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Jan 2018

January 1, 2018

January 1, 2018
The Tax Wall Street Party and the United Front Against Austerity take this opportunity to extend their very best wishes to members, friends, and all persons of good will around the world for a happy and prosperous 2018.
The coming year is likely to be a time of acute political struggle and conflict. We intend to use our unique resources of economic program, historical insight, and fighting spirit informed by reason to contribute to a positive outcome of the contests ahead. We urge support for our efforts on three critical fronts:
1. War avoidance with regard to looming general and nuclear conflagration in the Far East and Middle East made worse by the incompetence, moral senility, and adventurism of the current US regime. Strategic defense against ballistic missiles will be a central factor in keeping the peace.
2. Defeating and rolling back the genocidal austerity measures advocated by the Trump White House and Congressional Republicans in taxation, health care, and the social safety net. Here our key concepts of nationalizing and requisitioning the Federal Reserve for job creation in infrastructure, production, and science through credit stimulus, plus a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax, will be indispensable. Without these mass traction, class-based economic demands, attempts to mobilize the Democratic Party may be fragmented and crippled.
3. Preventing authoritarian rule by ending the historic aberration of GOP one-party domination dating from the 2016 election, while promoting the extinction of the Republican Party as a national political force. The key test will be the breaking of the current majorities in House and Senate in November 2018 with an eye to resolving the question of the presidency in 2019. In the meantime, the Mueller investigation must be maintained and expanded.
More than ever, the choice facing each one of us is to get active, or else get radio-active. Join us in the year of destiny 2018!
Tax Wall Street Party
United Front Against Austerity
Washington DC USA