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Nov 2020

November 4, 2020

November 5, 2020

Trump Proclaims His Program for Dictatorship: In Deranged 2am Tirade, He Anoints Himself the Victor, Alleging Efforts to Defraud American People by His Opponents; His Campaign Will Go to the US Supreme Court to “Stop the Voting”; His Line that the Election is Being “Stolen” Is Now the Party Line of Many GOP Diehards;

Biden on Track for Biggest Popular Vote Total in US History; Electoral Votes Currently Stand at 253 for Biden vs. 214 for Incumbent; With Wisconsin and Michigan Already Won, Biden Can Quickly Reach Attain 270 Electoral Votes and Thus Win the Presidency by Taking Arizona (11 EV) and Nevada (6 EV); Fox Showing 264 for Biden, with Arizona Already Included; 

Huge Overhang of Uncounted Early Votes in Pennsylvania Should When Counted Add to Biden’s Winning Margin; Dems May Also Take Georgia and North Carolina; 

Facing Defeat at the Hands of Voters, Trump Campaign Launches Last-Ditch Frivolous Lawsuits against Democracy in PA, MI, and GA; 

Trump Mouthpiece McGahn Says These Gambits May Fail to Obtain Cert; Former WI Gov. Scott Walker Calls Any Attempt to Reverse Vote Count “a High Hurdle” for GOP; Sen. Peters (MI) Survives, with Senate Now 47 D to 48 R and Moscow Mitch Likely to Retain Power; 

Biden’s 100 Days Must Feature Mass Traction Economic Demands for the Benefit of All the People!

Breaking: 9pm Arizona Vote Report Leaves Biden with 3% Lead; More from Maricopa Tonight