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May 2021

May 13, 2021

May 14, 2021
Cui bono: Is Trump the beneficiary of Israeli-Palestinian fighting and Darkside Colonial pipeline hack?
Israeli forces moving into Gaza Strip tonight as anti-Netanyahu Knesset coalition for change splinters, helping him retain power; Israeli society fragments into street fighting between Arabs and extremists;
Biden must keep focus on passing the $2.3 trillion job and infrastructure plan; McConnell and McCarthy declare keeping December 2017 tax cut bonanza for rich parasites a sacred duty;
13 GOP states now enacting early cutoff of enhanced jobless benefits, demolishing myth of party for working people; Virginia GOP taps  Carlyle Group boss as candidate for governor; McAuliffe leads among Dems;
Gaetz pal Greenberg to plead Monday in sex trafficking case; will he sing for feds? Also on Monday, DC federal judge wants release of Barr DoJ papers on decision not to indict Trump after Mueller report