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Nov 2020

November 12, 2020

November 13, 2020

Pompeo Embarks on 7-Nation Middle East Farewell Tour That May Represent Trump’s Last Chance to Unleash Conflagration Targeting Iran, Evidently with Wag the Dog Rationale; Framework is “Abrahamic Accords” Among US, Israel, and United Arab Emirates, Directed Against Tehran for “Countering Iran’s Malign Behavior”; Itinerary Includes Israel, France, Turkey (Snubbed by Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu, He Will Meet Greek Patriarch of Constantinople), Georgia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar); 

Homeland Security Still Fighting, Despite New Wave of Purges by Trump, DHS Unit Announces This Was “Most Secure” Election in American History: Trump Is Ousting Christopher Krebs, Director of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (DHS), Who Fought Subversive Rumor-Mongering Around Elections, “Swatting Voter Fraud Claims Down and Contradicting the President”; Also Fired Are DHS Asst. Secretary for International Affairs Valerie Boyd and Cybersecurity Expert Bryan Ware; These Losses Continue Decapitation of US Government, Blinding It to Foreign Threats and Intelligence;

Beware Bid by Trump’s Shysters to Prevent Certification of Vote in States under Republican Rule in Hopes of Getting Legislatures to Disenfranchise Voters and Validate a New List of GOP Hacks as Electors:

Breaking: Class Consciousness on the March: Obama May Have Finally Understood from Trump’s Sabotage of Constitutional Government that the Only Solution for the Republican Party is Extinction, Not More Concessions to GOP’s Rich Donors at the Expense of Impoverished Americans!

JCS Chief Gen. Milley Says US Forces Are Unique in that They Don’t Take an Oath to a “Tyrant or Dictator”