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Mar 2021

March 8, 2021

March 9, 2021

Oprah Interview with Harry and Meghan Sussex Opens Biggest Crisis of British Monarchy since Forced Abdication of Hitler Appeaser King Edward VIII in December 1936; Institutional Racism and Stigma of Mental Health Problems On Grotesque Display Among Royals and Palace Courtiers; Biggest Loser in Revelations is Heir Apparent Prince Charles, Who Emerges as Denying His Son Emotional Solidarity Amidst Fear that Meghan Would Share Fate of Diana; Charles is One of World’s Leading Malthusian Austerity Fanatics, an Inspiration of the Al Gore Ideology, and a Leading Sponsor of the Great Reset; His Sinister Role May Help Millions to See the Destructive Character of Climate Demagogy;

American Rescue Plan Goes Back to House Tuesday, and Should Be Passed by Mid-Week; Sanders Sees Most Significant Legislation in Favor of Working People in Recent Decades; Crush the Pandemic to Get Schools and Businesses Back to Normal; Child Poverty to Fall by 50% after Years of Republicans Who Argued that Poverty was Non-Existent; 

$15 Minimum Wage Will Follow; Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Hundred Days Passed 15 Major Bills, but this Omnibus Bill is Worth at Least Half a Dozen;

More from Tarpley’s Library: Dante; 

Best Wishes for International Women’s Day