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Mar 2021

March 16, 2021

March 17, 2021

Daniela Walls Hosts a One-on-One Conversation with Portland Youth Rachael Nahshon; Feeling That Biden Was Chosen to Perpetuate Neoliberalism, Nahshon Says Biden Could Redeem Democratic Party as a Whole if He Delivers Even One Big Ticket Life-Changing Reform; The Self-Described “Bernie Bro”  is Disaffected by Neoliberal Austerity Era, Imperialism, Lack of Influential Government Spending and Increased Privatization;

The Neoliberal Era Extends into a Workspace Lacking Purposeful and Meaningful Jobs; Youth Workforce Exploited Despite Higher Wages and Insurance Benefits; Another Dire Consequence of the Neoliberal Era is the Silicon Valley PR Machine Belittling Bachelor Degrees in the Humanities; 

Politicians Having Traversed the Neoliberal Era Are Viewed Skeptically Unless They Enact Life-Changing Actions Immediately; Without Radical Change, Left-Leaning Youth May Be Forever Unmotivated to Return to Voting; Rather Than Crumbs, a Few Life-Changing New Deal Policies Will Have a Bigger Impact on Youth Morale;

9/11 a Pivotal Moment of Disillusionment with the Neoliberal Era;

Why Did So Many Young Leftists Pursue “Socialism” in Response to the Grinding Forces of Austerity, Globalization and Our “Gig Economy”, Rather Than Revisiting the New Deal? How Do the “Bernie Bros” Contrast Today with the Biden Administration’s Goals and Priorities, and Is There Room for Accommodation, or Has Demoralization Taken Hold of Young Leftists in the Wake of the Trump Era?

Topics Discussed Include:

$15 Minimum Wage

Abolishing Student Loan Debt in Order to Start a Life

Public Works Most Wanted by the Next Generation

Affordable Healthcare

Private Prison Reform

Government's Investment in Technocracy

Free State College...