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Mar 2021

March 11, 2021

March 12, 2021

Biden Signs $1.9 Trillion American Rescue Act into Law; First Direct Deposits Could Start Arriving by This Weekend, White House Says; Lowest 20% of Wage Earners Could See 20% Increase in Family Income; $5,600 Provided for Family of Four; In TV Address, President Promises Vaccines Available to All Adults by May 1, Hopes for Normalcy by July 4; “I Need You to Help Beat the Virus”; 77% of Nation Say Worst is Behind Us, Up 20% Since Inauguration; New Law Represents Biggest Anti-Poverty Program Since LBJ;

New York Times Forced to Acknowledge Collapse of Supremacy of Central Banks over Elected Governments, a Key Ideological Tenet of Globalization: Politicians Now Favor Cash Payments to Individuals, Seen as Far More Effective and Politically Popular than Federal Reserve “Tinkering”; Criticism of Obama for Letting “Pointy-Headed Technocrats Help by Obscure Interventions in Financial Markets” including Quantitative Easing to Buy Toxic Derivatives to Inject Cash in the Overall Economy; 

But Public Interest Demands that the Fed Provide $5 Trillion in 0% Multi-Decade Credit Stimulus to Finance Ambitious Capital Investment in Public Works and Infrastructure;

With almost 50 Hong Kong Legislators on Trial in Communist Kangaroo Court, Beijing National People’s Congress Violates Treaty with UK by Ending Any Semblance of Democracy in Hong Kong: 1,500 of Xi’s Retainers Will Appoint One Third of Hong Kong Legislature and Chief Executive; Remaining Two Thirds Will Be Screened to Exclude all but “Patriots”;

Life in a Beijing Puppet State: Mynmar Generals Slay 11 Protesters with Live Fire Today, Total of 70 since Burmese Coup