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Oct 2020

October 29, 2020

October 30, 2020

Four Days before General Election, US Proceeds Toward Fateful Choice between Freedom and Fascism; Vote Now by Any Available Means to Make Sure You Get On the World-Historical Scoreboard; 

Biden and Trump Campaign in Critical Swing State of Florida, Where Democrat Has Narrow Lead; Pandemic Ravages Upper Midwest, Posing Existential Threat to Trump’s Support in Wisconsin and Elsewhere; 

After Atrocity Shooting of Black Citizen Walter Wallace Jr. by Philadelphia Cops, Protests Multiply, But Provocateurs Also Move in, Fomenting Widespread Looting and Violence; Trump’s Demagogy Seizes in Situation; 11 People Shot and Scores of Police Injured; Highly Suspicious Van Found with Propane Tanks, Torches and Possible Dynamite; Gov. Wolf and Mayor Kenny Have Mobilization National Guard; Situation Must Be Pacified Quickly for Sake of National Election; Philadelphia DA Krassner Warns Proud Boys and Other Trump To Stay Away or Be Jailed; After Failure of anti-Hunter Biden Offensive, is GOP Eyeing Riots and Martial Law as Ways to Interfere with Vote?

Looking Back at 2000: Biden and Rest of Party Must Know that No Concession to Trump Will Be Acceptable to Rank and File Voters Under Any Circumstances Whatsoever; Instead, Country Needs Determined Will to Fight Through to Victory for Constitutional Government Under Biden, Not Dictatorship by Financier Oligarchy and Its Puppet; 

How Lincoln Defied Supreme Court Chief Justice and Traitor Roger Taney to Save Washington, and Rejected Dictatorship of Supreme Court at Opening of Civil War-

Breaking: US Exceeds 85,000 Cases Today, the Worst Toll Ever; In Georgia, Ossoff Excels in Debate with Sleazy Sen. Purdue