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May 2021

May 20, 2021

May 21, 2021
Gaza cease-fire delivers breakthrough success for Biden's Middle East diplomacy, with Palestinians celebrating in streets of Gaza City!
Approach based not on public posturing but on "quiet and relentless diplomacy," patience, and familiarity with key protagonists; Biden's call to wind down fighting starting Wednesday is followed by truce Thursday! In grim portent for McCarthy and Scalise, 35 GOP House members reject major whip effort to cripple investigation of January 6 putsch attempt;
"Squad" splits on protecting Capitol, with scant support for needed defenses against fascist mobs: reluctant to increase funding for any police, Reps. Cori Bush, Omar and Pressley vote no; AOC, Bowman, and Tlaib vote present, allowing $1.9 billion funding measure to pass by one vote;
Breaking: Latest Texas law is tantamount to rollback of Roe v. Wade