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Mar 2021

March 4, 2021

March 5, 2021

As Senate Debate Begins, Republicans Using Bankrupt Obstructionism to Slow Passage of Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Rescue Bill; Deranged Sen. Johnson Insists on Overnight 10-Hour Reading Aloud of 628-Page Bill; 

Threats to Force Reading of All Amendments will Prolong the Agony of Voterama; But Time is Running out for Those Who Need $1400 per Taxpayer, $400 Per Paycheck Jobless Supplement, and Freeze on Evictions and Foreclosures from Federally Financed Housing; Will All These Be Amused by GOP’s Antics?; Note to Republicans: Humanity Cannot Live on Wedge Issues and Culture Wars Alone!

David Schor Rightly Warns That If White Leftists in Democratic Party Insist on Appealing to Latino and Black Voters Based Strictly on Identity Group Profiles, This Is Likely to Be Much Less Effective than Broad Economic Demands and Public Investment; 

If Democrats Throw Cuomo under the Bus, They Will Be Weaker in 2022 and 2024; Time to Put Defeating Republicans at the Center of Strategy; Voters May Be Looking a Tough Guy Who Can Deal with Trump or Other GOP Thugs; 

Tarpley’s Library Continues into the Dante Year with The Divine Comedy, the First Modern Masterpiece of World Literature; Issues Include Choice of a Translation or Original Text Edition, Accessing the Princeton and Digital Dante (Columbia) Websites; Usefulness of the Grandgent-Singleton Annotated Edition; Dante Was a Political Leader Who Fought for Reform of Italy Under Emperor Henry VII of the Holy Roman Empire and Died in Exile from His Native Florence 700 Years Ago This Year