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Mar 2021

March 1, 2021

March 2, 2021

Report Shows Role of Chinese Communist Cyberwarfare in Attacks on Electricity Grid of India; People’s Liberation Army “Red Echo” Unit Allegedly Introduced Malware Code at Multiple Points; A Few of these Codes Thought to Have Triggered October 2020 Blackout in Mumbai Metropolitan Area; Blackout Came in Context of Chinese Aggression in Himalayas; Key Problem is Indian Reliance on Dubious Chinese Technology like Huawei; Biden Seen Pushing PLA Stocks out of US Stock Markets; We Chat and Confucius Institute Cases Still Pending; Sanctions vs Putin Clique Expected in Poisoning of Navalny;

With Listless, Low Energy Speech, Trump Attempts CPAC Comeback after Failed Putsch; He Flirts with Third Run for President, but Main Focus is Revenge against 17 Congressional Republicans Who Voted for Impeachment and Removal; This Internal Strife Will Be a Source of GOP Weakness Going Forward; Trump Wins Straw Poll with Lackluster 55%, Far Short of Acclamation; This Vote Was Won by Paul Clan Five Times over Past Decade; Plans for Voter Suppression Were Central Theme of Conference;

At the Close of Black History Month, Remembering the Decisive Contributions of African-Americans in the Union Army and Navy with 175 Regiments and 210,000 Troops and 20,000 Sailors for 10% of Entire US War Effort; USCT Fought with Distinction at the Petersburg Crater, Chaffin’s Farm, and Nashville; They Faced Confederate Massacres and Atrocities if Captured, as at Fort Pillow; Harriet Tubman’s Role in Union Army Intelligence

Breaking: Biden Endorses Right of Bessemer, Alabama Amazon Workers to Vote for Unionization!; Will Bezos Back Off or Double Down?