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Mar 2021

March 24, 2021

March 25, 2021

National and International Support Grows for Alabama Amazon Workers as Decisive Vote Nears;

“Bessemer is the New Selma”: Rev. William Barber of Poor People’s Campaign Backs Push for Collective Bargaining and Union Representation in Final Phase of NLRB Election Ending Monday, March 29; Calling for Black-White-Hispanic Unity, Moral Mondays Leader Barber Explained: “The Whole Goal of Racism is to Keep the Poor White Masses and the Poor Black Masses Separated. If You Can Figure this Out, You Can Build a Fusion Coalition to Lift Up All Workers….Workers Need a Union and a Contract!”; Local Tradition is Militant, Multi-Racial Civil Rights Unionism;

Workers’ Grievances Include Computer-Driven Speedups, Limited Bathroom Breaks, On the Job Harassment and Gaslighting; Ex-Sen. Doug Jones, Union Reps from AFL-CIO, SEIU, AFT, Flight-Attendants CWA, Offer Support; Enactment of Protect the Right to Organize (PRO) Act Urged, So Call Your Senator; 

In Italy, Transport Unions FILT-CGIL and FIT-CISL Lead 48,000 Amazon Workers in 24-Hour Sit-In Strike at Shipping Warehouses Across Country;

North Korea Starts Firing Short-Range Missiles; Japan Commits to Helping US Defend Taiwan against Attack by Beijing; Biden Pentagon Issues Contracts Worth $7.6 Billion to Build Ballistic Missile Defense Against DPRK and Beyond; Next Generation Interceptor Will Help Provide Mid-Course Defense; 

Biden Hanging Tough against Regressive Carbon Tax or Gasoline Tax in Upcoming Infrastructure Bill, New York Times Complains