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Nov 2020

November 18, 2020

November 19, 2020

Fight for the Freedom to Vote! 

Pro-Trump Fanatics Want Reactionary Republican State Legislatures to Shred the Will of the People as Expressed by Votes and Ballots, and Choose Slates of GOP Toadies as Electors to Install MAGA Dictatorship in January;

Hooligans Press for Special Session of Georgia Legislature to Disenfranchise the People and Send A Gaggle of GOP Thugs to the Electoral College; Trump Gang Willing to Pay $3 Million for Partial Wisconsin Recounts in Democratic Strongholds Milwaukee and Madison in Hopes of Overtaking Biden; These Fishing Expeditions Violate the Constitutional Guarantee of Equal Protection of the Laws Anchored in the Fourteenth Amendment, Ironically Established in Bush v. Gore in 2000; 

Two GOP Hacks on Wayne County Canvassing Board Tried to Block Certification of Almost a Million Largely Minority Votes; Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan Guides Successful Effort to Certify Votes; Trump Shysters Demand Pennsylvania Count Be Declared Defective, Threatening Seven Million Votes; Emily Murphy Stoll Holding America Hostage for Don!

With Trump Headed for Defeat, Reactionary Mind Benders Deploy Psywar Strategy to Keep GOP Voters in High Dudgeon Through Early January Georgia Runoffs; Key Gambit is “Great Reset” Peddled by Crackpot Globaloney Theorists of Davos, Switzerland; Current Hyping of Decades of Warmed-Over Environmentalist Fanaticism as Basis of the Post-Covid Dystopia Honors the Davos Demand to Keep Recycling Garbage; Public Backlash Against Energy Austerity Grows, with New Interest in Modern Nuclear Power