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Mar 2021

March 15, 2021

March 16, 2021

Recovery May Really Be Just Around the Corner: National Mood in Flux as Rescue Plan Kicks In; Faced with the Reality of Serious Cash Arriving in the Hands of Their Immiserated Voters Against the Will of the Party, the Hooverized GOP Falls Back on an Insipid Broth of Wedge Issues and Trivia; They Will Also Block Immigration Reform at Any Cost, Playing into the Hands of the Chinese Communists; GOP Threatened by a Midterm Vote on the 1934 Model, When FDR Democrats Rode the New Deal Successes of the Hundred Days to Expanded Majorities, Gaining 7 Seats in Both House and Senate;

Goodbye, Horatio Alger: New Research by Rank and Eppard Shows that Upward Socioeconomic Mobility, a Vital Ingredient of the American Dream, Has Collapsed: Virtually All European Countries, including Even Britain, are Greater Lands of Opportunity that US under the Wall Street Yoke; In Denmark, Chances of Rising from Lowest 20% to Top 20% Are Almost Twice as High than in US, by 15% to 8% Margin; In US, Top 5% Hold 75% of Assets, while Lowest 60% Own Just 1% of Wealth; Life Expectancy in US Varies by Plus or Minus 20 Years, Depending on Zip Code; So Who Dares Argue that Rescue Act is Excessive?

From The Library: A Late Renaissance Treatise Rooted in Observation of the Roman Republic with Lessons for Political Science in the Early Modern State, Complete with Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, and a Class Analysis Distinguishing Feudal Aristocrats, Patricians, Urban Middle Class, Plebeians, and Peasantry that is More Accurate than Marx; Class Consciousness is Indispensable for Effective Politics;

Putin Acts Out His Vitriol Towards the West with His Wisecrack that the January 6 Hooligan Attack on the US Capitol was “a Stroll”!