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Mar 2021

March 30, 2021

March 31, 2021

Five Experienced Activists Critique the Utopian Fantasy Described on the World Economic Forum Website ( ); The World Economic Forum Cannot Be Allowed to Dictate the Future Vision of the United States. In This Episode, the Panelists Propose Bold Reality-Based Improvements to Propel Us to a Brighter Future.

Roosevelt Delivered His First Fireside Chat Eight Days after Taking Office March 12, 1933, Laying Out a Vision for the Future That Inspired the Polity. “You People Must Have Faith; You Must Not Be Stampeded by Rumors or Guesses. Let Us Unite in Banishing Fear.” Now in 2021, Activists’ Duty Is to Steer the Biden Administration Away from the Disastrous Consequences Inherent in Both Trump Fascism and Davos Oligarchy.

Considering the Optimistic Signs of the Economy Reopening, $1.9trillion Stimulus, and New Deal Policies on the Horizon, Why Are Mental Health Issues like Suicide and Anxiety on the Rise? Americans Need Bold FDR-Style Projects to Elevate Them Out of This Depression.