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Nov 2020

November 24, 2020

November 25, 2020

Three Weeks After Election, Transition from Trump to Biden Has Formally Begun, with Representatives of Incoming Administration Present in Almost All Cabinet Departments and Agencies, Including the White House; Biden Popular Vote Total Passes 80 Million, Exceeding Trump’s Support by 6 Million; Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Minnesota Have Certified for Biden, with More to Come; 

Biden Presents Experienced Foreign Relations and Security Nominees with Theme of Rebuilding Alliances Weakened by Trump; Biden Reports Twenty Nations Are Seeking Improved Relations with US After Don Departs; Nominees Pledge to Tell Biden what He Needs to Know, not What He Wants To Hear, in Contrast to Trump’s Adulation Competitions Out of the Pages of King Lear; No Nepotists, Con Artists, or Media Demagogues on List; All Are Likely to Get Confirmed.

Biden Energy Program Includes $2 Trillion in Infrastructure Modernization; Climate Czar Kerry is Recent Convert to Nuclear Energy; In January 2017 Speech as He Left Office on the Eve of Trump, Kerry Observed: “Given the Challenge We Face today, and Given the Progress of Fourth Generation Nuclear: Go for it! No Other Alternative. Zero Emissions!”

Kerry Worked with Bernie Sanders and Ocasio Cortez on Biden’s Energy Task Force; AOC Is Also a Convert, Saying in May that Nuclear is an “Important Element of Our Clean Energy Mix… the Green New Deal Does Leave the Door Open for Nuclear.”

Dem Chair of House Climate Crisis Committee Rep. Kathy Castor Agrees that “If We’re Going to Get to Our Net-Zero Goal as Soon as Possible, Nuclear Needs to Remain Part of the Equation.” This Evolution Gives Concrete Hope that Biden Can Avoid Trap of Dead-End Energy Austerity that Destroyed Carter;

In Georgia, Alt-Right Ultra Trumpists in Frenzy after State is Certified for Biden; They Threaten to Sabotage Perdue and Loeffler in January Runoff!