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Nov 2019

November 12, 2019

On Eve Of First Televised Impeachment Hearings, Faction Fights Rage In Trump Camp As Fear Of Jail Time Runs Riot: Mulvaney Scapegoats Cipollone And Vice Versa, While Bolton And Kupperman Won’t Let Staff Chief Join Their Lawsuit; House Republicans Leak Four Primitive Gaslighting Points As Basis For Desperate Defense Of Don; Only Morons Will Be Fooled; 

Turkey’s Pro-Russian Dictator Erdogan Visits Washington; In Sardonic Talk To Morgan Stanley, Bolton Sees Business Or Personal Reasons Behind Trump’s Sell-Out Of Kurds, Predicts U.S. Exit From NATO In Second Term;

Roger Stone Trial Goes To Jury: Gates Overheard Trump Talking With Stone On July 30 2016 About Imminent Wikileaks Dumps, Undercutting Trump’s Assertion That He Never Discussed Hacked Emails With His Campaign Officials;

Interagency Lawyers Saw Freezing Aid To Ukraine As Illegal: Similar Issue Was Considered For Impeaching Nixon During Watergate; Impoundment Control Act Of 1974 Lets White House Legally Refuse Spending Only With Consent Of Both Houses Of Congress, Which Trump Never Sought;

All Roads Lead To Putin: Mulvaney Feared Moscow’s Anger Over Javelins; Trump Reportedly Ordered Bolton To Stop U.S. Navy Freedom Of Navigation Cruise In Black Sea!

Nov 2019

November 11, 2019

Republicans Striving Desperately To Force Impeachment Process Off Track: Nunes’ List Of Proposed GOP Witnesses Is Cynical Bid To Confuse And Disorient Public Which Must Be Rejected; Turkish Dictator Erdogan Invited To Washington By Trump On Wednesday, Same Day Televised Hearings Begin; Individual-1 In Frenzy, Tweets 82 Times On Saturday; Trump Booed At New York Veterans’ Day Parade Kickoff In New York City!

Communist Police Escalate Violence Against Hong Kong Protesters; Beijing Puppets Must Grant Right To Vote And Other Demands Of Opposition Or Assume Responsibility For Damage From Further Clashes; 

Dangers Of Gaslighting Are Not An Abstraction: German Field Marshall Von Hindenburg Admitted To Reporter George Seldes After Armistice Day, November 11, 1918 That His Forces Were Beaten By Americans in The Meuse-Argonne Battle, But Later Switched To The Nazi Big Lie Of The Stab In The Back (Dolchstoßlegende) By Civilian Politicians, Which Became Key Article Of Hitler’s Propaganda

Nov 2019

November 9, 2019 WCR

Six Weeks To Impeachment As Televised Hearings Begin 10am Wednesday With Taylor And Kent, Followed By Ambassador Yovanovich On Friday; Articles Likely To Be Voted By Whole House Before Christmas!

French President Macron Sees “Brain Death” Of 29-Member Atlantic Alliance; Brexit Crisis Is Wasting Vast Energies; Not Clear If NATO’s Article 5 Basis Of Collective Self Defense Is Still In Force; Given Trump’s Attitude, Will Article 5 Hold Up If Syria Retaliates Against Aggression By Alliance Member Turkey?; No Strategic Coordination Between U.S. And European NATO States, With Trump Turning His Back On Allies; “Guarantor Of Last Resort” Is No Longer Reliable Against Authoritarian Russia And China; Chilling Diagnosis Shows Urgency Of Ousting Trump Regime Before Putin’s Triumph Is Complete; Dem Isolationists Also A Disaster; Alarms Of Middle East War;

GOP Leadership Transfers Attack Dog Jim Jordan Into House Intelligence Committee Just As More Court Papers Are Filed Against Him For Failing To Denounce Pedophiles At Ohio State; Hooligan Stunt On Hill May Be Imminent;

Breaking: Bolton’s Lawyer Claims He Has Details Of Trump’s Ukraine Extortion Which House Impeachment Probers Do Not Know

Nov 2019

November 7, 2019

Trump Toadies Striving To Expose Ukraine Whistleblower To The Fury Of The Many Deranged Sayocs In Their Base; Don’s “Kayfabe” Strategy From Wrestling World Requires A Person As Opponent To Gull The Dupes; Report Says Whistleblowers Now Number Seven: One Allegedly Says Erdogan Knew Kushner Had Okayed Khashoggi “Arrest” By Saudis And That Turkey’s Erdogan Used This Secret To Blackmail Trump Out Of Syria!

Did Barr Refuse To Officiate At Public Ceremony Giving Trump Clean Bill Of Health Against All Accusations?; At Stone Trial, Prosecutors Suggest Trump Lied To Mueller; Bolton Is No-Show At Impeachment Hearings; George Kent Of State Told Schiff Committee That Giuliani Waged Months-Long Campaign Of Lies And Distortions As Part Of Trump Ukraine Caper; America’s Mayor Is Busy Hiring Defense Lawyers; House GOP Utterly Bereft Of Arguments, May Resort To Dramatic Hooligan Stunt To Disrupt Public Impeachment Hearings!

Breaking: Plutocrat Bloomberg To Enter Democratic Primary In Alabama

Nov 2019

November 6, 2019

Impeachment Effort In House Escalates With Televised Hearings Set For Next Wednesday Morning Appearance By Ambassador To Kiev Taylor, Followed By Deputy Assistant Secretary George Kent Of State Department; Ambassador Yovanovich Up Next Friday; Transcript Of Taylor Testimony Makes Powerful Case For Trump’s Extortion Of Ukraine; 

Defense Of Obamacare And Medicaid Expansion Dominates Off-Year Elections; In Virginia, Dems Gain Control Of Both Houses Of State Legislature, Ending Threat To Medicaid And Completing Blue Sweep In Richmond; Pro-Trump Reactionary Bevin Out As Governor In Kentucky, Where Medicaid Has Been Under Attack; Winner Is Andrew Beshear, Son Of Governor Who Joined Expansion;

Austerity Ghouls At IMF And Washington Post Demand Worldwide Regressive Carbon Tax Of $75 Per Ton; Malthusian Elitists Are On Collision Course With Current Worldwide Mass Strike Wave Protesting Austerity, Unemployment, Despair, And Declining Standards Of Living; France, Lebanon, Ecuador, Chile, Iraq And Others Hit By Economic Unrest; Growth Rate For Latin America Headed Down To 0.2% As World Economy Continues To Contract!


Nov 2019

November 5 2019

New York Times Shock Poll Shows Trump May Be Competitive In Battleground States And Could Win Electoral College Despite Dem Lead In Popular Vote; Biden Leads Trump By Small 1% To 2% Margins In Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona; Sanders Strongest In Michigan; Warren Ties Trump In Arizona, But Trails In Other States; Many Who Voted For Democrats In 2018 Now In Danger Of Drifting Back To Trump Owing To Ultra-Left Excesses In Congress;

Democrats’ Debates Have Been Conducted In An Atmosphere Of Utopian Fantasy And Have Done Permanent Damage To Several Candidates; Beating Trump Is Main Issue For Dems, But Debates Have Been Conducted Without Reference To Impact Of Policies On Battleground States Or Electoral College;

Fascistization: Barr’s DoJ Violates First Amendment, Imposing De Facto Prior Restraint By Intimidating Author And Publisher Of The Anonymous Anti-Trump Book Warning; Trump Toady Rand Paul On Brink Of Violating Federal Statute By Revealing Name Of Whistleblower; Jury Selection Begins In DC Trial Of Trump Dirty Tricks Operative Roger Stone, Putting Russiagate And Mueller Report Back In Center Of Public Attention!

Nov 2019

November 4, 2019

Second U.S. Circuit Orders Trump’s Accountants To Give Manhattan D.A. 8 Years Of His Tax Returns; No Guarantee That Supremes Will Grant Certiorari, So Don’s Appeals May Be Over; NSC Lawyer Eisenberg And Other Hacks Defy House Subpoenas; Giuliani’s Pal Lev Parnas May Be Ready To Spill The Beans For Southern District; Impeachment Committees Publish Almost 500 Pages Of Testimony From Amb. Yovanovich And Deputy Secretary Of State McKinley; GOP Complains Anyway!

With Campaign Of Ukraine Extortion, Hobbs Act Hangs Over Trump White House: 1946 Law Provides Up To 20 Years In Jail For Public Officials Who Extract Things Of Value Under Color Of Law In Exchange For Official Actions;

Health Care: Rationing Advocate Berwick And Former IMF Chief Economist Simon Johnson Raise Eyebrows As Advisers To Warren’s Latest Plan; 

Economist Laments Lack Of Available Space For Counter-Cyclical Monetary And Fiscal Stimulus, But Key To Recovery Is $7 Trillion Credit Stimulus Targeted On Infrastructure And Education, Provided By Federal Reserve At 0%; Tuesday Elections In Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia, And Maryland


Nov 2019

November 2, 2019 - World Crisis Radio

With Impeachment Imminent And Mass Hostility Growing, Trump And GOP Fall Back On Gaslighting And Mass Brainwashing To Disorient Voters; 18% Of Republicans Want Don Removed; His Popularity In GOP Down To 74%, Not Enough For Base Turnout Strategy; Dems Must Deliver At Least One Day Per Week Of Public Hearings On The Sam Ervin 1973 Model!

Join The Tax Wall Street Party’s Campaign To Prod Democratic Candidates Towards Program Of Fed Lending For Infrastructure & Education As Centerpiece Of FDR-Style Economic Recovery; 

Warren’s Medicare Plan Correctly Increases Top Rate Of Wealth Tax To 6% And Rules Out Middle Class Tax Increase, But Her Posting On Medium Makes No Mention Of Federal Reserve And Demands Deep Cuts To Defense In Face Of Aggressive Militaristic Totalitarians In Moscow And Beijing; Her Plan To Confiscate 150 Million Private Insurance Policies Is Toxic In General Election And Must Be Removed; Rejection Of Nuclear Energy Cannot Be Grounded In The Carbon-Based Theory Of Global Warming; Only Advanced Industrial Societies Can Provide Universal Health Care, And This Requires The Most Modern Energy Production; 

BoJo Discredited After He Fails To Keep His Signature Promise Of Brexit By Oct. 31!

Nov 2019

October 31, 2019

House Votes 232-196 To Formalize And Continue Impeachment Investigation; Public Hearings To Start Soon, Possibly Starring Bolton; Democratic Renegades Kept Down To 2; Amash Votes With Dems; GOP’s Efforts At Gaslighting American Public Are Failing; Republican Lockstep Shows That Party Is Now A Sinister Cult That Can Have No Part In America’s Future!

Schumer Warns That Trump Is Likely To Abuse Next Federal Funding Deadline On November 21 To Deflect Attention Away From His Own High Crimes With A Total Government Shutdown; Beware Bid To Punish American People For Being Unworthy Of His Stable Genius!

U.S. GDP Growth Is Now At 1.9%, Showing Once Again That Trump Does Not Deliver On His Promises, Especially In Economics; Serious Domestic Liquidity Issues Include Repo Cash Crunch; Durable Goods Orders Down Year Over Year; Mining And Manufacturing Continue To Shrink, With Manufacturing Still 4.8% Below Pre-2008 Levels; Industrial Production Has Not Expanded In 142 Months; CASS Freight Index Marks Tenth Month Of Decline, “Signaling an economic contraction.”

Oct 2019

October 30, 2019

Tax Wall Street Party Redoubles Effort To Start Discussion Among Democratic Primary Candidates Of 0% Interest, Long-Term Federal Reserve Lending For Infrastructure, Science, And Student Loans; For Starters, TWSP Backs $2 Trillion To Freeze All Student Debt, Plus Several Trillion More For FDR-Style Infrastructure And Job Creation Program; This Is Fed Lending, Not Federal Spending Paid For By Taxation Or Borrowing; Warren Dodges Question, While Bernie Gives Muted Assent, Abandoning The Crucial Field To Loudmouth Trump!

House Rules Committee Votes To Schedule Impeachment Inquiry Vote By Whole House On Halloween; Every Democratic Vote Now Needed; No More Resignations Can Be Tolerated; 

Bolton Wants Subpoena Before Testifying; Col. Vindman Testifies That Don’s Much-Touted “Verbatim Transcript” Of Trump-Zelensky Phone Call Had Key Passages Expurgated, Pointing To Coverup; Pompeo’s Deputy Sullivan Says Asking Foreign Nations For Election Help Violates American Values; NSC Official Croft Says GOP Lobbyist And 1998 Clintongate Hypocrite Robert Livingston Kept Demanding Firing Of Ambassador Yovanovich, Who Was Check On Giuliani

Oct 2019

October 29, 2019

House Impeachment Resolution Is Giant Step Towards Removal Of Trump; Thursday Floor Vote Scheduled; Legality & Efficacy Of Present And Future Subpoenas Of Trump Henchmen Affirmed; Televised Hearings Will Begin; GOP Proves Utter Bad Faith By Arguing Process Is Flawed Beyond Repair, So Let Trump Keep Running Wild!

Lt. Col. Vindman Of NSC Judges Trump A Threat To U.S. National Security; He Was Part Of Infamous July 25 Trump-Zelensky Call, And Denounced It Twice To NSC Lawyer Eisenberg; Fox News Slander Mill Portrays Him As Foreign Spy To Protect Trump; Brain Damaged Trump Backers Inhabit The World Time Forgot, Still Babbling About Comey, Steele, And Carter Page; New Book Tries To Make Midnight Rider Nunes The Heroic Defender Of Don; The Moral Insanity Of The Alt-Left Veers Deeper Into Nihilism; UK General Election Set For December 12!

Breaking: Republican Sophist Frank Luntz Intones “You don’t boo the president,” Wants World Series Fans Who Booed Trump To Be Punished! So lock them up?

Oct 2019

October 28, 2019

Trump Shocked By Hostile Reception At World Series; Angry Chants Of “Lock Him Up” Cast Dark Shadow Over His Entire 2020 Campaign; His Incompetent Handlers And Yes-Men Thought He Would Be Applauded For Vanquishing Baghdadi; He Thanks Moscow, But Kremlin Says They Played No Role And Don’t Believe Trump’s Story; Raid By U.S. Seen As Risky Parting Shot By Retreating Forces; Sources Say Slaying Of ISIS Caliph “Happened Largely In Spite Of Trump’s Actions;”

UK’s BoJo Breaks His Signature Promise Of Delivering Brexit By Oct. 31, Then Accepts EU’s Offer Of 3-Month Delay, Reneging On All Commitments; Brexit Party’s Farage May Eclipse BoJo In Next Election, Splitting Ultra-Brexit Fanatic Vote;

Breaking: Pelosi Announces Formal House Vote On Starting Impeachment Process; BoJo’s Bid To Schedule Dec. 12 General Elections Rejected By Commons

Oct 2019

October 26, 2019 - World Crisis Radio

Three Harbingers Of Fascism: Storming Of House SCIF By GOP Goons Brings Hooliganism Into Congress; Trump Lawyers Claim He Is Above The Law And Can Kill With Impunity Like 1930s Dictators; Barr-Durham Review Of Russiagate Beginnings Goes Criminal, Seeks To Frame Up Intelligence Factions And Obama Officials Who Opposed Trump’s Seizure Of Power; But Trump’s Raving Debacle In Syria Has Antagonized U.S. Officer Corps, Who Are Now Unlikely To Back Pro-Trump Coup; Impeach Barr!

Barr’s Attempt To Rewrite History Of Russian Attack On 2016 Elections Is Doomed To Fail In Face Of Mueller Report And Mueller’s Two Dozen Indictments Of Russian Attackers; Senate Intelligence Committee Report Also Proves Kremlin’s Guilt;

Another Stinging Legal Defeat For Regime: Federal Judge Orders Barr’s Henchmen To Give Nadler Committee Grand Jury Material From Mueller Probe, While Annihilating Pro-Trump Lie That Impeachment Inquiry Is Not Valid Without Majority Vote Of Whole House; Giuliani Faces Indictment Like His Pals Parnas And Fruman;

Barr-Durham Harassment Of Italian Government Yields Nothing; Italians Tell Barr Phantom Prof. Mifsud Is Russian Asset!

Oct 2019

October 24, 2019

Fascism In America: House GOP Tries Gestapo Tactics To Intimidate Key Pentagon Witness Laura Cooper And Disrupt Schiff Investigation About To Impeach Trump; In New York Appeals Court, Trump Team Argues That Individual-1 Has Immunity To Investigation, Prosecution, Conviction, And Punishment Even After Committing Murder; This Doctrine Would Allow Don To Liquidate Political Opposition And Impose Fascist Dictatorship; Judge Marrero Has Already Demolished Absurd OLC Immunity Theory; 

47 Republicans Have Clearances For Impeachment Hearings; GOP Cell Phones Loaded With Malware Would Have Picked Up Electronic Emanations Inside Secure Hearing Room (SCIF); Malware Could Also Have Entered Secure Computers Inside SCIF And Gone On To Infect Langley And Fort Meade, Reporting Back To Moscow And Beijing;

On Track To Break His Bombastic Promise Of Do Or Die Brexit By October 31, BoJo Demands Parliament Approve Timetable Of Another Brexit Vote Nov. 6, Followed By General Election On December 12; Dissolving Parliament Takes Two Thirds Vote, But All Parties Appear Opposed; EU Answer On Brexit Delay To January 31 Is Imminent;

Will Trump Attempt To Muddy The Waters On Impeachment By Provoking Another Government Budget Shutdown On November 21?

Breaking: Barr And Durham Launch Probe Designed To Whitewash Russian Attack On U.S. 2016 Election

Oct 2019

October 23, 2019

House GOP Hooligans Stage Riot In Bid To Shut Down Feared Testimony Of Deputy Assistant Secretary Of Defense For Russia, Ukraine, And Eurasia Laura Cooper, The First Serving Pentagon Official To Testify In Ukrainegate Hearings; Storm Trooper Tactics Fail As Cooper Testifies Later In Afternoon; 

GOP Big Lie Propaganda Obscures Fact That All Republican Members Of Intelligence And Other Impeachment Committees Are Free To Participate In Hearings And Report Back To Trump; Unable To Refute Charges Against Don, Republicans Fall Back On Process Obstruction And Disruption; Incident Recalls Brooks Brothers Riot Of November 22, 2000 Which Halted Florida Vote Count, Giving White House To Bush 43;

As Liquidity Crisis/Cash Crunch In Repo Market Worsens, New York Fed Announces Daily Liquidity Injections Are Increased To $120 Billion From $75 Billion, With Term Repos Raised To $45 Billion And QE IV Set At $60 Billion Per Month; Moves Are Sure Harbinger Of Onrushing Systemic Crisis!

Oct 2019

October 22, 2019

Ambassador Taylor Tells Gasping Congress How Trump Directed Illegal Foreign Policy Channel To Kiev With Goal Of Extorting Political Services To Be Used In His 2020 Campaign; Key Participants Acutely Aware Of Don’s Corrupt Quid Pro Quo; Ukraine’s Military Security Cynically Endangered By Delays Related To 2016 DNC Server And Scandal Material Against Bidens; Effort To Force Ukrainian President Into A “Public Box”; Trump’s Criminal Exposure For Abuse Of Power Aggravated; 

U.S. Forces In Afghanistan Prepare For Surprise Twitter Directive To Retreat; Fleeing From South Korea On Trump’s Whim Could Easily Start World War Three; To Avoid Short-Term Catastrophe, Pelosi Must Adopt Doctrine Of Emergency Impeachment, Possibly Sending Articles To Senate In Separate Installments; Trump Still Has Nuclear Launch Codes!

BoJo Wins Preliminary Brexit Vote, But Then Sees His Timetable For Railroading Deal Through Commons Defeated; BoJo’s Oct. 31 Deadline Widely Seen As Dead Letter; EU President Tusk Backs Brexit Delay, Already Approved By Merkel; Commons Must Attach Killer Amendments To BoJo’s Plan And Arrive At Second Referendum!

Oct 2019

October 21, 2019

UK House Of Commons Blocks BoJo’s Brexit Plan By Requiring More Safeguards Against Catastrophic No Deal; BoJo’s Exit Formula Is More Savage In Deregulation Than Theresa May’s; House of Commons Speaker Bercow Blocks BoJo Again On Monday, Citing Ban On Forcing Repeat Votes On Same Bill; Labour’s Corbyn AWOL; BoJo-Cummings-Reese Mogg Gang Still Determined To Exit EU By Oct. 31;

Trump Forced To Back Down On Holding G-7 At Doral Backlash Among GOP; Don Is Running Scared, Already Mortgaging Pieces Of Himself To Procure Acquittal Votes In Senate;

At Gloomy IMF Annual Meeting, ex-Bank of England Chief Mervyn King Warns Markets Are Sleepwalking Towards Economic And Financial Crisis; Bigwigs Favor “Going Direct” With Bailouts Based On Blackrock Plan To Make Central Banks Provide Trillions In “Helicopter Money” To “Private Sector Spenders”; Climate Hysteria Seen As Key Tool To Extort Huge Sums For “Green Finance”;

Russia Determined To Back 2020 Leftist Third Party Using Known Politicians To Help Trump Gain Second Term Dictatorship Regime; 

Breaking: Facebook Reports Shutting Down Well Resourced Effort By Russia’s Internet Research Agency To Help Trump and Bernie, Harm Biden, Kamala, Warren

Oct 2019

October 19, 2019 - World Crisis Radio

“Super Saturday” Puts Britain Again On Brink Of Brexit Chaos; BoJo Needs Majority Of Commons For Dubious Deal With EU, After Which He Can Run Wild; Veteran Tory Leader Warns BoJo’s Plan Conceals “Heavily Camouflaged No-Deal” Set To Detonate In Late 2020; Tory Rebels Backed By Labour Party Present Letwin Amendment To Block Delayed-Action No Deal By Forcing BoJo To Get An Adequate Extension Now; Insurance Policy Against BoJo’s Duplicity Is Essential; Any Form Of Brexit Leaves Rogue State UK As Shattered Hell Hole Of Deregulation, Strikebreaking, And Bankers’ Rule Seeking To Lure Other Nations Into Trading Bloc Ruled By China And Russia;

Mulvaney Confesses To Ukraine Extortion By White House; Five Top National Security Officials Have Testified In Impeachment Probe This Week, To Be Followed Next Week By Seven More; Exposure Of Giuliani Underworld Networks Continues; Trump Has Acted Out Meltdown For 1,000 Days, But Now Must Pay The Piper!

Breaking: Moscow Mitch Says Trump’s Syria Moves Are “Grave Strategic Mistake” And “Strategic Nightmare”

Oct 2019

October 17, 2019

Trump And Pence Repeat Appeasement Folly Of Sir Neville Chamberlain At Munich In 1938: Don Sells Out Kurds, Allows Creation Of Erdogan’s #Safezonia, Destined To Become A New Incubator Of Terrorism; Kurds Ordered To Exit During 5 Days’ Cease Fire; Turks Will Occupy Band Of Territory Eerily Similar To Sudetenland, Given To Hitler In Rape Of Czechoslovakia; Trump Gloating Is Shameful Repeat Of “Peace In Our Time,” But Neo-Ottoman Erdogan Will Keep Going; With Trump, All Roads Lead To Putin; General War Now Closer!

BoJo Dumps All Redlines In New Brexit Plan Agreed To By EU Commission; Deal Includes Customs Separation Between Northern Ireland & England/Scotland, Previously Anathema To Tories; Deal Exists But Votes In Commons May Not: Ulster Unionists Reject Plan; Labour, Lib Dems, & Scots Nationalists Will Vote No; EU’s Tusk OKs Extension If BoJo Fails; MPs Must Nix This Monstrosity;

Moscow Mitch Tells Senate To Prepare For Impeachment Trial Before Thanksgiving; Mulvaney Confesses To Quid Pro Quo With Ukraine! 

Tax Wall Street Party Mourns Elijah Cummings

Oct 2019

October 16, 2019

From Enraged Monologues And Affronts For Italian President Mattarella To A Crude Clash With Speaker Pelosi, A Day Of Deteriorating And Unstable Behavior By Trump; House Votes 354-60 Against His Syrian Chaos, With Most Republicans Turning Against Him; Don Is Author Of Unfolding Tragedy, With Putin And ISIS Terrorists As Beneficiaries;

Facing Deadline Of Brexit Deal Or Requesting Extension, BoJo Claims That Deal Is At Hand Based On Customs Border In Irish Sea; Decision Of EU Summit Awaited Thursday To Friday, With Vote In Parliament Scheduled For Saturday Morning; No Guarantee That BoJo Has The Votes; 

At Democratic Debate, Warren Evades Questions About Paying For Medicare, The Future Of 180 Million Privately Insured, Supreme Court Reform, And Ousting Trump From Twitter; But Readily Agrees With Trump And Putin That U.S. Should Get Out Of The Middle East!

Does Trump Qualify As Greatest Commander Of All Time?

Oct 2019

October 15, 2019

Trump Leaves 50 U.S. Tactical Nuclear Weapons At Mercy Of Erdogan In Incirlik NATO Base In Turkey; Syrian Army Invited In By Kurds, Nears Raqqa And Other Cities; Leading Edge Of Turkish Advance Into Syria Made Up Of Jihadi War Criminals Of Free Syrian Army; Russian Forces Interposed Between Turks And Syrian Army; Trump’s Sanctions Are Camouflage For Failed Appeasement;

Will Military Backlash Against Trump’s Betrayal Of Kurds Undermine Don’s Formula For Keeping Power Based On Bikers, Police, And Troops?;

Bolton Reportedly Told NSC Russia Director Fiona Hill To Report Trump’s Illegal Ukraine Operation To White House Counsel, Calling It A “Drug Deal” Set Up By Giuliani And Sondland; Giuliani Seen As “Hand Grenade,” Now Under FBI Investigation;

Chinese Ideology Of Victimization And Resentment On Parade In Dispute Involving NBA; But Gravest Chinese Disasters Like Celestial Kingdom Of Taiping And Mao’s Slaughter Of 80 Million Were Self-Inflicted;

Grand Inquisitor Barr’s Notre Dame Speech Goes Beyond Theocracy To Caesaropapism On The Imperial Russia Model!

Oct 2019

October 14, 2019

Betrayed By Trump, Kurds Call On Syrian Army For Protection From Turks; Erdogan’s Neo-Ottoman Invasion Spearheaded By Murderous Jihadist Extremists; ISIS Jailbreaks Growing; Flailing Don Now Wants Sanctions For Turkey Over Aggression He Approved A Week Before; Wider War Looms;

Make It Or Brexit: BoJo Must Get OK From EU And Commons By Wednesday Or Be Forced To Beg Extension From Brussels On Thursday; New York Mag: If Warren And Sanders Are Serious About Reducing Carbon, They Must Embrace Nuclear Power; A Distant Mirror For The “Green New Deal”: The Morgenthau Plan of 1944-1946, Which Called For Deindustrialization Of Defeated Germany, Leading To At Least 25 Million Deaths; 

Barr Poses As Grand Inquisitor Among Trump-Worshiping Evangelicals, But He Scorns The Foundational Doctrine of Pope Gelasius I In “Duo Sunt” (494 AD) That The Political Power Of The State And The Religious Realm Of The Church Must Be Kept Separate!

Oct 2019

October 10, 2019

Erdogan Pushes Deeper Into Syria In Genocidal Campaign Against Kurds; Trump’s Appeasement Triggers Gloating By ISIS & Kremlin; Neo-Ottoman Dictator’s Ultimatum To Europe: Stop Criticizing Invasion Or Face Tidal Wave of 3.5 Million Syrian Arab Refugees!

Duo Of Trump-Giuliani Fixers Nabbed By FBI As They Sought To Flee U.S. Via Dulles Airport: Russian-Born Lev Parnas And Igor Fruman Are Accused By Feds Of Campaign Finance Violations Involving Foreign Donors, With Pro-Trump PAC A Beneficiary; With Help Of Campaign Money, They Persuaded Ex-Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) To Call For Removal Of U.S. Ambassador To Kiev Marie Yovanovich; 

Trump Calls Moscow Mitch Every Day For Re-Assurance Against Foes; Senate Republicans Concerned About Kurds Should Use This Channel To Warn White House That Don Will Face Conviction And Removal If Massacre Goes Ahead!

Trump Turns To Nontelegenic Trey “Slickum” Gowdy For Strident Ideologue To Vilify His Critics On Television

Oct 2019

October 9, 2019

#KurdsBetrayedByTrump! Turkish Forces Attack Kurds In Northern Syria; Large-Scale Atrocities Against Civilians Are Ongoing; Congressional Critics Of Trump’s Sellout Must Pass Lightning Appropriations Bill With Veto-Proof Supermajority Cutting Off All Funding For Pullout Of U.S. Forces From Current Positions In Syria; Crisis Shows Utter Folly Of Delaying Impeachment: Pelosi Must Fast-Track Vote On Articles, Repudiating Trump In Eyes Of World!

Trump National Security Alumni Like Mattis, Tillerson, McMaster, Rogers, Coats Should Go Public With Emergency Statement Condemning Trump’s Treachery; Time For New JCS Chair Gen. Mark Milley To Speak Out Against Current Policy; European NATO Partners Like UK, France, And Germany Should Send Special Forces To Secure Kurdish-Run Prison Camps Holding 20,000 ISIS Terrorists Who Otherwise May Attack EU;

Crisis Shows Laird-Kissinger-Schlesinger Supervision Of Wayward Executive Not Yet Implemented; Next Time It Might Be Nuclear Launch Codes! Did Trump Help Giuseppe Conte Become Italian Prime Minister In Quid Pro Quo Seeking Fake Dirt On Russian Asset Prof. Mifsud?

Best Wishes For Double Ten Day, Anniversary Of Chinese Revolution Of 1912!

Oct 2019

October 8, 2019

Whom The Gods Would Destroy They First Drive Mad: Trump Declares Total Stonewall Against Impeachment Investigation; Orders EU Ambassador Sondland Not To Testify On Zelensky Extortion; Ukraine Czar Giuliani Refuses To Testify Anywhere On Hill;

WaPo Poll Finds 58% For Impeachment Inquiry, 49% For Conviction And Removal; 18% Of Republicans Support Removal, A Fatal Blow To Base Turnout Strategy;

Opinion By New York Federal District Judge Victor Marrero Demolishes Absurd Justice Department-OLC Theory That President Is Always Immune To Indictment, Leaving Trump’s Legal Stonewall In Ruins;

The Hand That Held The Dagger: Trump Stabs Kurds In Back And Then Blithely Lies About It; Backlash Against His Betrayal Increases; Sen. Cassidy Claims Trump Is Reconsidering Sellout Of Kurds; Lindsay Promises “Sanctions From Hell” If Erdogan Carries Out Bloodbath;

Signs Of Systemic Financial Crisis: Due To Cash Crunch, New York Fed Will Keep Pumping Well Over $100 Billion Per Day Into Repo Market As Liquidity Injections; Powell Says Fed Will Start New Phase Of Quantitative Easing -- While Insisting It Should Not Be Called Quantitative Easing!

Oct 2019

October 7, 2019

Trump’s Cowardly Betrayal Of Kurds In Syria Would Spell Revival Of ISIS Terrorists And Genocide Against Most Capable U.S. Ally In Area; This Must Be Stopped; Appeasement Of Duplicitous Erdogan Will Leave U.S. As Isolated Pariah In Middle East; Strategic Natural Gas Pipelines Across Anatolia At Issue; Turkish Invasion Likely To Free 10,000 ISIS Fighters For Worldwide Revenge Campaign; Russia Wants To Capitalize On Trump’s Lunacy!

A Dozen GOP Senators Including McConnell Criticize Impulsive Policy Change, Possibly Signaling That Trump’s Senate Firewall Against Conviction And Removal Is Crumbling; Pelosi Condemns Shift; U.K. And France Not Informed Or Consulted; Pentagon Deeply Opposed; Pat Robertson Warns Trump Can Lose “Mandate Of Heaven”!; Second Whistleblower In Trump-Giuliani Ukraine Caper Confirmed; 

Breaking: New York Federal Judge Victor Marrero Rules Trump Must Produce Tax Returns For Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance; Calls Claim That President Can’t Be Investigated “Repugnant,” Noting Nobody Is Above The Law

Oct 2019

October 5, 2019 - World Crisis Radio

To Protect Integrity Of 2020 Election, Sen. Elizabeth Warren And Other Presidential Candidates Must Immediately Be Assigned Secret Service Protection; Public Should Demand Fast Action From Secret Service Director James M. Murray And Acting Department Of Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan At 202-282-8495;
Enhanced Security Now Mandatory As Unhinged Trump Escalates Threats And Calls In Hostile Intelligence Agencies; Wall Street Fear Of Antitrust Action And Wealth Tax Adds To Threat Profile;
White House Stonewalls On Ukraine Documents And Gets Subpoena; Impeachment Article On Obstruction Of Congress Looms; Second Whistleblower And Criminal Referral From CIA Reported; Pence Also Faces Grilling; Don’s Attempt To Pose As Anti-Corruption Fighter Falls Flat; Netherlands Farmers Reject Vandalism Of Climate Hysteria; BoJo’s Brexit Strategy In Ruins;
Breaking: The Worst Of Communism and Colonialism In Hong Kong As Beijing’s Puppet Governor Wants Return To British Empire’s Strikebreaking Laws; Trump Sells Out Hong Kong To Xi
Oct 2019

October 3, 2019

Tax Wall Street Party Demands Immediate Secret Service Protection For Elizabeth Warren In Climate Of Increasing Harassment By Pro-Trump Fanatics And Hostility Of Wall Street Legions Of Greed; Demand Action From Secret Service Director James M. Murray And DHS Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan at (202)-282-8495; Ultimate Responsibility Rests With Trump!

Trump Demands 2020 Meddling From China And Ukraine; Prima Facie Case For His Guilt Is Now Incontrovertible; Demand Full Text Of Trump-Zelensky Phone Call; Volker Testifies All Day On Hill About Giuliani’s Ukraine Caper; Netherlands Farmers Protest Government’s Crackpot Plan To Slaughter Half Of Nation’s Livestock To Ward Off Eco-Apocalypse; Result: Traffic Jam 700 Miles Long That Paralyzed Nation; After Yellow Vest Protests, France’s Macron May Have Learned His Lesson, Wants Further €10 Billion Tax Cut; If Dems Persist With Green Extremism, Trump Could Return For Second Term!

BoJo’s Brexit Plan Roundly Rejected By All Key Stakeholders; Will He Prove Too Weak To Impose Illegal No-Deal Brexit For Halloween?

Oct 2019

October 2, 2019

Stock Market Down 800 Points In Worst Fourth Quarter Opening Since World Derivatives Panic Of 2008; Manufacturing Slows, Confirming Economic Contraction; Market Downdrafted As U.S. Stock Buybacks Decline After Record $1 Trillion Pace In 2018; New York Fed’s Emergency Liquidity Injections To Prop Up Repo Money Market Already Approaching $1 Trillion; New York City Residential Real Estate Market In Free Fall;

UAW Strike Against General Motors In Seventeenth Day, Longest Walkout Since 1970; Why Did FBI Attack Union Leadership On Eve Of Strike?; Dem Candidates Join Picket Lines, But No Sign Of Blue Collar Populist Plutocrat Of Oval Office;

Trump’s Growing Derangement On Parade In Two Press Encounters; Convicted By Known Facts, He Retreats Into Gaslighting And Mind Tricks, Scurrilous Insults And Threats For Adversaries, And Threats To Sue Investigators

Oct 2019

October 1, 2019

Pompeo Tries To Obstruct Impeachment Probe Of State Department In Trump’s Ukraine Op; Claims Testimony Scheduled This Week Is “Not Feasible”; Ambassador Volker Wants To Testify Anyway; House Chairmen Warn That This Stonewalling Will Constitute Article of Impeachment; State Department IG Will Brief Hill Wednesday With Documents On Ukraine; House Counsel Demands Unredacted Text Of Mueller Report; Suggests That Trump May Have Lied About Wikileaks; 

Brutal Police Riot By Butcher Xi’s Goons In Hong Kong: Provocateurs, Beatings, Tear Gas, Water Cannon, Rubber Bullets, And Live Fire Against Democracy Protesters; 18-Year Old Protester Shot And In Critical Condition; Joshua Wong Appeals To World For Support; At Beijing Ceremonies Marking 70 Years Of Genocidal Maoist Regime, Xi Talks Invincibility And Shows Off DF-41 ICBM, Said To Be Capable Of Hitting U.S. With 10 Nuclear Warheads; Beijing Foments Riots In Taiwan; North Korea Is Completing Its Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine; 

Today’s Trump Atrocity: He Wanted To Strengthen Border Wall With Moat Complete With Poisonous Snakes And Alligators!

Sep 2019

September 30, 2019

Trump Joins Jefferson Davis In Infamy By Evoking Specter Of Civil War If He Is Legally Impeached And Removed From Office; Tenant Of Oval Tramples Constitution!

GOP Rep. Kinzinger Finds Civil War Tweet “Beyond Repugnant,” While Trump’s Ex-Homeland Security Czar Bossert Declares Trump-Giuliani Claim That Ukraine, Not Russia, Hacked The DNC In 2016 Has “No Validity”; WSJ Reports Pompeo Was Listening In On Trump-Zelensky Shakedown Call; Pompeo And Barr Get Subpoenas From Schiff; Whistleblower Set To Testify Before Schiff Committee; Bolton Rebukes Trump’s Failed Appeasement Of North Korea; Real Witch Hunt Is Trump’s Illegal Quest To Unmask Whistle Blower, Putting His Life In Danger!

The Zenith Of Wisdom In Civil War Studies Is NEVER AGAIN! Civil Wars Are Stock In Trade Of Traitors, And Only Beneficiary Is Putin’s Mafia State!

Breaking: WaPo Reports Trump And Mouthpiece Barr Sought Help From Italy, Australia, and Great Britain To Attack U.S. Investigation Of Trump By Mueller, CIA And FBI; Durham Also Implicated

Sep 2019

September 28, 2019 - World Crisis Radio

House Must Vote Impeachment Before Thanksgiving! 226 Votes For Impeachment Action As Democratic Caucus Nears Unanimity Against Individual-1; Light Visible At End Of Long National Nightmare!
Senate Republicans Remain Silent As Trump’s Support Goes Tepid; House GOP Vilifies Critics, But Mounts No Defense; Trump Is Left With Cops-Generals-Bikers Strategy And Incitement Of Violence; Schiff Keeps Working Through Break: Dems Need Weekly Public Hearings, Starting With Bolton; More Crimes Coming: Don’s Secret Server Equals Nixon’s Tapes;
With White House In Panic, Nuclear Launch Codes Must Be Impounded On Model Of Kissinger-Schlesinger-Laird Containment Of Unstable Nixon; World Catastrophe Must Be Avoided;
Giuliani Is Villain Of the Whistleblower Complaint; Time To Purge Trump’s Strange And Ghastly Crew: Pence, Pompeo, Ester, Barr, Mulvaney, Maguire All Implicated And Must Go!
President Bakshish: Trump At Home In The Ottoman Tradition Of the Shakedown; Whistleblower In Great Tradition Going Back To Bunker Hill, Gettysburg, and Midway

Sep 2019

September 26, 2019

Whistleblower Complaint Released, Shows Trump Abusing Power To Extort Illegal Help From Ukrainian President In 2020 Election; $400 Million For U.S. Antitank Missiles Denied, Leaving Outgunned Ukraine A Sitting Duck; Exposé Draws On Facts From More Than Half A Dozen White House Colleagues; Giuliani’s Key Role;

Under Trump’s Play Ball Or No Call Blackmail, Ukraine Government Had To Pledge Dirt On Bidens Just To Contact Individual-1; White House Officials Sought To Lock Down All Records Of Incriminating Call; Files Were Hidden In Special NSC Standalone Computer System Used For Codeword-Level Data; Whistleblower’s Notes On Trump-Zelensky Phone Call Match White House Transcript Released A Day Earlier; 

DNI Admiral Maguire Testifies But Fails To Justify Bankrupt Decision To Submit Complaint To Trump And Barr, Both Named In Document; Mystery Of Why White House Released Damning Documents; Pelosi Favors Rapid Impeachment For Narrow Range Of Articles, Centering On Ukraine Self-Dealing; Vote Before Thanksgiving Or Before Christmas?; 223 House Votes For Impeachment Action; Rep. Maxine Waters: “We’re There!”

Sep 2019

September 25, 2019

Excerpts From Trump’s July 25, 2019 Phone Call With President Zelensky Of Ukraine Represent The Smoking Gun Tape Of Our Time; 216 House Democrats And One Independent Now Support Impeachment Action, Just One Short Of Majority; 

Trump-Zelensky Memo Clearly Evokes A Quid Pro Quo Of Trump’s Release Of U.S. Aid Money To Buy Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles In Exchange For Dirt On Biden And Son Hunter Biden; 

Trump Lawyer Giuliani, Secretary Of State Pompeo, White House Chief Of Staff Mulvaney, And Attorney General Barr All Deeply Implicated In Trump’s Haggling, With Pence Added To List Today; GOP Senators, Not Wanting To Vote In Trump Trial, See Divulging Phone Call As Blunder; GOP Bigwigs Exposed As Babbling Ventriloquist’s Dummies As Talking Points Are Sent To Dems; Original Complaint Finally Sent To Congress; Maguire Faces Schiff Committee At 9am Thursday;

Original Watergate Era Smoking Gun Tape Was Released By Nixon White House On August 5, 1974, Providing Evidence Of Obstruction Of Justice; Nixon Resigned And Left Office On August 9, 1974

Sep 2019

September 24, 2019

202 House Democrats Support Impeachment Action Against Trump As Of Tuesday Evening; White House Defenses Crumble As Some Three Dozen Dems Declare Against Individual-1 In 48 Hours!

Pelosi Makes Official Statement That Formal Impeachment Inquiry For Violating Oath Of Office And “Betrayal Of National Security” Will Start With Six House Committees Forwarding Charges To Nadler; “No One Is Above The Law;

Whistleblower Demands Hearing Before Schiff Committee; Senate Unanimously Approves Demand For ICIG Complaint; Moscow Mitch Is Cool And Distant, But McCarthy And Scalise Show Dog-Like Fidelity; Don’s Bait And Switch: He Offers Dubious Transcript Of Single Call With Zelensky In Bid To Hide Actual Complaint Of Multiple Incidents In Violation Of Law; Politico Says Trump Will Complaint, But We’ll Believe It When We See It!

UK Supreme Court Votes Unanimously That BoJo’s Shutdown Of Parliament Is Unlawful, Null And Void; Speaker Bercow Orders Commons Back For Wednesday At 11:30am; Trump And BoJo As Modern Version Of Plutarch’s Parallel Lives

Sep 2019

September 23, 2019

Dissent Among House Democrats Grows Over Pelosi’s Failure To Launch Impeachment; Speaker Issues Warning To DNI Maguire To Show Up On Thursday With Copy Of Whistleblower Complaint Against Trump; Says White House Stonewalling Spells “Whole New Stage Of Investigation,” But Still No Decision For Impeachment;

UK Supreme Court Poised To Rule BoJo Lied To Queen To Get Parliament Out Of Town; Labour Party’s Corbyn Defeated In Bid To Dodge Straight Answer On Brexit; Party Conference Imposes Vote Despite Attempts To Muzzle Dissent; Pro-EU Majority Must Mount Leadership Challenge Against Discredited Leader With 76% Disapproval, 16% Approval, For 60% Unpopularity;

Iran’s Zarif Has No Objection To Beijing’s Atrocities Against Moslem Uighur And Hui Peoples: A Monument To Bolton’s Stupidity; In Israel, Arab Joint List Prefers Gantz, Further Weakening Netanyahu

All Eyes On New York Repo Market, Where Cash Crunch Has Triggered $1 Trillion Of Fed Liquidity Injections Over Next Three Weeks; Parallels To August 2007, On Eve Of Panic; 

Thomas Cook Travel Agency, Founded 1841, Announces Bankruptcy, Leaving 160,000 Stranded And 21,000 Jobless; Biggest British Repatriation Since Dunkirk Underway

Sep 2019

September 21, 2019 WCR

Trump And Giuliani Reportedly Told Ukraine’s President Zelensky Procure Dirt On Biden And Son; Their Leverage Was Kiev’s Urgent Need For Disbursement Of $250 Million Earmarked For Ukraine’s Defense Plus Share Of $770 Million Destined For Military Construction In Europe; Such Quid Pro Quo For Corrupt Purpose Is Impeachable Abuse Of Power, But Will Pelosi Ever Act?

Trump’s Lawyers Ask New York Federal Court To Shut Down Manhattan District Attorney’s Bid For Don’s Tax Returns; Indictments, Subpoenas, Or Probes Against Incumbent President And His Entourage Are Illegal, They Claim; Strategy Appears Based On Roman Jurist Ulpian’s Infamous Dictum “What Pleases The Prince Has The Force Of Law,” c. 200 AD; 

In Move Ominously Similar To Liquidity Injections During Cash Crunch Of August 2007, Fed Will Offer $75 Billion In Repos Each Day For Three Weeks To Shore Up Money Market Plumbing; Another Harbinger Of Chaotic October!; Will Labour Party Conference Finally Oust Feckless Corbyn, Declare War On Brexit?; Hong Kong’s Joshua Wong Or Greta: Which Is The Hero Of Our Time?

Sep 2019

September 19, 2019

U.S. National Security At Risk Due To Trump Regime Malfeasance! WaPo, NBC News Report Acting Director Of National Intelligence (DNI) Maguire Disregards Statute, Refuses To Transmit Details Of “Troubling” Promise Made Over Phone By Top US. Official To Foreign Leader; 

Intelligence Community Whistleblower, Deeply Concerned About Suspect Conversation, Reported Incident To IC Inspector General Atkinson, Who Certified It As Credible And Urgent; Defying Legal Imperative To Report Case To Congress Within Seven Days, Acting DNI Maguire Sought Instructions From Barr Department Of Justice And Trump White House, And Then Sat On Complaint; DNI’s Office Now Claims Issue Involved A Person From Outside IC And Was Not Urgent; Atkinson Testifies On Faulty Process To House Intel Committee; Chairman Schiff Threatens Lawsuit To Get Full Story; Observers See Constitutional Crisis Of Utmost Gravity!

Breaking: Reports Say Troubling Promise Came In Series Of Actions Involving Trump, Was Related To Ukraine

Sep 2019

September 18, 2019

146 House Democrats Are Now On Record Supporting Impeachment Process With Only 89 Opposed, But Pelosi Is Escalating Her Sabotage Of Measures To Oust Trump; Nadler Steers Course To Save The Country!

Speaker’s Policy Of Cowardice Is Also Blocking Impeachment Of Barr, Probe of Epstein’s Death In Federal Custody, Contempt Citation For Hooligan Lewandowsky, And Hefty Fines For Recalcitrant Witnesses; She Ignores Grievous Damage Wrought By Trump Every Day, With Pompeo Claiming U.S. Sees “Act Of War” By Iran; Pelosi’s Malpractice Parallels Corbyn’s Refusal To Declare War On Brexit; BoJo Again Wilts When Confronted: Father Of Sick Child Accosts, Excoriates Premier For Austerity Damage To UK National Health Service;

Fed Loses Control Of Overnight Lending Rate As Interest Rate Rockets From c. 2% To 10%; Over $200 Billion Injected To Calm Repo Market In Continuing Crisis; 

The Shame Of Venal U.S. Media, Who Fawn Over Apocalyptic Fables Recited By Swedish Activist Greta, But Boycott Epic Struggle Of Joshua Wong And Protesters Of Hong Kong Against Worst Totalitarianism In Human History!

Sep 2019

September 17, 2019

Feeble Attempt To Blame Iran For Explosions At Saudi Refinery And Oil Field: “Senior U.S. Official” Tells CBS News Saudis Were Hit By 20 Drones And Cruise Missiles From Known Locations In Southern Iran, At Northeast End Of Gulf; Obvious Question: Why Then Were Missiles Not Identified As They Crossed The Gulf? Absurd Answer: Because Saudi Radars And Missiles Are All Pointed South To Meet The Houthi Danger And Were Therefore “Useless”!; Only Kuwait Allegedly Observed One Missile In Its Airspace;

World And National Mistrust Of Trump Is Overwhelming; Gen. McCaffery Doubts U.S. Will Retaliate; Don’s War Guilt Based On His Wanton Junking Of Iran Nuclear Accord

Trump Crony Netanyahu’s Party Loses Ground In Israeli Election; His Grip On Prime Minister’s Office May Weaken; Arab Voter Turnout Is Heavy; 

Joshua Wong Testifies On Capitol Hill; If Hong Kong Is Stripped Of Special Status, City’s Favored Treatment By U.S. Will Be Lost To Dictator Xi

Sep 2019

September 16, 2019

Mysterious Attack On Saudi Arabian Refinery And Oil Fields Cuts Kingdom’s Output In Half; World Oil Price Jumps By 12%; U.S. Blames Iran But Provides No Proof, Encountering Much Skepticism For Trump Regime Version; Is This Sarajevo?

Houthi Rebels Claim Responsibility, But Action Appears Beyond Their Financial, Logistical, And Technical Ability; How Could Predator-Like Drones Or Cruise Missiles Fly Undetected For Hundreds Of Miles Amidst Scores Of U.S. Warships, Airbases, And AWACS?; Iraq Denies Its Airspace Was Violated;

Cui Bono? Positive Potential For War Avoidance After Bolton Ouster Now Neutralized By Crisis; Perpetrators Other Than Iran Must Be Scrutinized: Putin Incessantly Foments Conflicts; When Netanyahu Has His Back To The Wall, As He Does This Week, Anything Is Possible In Middle East; And Don’t Forget The Saudis Themselves; Most Eloquent Refutation Of New York Times’ 1619 Theory Is Over 400,000 Union Dead; 

Joshua Wong At Hill Hearings On Hong Kong Tuesday 10am In 419 Dirksen, Broadcast On C-SPAN3 And C-SPAN Radio

Sep 2019

September 14, 2019 WCR

Defeat of Mini-Duce Salvini in Italy Is Already By-Product of Bolton’s Departure; Dangers of China Appeasement More Acute

Democratic Party Is Seriously Disoriented and Off Message; Ultra-Left Posturing on Guns and Immigration May Impress Mush-Head Base but Risks Enabling Permanent Trump Dictatorship; Debate Lacked Stress on Trump Crimes and Strategy for Removal, with Impeachment Never Mentioned; Still No Dem Program for Job Creation, FDR’s Strength and Hillary’s 2016 Achilles Heel; Bernie’s Plan to Confiscate 160 Million Health Insurance Policies Is Political Suicide Under Present Conditions; Pelosi’s Rejection of Impeachment Now Being Used in Court by Trump’s Lawyers to Block Emoluments Probe; Speaker’s Blatant Opportunism Becoming Serious Liability!

Hong Kong Democracy Leader Joshua Wong in Washington Tuesday September 17 After Successful Visit to Germany; Persons of Good Will Must Support Hong Kong Against Tyrant Xi and His Legions of Greed Around the World; Hong Kong Has Already Appealed Directly to Trump for Support – Will He Finally Respond?

Sep 2019

September 12, 2019

China’s Bid For London Stock Exchange Would Give Them Control Of Milan Bourse As Well; Will Premier Conte Continue With Sellout Of Trieste To Tyrant Xi?; London Metals Exchange Already In Hands Of Beijing; Trump Weakness On Parade With Announced Two-Week Delay In U.S. Retaliatory Tariffs; European Central Bank Lowers Rates Deeper Into Negative Territory, Reaching Minus 0.5%; New Round Of Quantitative Easing Starts With € 20 Billion Monthly; 

Nadler Committee Votes To Press Forward With Urgent Impeachment Probe Against Trump; Barr Attempting To Indict McCabe To Please Individual One, But Did DC Grand Jury Just Say No?; Pelosi Must Launch Probe Of Epstein Death;

Warren Backs Plan To Increase Social Security Checks By $200 Per Month, Paid For By Top Earners And Employers; Paranoid Set And Foreign Bots Peddle Absurd Line That Warren Is Tool Of Wall Street, Just At Moment When Bloomberg And Wall Street Journal Signal “Stop Warren” Campaign, Portraying Her As Threat To Wealth Of The Opulent!

Sep 2019

September 11, 2019

Trump Wants Return To 2008-2015 Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) For Speculators, Zombie Bankers, And Hedge Fund Hyenas; No New Investment In Infrastructure Or Production Is On The Table; Attacks On Powell Serve Push For Second Term in 2020, Not Jobs!

Scottish Court Finds That BoJo’s Advice To Queen On Suspending Parliament Was “Unlawful” And “Egregious”; Members Demand That House of Commons Re-Open At Once; “Buccaneering Britain” Remains Essence Of BoJo’s Strategy To Create Low-Wage, Deregulated, Money-Laundering Sweatshop In Service Of Dictators On Edge Of EU; BoJo Regime Forced To Reveal Current Contingency Plans For No-Deal Brexit: Shortages Of Food, Drinking Water, Medicines, Complete With Riots, Transport Chaos, And Nursing Home Shutdowns As Foreign Workers Are Expelled; Pathetic Labour Party Boss Corbyn Again Rejects Demand That He Condemn Brexit And Fight To Stay In Europe; 

Breaking: Hong Kong Stock Market Wants To Buy London Exchange, Creating World’s Biggest Market – And Exposing The Secret Of Brexit In UK As Chinese Satellite!

Sep 2019

September 10, 2019

Neocon Warmonger Bolton Leaving White House; House Committees Should Subpoena Him To Testify On Foreign Policy Chaos In Regime; Could He Become A Super-Scaramucci?; Trump Turning Towards Steady Diet Of Appeasing Enemies, From Taliban To Kim; Don Invites Aggression!

Google Moving Pixel Smartphone Production To Vietnam And Moving Other Manufacturing To Thailand; Fifty U.S. Firms Downsize Or Relocate Out Of Mainland; Companies Complain Of Rising Labor Costs and Oppressive Communist Bureaucrats In Addition To Tariffs; Beijing’s Xinhua News Agency Signals Contempt For New Italian Foreign Minister Di Maio; New Conte Government Subjects Huawei’s Proposed 5G Role To “Golden Powers” Of National Security Review; Will Conte Sell Out Trieste To Belt And Road Imperialists?

Hong Kong Democracy Leader Joshua Wong Meets German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas In Berlin, Calls For The Right To Vote; Hong Kong Is Berlin Of New Cold War With Beijing; Xi Clique Enraged By Meeting; Wong Heads For Washington DC For September 17 Hearing Of U.S. Congressional-Executive Commission On China On Hong Kong’s Summer Of Discontent

Machiavelli: Why Appeasement Is Worse For A Nation Than Aggression

Sep 2019

September 9, 2019

Structural Notes On The 2020 Campaign: Trump Now Beset By Three Challengers: Attacking From His Left Is Former Gov. William Weld, Representing New England Rockefeller-Style Liberal Republicans, Horrified By Don’s Hooligan Behavior; Former Rep. Joe Walsh Of Chicago Is Voice Of Midwest Tea Party Extremists, Attacking Don From His Right; Classic Reactionary Former Gov. Mark Sanford Of South Carolina Condemns Don For Deficits, Debt, And Spending, Ominously Foretelling Worst Economic Crisis Since 1930s; None Can Win, But They Can Get Enough Trump Voters To Stay Home, Closing Door To Dictatorship in 2021; GOP’s Clever Trick Of Calling Off Primaries Only Leads To Extinction By Other Paths; In UK, BoJo Cabinet Continues To Implode

Sep 2019

September 7, 2019 WCR

Trump’s UK Clone BoJo Checkmated As House Of Lords Approves Commons Bill To Outlaw No Deal Brexit; Multi-Party Rebel Alliance Pledges To Block BoJo’s Monday Bid To Call General Election Before October 31 Deadline!
Senior Labour Ministers Tell Corbyn To Set Election Day In November; Labour Brands BoJo As “Manifest Liar,” Says First Priority Must Be To “Stop No Deal”; EU Signals That Deadline Can Be Changed To Outfox BoJo;
Global Warming Fanatics Mistake Real Existential Crisis Of Our Time: Over 360 Million Have Died Of Poverty And Curable Disease Under Globalization; 40% Of Humanity Lives Below Poverty Line; One Third Of All Human Deaths Are Related To Poverty; Immiseration Kills 18 Million Each Year, Including 10 Million Children Under Five, While A Billion Kids Are Chronically Malnourished; These Are Real Deaths, Not Projected Ones; To Dodge This Reality Is Morally Insane!
Consumer Fraud: FDR’s New Deal Never Harmed Working People, But Bernie Admits Spurious “Green New Deal” Will Cause “Pain”;
#ImpeachmentSummer: 137 Dem Votes For Proceedings!

Sep 2019

September 5, 2019

UK Premier And Trump Clone BoJo Reeling After Two Days Of Rout; Even His Own Brother Quits Cabinet Team, Saying BoJo Violates National Interest; House Of Lords Won’t Filibuster Bill Outlawing No-Deal Brexit; Tory Splits Brewing; Labour Opposition Must Block Approval Of All Bills To Schedule Snap Election Until After October 31; BoJo Demanded Five Weeks With No Parliament, So Let Him Stew In His Own Toxic Juices Until After Halloween!

The Roots Of Trump’s Demagogy In The Writings Of Graeco-Roman Sophist And Cynic Lucian Of Samosata (125-180 AD), A Best Seller Who Taught How To Cultivate A Glamorous Image Through Gambling, Womanizing, Elegance, And Boasting; Lucian’s Core Values Included Ignorance, Recklessness, Effrontery And Especially Shamelessness As Defense Against Detractors; Trump Also Draws On “Kayfabe” Histrionics Of Professional Wrestling! 

Trump’s Low Point Of July-August: His Threat To Kill 10 Million Afghans!

Sep 2019

September 4, 2019

In Major Defeat For Trump Clones, UK House Of Commons Outlaws BoJo’s Disastrous No-Deal Brexit Policy By All-Party Vote Of 327-299; London Will Ask EU For Extension Of Departure Deadline Until At Least January 31; Measure Now Faces Obstructionism By Reactionaries In House Of Lords, Where It Must Be Approved Before BoJo Sends Parliament Home On Monday; BoJo Says He Will Defy Law!

BoJo’s Demand For Oct. 15 Snap Election Is Also Defeated; His Debut In Parliament Is Worst For Any Prime Minister In Recent Memory; Purge Of Tory Rebels May Split Party; Election Gambit Is Camouflage For Illegal No-Deal Brexit!

To Break BoJo’s Demagogic Stance Of Brexit By October 31, Calling Next General Election Must Be Postponed Until November; Pro-Democracy Forces May Need To Accept Short-Term Caretaker Government Under Labour’s Corbyn, Whose Majority They Will Control; Much Support For Second Referendum; Salvini Definitively Excluded From New Italian Government!

Sep 2019

September 3, 2019

BoJo Loses His Mojo!

Aspiring Dictator Of UK Deprived Of His One-Vote Majority By High Profile Party Defection; 21 Tory Rebels Then Help House of Commons Seize Control Of Own Agenda With All-Party Effort: Vote Wednesday Expected To Outlaw Fascist No-Deal Brexit Policy!

BoJo’s Fake Talks With EU Exposed As Cynical Hoax; He Demands Snap Election, But Lacks Two-Thirds Majority Needed To Ram It Through; 21 Tory Rebels Being Purged Overnight, Decimating Top Leaders Of Party; Labour’s Corbyn Wisely Resists Offer Of General Election, Demands That No-Deal Brexit Be Banned First; Antics Of Supercilious Brexiteer Plutocrat Rees-Mogg Show Real Class Content Of This Government: Contempt For Working People And Parliament!

Breaking: Italian Government Coalition Of Democrats And Five-Stars Taking Shape, With Exclusion Of Demagogue Salvini Completing Panorama Of Populist Rout!