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Mar 2021

March 13, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

March 14, 2021

First Rescue Checks Already Arriving In Hands of Beleaguered Taxpayers, Marking Historic Paradigm Shift Wrought by American Rescue Plan in US Government Methods of Dealing with Economic Crisis: No More Trickle Down, Over-Financialized, Laissez-Faire, pro-Wall Street, Monetarist, Rescue Bills; Demand Now is for Meaningful Direct Cash Payments to those who Need Them, with Built-In Safeguards against Poaching by Wealthy Parasites; The Ideological Hegemony of this New Deal Approach Must Be Consolidated; 

Reagan Refused to Admit there was Poverty in US, but Biden Has Launched the Biggest anti-Poverty Program Since Nixon Destroyed LBJ’s War on Poverty; Democrats Mark New Law with Rose Garden Reception at Mid-Point in Biden’s Hundred Days; By Contrast, Trump’s First Big Reception was Macabre Celebration of 1-Vote House Approval under Budget Reconciliation of Repeal Bill to Kill Obamacare on May 4, 2017 – the Last of Don’s Hundred Days; In the GOP Tax Scam of December 2017, Speaker Ryan Bragged that the Miniscule $1.50 Average Benefit to Working Taxpayers would Buy an Order of Small Fries, a Hotdog at Costco, or a Costco Yearly Membership Fee; Biden Bill Offers a 20% Increase in Income for Lowest 20% of Wage Earners, or $5,600 for Family of Four;

Republicans are the Opposite of a Party for Working People: Real Wages Stagnated from 2017 to 2020, while Real Fringe Benefits Fell by $.15 per Hour and Total Real Compensation Decreased by $1.61 per Hour, a Wretched Outcome for the Self-Styled Blue Collar President;

Biden Calls on Traditional Pacific Allies with Re-Activation of Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or Quad, Supported by US Plus Suga of Japan, Modi of India, and Morrison of Australia; Promising Start Shows Sinister Folly of Trump’s America Alone Anti-Diplomacy;

In Brazil, Lula da Silva Defeats Judicial Frameup and Returns to Lead Mass Opposition against “Moronic” Policies of Failed Demagogue Bolsonaro; 

Chinese Communists Continue Demolition of Hong Kong Democracy and Threat to Taiwan!