge To Sign It, And Urge Grim Reaper To Speed Senate Passage? (Don’t Hold Your Breath!)

Warren Backs Bill To End Wall Street Looting Of U.S.; Key Provisions Curb Predatory Private Equity Firms At Root Of To Retail Apocalypse; CNBC Concedes Closing Of Carried Interest Loophole For Hedge Fund Hyenas Could Pass; New Glass Steagall And Postal Savings Included; Even Cable Pundits Agree: Trump Views All Publicity For Ultra-Left Squad As Boost For Him In 2020; Progressives Urged To Give Up Radical Pose To Secure Radical Result; Revolutionary Posturing Of Squad Could Turn Into Nightmare Of Trump Second Term; After Iran Seizes Two Small Tankers, U.S. Claims To Bring Down Drone; 500 Military Headed For Saudi; Epstein Denied Bail: Facing 45 Years For Sex Trafficking, Will He Implicate Top-Level Associates?

Jul 2019

July 17, 2019

Rep. Al Green Is Moral Giant Of House: His Bill Of Impeachment Against Trump Gets 95 Votes Or 40% Of Democratic Members, Up From 58 in 2017 and 66 in 2018; By 230-198, House Holds Attorney General Barr & Secretary Of Commerce Wilbur Ross In Contempt Of Congress!

By Making Medicare The Public Option, Biden’s Health Care Plan Could Be Basis Of Mass Traction Economic Demands Against Trump In 2020; Free Medicaid For Red State Poor Creates Serious Problems For GOP; Sanders Underestimates Residue Of Mistrust Left By Initial Obamacare Cyber-Failures & Excessive Premiums; Virtually No Countries Use Rigid Single Payer Approach; Despite Urgent Fascist Threat, Pelosi Chooses Business As Usual: House Starts Six-Week Summer Vacation Next Week, Leaving Only Eleven Legislative Weeks In 2019; Guardian: By Rallying Around Ultra-Lefts, Democrats Risk Walking Into Don’s Trap!

Jul 2019

July 16, 2019

House Votes 280-187 To Condemn Trump’s Vile Tirade Against Four Ultra-Lefts; GOP Reps. Brooks, Fitzpatrick, Hurd, And Upton Ignore Scalise To Defy Tenant Of Oval!

Trump’s Action Was Cynical And Successful Ploy To Rescue The Squad From Increasing Isolation: Because Of Their Unpopularity, Don Wants The Four As The Prominent Public Face Of The Democratic Party For 2020; Ocasio’s Chief Of Staff Chakrabarti Has Provoked Calls For Ouster With Reckless Friendly-Fire Attacks On Pelosi As Ineffective, A Native American Rep As Enabling Racism, And Moderate Dems As Modern-Day Segregationists; Pelosi’s Office Asks “Who Is This Guy?”; Rahm Emanuel Dubs Him A “Snot-Nosed Punk”; New Interest In Chandra Bose, The Pro-Axis Rival Of Mahatma Gandhi And Nehru; The Case Of V.K. Krishna Menon, Who Lectured The West About Colonialism But Then Faced 1962 Invasion By Mao’s China

Jul 2019

July 15, 2019

Trump’s Despicable “Love It Or Leave It” Tantrum Against Ultra-Left House Dems Parodies 1970 Campaign Bullying By Doomed Nixon-Agnew Gang; Regime Said To Unleash Fascist Dragnet Against Immigrants; Scapegoating And Demonization Of Ethnic Groups Are Classic Features Of Fascism!

Democrats’ Needless Infighting Results From Pelosi’s Failure To Focus Caucus On Long Overdue Impeachment Inquiry; Third Time’s The Charm: Congressman Al Green Prepares Yet Another Timely Vote On Impeachment Inquiry; Britain And Canada Condemn Trump; Dems Must Also Advance Mass Traction Economic Reforms For All The People, Including In Form and Language Intelligible To Midwest Blue Collar Industrial Workers; Mueller Should Testify Copiously And Soon; China Posts Worst GDP Result Since 1992 Despite Stimuli: Many Producers Flee To Other Nations To Escape U.S. Tariffs!

Jul 2019

July 13, 2019 WCR

Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1944: History of Nazi I.G. Farben Oil And Chemical Cartel Reads Like A Crime Novel!

Monopolies And Cartels In The History Of Totalitarian Bids For World Domination: 1930s German Cartels Included Aluminum, Machine Tools, Potash, Aircraft Equipment, Electrical Products, And Many More: Goal Was To Prevent Development Of These Industries In America & Constrict Production So That Weakened Nation Would Lose In Future Military Confrontation; The Lessons For Made In China 2025 And BARF Policies;

Breaking: At G-20, Trump Signals That Ban On U.S. High-Tech Exports To Enable Huawei 5G Dominance Is Merely An Expendable Bargaining Chip To Advance His Primitive Tariff Fetishism; Boss Tweet Too Weak And Greedy To Maintain Principled Line Of National Self Defense!

Jul 2019

July 11, 2019

Another Humiliation For Trump With Collapse Of  Attempt To Distort Census By Adding Citizenship Question Designed To Terrorize Immigrant Communities; GOP Wanted Faked Census To Consolidate Permanent Austerity Dictatorship Over U.S.; GOP Gerrymandering And Demonization Of Immigrants Now Harder; Don’s Packing Of Supreme Court Is Not Producing Desired Results! 

Coming After Epstein-Acosta Debacle, Latest Failure Adds Up To A Very Bad Week For Individual-1; Democrats Should Immediately Set Up A War Room And Deploy Truth Squads To Counter Trump’s Vile Barrage Of Filth, Lies, And Threats; Prof. Shugerman’s Cogent Critique Of Mueller Report Should Inspire Questions For July 17 Testimony; Fragmentation Of OSC Findings Tends To Obscure Causality And Hide Pervasive Election Coordination Of Trump Campaign With Russia!

Jul 2019

July 10, 2019

Fault Lines Deepen In Trump’s Coalition As Real Extent Of Epstein-Acosta Infamy Comes Into Focus; Many Pro-Regime Reactionaries Claim Pedophilia Is Their Breaking Point; New York Times Describes 1992 Party With Trump, Epstein, And 28 Calendar Girls!

Acosta Defies Public In Self-Righteous Press Conference, Blaming State Prosecutors For His Sweetheart Deal; His Cabinet Post Increasingly Untenable; Alt-Right And Alt-Left Devastated By New Report Of KGB Role In Macabre Seth Rich Hoax; Structural Disintegration Of GOP Is Real; Fed’s Powell Grovels For Trump, Promises Easy Money To Enable November 2020 Win; Democrats Must Fight Back With Plan To Nationalize Central Bank In Spirit Of Hamilton’s Bank Of The United States; New Debt Ceiling Crisis Looms In September!

Jul 2019

July 9, 2019

Trump Discovers He Hardly Knew Epstein – Now That He’s In Jail!; Don Fixing To Dump “Great Secretary Of Labor” Acosta As Public Pressure To Oust Him Builds; Pelosi Should Impeach Acosta, Quoting Federal Judge That He Broke Law In Sweetheart Deal Kept Secret From Victims!

Indications That Trump Acolytes Barr And Berman Push Prosecution To Control Epstein’s Testimony Before 2020 Vote; Federal Appeals Panel In New Orleans Eyes Total Destruction Of Obamacare; Success For GOP States Would Reduce 20% Of U.S. Economy To Chaos, With Countless Deaths; A Recent Mirror: The Bush 41-Barr Cleanup Of Iran-Contra Before 1988;

Breaking: Russian KGB-SVR Pioneered Fake Reports That Democratic Staffer Seth Rich Was Murdered To Protect Hillary; Bogus Account Hyped By Kremlin Media, Alt-Right Paranoids, Trump Backers; Russian Meddling Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt!

Jul 2019

July 8, 2019

Trump Hits 47% Approval In Washington Post-ABC Poll; Appalling Result Directly Reflects Sterile Conflict Between Opportunist Pelosi And House Quartet Of Ultra-Lefts; Media Hype Of Kamala Over Biden Also A Negative; Her Policy Is Stripping Private Insurance From Working People While Feigning Free Treatment For Immigrants; Her Position On Busing Identical To Biden’s!

Medicare For All Should Mean An Obamacare Public Option With Voluntary Buy-In At Attractive Prices; “Single Payer” Is Limited To A Very Few Countries; Next Financial Crash Will Bankrupt Many Insurance Companies, Hastening Transition;

Trump-Clinton Crony Epstein Arraigned In Manhattan For Sex Trafficking Of Minors; Fear Grips Corridors Of Power; Democrats Must Impeach Labor Secretary Acosta, Who Broke Law To Give Epstein Sweetheart Deal A Decade Ago!

Jul 2019

July 3, 2019

Public Outrage Against Trump Regime Grows Over Hijacking Of July 4 Celebrations For Tawdry Political Stunt; Tanks In Streets Of The Capital Raise Specter Of Coup In Case Of Impeachment Or Defeat In November 2020!

Heavy Thunderstorms In DC Holiday Forecast May Rain On Don’s Parade; To Break Up Trump Base, Democrats Must Go Beyond Their Identity Groups And Back Programs To Help Stricken White Workers Of Rust Belt And Appalachia; Kamala Discredited By Repeated Flip-Flops On Whether She Would Outlaw Private Insurance As Part Of Medicare For All; New Highs In Stock Market Widely Seen As Bubble Stoked By Easy Money From Fed; Real Economy In Decline; Treasury Yield Stays Inverted;

Breaking: Regime Still Trying In Impose Citizenship Question In 2020 Census!

Jul 2019

July 2, 2019

Trump ‘s Iran Wrecking Op Leaves The Middle East “A Darkling Plain Swept With Confused Alarms Of Struggle And Flight”; Will War Start Under The Current New Moon?

Pence Cancels New Hampshire Trip And Rushes Back To White House; Putin Cleared Schedule To Deal With Fire In Submarine; Oligarchs And Their Meretricious Media Sneer At Hong Kong’s Rebellion Against Xi’s Tyranny; Enforcer Barr Loses Two Big Ones: Regime Drops Hopes To Delay Census, Will Print Forms Without GOP’s Treacherous Citizenship Question; Seattle Judge Blocks Plan To Keep Asylum Seekers In Jail Without Bail Hearings; Trump Rolls Tanks On DC Streets: Dress Rehearsal For An Autogolpe?; In The Roman Triumph, The Victorious General Was Repeatedly Warned By A Slave That He Was Not A God And That All Glory Is Fleeting; Trump Has No Victories And Only Yes-Men Who Won’t Warn Him!

Jul 2019

Junly 1, 2019

Trump Sells U.S. Out To China’s Xi In Colossal Cyber-Munich Over Huawei and 5G; Betrays Allies, But Gets No Concessions; National Security Seen As Bargaining Chip By White House Nihilist!

Don and Kim Stage Inane Dog And Pony Show At Korean DMZ; No Apparent Purpose Beyond Hype Detected; Hong Kong Protesters Briefly Occupy City Council To Protest Legalized Kidnappings Ordered By Tyrant Xi; Democrats Must Demand That Presidential Candidates Condemn Beijing Regime And Threat Of New Tien An Men Repression; TWSP Supports Protesters;

At New York Left Forum, Tax Wall Street Party Presents Strategy For Turning Back Beijing’s Push For World Domination By Outflanking Neo-Maoists On Left With Fed-Financed Marshall Plan As Alternative To Belt And Road Debt Trap; Current Relevance Of I.G. Farben

Jun 2019

June 27, 2019

Warren Foolishly Imitates Bernie ‘s Single Payer Fetishism, Not The Same As Medicare Open To All; Attempting To Strip 180 Million Americans Of Insurance Through Private Companies Is Recipe For Backlash And Another Term Of Trump! 

Successful Transition Should Not Rely On Coercion, But On Voluntary Buy-In Into Enhanced Medicare As Public Option Under Obamacare; Gradual Migration From Private Policies To Medicare Is Key; Coming Financial Crisis Will Bankrupt Insurance Firms, Speed Process; Consumers Need Reassurance On Costs To Them Personally, Not Just Overall Costs Of Healthcare To Society; 

Enter Whining: To Prep For Xi And Putin, Eternal Victim Trump Insults Japanese Hosts, Then Lashes Out At India And Germany!; Putin Claims Liberal Idea Is Dead, While He Presides Over The Demographic Collapse and Depopulation Of Russia; Russian Assets Support Gabbard, Assail Ryan!

Jun 2019

June 26, 2019

Trump Confirms Another Appeasement Meeting With Putin, Asserts Executive Privilege, Arrogantly Telling Americans His Discussions With Kremlin Boss Are “None of Your Business”!; But Are They About His Business?; Tax Wall Street Party Calls For Ban On Trump’s Secret Talks With Putin, Xi, and Other Hostile Leaders Because Of His Manifest Unfitness And Corrupt Intentions!

Needless Deaths Along Mexican Border Caused By “Metering” Of Refugees Stoke Wave of Loathing and Revulsion Against Trump And GOP; Don Blames Democrats; Public Wonders: Does Trump Ever Take Responsibility For Anything?; White House Fears July 17 House Testimony By Mueller And Staff; House Must Cancel Recess, Focus On Impeachment!; Lincoln’s Support For Protective Tariff, 1847