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Apr 2021

March 31, 2021

April 1, 2021

Biden Delivers the Most Significant Speech on National Economics and Strategy since FDR’s Garden Hose Speech Launching Lend-Lease Program on December 17, 1940; Today’s Landmark Address in Pittsburgh Is First Half of Once-in-a-Generation Reconstruction Plan; Today’s Measures Amount to $2.2 Trillion over 8 Years Paid for in 15 Years by Taxes on Corporations and Earners Making More than $400,000; Arguments from GOP Saboteurs Are Indistinguishable from those of Foreign Bots; As Biden Notes, Enemies of America Fear Modern Infrastructure in this Country;

Package Includes: $115 Billion for Rebuilding 20,000 Miles of Roads, the Largest Key Bridges, and 10,000 Smaller Spans; $85 Billion for Mass Transit; $80 Billion for Amtrak Renaissance; $174 Billion for Electric Vehicles; $45 Billion to Eliminate All Lead Pipes in US; $45 Billion for Clean Drinking Water; $56 Billion to Modernize Water Systems; $100 Billion to Give All Americans High-Speed Broadband; $100 Billion for Electricity Grid; $16 Billion to Seal Gas and Oil Wells and Mines; $213 Billion for Housing; $100 Billion for Schools (Fed Should Buy the $50 Billion of Bonds Included Here at 0% for 100 Years); $25 Billion to Build or Improve Child Care Facilities; $400 Billion to Care for the Disabled and the Elderly; $30 Billion to Fight Future Pandemics!; 

Funding to Come from Raising Federal Corporate Income Tax from Trump’s 21% to 28%, plus 39.6% of Earnings over $400,000; All Purchases Must Be Made in USA with Union Pay Scales; No Deductions but Penalties for Offshoring and Runaway Shop; Global Minimum Tax of 21% for Overseas Operations; Biden: Build Modern Infrastructure or China will East Your Lunch; Make Wall Street Contribute with 1% Sales Tax on All Financial Transactions!

Breaking: After US Joins 14 Nations in Rejecting the Fake WHO/PRC Covid Origins Report Largely Dictated by China, BBC Correspondent is forced to Flee from Mainland to Taiwan