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Mar 2021

March 6, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

March 6, 2021

First Landmark Legislative Success of Biden’s One Hundred Days!

In Decisive Defeat for Republican Sabotage Strategy, Senate Passes American Rescue Act by 50-49 Vote, with Sullivan of Alaska not Voting; Not One GOP Vote for America’s Welfare and Progress; Way Now Clear to Defeat Pandemic and Restore Economic Activity; Schumer Delivers all Democratic Factions, from Bernie to Manchin;

Compromise Yields $300 per Week Extra Jobless Benefit for Six Months Through September 6; Provides $1,400 per Taxpayer up to $75,000 in Income and $2,800 for Married Filing Jointly Up to $150,000; First $10,200 of Jobless Benefits Made Tax-Free; 100% Subsidy of COBRA Health Insurance Premiums for Displaced Workers Through September 30;

$350 Billion for State and Local Governments to Provide Police, Fire, Health, and Other Services; $130 Billion for K-12 Schools, Including Hiring Nurses and Other Personnel; $40 Billion for Colleges and Universities, Including Food, Housing, and Computer Equipment for Needy Students; 

$14 Billion for Airlines and $8 Billion for Anti-Virus Measures in Airports; Future Student Loan Forgiveness Made Tax-Free; $10 Billion for Rural Broad-Band Internet; $8.5 for Rural Hospitals; 

$25 Billion for Restaurants and Bars; $7.25 Billion for Paycheck Protection Program; Eviction and Foreclosure Freeze Extended through September where Federal Financing is Involved; 

$46 Billion for Covid Testing, $14 Billion for Vaccine Distribution and Immunization, with Community Centers and Mobile Units; Financial Assistance to Subsidize Obamacare Premiums; Money to Induce a Dozen Red States to Join ACA Medicare Expansion;

Increases Child Tax Credit from $2,000 to a Fully Refundable $3,600, Helping to Cut Childhood Poverty by S0me 50%; $30 Billion for Rent and Utilities to Low-Income Households; Door Opened for Paid Leave; Unfinished Business Includes Urgently Needed $15 Minimum Wage, Rejected by 8 Dems;

Measure Now Goes Back to House for Final Approval Slated for Tuesday, then to Biden; Time for House Ultra-Lefts to Show Great Realism and not Make the Perfect the Enemy of the Good!