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Nov 2020

November 5, 2020

November 6, 2020

US on Verge of Regime Change as Trump’s Vote Totals Falter, His Court Actions Fall Flat, and His Propaganda Machine Begins to Disintegrate as He Spouts Goebbels-Style Big Lies About Counting;

Rupert Murdoch Dumps Obnoxious Parvenu Trump, with Whom He Clashed Over Fox’s Arizona Call on Tuesday: Rupert’s New York Post Tabloid Headlines: “Downcast Trump Makes Baseless Election Fraud Claims in White House Address”; In Desperation, Don Jr. and Eric Peddle Wild Charges Against Election Process; Threats of Violence Heard from MAGA Circles;

Don’s Incredible Shrinking Vote: His Lead in PA Shrinks to 26k, Down from 600,000 Early Wednesday at Height of Red Mirage; Biden is Gaining by Over 10,000 Votes Per Hour with a 70% Preponderance for Dems, with Several Hundred Thousand Ballots Uncounted; In Harrisburg, Lt. Governor Expects State To Go to Biden with 20 Electoral Votes, Enough To Give Victory to Biden; Beware: Barr Claims Right to Send Armed G-Men Into Places Where Votes Are Being Counted;

Biden Lead Down to 11k in Nevada; In Georgia, Biden is Within 0.1% or 1,600 of Overtaking and Passing Don; Trump Republican Purdue Slips Below 50%, Setting Up a Double Runoff for Senate in January which Could Be Decisive for Control of US Senate;

Die Welt of Hamburg Compares Trump to a Roman Emperor of the Low Empire; But Which One?

Will Guy Fawkes Day Mark the End of Trump Campaign’s Hopes?

If Biden Takes Georgia, the Nixon-Thurmond Southern Strategy Will Finally Be Over!