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Jun 2021

June 9, 2021

June 10, 2021
Heading for Europe, Biden cites current inflection point (punctum saliens) in struggle between democracy and dictatorship
By 68-32 vote, Senate passes critically important $250 billion bill to restore US competitiveness against Chinese threat; industrial policy replaces free market frauds; investments will include semiconductor chips, lithium, pharmaceuticals and putting supply chains out of Beijing's reach; This can be core of new Marshall Plan.
Biden warns Russia and China that US alliances are strong: Keep Operation SWIFT Kick and other measures in reserve for repeat hacking offenders;
Kamala Harris is right to stress need to attack root causes of mass flight out of central America; responsible officials must discourage dangerous long trek by children; Media harping on border visit is grotesque!
White House stops Mitch's GOP delaying action run through Sen. Capito; time to move beyond chimera of "bipartisanship"