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Oct 2020

October 28, 2020

October 29, 2020

Rogue Supreme Court in Overdrive to Micromanage Election Blatantly in Favor of Trump GOP; But 75 Million Americans Have Already Voted; Time to Vote in Person and Stop Relying on US Postal Service, Now Crippled by Sabotage of Trump and DeJoy; DC Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan Orders Rollback of DeJoy’s Ruinous Measures;

Tectonic Shifts Are Ongoing: CNN-SSRS Poll Released This Evening Poll Has Biden Ahead by 12% Nationwide;

Cook Report Now Classifies Texas as Toss-Up for President; Cook Sees GOP Loss of 5 to 8 Seats as Possible, Potentially Yielding Democratic Majority of 52-55 Seats; 

Washington Post-ABC Poll Shows Biden Ahead in Michigan by 51 to 44; In Shocker, Same Poll Puts Biden Ahead in Wisconsin by Lopsided Score of 57 to 40; Shift Might Be Due to Covid Explosion in State;

538 Finds This an Outlier but Plausible Based on Lesser-Known Surveys, Including Recent Gravis Polls Giving Biden Leads of 14 Points in Minnesota and 13 Points in Michigan; RABA Research Says Biden Leads in Iowa by 4%, Making State a Tossup; Last Days of Trump Pompeii;

Dow Falls 943 Points Wednesday, For Total Loss of 1,800 Points This Week; Causes Feature Blocking of Aid and Stimulus Package in Congress by Moscow Mitch and 20 GOP Austerity Ghouls; Wall Street Reacts to Restrictive Measures by Italy, France, and Germany; 

Anniversary of Comey Day 2016 Has Come and Gone, But GOP’s Campaign of Vilification Against Biden and Family Has So Failed to Deliver on Promises of Bombshell Revelations, Causing Don’s Media Coalition to Splinter;

In Address to French Nation, Macron Takes Full Responsibility for Outcome of Fight Against Pandemic; Notes That French Government Study of Herd Immunity Method Preferred by White House and Found It Would Cause 400,000 Additional Deaths, and had to be Rejected with Prejudice