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Mar 2021

March 9, 2021

March 10, 2021

Turn of the Tide is At Hand in Battle against Economic and Public Health Emergencies: Final Approval and Signing of $1.9 Trillion Rescue Bill Expected on Thursday; Stimulus Checks to Begin within Days; Economic Recovery Within Reach by Mid-Year;

Crisis of British Monarchy Could End the Position of Prince Charles as Leading Patron of World Climate Fanatic Movement and Sponsor of Crackpot Malthusian Theories; As Charles is Increasingly Discredited, Proponents of Climate Apocalypse Will be Weakened; The Inherent Paganism or Pantheism of Charles’ “I Talk to My Plants” Interview Endangers His Hypothetical Role as King in Heading Up the Church of England and Spiritual Leader of the World’s 85 Million Anglicans and Episcopalians;

From the Tarpley Library: Strong Residues of Self-Destructive Confederate Ideology in Current Anti-Regulation and Anti-Authoritarian Ideology; Confederacy Saw Itself as Based on Exacerbated Individualism, in which Observing any Routine Rules or Guidelines Meant that All Freedom was Instantly Gone; The Union, by Contrast, Developed an Effective Military Machine Staffed by Specialists, a Process Lee Could not Comprehend; Confederacy Succumbed in Large Part to Phobia against Organization; No Social Pressure to Help the War Effort with Manufacturing; To the Contrary: Manufacturers were Ostracized by Polite Society;

The departure of Sen. Blunt of Missouri Adds Up to Five GOP Senators Quitting in 2022, 10% of Mitch’s Caucus;

Breaking: Trump Wants All Money Raised among Republicans to Flow into His Own Pockets; He Wants to be Paid for All Use of His Image and Likeness, Thus Imposing an Onerous Tax on the Campaigns of Future GOP Candidates!