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Mar 2021

March 25, 2021

March 26, 2021

Democracy, Not Autocracy: Biden Presents Policy of Outclassing China and other Dictatorships with Investments in Modern Infrastructure that Can Improve the Productivity of Labor; Xi Bent on World Domination, but Warned of Intense Competition; No Meddling with Human Rights; Filibuster is Barbarous Relic from Jim Crow South, Needs Reform, and Must Go If GOP Uses it to Foment Chaos; 

Biden Condemns GOP Avalanche of Voter Suppression Laws as Un-American, Sick, and Despicable; He Talks Bi-Partisanship from the Bottom Up, Less with Hill GOP; Will Consult NATO Allies before Further Action on Afghanistan;

Trek to Border Occurs Every Year, but Trump Destroyed Existing System; His Executive Orders Had only Negative Consequences and Have Been Rescinded; US Will Act to Remedy Most Intolerable Situations in Central America; Accommodations for Asylum Kids will Improve, with 1,000 Relocated this Week and 5,000 Beds at Fort Bliss, Texas; Biden Promises 200 Million Shots by 100-Day Mark; 

Press Corps in Crisis in Post-Trump Era, with Posture of Exaggerated Rudeness and Hostility to New Administration, Focusing on Border Issues to Exclusion of All Else; They Cannot Grasp Biden’s Remarks on Politics as the Art of the Possible, and the Need for Timing and Exact Priorities;

Biden Meets with Historians: Reports Say He Wants to Accelerate Ambitious Programs of Mass Traction Economic Reforms, Avoiding the Traps Set by Nihilist GOP During Obama Administration, when Price of Illusory Bipartisanship Was Impossibly High; They Need to Brief President on James Monroe, Who Successfully Liquidated an Existential Threat to US Survival in the Form of the Rotten Federalist Party, a Gang of Plutocrats Open to Treasonous Collaboration with the British during the War of 1812 and the Imposition of Dictatorship; This Was Prelude to Era of Good Feelings;

Breaking: Georgia Enacts Monstrous Neo-Confederate Voter Suppression and Disenfranchisement Law Banning Water and Food Deliveries to Voters Waiting on Line at Polling Places!