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Mar 2021

March 29, 2021

March 30, 2021

From Bessemer to Pisa to Leipzig: In Powerful Move for International Labor Solidarity Capable of Ending the Dark Age of Globalism, German Trade Union VERDI Starts Four-Day Pre-Easter Strike at Six Amazon Locations in Germany, Demanding Union Recognition and Collective Bargaining Rights; Last Week, Italian Unions Had Staged One-Day Sit-Down Strike in Amazon Facilities There; Today Marks Final Day of Voting in NLRB Election at Bezos Warehouse in Alabama, with Results Expected in Weeks;

Morally Insane US Media Take Lessons from Ted Cruz and other GOP Demagogues on Humanitarian Management of Mexican Border;

Strong Backlash Emerges against Republican Bid to Rob Georgia Citizens of Their Right to Vote; Boycotts of Complicit Companies Becoming More Likely; Press Reports Implicate Reactionary Koch Forces;

Taiwan Container Ship Floated to Open Suez Canal, Thanks to Supermoon Apogee and Powerful Dutch Tug;

Behind the Falsifications of the “Lost Cause,” Overwhelming Evidence of Slavery as Main Reason for Secessionism and Civil War as Shown by Contemporary Documents from Congress, States, and Secessionist Leaders like CSA Vice President Alexander Stephens; 

Breaking: In Possible Criminal RICO Probe of Vote Fraud, Fulton County, Georgia DA Willis Hires Racketeering Expert and other Staff; Issues Include Trump’s Phone Call to Secretary of State; Subpoenas Reported as Imminent