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Mar 2021

March 18, 2021

March 19, 2021

Frank and Heated Exchange Between Chinese and US Foreign Ministers at Anchorage Conference; Beijing Reps Reject Criticism of Their Policies towards Hong Kong, Tibet, East Turkestan, South China Sea and Taiwan as Meddling in Their Internal Affairs; Blinken Says these Policies are Threats to International Peace and Security; Pledges to Get Tough on Communist Party Abuses; Talks to Continue into Friday;

Putin Obviously Relishes Chance for Public Quarrel with Biden, Suggesting Serious Concerns in Kremlin about Declining Popular Support for Regime in the Wake of Pension Cuts and Sinking Standard of Living; Biden Warns of Another Round of Sanctions by Washington;

Trump’s Tariff-Based Challenge to PRC Has Failed, Requiring a New Approach Based on Rebuilding Supply Chains Beyond Reach of Made in China 2025; Key Areas Include Pharmaceuticals, 5G Telecommunications, and Rare Earths Needed for Advanced Electronics; Instead of Follies of Free Market, Imperative Now is Industrial Policy to Promote Production for Strategic Need; Australia Bids to Replace Beijing’s Rare Earths, Breaking Attempted Monopoly;

From Tarpley’s Library: 1937 Historical Novel Recounts the Moral Impact of $1 Billion in Profits on a Detroit Inventor and His Neighbors; The Industrialist Goes from Pacifism in August 1914 to Anti-Semitism, Union Busting, and Nazi Sympathies Two Decades Later; His Neighbor Goes to Work in His Auto Plant and His Son is Mercilessly Beaten by Factory Goons