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May 2021

May 29, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

May 29, 2021

Republicans are overripe for extinction!

McConnell’s Senate rejection of January 6 board of inquiry formally certifies that GOP’s disappearance as national political force is overdue; But end of “bipartisan” illusion can be blessing in disguise, starting with unhindered probe of insurrection by House select committee; Absurd and obsolete filibuster must go;

GOP bogus infrastructure plan offers a wretched $257 billion in new money over 8 years, with rest looted from existing programs using Trump methods;

GOP demands no countermeasures against putsch, no reproductive rights, no right to vote, no funds for pandemic rescue, no jobs and infrastructure, and no money to defeat Made in China 2025; Biden budget is blueprint for full recovery!

Likely origins of Decoration Day/Memorial Day among South Carolina freedpeople pose problems for both reactionaries and 1619 backers