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Mar 2021

March 22, 2021

March 23, 2021

Biden Administration Reportedly Preparing Next Step in Hundred Days in Form of Some $3 Trillion for Recovery Plan Including Infrastructure, Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, and Human Capital; 1 Million Housing Units, Rural Broadband, Free Community College, Universal Pre-K, Better Child Care and Permanently Expanded Child Tax Credit; Measure to Be Paid for by Raising Corporate Income Tax from 21% to 28% and Hiking Income Tax over for Income Over $400,000; Former PA Governor Rendell Sees Best Infrastructure Bill Since Eisenhower Built the Interstate Highway System;

Mitch McConnell Warns of “Trojan Horse” To Implement Tax Increases for His Donors; Biden Must Hang Tough against GOP Sabotage; Key Points Are Taxing Wall Street Speculators and Forcing the Federal Reserve to Provide 0% Long-Term Financing;

An Historical Pivot Point for the US Labor Movement Just a Week Away: Amazon Warehouse Workers in Bessemer, Alabama Are Voting on Unionizing Their Workplace with RWDSU, with Result Due on Monday, March 29; Implications for 1.2 Million Amazon Employees: Warehouse Workers in Baltimore, New Orleans, Portland, Denver, and Southern California Eye Organizing Drives; Mood Enhanced by Biden’s Backing of Right to Unionize; Teamsters Plan to Organize Underpaid Delivery Drivers; Construction Unions May Organize Amazon Building Sites; Time to End a Quarter Century of Union Busting by Megabillionaire Bezos; A Whiff of Strike Wave in the Spring Air!

Sanctions from US, UK, European Union, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand Slam Beijing’s Attack on Uyghurs in Chinese Turkestan; Blinken Condemns “Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity in Xinjiang” by PRC