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Oct 2020

October 27, 2020

October 28, 2020

Struggle to Turn Out the Vote and Get the Votes Counted Takes Center Stage; Will Federal Judges Become Toadies and Lackeys of Trump?; 

Pre-Barrett Supreme Court Voted 5 to 3 That Wisconsin Cannot Count Mail-In Ballots Received After Election Day; Wisconsin Supreme Court and Federal District Court Had Established New Deadline Allowing Ballots To Be Received Six Days After Polls Close; Writing for Reactionary Majority, Gorsuch Sneers that Covid Pandemic Was Not Enough Reason to Loosen Usual Deadline, No Matter How Many Cases are Diagnosed in Wisconsin;

Kavanaugh Finds Gorsuch Opinion Insufficiently Reactionary; He Ominously Lauds Rehnquist’s Assertion in Bush v. Gore (2000) that Federal Judges Must Prevent State Courts from Overruling State Legislatures; Parroting Trump, Kavanaugh Raves that States Should Avoid “the Chaos and Suspicions of Impropriety” that Would Come from Counting All Votes; Move is Widely Seen as Kavanaugh’s Confirmation as a Right-Wing Extremist Eager to Help Steal the Election as Part of Trump Coup; Kagan, Bryer, and Sotomayor Reply that Until The State Has Officially Certified the Outcome, There is No Result to Flip, Only Exit Polls; 

Purcell Principle Dictates that US Supreme Court Should Not Strike Down State Election Laws, Especially on Eve of Election Day, Meaning that Pennsylvania’s 3-Day Grace Period For Vote Counting After November 3 Must Not Be Undermined; 

Former Attorney General Holder Urges No More Mail-In Ballots, Given DeJoy’s Sabotage; Immediately Bring Your Ballot to the Board of Elections, Put It In an Official Drop Box, Vote Early in Person, or Vote In Person on Election Day; 

At FDR’s Favorite Resort of Warm Springs, Georgia, Biden Develops Theme of National Healing with Sequel to His Speech at Gettysburg; Summing Up Main Ideas of His Campaign, He Calls for All Hands on Deck to Fight Pandemic, Economic Crisis, Obamacare, Prescription Drug Prices, and Racial Conflict; 

Signs That Pro-Trump Dark Forces Are Already Preparing Violent Riots in Large US Cities for Election Day and Beyond As Backdrop to Struggle to Count the Ballots; Pro-Trump Police Networks Reportedly Foment Insubordination;

From the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Who Fought FDR in the Late 1930s to the Six Reactionaries of Today!