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May 2021

May 24, 2021

Time for Senate showdown to pass Biden's $2.3 trillion jobs and infrastructure bill; don't let bipartisan chimeras slow the process!
Far from being impossible, the two state solution is the only realistic alternative to endless war between Israel and Palestine; Notion of Israeli right that ignoring the Palestinian Question would cause it to wither on the vine is now exposed as fatuous;
For his June Europe trip to G7 and NATO, Biden has pre-announced a plan backed by the anti-totalitarian countries to challenge China's Belt and Road debt trap imperialism to benefit developing countries; Launch this new program now in the West Bank and Gaza!
GOP still blocking police reform a full year after death of George Floyd;
Belated greetings for Pentecost!
May 2021

May 22, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

Gaza truce holding as US humanitarian aid start to arrive
Biden stresses two-state solution; Blinken trip into war zone should enlist Europe, Japan, and Gulf oil revenue in Marshall Plan for reconstruction and economic development of Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, and rest of bombed-out, war-torn region; 
Senate Republican saboteurs reject Biden's compromise offer on infrastructure; GOP fanatics attacking Constitutional rights including voting, honest vote counts, and women's reproductive rights; Party extinction is overdue; 
COVID new case rate down 90% since inauguration
May 2021

May 20, 2021

Gaza cease-fire delivers breakthrough success for Biden's Middle East diplomacy, with Palestinians celebrating in streets of Gaza City!
Approach based not on public posturing but on "quiet and relentless diplomacy," patience, and familiarity with key protagonists; Biden's call to wind down fighting starting Wednesday is followed by truce Thursday! In grim portent for McCarthy and Scalise, 35 GOP House members reject major whip effort to cripple investigation of January 6 putsch attempt;
"Squad" splits on protecting Capitol, with scant support for needed defenses against fascist mobs: reluctant to increase funding for any police, Reps. Cori Bush, Omar and Pressley vote no; AOC, Bowman, and Tlaib vote present, allowing $1.9 billion funding measure to pass by one vote;
Breaking: Latest Texas law is tantamount to rollback of Roe v. Wade
May 2021

May 19, 2021

GOP in disarray: House approves investigation of January 6 putsch attempt, 252 to 175; 35 GOP reps defy Mitch, McCarthy, and Trump to support probe;
New York Attorney General's probe of Trump finances goes criminal; Biden warns Netanyahu to wind down Gaza attack -- hit him with sanctions if he stalls; Pelosi calls for diplomats and governments to boycott Winter Olympics organized by Beijing despots; Dangers of crypto-currency come into view; Arizona vote fraudit splits state GOP, collapses in fiasco;
Val Demings for US Senate from Florida, replacing Trump toady Rubio!
May 2021
May 2021

May 17, 2021

Time for a truce in Gaza!
Peace action urgent before existing conflict degenerates into wider war; dangers shown in 1972 Kippur War, when rapid escalation loomed; US must stop blocking calls for cease-fire by UN Security Coucil; Blinken says Netanyahu never delivered proof that Hamas was operating in Gaza TV tower; At what point might swarming Hamas missiles overwhelm conventional Iron Dome?
Details emerge about Trump's lame duck plan to retreat from world.
May 2021

May 15, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

Israel close to sectarian civil war as communal violence flares!

Netanyahu goes berserk in Gaza City, attacking TV tower with offices of BBC, Associated Press, al Jazeera, and other international media; Israel absurdly claims Hamas military intelligence was major tenant; goal includes leaving world public opinion eyeless in Gaza; IDF’s fear of tunnels recalls tank losses in southern Lebanon in 2006 defeat by Hezbollah; 

Netanyahu’s desperate attempt to stay in power and out of jail seen as trigger for Jerusalem evictions; Biden calls Palestinian President Abbas, warns Bibi to back off attacking press;

Pelosi still seeking January 6 Commission despite GOP sabotage; Pressure grows for international probe, not controlled by Beijing, of Wuhan virus institute

May 2021

May 13, 2021

Cui bono: Is Trump the beneficiary of Israeli-Palestinian fighting and Darkside Colonial pipeline hack?
Israeli forces moving into Gaza Strip tonight as anti-Netanyahu Knesset coalition for change splinters, helping him retain power; Israeli society fragments into street fighting between Arabs and extremists;
Biden must keep focus on passing the $2.3 trillion job and infrastructure plan; McConnell and McCarthy declare keeping December 2017 tax cut bonanza for rich parasites a sacred duty;
13 GOP states now enacting early cutoff of enhanced jobless benefits, demolishing myth of party for working people; Virginia GOP taps  Carlyle Group boss as candidate for governor; McAuliffe leads among Dems;
Gaetz pal Greenberg to plead Monday in sex trafficking case; will he sing for feds? Also on Monday, DC federal judge wants release of Barr DoJ papers on decision not to indict Trump after Mueller report
May 2021

May 12, 2021

Colonial pipeline starts pumping again, but adequate gasoline is several days away; Biden orders shift to preventive defense; reckoning with Russian gangsters cannot be postponed;
Trump boasted that boy wonder Kushner had pacified Middle East, but reality looks far different; Is current Israeli-Palestinian conflict phase a last-ditch gambit by Netanyahu to retain power?
Liz Cheney's program of fighting Trump to return GOP to traditional reactionary Reaganism is useful if it weakens party, but would only set the stage for new forms of fascism if it ever prevailed!
May 2021

May 11, 2021 - Tuesday Roundtable

Broadcast and social media environments are becoming increasingly intolerant of controversy. Is the adherence to a strict party line on public health, climate change, race, and gender becoming a liability?  How do we prevent a "free speech" backlash against the Democratic politicians who are our best hope for New Deal economic reforms?

May 2021

May 10, 2021

FBI blames east coast pipeline shutdown using ransomware on Russian underworld gang Darkside! White House must move forcefully to resolve this major attack.
If Netanyahu's career is finally approaching its end, he appears determined to make his exit amid more chaotic and futile fighting with the Palestinians.
Republican Party gaslights itself by hiding polls showing Trump's weakness; patriots welcome House GOP's conflict with Liz Cheney as another step towards party's early extinction!
To bring back jobs, pre-K and child care are indispensable infrastructure.
Tarpley's Library: Hinton Helper's 1857 book on the Impending Crisis of the South drove secessionists bonkers; Helper showed that slavery caused poverty, immiseration, and imbecility in south.
Biden approval at 63%, with 71% favoring his pandemic policies
May 2021

May 7, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

Rogue state China holds world hostage to 21 tons of rocket debris!

US should assert leadership in protecting allies from space junk; in another sign of aggressive intent, Xi is attempting to set up naval bases at key points across the globe; 

April job creation numbers underline need to pass Biden’s $2.2 trillion jobs and infrastructure bill; if employers want workers, they should offer living wages, humane working conditions, and benefits like decent health care, but GOP governors turn to coercion by cutting payments to unemployed; Florida, Texas, and other red states escalate voter nullification strategy;

New York Times distorted view of Taiwan repeats appeasement folly of late 1930s

May 2021

May 6, 2021

Biden's decision to share vital vaccine patents, ingredients, and know-how with India, South Africa, and other developing countries is yet another giant break from globalization and neoliberalism; 
America's choice is between enlightened reforms of Biden on the one hand, or GOP's endless clique warfare between reactionaries and fascists on the other; Evil fights evil to lead House Republican conference!
Biden's speech at teetering bridge in Lake Charles, Louisiana makes unbeatable case for infrastructure; a college-educated society is worth far more than tax cuts for rich parasites;
Facing backlash, McConnell verbally retreats from 100% focus on paralyzing government, but he fools nobody! 
GOP's voter suppression and nullification drive rolls on from Georgia to Florida and Texas; Department of Justice warns Arizona GOP about preservation and custody of ballots, federal laws against harassing voters!
In parody of murderous Chairman Mao, despot Xi assumes the title of "Helmsman"
May 2021

May 5, 2021

Mitch McConnell buries zombie of bipartisanship!
Minority leader proclaims that "100% of my focus is on stopping this new administration"; Tell Manchin and Sinema that opposition party is indeed necessary, but not this GOP of nihilists, saboteurs and traitors!
Biden supports suspending vaccine patents to fight pandemic;
Federal judge Berman Jackson suggests "disingenuous" Barr tried to protect Trump by misrepresenting findings of Mueller report; Garland must release key documents!
House Minority Whip Scalise joins onslaught against Cheney-
A distant mirror for today's America: the story of post-Punic Wars land reforms of Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus (c. 133-121), blocked by assassinations ordered by wealthy oligarchs of Roman Senate -- This was last chance to save the Roman Republic, which soon collapsed into bread and circuses, coups, civil wars, and dictatorship;
Breaking: Giuliani clique wants back payments from Trump to pay his mounting attorney's fees
May 2021

May 4, 2021 - Tuesday Roundtable

Is our fate written in the stars? Throughout history influential figures have been guided by mystical pursuits like astrology, hermeticism and freemasonry. Are these occult interests simply pastimes of the degenerate rich, or are they windows into deeper layers of reality that have been lost to antiquity? A discussion covering topics ranging from hermeticism to astrological cycles to our role as CO-CREATORS of history.

May 2021

May 3, 2021

To hell and back with Xi's overseas workers!

China's much-vaunted Belt and Road imperialism across southeast Asia and Middle East is not humanistic, but relies on slave laborers kept as virtual prisoners, according to new report from China Labor Watch in New York;

Biden's program of investments meets the China challenge with container ports, rare earths, semiconductors, and industrial policy; GOP now incapable of national defense;

1967-1968 Kerner Commission was divide and conquer counter-insurgency ploy by ruling class designed to wreck Martin Luther King's strategy of united front among anti-war, civil rights, and labor movements;

President's party usually loses seats in off-year vote-but don't forget the gains of 1934, which resulted from heroic Hundred Days

May 2021

May 1, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

Corrupt media still covering up for GOP's fake infrastructure offer, which represents just $189 billion or only 8% of Biden's $2.3 trillion planned investment; media sacrifice truth and national interest to their imbecilic cult of bipartisan cooperation with the criminals of January 6;
Increased taxes on wealthy must include levies for solvency of Medicare, which will begin to run out of cash in 2024;
Four additional years of free public education will help make US competitive with world; productivity depends chiefly on quality of education and infrastructure, but GOP is committed to destroying public education;
Biden marks 50 years of Amtrak in Delaware; 
Barr Justice Department blocked search warrant for Giuliani last year, but charges now appear imminent;
100 million Americans now immunized for Covid
Apr 2021

April 29, 2021

78% to 85% of viewers approve Biden's speech to Congress, CBS and CNN polls find. 80% say speech inspires optimism!
With addition of two years of free pre-school plus two years of free community college, US society will be profoundly improved. Restoring power to bargain with Big Pharma can save US billions. Tell Congress to pass the expanded program!
GOP's alleged $568 billion for infrastructure has just $189 billion in NEW money, meaning that Republican plan is a mere 8% of Biden's $2.5 trillion. Republicans are not negotiating in good faith!
2020 Census shows second slowest population growth in US history.  United States needs a policy for demographic growth which includes ample immigration. 
Apr 2021

April 28, 2021

FBI search warrants carried out against Trump backers Rudy Giuliani and Victoria Toensing; intrigue with Ukrainian oligarchs at issue;
Biden to address joint session of Congress with $1.8 trillion Family Plan for care, education and economic benefits: 2 years of free pre-K for all kids aged 3-4, 2 years of free community college, low-cost child care with $15 per hour minimum wage for caregivers, paid family and medical leave, extensions of expanded $3,600 Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, and Child Care Tax Credit all included;
Programs paid for by taxes on most wealthy; message will demand end to carried interest tax loophole which Trump failed to tackle;
Advice to Biden: call an audible from the podium and cancel at least $10k in student loans per borrower!
Carville warns Democrats on irresponsible rhetoric about defunding, wants Republicans constantly reminded of their misdeeds of January 6;
Remembering James Monroe, the fifth US president, who supervised the extinction of the Federalists, the party of treason and dictatorship! 
Apr 2021
Apr 2021

April 26, 2021

US Must Help Fight Pandemic in India!
Biden administration commits to help giant democracy as cases there top 350,000 per day for fifth day; US will ship 60 million Astrazenica shots overseas; Oxygen production equipment from US is arriving; UK, Germany, France join in effort for subcontinent; Initial churlish rebuff of New Delhi by White House reversed, but flawed decision-making process must be fixed!
Sen. Capito shows once again that GOP infrastructure plan is rank deception, with far less than $568 billion in new money!
Democratic Senate prospects improve in classic swing states as Reps. Val Demings and Tim Ryan eye candidacies in 2022; Top honcho of California recall turns out to be racist former deputy sheriff who wants to treat immigrants like livestock! 
Oscar viewers drop below 10 million for first time
Apr 2021

April 24, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

If China boycotts Sunday’s Oscars, US should lead world in shunning Beijing Winter Olympics next February!

Success or debacle of Biden’s climate plans depends on whether modern nuclear energy is central component; Comparison of France and Germany since 1980 proves that nuclear reduces carbon and lowers costs, while German method of dumping nuclear for solar cells and windmills yields more carbon and increased costs; The choice depends on public opinion and Congress!

Republican “infrastructure” scam of $568 billion is insult to Americans; Entire plan is less than Biden’s spending on transportation; As under Trump, GOP wants privatization of obsolete assets, “public-private partnerships,” and exorbitant tolls; worst of all, GOP would steal money already appropriated in earlier COVID bills; Rich parasites would pay nothing, with cost burden on working people; 1934-style blowout eminently possible for Dems next year, but don’t let GOP saboteurs stall the current momentum!

Hard times for despots: Putin pulls forces away from Ukraine; Is Kremlin responding to weakening public support; Navalny ends successful hunger strike?

Beijing sidelines multi-millionaire Jack Ma; Is this designed to replay Putin’s 2003 jailing of Khodorkovsky to stop putative oligarch’s revolt?

Apr 2021

April 22, 2021

Biden set to double capital gains tax rate from 20% to about 40% for fat cats over $400,000 per person!

Move would go far to prevent finance oligarchs from scoring speculative windfalls that distort US economy and politics; Capital gains need to be taxed more than wage labor;

World Climate Conference placates Malthusian Dems, confirms Biden’s progress in resuming leadership of Free World; Merkel of Germany, doyenne of leaders, welcomes US back to world role after Trump nightmare; US pledges to cut carbon emissions by 50% over this decade; Result cannot be achieved with windmills or solar panels, but only with modern nuclear reactors; 600,000 charging stations loom large; After earlier lip service to nuclear, Kerry disappoints with talk of unworkable solar cells and windmills; Rational forces must demand Congress deliver most modern and economical energy;

Xi sets new record for hypocrisy and deception, saying China will escalate carbon through almost 2030, and only then start reducing emissions for three decades!! Posturing about harmony of man and nature in the Green Belt and Road, Xi hopes to dupe world; On positive side, Modi of India lauds India-US Climate and Clean Energy Partnership for 2030; India needs anti-pandemic assistance now!

Apr 2021

April 21, 2021

Time to declare war on homelessness!

Federal Judge orders Los Angeles to provide housing to all 66,000 homeless people on area streets by October 18; Unaccompanied women and children must be offered housing within 90 days; Lethargy of city’s response cited; Mayor Garcetti’s budget has already earmarked $1 billion to provide shelter, and Biden’s Rescue Plan will add $100 million or more; Powell of Fed should pitch in with 0% long term credit; 

Seizing empty and bankrupt hotels and motels to accommodate needy is obvious first step, followed by medical services; 1,383 died during 2020, with 5 more succumbing every day; Ignore inhuman GOP critics, now that Federal District Judge Carter has ruled!

Positive Chauvin verdict opens door to sweeping reforms in police and justice practice; US needs economic justice through job creation in inner cities and rural America; GOP isolated;

Putin, facing national opposition with Navalny near death, absurdly alleges that NATO is threatening him via Ukraine; Despot Xi regales BARF confab with lies and platitudes; But Australia cuts off deals Xi had recently extorted; Premier Draghi of Italy blocks Beijing’s grab of semiconductor firm Lpe; Lebanon inclines to Franco-German proposal, not Xi, to rebuild Beirut

Apr 2021

April 20, 2021

Bill Gates recently became America's top private landowner, with hundreds of thousands of acres of rich farmland owned by Gates' Cascade Investments LLC. As some worry, does this move represent a shift in global power?

This development is considered within the wider context of America's waning role as the world's dominant agricultural producer and exporter.

Topics range from geological history, the unique value of America's farm belt, the global grain trade, and finally a path forward for American AG policy that combines the best ideas of FDR and Lincoln with a knowledge- and labor-centric organic agriculture that serves humans not Wall Street. 

Breaking: The TWSP and UFAA applaud the Derek Chauvin "All Three Counts" guilty verdict! We congratulate all Black Americans who fought in service of the cause against police brutality. 

Apr 2021

April 19, 2021

Biden Promises To End Homelessness On American Streets.
$1.9 trillion Emergency Rescue Act ALREADY CONTAINS the $5 billion to fight homelessness. Ultimate goal will be to get all 580,000 victims off the streets beginning with 130,000 in the next 18 months.
Democrats must move aggressively to solve this problem before GOP can demagogue a Giuliani-style backlash in cities!
Powell personally confronted by large tent city near Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C. has a come to Jesus moment.  Fed should step in with massive 0% lending to finance even more units of low-cost housing infrastructure. 
Biden will address Congress on April 28, the birthday of President James Monroe, who showed how to deal with the Federalists as a moribund political party, enabling the Era of Good Feelings. 
US demands that Kremlin preserve life of political prisoner Navalny.
Apr 2021

April 17, 2021 -World Crisis Radio

With less than two weeks left in Biden’s hundred days, his popularity stands at 59% based on new sample of 5100 adults; 72% approve of President’s vaccine policies;

US Treasury reports Manafort associate Kilimnik gave Trump campaign’s internal polling to Russian intelligence in 2016, definitively establishing collusion; Japan, US renew mutual defense treaty against China, pledge cooperation on 5G, semiconductor supply chains, AI, genomics, and quantum computing; Ineffective Chinese Covid vaccine becomes major issue in Brazil; US and international community must urgently respond to shortage of medical oxygen in India;

Kerry’s bizarre doctrine of “Climate Stands Alone” separate from all other issues turns US strategic needs upside down;

GOP’s “Ku Klux Caucus” under heavy fire; Make the April 28 birthday of James Monroe, who wiped out the treasonous and dictatorial Federalists, the beginning of the end for today’s Republican Party

Apr 2021

April 15, 2021

US banks cannot buy the newly bonded debt of the Russian central bank. This strikes at Kremlin's ability to fund their regime. Ten diplomats were expelled, with EU, UK, Canada and Australia joining in. 
Our US Treasury targets Prigozhin and his worldwide networks. GRU, SVR, and FSB accused. 
Manafort's operative Kilimnik delivered the Trump campaign's internal polling data to Moscow. 
To deal with the digital and crypto takeover by China and Russia the US needs a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax to make all financial transactions reportable and taxable!
Apr 2021

April 14, 2021

Biden announces US and NATO forces will leave Afghanistan between May 1 and September 11; Move cuts in several directions;

Kerry’s “Zero Carbon” mantra is rejected by natural US ally India, while champion polluter China gets license for unlimited emissions through 2060; Does Kerry dominate US diplomacy with his absurd “climate stands alone” priorities?

India needs Oxygen for hospital patients from US-AID, not Malthusian tirades! Friends of Biden brace for April 22 Climate Summit; Is predatory billionaire Bill Gates making policy for the United States?

Troop buildup on both sides of Russia-Ukraine border; Recalling Mussolini, Russia Claims the Black Sea as Mare Nostrum

Apr 2021

April 13, 2021 - Tuesday Roundtable

Is social friction around issues like race and gender, as well as class conflict in a crisis-ridden economy simply a product of the struggle for progress, or are these divisive issues being manipulated by America's adversaries? This wide-ranging discussion covers topics ranging from cultural wedge issues, "active measures," universal basic income, and the inherent dignity of productive employment. 

Apr 2021

April 12, 2021

World Tensions Escalate as Serious Cyber-Attack Hits Main Iranian Nuclear Center at Natanz; Tehran Accuses Israel of Aggression; Denials Are Unconvincing; Washington Insists It Had No Role, but US Proximity Talks with Iran on Reviving JCPOA in Vienna May Be Disrupted; 

Blinken Warns Chinese Communists That US is Committed to Defense of Taiwan and Will Assist Ally; Incessant Harassment and Intimidation by Mainland Must Stop!

Faced by Economic Decline and Dwindling Popularity, Putin Masses Russia Troops along Ukraine Border Near Donetsk; Merkel and Macron Must Re-Activate Minsk Process for Peaceful, Negotiated Solution;

White House Insider Tells NYT Biden Team Far Less Influenced by Economic Charlatans of Academe and Their Doctrines than Clinton or Obama; Biden’s New Approach Reflects Prominence of Clear Danger of Extreme Income Inequality, and also Threat from Communist China; Biden Sees Progress of Beijing and Hears Doubts from Allies about Whether US Is Capable of Delivering for Own Citizens; Industrial Policy is Back on the Table; Consensus Is That if Democrats Don’t Help Working People, New Trumps Can Quickly Emerge;

Debate around Party Re-Alignment and Role of Biden Democrats Continues

Reverse Suffered by Union Organizers in the NLRB Election at the Amazon Complex in Bessemer, Alabama Raises Once Again the 1906 Question Posed by the German Sociologist Werner Sombart about Why Class Consciousness Has Remained Relatively Weak in the United States; Reasons Include Decades of Stress on Race and Identity Groups, Not Class Conflict; American Exceptionalism is Wrongly Interpreted as Meaning the Absence of Class Struggle; Obsession with Sectionalism Also Undermines Centrality of Class; Sombart’s Own Explanation about Abundant Roast Beef and Apple Pie Assuring Class Collaboration is Not Applicable and Never Was; Effective Mass Leaders Must Come Equipped with Class-Based Interpretation of Current Situation!

Apr 2021

April 10, 2021- World Crisis Radio

Marking the 156th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Union at Appomattox Court House!

US Must Lead Free World in Comprehensive Boycott of Next February’s Beijing Winter Olympics; Both Pompeo and Blinken Have Condemned Chinese Communist Operations against Uighurs of East Turkestan as Outright Genocide Under International Law, Ending all Business as Usual; Attending Sporting Events in Beijing Would Be a Dangerous Validation of Xi Regime and Sign of Cowardice; Chinese Backing for Murderous Myanmar Junta and other Crimes Confirms This Judgment; Message to Xi Must Be a Warning, Not Appeasement;

McConnell Puts Senate GOP on Collision Course with Their Own Voters by Opposing Increased Taxes on Wealthy Corporations, which Is Supported 65% of US Voters; Trump-Republican Coalition Splinters with Emergence of Biden Republicans; McConnell’s Threats to Large Corporations Show Weakness of His Supply Line; As Biden Put It, How Long Will There Still Be a Republican Party?

Eureka! NYT Columnist David Brooks Discovers Key to Biden’s Powerful Economic Program in His Daring Revival of American System of Political Economy Developed by Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, and Abraham Lincoln; System is Based on Dirigism, Not “Free Market” Swindles, and Serving the Public Interest and the General Welfare, not Finance Oligarchy; Components Were a National Bank (NOT a Central Bank), Infrastructure, Public Works, and Internal Improvements Paid for by the Federal Government, and a Protective Tariff to Foster Industrialization and Modernization; Another Columnist Reports that Biden Team Has Concluded that Unless US Moves Away from Weak Government and Market Fetishism, Chinese Could Dominate; This Analysis Has Been Available Here for a Number of Years!

Apr 2021

April 8, 2021

GOP Voter Suppression Frenzy in Georgia and Other States is Integral to Plan for Creeping Coup and Dictatorship after Failure of January 6 Autogolpe; Texas Republican Voter Suppression Bill Advances; But Widening Split Between Big Corporations and GOP Machine over Jim Crow Anti-Voting Laws Can Become a Strategic Assault on All-Important Republican Supply Line of Money from Megadonors to Candidates; If This Supply Line for Demagogues Can Be Disrupted, Extinction Looms for Party;

Chances for US National Survival Increase Markedly with Senate Parliamentarian’s Opinion that Two (2) More Money Bills Can Be Passed Under Simple Majority Formula of Budget Reconciliation in Senate; One is the Infrastructure Bill now Supported by 60% of Voters; The Other Might Be Immigration, Crucial to Having a Sufficient Labor Force to Meet the Chinese Challenge in Coming Decades; Biden Issues Executive Orders for Gun Safety and Fills Top ATF Post for First Time Since Obama Era;

Friday April 9 is 156th Anniversary of Lee’s Surrender to Grant at Appomattox; Recent Study Shows Bad Faith of Lee’s Capitulation Based on His Intent to Restore the Ante Bellum Planter-Centered Social Order, Including the de facto Debt Slavery of Sharecropping and Tenant Farming; Grant’s Greatness Emerges More and More;

Worse than Attending Hitler’s 1936 Olympics: With Death Toll of 570 Civilian Protesters in Xi’s Puppet State of Mynmar So Far, and Continuing Outright Genocide against Uighurs in East Turkestan (aka Sinkiang), Attendance by US and Other Western Nations at Beijing Winter Olympics Starting in February 2022 Is Unthinkable; A Boycott of these Olympics by Free Nations Regardless of Other Factors is Imperative; Beijing’s Impotent Bluster against Boycotts Shows again How Vulnerable Regime Is to Loss of Face;

Apr 2021

April 7, 2021

While Congress Is Still on Easter Recess, Biden Keeps Campaigning for $2.2 Trillion Infrastructure and Recovery; President Challenges GOP to Join Effort or Be Exposed as Party of K-Shaped Recovery;

Biden Touts “Largest Single Investment in American Jobs Since World War II”; Republicans Are Using an Obsolete Concept of Infrastructure: Today’s Infrastructure Includes High-Speed Rail, Water Projects, High-Speed Internet, Clean Water and No More Flints, Home Care Workers for Working Families, Fully Staffed and Modern VA Hospitals, Replacement of All Lead Pipes and Asbestos, and Increased Research and Development Spending;

US Was Leader in R&D for Lithium Batteries, LED Technology, the Internet in General, and the Human Genome Project, and Must Now Lead in Quantum Computing; “Do We Think the Rest of the World is Waiting Around? … Do We Think China is Waiting Around to Invest in this Digital Infrastructure or in Research and Development? I Promise You They Are Not Waiting …” And the Chinese Are Betting that Democracy Will Fail; President is “Sick and Tired of Watching Ordinary People Being Fleeced”;

South Carolina Governor Harvey McMaster, Joined by Lindsey Graham, Claims His State, the Cradle of Secessionism, Has “Constitutional Sovereignty” to Trample on Right to Vote! Sorry Guys, but State Sovereignty Ended at Appomattox Court House in Virginia 156 Years Ago Friday on April 9, 1865, When Lee and His Army Surrendered to Grant; This Verdict was Made Final When the Confederate Army of Tennessee Led by Gen. Joseph E. Johnston Surrendered to Sherman Near Greensboro, North Carolina on April 26, 1865!

Apr 2021

April 6, 2021 - Tuesday Roundtable

Russia and China Reported Running Aggressive anti-US Subversion Operations in Mexico; Biden and Blinken Must Engage Central and Latin American Leaders ASAP;

Biden White House Issues April 6 Clarification that Covid Shots and “Vaccine Passports” Will Not Be Mandated by US Government, Thus Depriving GOP Demagogues of Their Best Scaremongering Issue for 2022;

Communist Chinese Regime Is Seeking to Impose and Administer Worldwide Vaccine Monitoring App Based on the Totalitarian Social Credit System Containing Exhaustive Personal Data; This could be used for US and Worldwide Political Repression; Chinese Methods Involve Intrusive Blockchain Technology and QR Codes; Chinese Approach Amounts to Orwellian Surveillance and Must Be Rejected by International Community; Beijing’s Social Credit Snooping is Unacceptable for World Public Opinion;

Worldwide Social Credit Surveillance Converges with Britain-Chinese Campaign to Replace the US Dollar as Reserve Currency with Funny Money Digital Currency Issued by Central Banks, as Demanded by Carney of Bank of England at Jackson Hole in 2019; The Political Bait Could Be Universal Basic Income rather than JOBS, as in Late Roman Empire!

Apr 2021

April 5, 2021

GOP Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri, a Lame Duck from the McConnell Leadership Clique, Reveals on ABC How the Pluto-Party Intends to Block Biden’s $2.2 Trillion Recovery and Infrastructure Act and Cripple the United States in the Contest with Chinese Communism;

Pretending to Be Concerned about Deficits and Debt, Blunt’s Fake “Bipartisanship” Centers on a Demand to Cut 70% Off the Biden Plan, Leaving at Most a Mutilated Plan to Spend Just Over $600 Billion, Scarcely More than the Yearly Spending in a Routine Highway Bill, Meaning the GOP Would Not Provide a Serious Boost to US Economy in Crisis!

Tax Increases for the Opulent and Predatory Corporations Are of Course Anathema to Mitch-Koch Forces, So Blunt Endorses “Public-Private Partnerships” which Typically Involve Privatization of Taxpayer-Built Public Works and the Imposition of Onerous Tolls; These Methods Have Failed in DC Area with Metro’s Purple Line Collapse and Interstate 270 HOV Lanes with Tolls at Estimated $2 Per Mile in Maryland, Plus Wild Toll Spikes on Highways Around Dulles in Virginia; 

Blunt also Wants User Fees and Higher Gas Taxes, both Brutally Regressive Forms of Taxation that Would Violate Biden’s Pledge of No Tax Hikes for Working People; Federal Highway Trust Fund Is Already Depleted, Thanks to Trump; Blunt also Recommends a National Infrastructure Bank, Possibly Along Lines of the Rohatyn-Lazard Frères Proposal, Allowing Wall Street to Skim Profits; These Measures Are Mostly Regurgitated from Trump’s Fake “Infrastructure Weeks,” Designed for Rent Seekers;

Modern Civilized Consensus is that Roads, Bridges, Subways, and Commuter Rail Are Not Intrinsically Profitable, but Are Indispensable for Other Economic Activity that Is Highly Profitable;

Elder Care and Child Care Are Indeed Infrastructure, as Seen in Example of Two-Income Working Family with Kids and Aged Parents which Needs Assistance with Both to Survive Economically;

Hysteria of Christie on ABC Shows GOP is Betting the Ranch on Voter Suppression; Jersey Ex-Gov Stridently Accuses Biden of Lying About Evil Effects of Georgia Bill; Christie Had Served Trump, Greatest Liar of the Age;

Breaking: Senate Parliamentarian Rules that Democrats Can Pass Two More Funding Bills, Opening Door to Passing $2.2 Trillion Recovery Bill by Simple Majority!

Apr 2021

April 3, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

Chinese Communist Party-WHO Joint Report on Origins of Covid Virus is Crude Beijing-Dictated Whitewash with Key Interviews and Records Denied and Alarming “Lack of Complete, Original Data and Samples”; Study Alleges without Proof that Laboratory Leaks Are “Extremely Unlikely” as Likely Causal Hypothesis; The Tired and Inadequate Story about the “Wet Markets” is Warmed Over and Dished Up Again to Muddy the Waters;

Report is Criticized as Inadequate by 14 Nations, Including US, UK, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, South Korea, and Slovenia, Who Call for a “Transparent and Independent Analysis and Evaluation, Free from Interference and Undue Influence, of the Origins of the Covid-19”; Substantive Issue is That Origins of Pandemic Must Be Known to Enable Effective Measures against Future Outbreaks of Contagion; Even WHO’s Tedros Concedes Investigation Was “Not Extensive Enough” and Will Have to Continue;

Centers for Disease Control Chief in Former Administration Dr. Robert Redfield Tells CNN that China Covered Up the Beginnings of the Pandemic; Redfield, a Leading Virologist, Believes Most Plausible Etiology for Virus is Laboratory Leak in Wuhan;

US State Department Was Aware in 2017 of Problematic Situation in Wuhan Lab; At Least Two Later Cables Suggested Wuhan Military Lab, a Center for Bat Virus Research, Suffered from Lack of Trained Personnel to Provide Sufficient Safeguards against Mishaps; Redfield Stresses that Lab Workers Often Contract Respiratory Diseases They Are Working On;

Former GOP House Speaker Boehner Provides First-Person Account of How the Lunatic Chuckleheads of the Tea Party Sabotaged the Legislative Process in Congress by Seeking to Disrupt, Not to Govern

Apr 2021

April 1, 2021

Popular Reaction to $2.2 Trillion Infrastructure and Recover Bill is Generally Favorable, but Corporate Media Like the Washington Post Go Negative, Headlining that the Initiative “Draws Opposition”! 

Wall Street Minions at New York Times Imagine “Finding Common Ground” is Task of White House; But American People Need Measure Passed, and Do Not Care about Technicalities of GOP’s Parliamentary Cretinism; Likely Solution is Budget Reconciliation to Bypass Saboteurs; 

Globalization Started under Reagan with Enormous Redistribution of Wealth from Workers and Middle Class to Parasitical Finance Oligarchs which has Continued Since; Biden’s Hundred Days Have Already Begun Turning that Looting Process Around;

Not Having Any Convincing Arguments against Biden’s Landmark Recovery Bill, GOP Demagogues Fall Back on Typical Trite Republican Canard that Not Everything in Bill Meets their Moronic-Nominalist Definition of Infrastructure; GOP Does Not Know Latin and Have Never Heard of an Omnibus Bill?; Current Tactic Reveals that Republicans are True Heirs of the Southern Confederacy, whose 1861 “Constitution” Banned Omnibus Legislation, Prescribing that Every Bill “Shall Relate to but One Subject, and that Shall Be Expressed in the Title” (Article 1, Section 9.20); Missouri Slaveholder Sen. Thomas Hart Condemned Omnibus Laws as “An Unmanageable Mass of Incongruous Bills, each an Impediment to the Other.”

Best Wishes for Easter!

Apr 2021

March 31, 2021

Biden Delivers the Most Significant Speech on National Economics and Strategy since FDR’s Garden Hose Speech Launching Lend-Lease Program on December 17, 1940; Today’s Landmark Address in Pittsburgh Is First Half of Once-in-a-Generation Reconstruction Plan; Today’s Measures Amount to $2.2 Trillion over 8 Years Paid for in 15 Years by Taxes on Corporations and Earners Making More than $400,000; Arguments from GOP Saboteurs Are Indistinguishable from those of Foreign Bots; As Biden Notes, Enemies of America Fear Modern Infrastructure in this Country;

Package Includes: $115 Billion for Rebuilding 20,000 Miles of Roads, the Largest Key Bridges, and 10,000 Smaller Spans; $85 Billion for Mass Transit; $80 Billion for Amtrak Renaissance; $174 Billion for Electric Vehicles; $45 Billion to Eliminate All Lead Pipes in US; $45 Billion for Clean Drinking Water; $56 Billion to Modernize Water Systems; $100 Billion to Give All Americans High-Speed Broadband; $100 Billion for Electricity Grid; $16 Billion to Seal Gas and Oil Wells and Mines; $213 Billion for Housing; $100 Billion for Schools (Fed Should Buy the $50 Billion of Bonds Included Here at 0% for 100 Years); $25 Billion to Build or Improve Child Care Facilities; $400 Billion to Care for the Disabled and the Elderly; $30 Billion to Fight Future Pandemics!; 

Funding to Come from Raising Federal Corporate Income Tax from Trump’s 21% to 28%, plus 39.6% of Earnings over $400,000; All Purchases Must Be Made in USA with Union Pay Scales; No Deductions but Penalties for Offshoring and Runaway Shop; Global Minimum Tax of 21% for Overseas Operations; Biden: Build Modern Infrastructure or China will East Your Lunch; Make Wall Street Contribute with 1% Sales Tax on All Financial Transactions!

Breaking: After US Joins 14 Nations in Rejecting the Fake WHO/PRC Covid Origins Report Largely Dictated by China, BBC Correspondent is forced to Flee from Mainland to Taiwan

Mar 2021

March 30, 2021 - Tuesday Roundtable

Five Experienced Activists Critique the Utopian Fantasy Described on the World Economic Forum Website ( ); The World Economic Forum Cannot Be Allowed to Dictate the Future Vision of the United States. In This Episode, the Panelists Propose Bold Reality-Based Improvements to Propel Us to a Brighter Future.

Roosevelt Delivered His First Fireside Chat Eight Days after Taking Office March 12, 1933, Laying Out a Vision for the Future That Inspired the Polity. “You People Must Have Faith; You Must Not Be Stampeded by Rumors or Guesses. Let Us Unite in Banishing Fear.” Now in 2021, Activists’ Duty Is to Steer the Biden Administration Away from the Disastrous Consequences Inherent in Both Trump Fascism and Davos Oligarchy.

Considering the Optimistic Signs of the Economy Reopening, $1.9trillion Stimulus, and New Deal Policies on the Horizon, Why Are Mental Health Issues like Suicide and Anxiety on the Rise? Americans Need Bold FDR-Style Projects to Elevate Them Out of This Depression.

Mar 2021

March 29, 2021

From Bessemer to Pisa to Leipzig: In Powerful Move for International Labor Solidarity Capable of Ending the Dark Age of Globalism, German Trade Union VERDI Starts Four-Day Pre-Easter Strike at Six Amazon Locations in Germany, Demanding Union Recognition and Collective Bargaining Rights; Last Week, Italian Unions Had Staged One-Day Sit-Down Strike in Amazon Facilities There; Today Marks Final Day of Voting in NLRB Election at Bezos Warehouse in Alabama, with Results Expected in Weeks;

Morally Insane US Media Take Lessons from Ted Cruz and other GOP Demagogues on Humanitarian Management of Mexican Border;

Strong Backlash Emerges against Republican Bid to Rob Georgia Citizens of Their Right to Vote; Boycotts of Complicit Companies Becoming More Likely; Press Reports Implicate Reactionary Koch Forces;

Taiwan Container Ship Floated to Open Suez Canal, Thanks to Supermoon Apogee and Powerful Dutch Tug;

Behind the Falsifications of the “Lost Cause,” Overwhelming Evidence of Slavery as Main Reason for Secessionism and Civil War as Shown by Contemporary Documents from Congress, States, and Secessionist Leaders like CSA Vice President Alexander Stephens; 

Breaking: In Possible Criminal RICO Probe of Vote Fraud, Fulton County, Georgia DA Willis Hires Racketeering Expert and other Staff; Issues Include Trump’s Phone Call to Secretary of State; Subpoenas Reported as Imminent

Mar 2021

March 27, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

Support Builds for Amazon Workers in Struggle to Obtain Union Representation in NRLB Election Ending Monday; Sanders, Barber Attend Rallies in Bessemer, Alabama; At Stake is a New Era of Militant Civil Rights Unionism on Ruins of Globalist anti-Worker Policies of Last Three Decades; Contest Pits Six Thousand Largely Black Workers against World’s Most Infamous Finance Predator; Bezos’ Beijing-Style Micromanagement of Workers by Algorithm Destroys Human Dignity and Must Be Stopped; Alliance of Revived Labor Movement with Democratic Party Could Stabilize US Politics for Many Years; Time for Multi-Billionaire Oppressors to Lose One for a Change!

Defeated in January 6 Bid for Dictatorship by Autogolpe, Republicans Fall Back on Gradual Creeping Coup through the Institutions, with Voter Suppression and Vote Fraud as Key Weapons; Georgia GOP Seeks to Cancel XV Amendment to Stop Black Voters; Move Condemned by Biden as Atrocity and Attack on Constitution; Blatant Gestapo Tactics against Black Legislators Likely to Trigger Backlash against Party; Trump’s New Lost Cause Narrative of to Disguise Failed Coup is a Tissue of Lies;

Xi’s Favorite Myanmar Junta Kills Over 100 in Worst Repression Yet of Protests against February Coup; Blinken Condemns Horrifying “Reign of Terror”; PRC Diplomats Keep Lying about Uighurs of East Turkestan; Pentagon Contracts for Mid-Course Defense Signal New Phase of Anti-Ballistic Measures;

Biden to Announce More Specifics of $3 Trillion Infrastructure and Industrial Policy Bill in Pittsburgh on Wednesday; No to Buttigieg’s Gambit of a Regressive “Mileage Tax”;

Best Wishes for Passover!

Mar 2021

March 25, 2021

Democracy, Not Autocracy: Biden Presents Policy of Outclassing China and other Dictatorships with Investments in Modern Infrastructure that Can Improve the Productivity of Labor; Xi Bent on World Domination, but Warned of Intense Competition; No Meddling with Human Rights; Filibuster is Barbarous Relic from Jim Crow South, Needs Reform, and Must Go If GOP Uses it to Foment Chaos; 

Biden Condemns GOP Avalanche of Voter Suppression Laws as Un-American, Sick, and Despicable; He Talks Bi-Partisanship from the Bottom Up, Less with Hill GOP; Will Consult NATO Allies before Further Action on Afghanistan;

Trek to Border Occurs Every Year, but Trump Destroyed Existing System; His Executive Orders Had only Negative Consequences and Have Been Rescinded; US Will Act to Remedy Most Intolerable Situations in Central America; Accommodations for Asylum Kids will Improve, with 1,000 Relocated this Week and 5,000 Beds at Fort Bliss, Texas; Biden Promises 200 Million Shots by 100-Day Mark; 

Press Corps in Crisis in Post-Trump Era, with Posture of Exaggerated Rudeness and Hostility to New Administration, Focusing on Border Issues to Exclusion of All Else; They Cannot Grasp Biden’s Remarks on Politics as the Art of the Possible, and the Need for Timing and Exact Priorities;

Biden Meets with Historians: Reports Say He Wants to Accelerate Ambitious Programs of Mass Traction Economic Reforms, Avoiding the Traps Set by Nihilist GOP During Obama Administration, when Price of Illusory Bipartisanship Was Impossibly High; They Need to Brief President on James Monroe, Who Successfully Liquidated an Existential Threat to US Survival in the Form of the Rotten Federalist Party, a Gang of Plutocrats Open to Treasonous Collaboration with the British during the War of 1812 and the Imposition of Dictatorship; This Was Prelude to Era of Good Feelings;

Breaking: Georgia Enacts Monstrous Neo-Confederate Voter Suppression and Disenfranchisement Law Banning Water and Food Deliveries to Voters Waiting on Line at Polling Places!

Mar 2021

March 24, 2021

National and International Support Grows for Alabama Amazon Workers as Decisive Vote Nears;

“Bessemer is the New Selma”: Rev. William Barber of Poor People’s Campaign Backs Push for Collective Bargaining and Union Representation in Final Phase of NLRB Election Ending Monday, March 29; Calling for Black-White-Hispanic Unity, Moral Mondays Leader Barber Explained: “The Whole Goal of Racism is to Keep the Poor White Masses and the Poor Black Masses Separated. If You Can Figure this Out, You Can Build a Fusion Coalition to Lift Up All Workers….Workers Need a Union and a Contract!”; Local Tradition is Militant, Multi-Racial Civil Rights Unionism;

Workers’ Grievances Include Computer-Driven Speedups, Limited Bathroom Breaks, On the Job Harassment and Gaslighting; Ex-Sen. Doug Jones, Union Reps from AFL-CIO, SEIU, AFT, Flight-Attendants CWA, Offer Support; Enactment of Protect the Right to Organize (PRO) Act Urged, So Call Your Senator; 

In Italy, Transport Unions FILT-CGIL and FIT-CISL Lead 48,000 Amazon Workers in 24-Hour Sit-In Strike at Shipping Warehouses Across Country;

North Korea Starts Firing Short-Range Missiles; Japan Commits to Helping US Defend Taiwan against Attack by Beijing; Biden Pentagon Issues Contracts Worth $7.6 Billion to Build Ballistic Missile Defense Against DPRK and Beyond; Next Generation Interceptor Will Help Provide Mid-Course Defense; 

Biden Hanging Tough against Regressive Carbon Tax or Gasoline Tax in Upcoming Infrastructure Bill, New York Times Complains

Mar 2021

March 23, 2021

After Latest Gun Massacre in Boulder, Biden Calls for Background Checks and Ban on Assault Weapons; Extremist Cruz Leads the GOP Pack in Slandering Any and All Gun Safety Reforms as “Ridiculous Theater”; If Senate Republicans Now Insist on Carrying Out Their Usual Despicable Routine, Will This Finally Convince All Concerned that “Bipartisanship” is an Impossible Chimera?; Priority Must Be to Pass $3 Trillion Public Works Recovery Bill by Budget Reconciliation, While Ending the Filibuster and Enabling Gun Safety Legislation in the Process;

Eyes of World on Monday’s NLRB Election at Amazon Shipping Center in Bessemer, Alabama Where Jeff Bezos, the World’s Richest Man, Treats His Employees Like Serfs in One of Worst Union-Busting States; Union Organizers Seeking to Win Over Last Undecided Workers; 

Biden Should Put Jerome Powell on Warning that Federal Reserve will Be Called on to Help Finance $3 Trillion Infrastructure and Modernization Bill, Even if GOP Senate Blocks It; FDR Did This in 1940 When Fascist Threat Came from Abroad; Today’s Fascist Threat Comes from Within, Feeding Off Poverty and Despair;

Chinese Government Stunned by First-Time Coordinated Sanctions by EU, Five Eyes, and US: This Was Something Trump was Somehow Never Able to Do

In Fourth Israeli Election in Two Years, Fragmentation of Splinter Parties Increases, Leaving Formation of Next Government Uncertain; Netanyahyu’s Likud Party Leads with About Half of Necessary Majority, Just Two Weeks before He Enters the Next Phase of his Ongoing Corruption Trial; Jury Still Out on Worldwide Left Turn Signaled by Biden Win

Mar 2021

March 22, 2021

Biden Administration Reportedly Preparing Next Step in Hundred Days in Form of Some $3 Trillion for Recovery Plan Including Infrastructure, Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, and Human Capital; 1 Million Housing Units, Rural Broadband, Free Community College, Universal Pre-K, Better Child Care and Permanently Expanded Child Tax Credit; Measure to Be Paid for by Raising Corporate Income Tax from 21% to 28% and Hiking Income Tax over for Income Over $400,000; Former PA Governor Rendell Sees Best Infrastructure Bill Since Eisenhower Built the Interstate Highway System;

Mitch McConnell Warns of “Trojan Horse” To Implement Tax Increases for His Donors; Biden Must Hang Tough against GOP Sabotage; Key Points Are Taxing Wall Street Speculators and Forcing the Federal Reserve to Provide 0% Long-Term Financing;

An Historical Pivot Point for the US Labor Movement Just a Week Away: Amazon Warehouse Workers in Bessemer, Alabama Are Voting on Unionizing Their Workplace with RWDSU, with Result Due on Monday, March 29; Implications for 1.2 Million Amazon Employees: Warehouse Workers in Baltimore, New Orleans, Portland, Denver, and Southern California Eye Organizing Drives; Mood Enhanced by Biden’s Backing of Right to Unionize; Teamsters Plan to Organize Underpaid Delivery Drivers; Construction Unions May Organize Amazon Building Sites; Time to End a Quarter Century of Union Busting by Megabillionaire Bezos; A Whiff of Strike Wave in the Spring Air!

Sanctions from US, UK, European Union, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand Slam Beijing’s Attack on Uyghurs in Chinese Turkestan; Blinken Condemns “Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity in Xinjiang” by PRC

Mar 2021

March 20, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

Diplomatic Clashes with Russia and China Confirm Reality of Three-Block World with US and Allies Arrayed on Defensive against Totalitarian Aggressors; Increased Belligerence of Moscow and Beijing Suggests Domestic Disaffection After Regime Failures and Crackdowns on Opposition; US Alliance System Emerges as Decisive Asset, in Sharp Contrast to Trump’s Unilateral Rage and Greed; Biden Shows that Appeasement Is Over; Austin Hints US Edge Eroded by Futile Neocon Wars in Middle East

Democrats Must Act Immediately to Disrupt GOP’s Creeping Coup Apparatus Before It Can Consolidate for 2022 Takeover of Congress; Filibuster Must Be Abolished; No More Republican Purges of Voter Rolls and Other Vote Fraud Tactics; Vigilance on Loyalty in Military; House Opens Door to Citizenship for Dreamers by 228-197 vote;

Myanmar Generals Show World the Grim Future that Awaits Beijing Satellites with Over 200 Killed in Anti-Coup Protests and Pervasive Use of Huawei’s Facial Recognition Technology

Michael Cohen Completes Eighth Session with Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Expects More Visits, Says Charges May Be Imminent in Trump Organization Case;

Tax Wall Street Party Condemns Upsurge in Racist and Xenophobic Violence.

Mar 2021

March 18, 2021

Frank and Heated Exchange Between Chinese and US Foreign Ministers at Anchorage Conference; Beijing Reps Reject Criticism of Their Policies towards Hong Kong, Tibet, East Turkestan, South China Sea and Taiwan as Meddling in Their Internal Affairs; Blinken Says these Policies are Threats to International Peace and Security; Pledges to Get Tough on Communist Party Abuses; Talks to Continue into Friday;

Putin Obviously Relishes Chance for Public Quarrel with Biden, Suggesting Serious Concerns in Kremlin about Declining Popular Support for Regime in the Wake of Pension Cuts and Sinking Standard of Living; Biden Warns of Another Round of Sanctions by Washington;

Trump’s Tariff-Based Challenge to PRC Has Failed, Requiring a New Approach Based on Rebuilding Supply Chains Beyond Reach of Made in China 2025; Key Areas Include Pharmaceuticals, 5G Telecommunications, and Rare Earths Needed for Advanced Electronics; Instead of Follies of Free Market, Imperative Now is Industrial Policy to Promote Production for Strategic Need; Australia Bids to Replace Beijing’s Rare Earths, Breaking Attempted Monopoly;

From Tarpley’s Library: 1937 Historical Novel Recounts the Moral Impact of $1 Billion in Profits on a Detroit Inventor and His Neighbors; The Industrialist Goes from Pacifism in August 1914 to Anti-Semitism, Union Busting, and Nazi Sympathies Two Decades Later; His Neighbor Goes to Work in His Auto Plant and His Son is Mercilessly Beaten by Factory Goons

Mar 2021

March 17, 2021

After Defeat of January 6 Attempted Autogolpe, GOP Regroups around Plan for Cold Coup or Creeping Coup Designed to Establish Dictatorship in Two Years; Scenario Includes Subversion of Military Units as Suggested by Army Memo Supplying Reasons to Refuse National Guard Defense of US Capitol; Republican Assault on Voting Rights Shows Intent to Seize Congress through Voter Suppression; Senate Filibuster Can Sabotage Biden’s Measures to Pacify Domestic Privations and Conflicts: GOP Attorneys General Start Legal Challenge to Rescue Plan over Ban on Using Federal Money to Fund Tax Cuts for GOP Parasites;

US Hits More Chinese Functionaries with Sanctions on Eve of Yang-Blinken Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Alaska;

DNI Avril Haines Reports that Kremlin Peddled Slanders against Biden through Politicians and Media to Help Trump in 2020 Election; Biden Repeats that Sanctions Loom Next Week in Solar Winds Hack Attack;

Breaking: Biden Accepts That Putin is “Killer” with “No Soul,” Signaling End of Four Years of Groveling Appeasement under Trump; Russian Ambassador to Washington Recalled in a Huff;

Best Wishes to All for St. Patrick’s Day!

Mar 2021

March 16, 2021

Daniela Walls Hosts a One-on-One Conversation with Portland Youth Rachael Nahshon; Feeling That Biden Was Chosen to Perpetuate Neoliberalism, Nahshon Says Biden Could Redeem Democratic Party as a Whole if He Delivers Even One Big Ticket Life-Changing Reform; The Self-Described “Bernie Bro”  is Disaffected by Neoliberal Austerity Era, Imperialism, Lack of Influential Government Spending and Increased Privatization;

The Neoliberal Era Extends into a Workspace Lacking Purposeful and Meaningful Jobs; Youth Workforce Exploited Despite Higher Wages and Insurance Benefits; Another Dire Consequence of the Neoliberal Era is the Silicon Valley PR Machine Belittling Bachelor Degrees in the Humanities; 

Politicians Having Traversed the Neoliberal Era Are Viewed Skeptically Unless They Enact Life-Changing Actions Immediately; Without Radical Change, Left-Leaning Youth May Be Forever Unmotivated to Return to Voting; Rather Than Crumbs, a Few Life-Changing New Deal Policies Will Have a Bigger Impact on Youth Morale;

9/11 a Pivotal Moment of Disillusionment with the Neoliberal Era;

Why Did So Many Young Leftists Pursue “Socialism” in Response to the Grinding Forces of Austerity, Globalization and Our “Gig Economy”, Rather Than Revisiting the New Deal? How Do the “Bernie Bros” Contrast Today with the Biden Administration’s Goals and Priorities, and Is There Room for Accommodation, or Has Demoralization Taken Hold of Young Leftists in the Wake of the Trump Era?

Topics Discussed Include:

$15 Minimum Wage

Abolishing Student Loan Debt in Order to Start a Life

Public Works Most Wanted by the Next Generation

Affordable Healthcare

Private Prison Reform

Government's Investment in Technocracy

Free State College...

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